Big Brother Update July 24, 2009
Jessie is Jessie ..... plays safe and sexy (at least to someone…..Lydia)

The houseguests were given the wakeup call at 9:40 this morning. Seems that Jessie and Lydia were already up and playing under the covers before that, their tent was erected and there was movement under the covers. They are on inside lockdown due to the construction crew setting up for the have and have nots competition.
Jessie, Nat, Lydia, Chima discussed nominations. They decide that they should put up Michelle and Jordan and back door Casey this week. (Jessie has had a secret final 2 alliance with Casey since day 1, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out) Also, some still want to get rid of Ronnie.

A bit later Jessie and Nat (co HOH I guess) talk to Michelle in the HOH room. They tell her that they are going to put her up with Jordan and that she was not the target (lying there, if VETO is not used then they want Michelle out) that they want to backdoor Casey. Michelle was surprised that they were not going after Ronnie, but Jessie said he wants Casey out more. Once she leaves in walked Kevin. Jessie wanted Kevin to tell him how Ronnie staying would not benefit him. Kevin said that he can’t be trusted or believed. That he plants theses seeds of doubts in everyone. Kevin kept pushing for Ronnie to go, Jessie kept telling him that Ronnie was not targeting him so why get him out now. Jessie plants the same pitch to Jordan one Kevin left but Jordan didn’t buy it, she stuck to her guns and wants Ronnie gone.
The Have and Have not competition started at around 12:30 and lasted until about 2:30 PM. When the feeds return we find out that the brains are put into the jail room and they are on slop, mini wieners and sauerkraut all week. So Ronnie went from the penthouse to the slums in 12 hours.

Lydia and Kevin have a sex chat. Kevin asked her if Jessie’s peepee is as big as him. Lydia said huge and that she has no problem using sex as a weapon to stay in the house. That it was funny that they have not even kissed yet. Kevin then asked her if Jessie put her up would he be cut off, she said yes for the rest of the show.
As Jessie was napping, Nat decided to let him sleep and talk to someone else. She then found Kevin and Casey and told them she did not know who Jessie was putting up that he did not tell her (bold lie). Lydia snuck up to the HOH room, crawled into bed with Jessie and asked him if he was going to put her up. HE was silent so Lydia said she would not put him or Nat up and would not vote against him unless he was up against Kevin. Jessie then said that he would always be truthful to her, and to always talk to him. HE also said he would not vote to evict her unless she was up against Nat. (he completely avoided answering her first question of if he was putting her up). The light bulb must have went off in Nat’s head because she then entered the HOH room and took her spot on the bed.

Jessie and Jeff finally talk. Jessie with attitude kept repeating himself saying that he has never lied to Jeff. That he was only going to ask him the same two questions he asked everyone else. He also would not answer the question of if he was going to put Ronnie out this week. Jessie kept answering it as he was just listening to what everyone wanted in the house. Jessie and Nat would not give Jeff any information at all, just kept repeating the same old stuff. Jeff said he would never throw a competition. That he came here to play. Jessie and Nat kept saying they would do what the house wanted. After he left Nat told Jessie that he should have told him that he was putting up Jordan and that she was not the target. Then Nat told Jessie that the DR asked her about Lydia and she told them that Lydia had a crush on Jessie and was very jealous of the relationship she has with Jessie.
At 6:00 PM after a brief fish flash on the screens we find out that Jordan and Michelle have been nominated. Jeff was trying to keep their spirits up by telling them not to have a pity party that they were not necessarily the target. TO fight to get VETO and take themselves off the block.

Lydia wants them to try to convince BB to allow the slop eaters some food on Tuesday because it will be Chima’s birthday. They want to have a party.
The group had some laughs last night while playing truth or dare. Apparently they were on inside lockdown and they had to find a way to entertain themselves. Michelle did tell Jordan that if she could chose a player for POV not to choose Casey because he would not use the VETO on her. HE would not use the VETO period. Jordan cornered Casey and told him what Michelle told her about the POV Casey denied it then said he would use it as long as Jessie put up Ronnie. Chima and Russ had a flirting party all night. Back and forth, flirting with each other. They giggle and flirt under a blanket as Jessie and Lydia watch on the spy cam.

Jessie and Lydia construct their tent and continue their playing under the covers. Lots of noises heard but nothing can be seen! Lydia’s baby voice and moaning could be heard. After a bit of sex they start talking game, things seemed a bit hot and heavy them BAM it was over. As one poster commented it was “a two pump chump” lol.
Everyone was asleep by 5:00 AM waiting for the call that VETO competition will begin!
Who will win the VETO? Will Jessie get Casey out the door? Will Ronnie get a pass this week after the stunts he pulled last week? Will Chima ever stop complaining about being in the dorm room and not being able to eat? Will Kevin do or say anything this week, that guy is like wall paper.