The house was woken up at 9:30 by BB. Jen and Ian were called to the Dr. Others started moving about. The first real conversation was between Ian and Dan. Ian was saying he was not going to open Pandora ’s Box this week because he knows it will be bad for him and good for the house. He said the only way he would open it was if it had to do with lots of money or a movie star.
11:00 am they all get put on an outdoor lock down. The lock down was over at 10:45am and when they reenter the house they see a much smaller table.
12:38 pm – The feeds go to trivia. When they return after a little over an hour we see that Ian did open Pandora’s Box. Ian got a video message from a previous winner (Rachel) and the houseguests got video messages from a loved one (survivor style). Shane got one from his sister, Dani form her sister, Dan from his wife and dog and Jenn from her Mom (a cancer survivor- go Mom). Dan thanked Ian for opening Pandora’s Box. Ian said he liked his message from Rachel too. Dan and Ian briefly discussed nominations,, and Ian said he felt bad putting up Jenn but he wants the F4 to be all quack pack. SO Jen and Shane will be the nominations.
The house guests also got very excited about the restocking of the food. They got their junk food back.
Throughout the morning BB has been rattling off random facts like… Most people don’t know that the world’s biggest weather vane is in Spain. After like the seventh one, Shane asked Dan if he thought that the random facts will be part of the POV competition. DAN said he did not know but started rattling off the facts.
Finally at 5:10 PM the feeds go to trivia for the nomination ceremony. The feeds were out for a little over an hour. When they returned we see Jenn and Shane have been nominated. Jenn is upset and Dani was trying to talk to her and acting like she did not expect these nominations at all. She kept telling Jenn that she was sad because both she and Shane are on the block and they are her best friends.
Dan and Ian think the competition will be the “Morph” competition. Dan tries studying but people kept asking him what he was doing. HE put Chelsea’s (his wife’s) picture in front of him and said just thinking about his wife, but really he was studying for the competition. Ian figured it out and then they confirmed with each other that it will probably be the morph competition.

No excitement tonight, Dani and Shane played cards Dan laid on the couch thinking and Ian listened to his music all while Jenn slept. Shane said they need liberations to spice things up, Ian said he is just worn out from so many competitions the day before. They are on inside lockdown because they are building a competition outside. Dan did beat Ian in a game of chess. Shane, Dan and Ian talk and Ian said he wants Jenn to go and the VETO not to be used because he does not want to put up a replacement.

Meanwhile the girls are talking. Dani complaining about how Shane treats her, Jen about Ian not keeping his word, Jenn wants them to stick together and kick the guys out. Dani tells Jenn that Shane is just using her to get further in the game,, that he never kisses her and only holds her hand on the live show. Jenn said that if she does not win POV she will be gone. Dani assures her she is voting out Shane, again he uses her.

Later Jenn and Dan talk. Jenn tells him what Dani said and Dan said that Dani is just seeing how Shane is using her. Dan then said that if Shane does not win VETO he will leave this week. Jenn is happy with that. Dan listens to Jenn and tells her that it could be the morph competition, or endurance. That last year at this time they had endurance. Jenn told him that she needs him here and Dan said he needed her there too.

Dan said good night to Jenn, then went out and studied the memory wall. Ian sees him studying and comes down stairs to chat with him. Ian wants to study but Dan whispered to Ian that he should come down once Dan leaves because Jenn just went to bed and get suspicious if they both are studying.

Dan finally heads to bed, reads a bible verse to Dani and Shane. Ian was in bed listening to music and watching the spy screen in the HOH. Jenn was sleeping. All houseguests retired early waiting for the big POV tomorrow!

What POV will it be? Who will win it? Will Ian get Jenn out? Will Shane survive another week? Who does Dan want to save if he wins it? DO the houseguests realize another houseguest will be leaving before the live show this week? Time will tell. All lights off at 3:00 am!

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