The latest of the BB evictees was kicked out on Sunday with a hefty 86% . . here was the announcement on Sunday {Cuts to Eviction show ~Gretel: It's time to go . .Jo: .. it's me. it's me ..Gretel: Joanne} . . Ladies and gentlemen.. Jo (they both said something during the audience applause).

R: How ya going?
J: Ummm a bit nervous.

R: Why's that?
J: Meeting's exciting.

R: You're ok .. Now how have you found the reaction had been to you now that you are on the outside?
J: Ummm well initially . .umm ..I was shocked what I saw on Sunday night, the packages cause I had no idea how I was being portrayed in the house. Ummmm and umm yeah, I was mortified on the stage, I was at a loss for words as you would have seen and Gretel just had to carry me thru that interview because I just couldn't talk. I was just so overwhelmed.

R: When you saw the 86% were you worried about what people were going to think of you?
J: No, no, no I mean like it's understandable that you know with what they saw of me in those packages, they probably didn't like me too much.

R: Now have you found people (?)
J: Well ...umm... Initially I think, yeah a bad response um but you know you get 24 minutes out of a 24 hour day and you got to remember there are a lot of things taken out of context and um and you know I was affectionate towards the boys but so was I towards the girls~ you know we are a big family in that house and um it's just those walls, that compound intensifies and amplifies everything, you know.

R: So were you as affectionate with the ladies as you were with the gents?
J: Yeeeeeah . . .I was with Chrissie pretty much. I use to give her a big bear hug, cause she is so soft and cuddly.

R: But were you saying that you know, that you would be , there were feelings there because some of the talk between you and the boys was suggestive of more than just friends, would you say?
J: Umm .. no I never, I, I, picked up on it, you know, after awhile that they had probably stronger feelings for me than I had, or different types of feelings than I had for them cause it was purely friendship from my perspective but um you know and I now look back and I should have been probably a little bit more assertive with them um and I regret that and I have learnt from that and that's what I was to do in the house. I wanted to learn more about myself and I was confronted with this situation I couldn't deal with um very well and it's evident now but um at, my reasons at the time that I didn't want to hurt anyone in the house. I didn't and particularity Saxon cause he's such an emotional person.

R: He wants his mum now Jo.
J: Yeah, I know that's what I am saying like Sax use to call me his big sister but you didn't see that ..they only showed..

R: That could be creepy because . .
J: That's what I am saying he called Chrissie his mum, Pat his dad and I was his sister . .so like ..

R: I hope he doesn't talk to his big sister like that at home. So do you feel like guilty in a sense when you see Saxon and the way he feels now that you've left?
J: I am concerned but as I said to him in the house, we had a big discussion about it and I said like when you get out of the house, you know he's only 19 and he doesn't realize everything will be different. The feelings that he has may be real but the environment is not real. You know everything is just whacko in the house. You go nuts so I went a little crazy with the farming task as you would have seen. So I said that to him, I said reassess how you feel when you get out cause it's not gonna be the same at all the house is crazy.

R: Did you meet his mum and dad, is that correct that your not tonight to meet you? Is that true?
J: No I haven't met them.

R: Ohhhhh .. ok. I heard that they had turned up tonight to meet you
J: No another rumor that's not true.

R: Sorry
J: Another rumor that's not true.

R: Another rumor?
J: There's lots of rumors.

R: Ohhh ..there is always rumors some of them started by the BB himself I would think. So now uh, I am very intrigued to know with all of this talk of you saying it's how it was portrayed and things like that and your feelings change, there was a lot of talk from you with the boys about we'll will talk once we get on the outside there are things we need to talk about we'll do it on the outside. What were those things?
J: I wanted to basically explain to them my position and I tried to do it in general terms in the house. I didn't want to get in to specifics because I didn't want to . .ah this is a topic that is quite sensitive and if they have got strong feelings for me I could be at risk for humiliating them or embarrassing them in front of millions.

R: Was there also a fear that if you knocked them back they would nominate you for eviction?
J: It wasn't a game tactic. As many people have said to me~ Did you do it as a strategy? I mean and people have said that would have been an easy answer. Yes I could have said that easily and I, that would be lying. I wasn't in it to win, I never thought I was going to, I just did it for the experience and to make friends and to have fun.

R: How has Tim your boyfriend taken to all of this? Obliviously you have had a bit of time to talk it through

J: Yeah.. . .yes we have umm on Sunday night I think he told the crowd that he was upset about the spa incident and um rightly so cause from what I saw I wasn't very happy about it either but ah the whole suck and blow game I did it with Reggie you didn't see that, Pat, oh I am sorry Chrissie and Dan did it and it was about the piece of cardboard that was between our mouths, Reggie introduced that game, ah I wish she didn't now but anyway. Yeah like he had said that and so then I walked off stage and we had a quick chat and he basically said to me, you know that's what I was thinking Jo, you know I explained my position, and he said he just need to hear it from you . He's been really understanding and really supportive ever since and he trusts me and he knows me, all my family and friends know me and I've had so much support Adelaide from where I am from. I feel really loved now. It's all been good since.

R: You're actually a lawyer
J: Yes I am.

R: How do you think this is going to effect having done the show and rightly or wrongly but how you have been portrayed? How do you think this is going to effect you in the legal world?
J: Well I've been reading like a magazine with an article to that effect saying you know . .this lady wrote in from South Australia and said look she should be disbarred for the flirtatious behavior in the house. A representative from the law society came to my defense and said that . .
R: And said objection.
J: Objection~ I object . .and said no nothing, her behavior is her private life although publicly viewed it's still nothing to do, has no reflection with her ability to practice law so I mean good in theory but I don't say I think I say I'm naive to think that it won't have an impact. Hopefully not to adversely, I hope.

R: Ok . .well best of luck with it all.
J: Thank you

R: And I will probably see you once it's all wrapped up I would suspect
J: Yeah a big party at the end .

R: Well we'll see you anyway . .All the best Jo.