In this Modern Day we get to see Love blossom in many ways. Me being a Straight Male Construction worker who leans Conservative, has been taught over the last 12years that Gay people can have a deeper love for their Partners. Now, I've never thought any differently about Gay People;

(1) It is none of my business because I'm not Gay.

(2) I do not have the right to deny anyone the Right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

(3) They've done nothing but enhanced My Life, added to the Beauty in the World and dress women so I can see their Boo-Bees. What I didn't know was that they fall in love. I thought it was just desire, lust, fun, doubling wardrobes, multiple partners and disposable relationships, all key points.

Six Feet Under & that "Folks" one (which I turned my head or used my thumb during the sex scenes) that after the initial "Outing" they were looking for someone to share their lives with. I'm giving you all this so now I can speculate, read into and have fun with something I saw without anyone dismissing me. Oh and I see other articles that don't just get to the point.

Jenn kept saying "My little Southern Girl" "My Southern flower" and "My girl Danielle". Her eyes lite up, she was into every moment she had with Dani. You had to be into Danielle to put up with her. Dani's attitude of Holier than thou and I'm better than every girl here was terrible. I'm telling ya, Jenn was feeling a little Country for awhile with Danielle. She'd follow her around and listened to her complain about Shane while she stared at her mouth. Jenn also said, she didn't want to chase or turn a straight girl on TV. I believe this all was directed at Danielle. I just wish Jenn got rid of the red side of her hair so I could take her a little more serious.

Now, Danielle had to throw herself at Shane and his responses were less than accepting and more sarcastic, with lines of "Your crotch makes mine look insignificant" which he said "Impotent" then corrected himself. This was during one of their multiple wrestle scenes where he looked more like "get off me" than trying to cop a feel, which we all know those games are all about. "I like that you eat more than I do", Frank was flirting with me in front of you, Shane "I could care less, I mean I'm joking"(not). If you watch other than the CBS show you got the real story, this was NO Jeff & Jordan.

Back to Jenn picking up the pieces, treating her real "nice" and supporting her. Jenn was kinda leading in the let's get into Dani's Pant race but nobody else was paying attention. Well thanks for reading go back and look it's kinda cute.