<JohnPlatt> Nice to be here!
<Jokerette> welcome to jchat... we missed you :)
<JohnPlatt> Throw me some questions.
<Jokerette> :)) we have a ton for you lol

<Jokerette> so John! Educate us, if you will... what exactly does the Supervising Producer do?
<JohnPlatt> I've been working on this show for 4 years now, first as a Story Editor. This year I trained all the Story Editors, and I supervise their work, and Supervise the edits of the tapes shows
<Jokerette> That's wonderful! you put together story lines?
<JohnPlatt> I think of it more like gold mining or fishing
<Jokerette> LOL I can see that
<JohnPlatt> we mine for golden stories, then edit them down to shortened versions for the Tv program if a story happened in 2 hours of real time, we need to "story edit" it down to 3 minutes for TV does that make sense
<Jokerette> yes in fact.. how long does it take..to go through all the video?
<JohnPlatt> The story editors watch the video and take notes as it happens live, then they prep the best stories they see, and sit with the editors as the stories are asssembled
<Jokerette> that's too neat
<JohnPlatt> But a montaged segment, made up of many clips from many days, may take days to prep and many hours to edit
<JohnPlatt> There are montaged segments in both the Live and the Taped Shows. Often they are character profile pieces made up of many clips.

<Jokerette> and the most killer question: Will there be a Big Brother 6?
<JohnPlatt> I certainly hope and expect that there will be a BB6. The show did VERY WELL this summer...thanks to all of you for watching!

<Jokerette> What is the target demographic of BB and were Mike's (the painter) political views a factor in picking him for BB5?
<JohnPlatt> We try to appeal to a very wide demographic. And we look for people with a cross section of political views. Allways fun to have a little debate on the program!
<Jokerette> and a big debate is even better ;)

<Jokerette> What is it that Alison was hinting that we would get to see on the feeds today that we normally wouldn't?
<JohnPlatt> Ah, tonight's big secret...well, better watch the Live Show to find out!!
<Jokerette> ooooh no hints?! just a leetle one? LOL
<JohnPlatt> It could affect the game in a big way! We'll see!
<Jokerette> wow!

<Jokerette> mommamia: What is the deal with the twists benefiting the *good* people?
<JohnPlatt> The twist I believe Julie was referring to was the Veto Twist...which only allowed "chosen" people to play.
<JohnPlatt> It was interesting this past week, when Karen was chosen over Diane by Adria.
<Jokerette> yes it was
<JohnPlatt> Certainly, Karen's positive relationship with Adria was a factor.
<Jokerette> but of course internet people knew that was coming
<JohnPlatt> I'm so glad you guys are all paying such deep attention!
<Jokerette> yes! lovin it :)

<Jokerette> Beach_Club: Besides the obvious DNA hints like the DNA strand in the first challenge and that there were twins in the house, there seemed to have been other clues in the house. The mirrored pattern of the clouds, the face vace and the table with one colored circle on one side and two in a different color on the other. Were those intended as hints?
<JohnPlatt> Yes. There were also many PEAR shaped objects in the house. PEAR/PAIR, get it?
<Jokerette> I never would have!!!!!!!
<JohnPlatt> My story team saw those things their first day here, and someone said "pears? maybe there will be twins this year!"
<Jokerette> omg really? LOL
<JohnPlatt> but the Houseguests weren't as observant
<JohnPlatt> I was thrilled how long we kept the seceret.

<Jokerette> CuTiE_069: will you allow the bible in the house in the next season
<JohnPlatt> I certainly won't be the person to 'ban the bible'!!
<Jokerette> roflmao John!
<JohnPlatt> LOL!

<Jokerette> What does it actualy take to get a real penalty nomination?
<JohnPlatt> It takes a lot...! But we were very strict with people this year to not talk about their votes after they were cast.
<Jokerette> that would do it? Discussion of voting?
<JohnPlatt> And the moment a penalty nomination was even suggested, everyone shaped up
<JohnPlatt> We give everyone fair warning before trying to penalize them, and they've always said they were sorry and stopped whatever they might have been doing

<Jokerette> Rabbit: Would you ever be a HG in the Big Brother House? If so, which former HG's style of play would most resemble yours? Would you go bold & agressive, or sneaky & under the radar?
<JohnPlatt> I could never be ON the show. I'm much more a voyeur than an exhibitionist!
<JohnPlatt> But I would be SNEAKY as hell...and probably be labelled a villiane!

<Jokerette> Before I forget.. remember Sheryl from BB2? Her son Harrison (that I talked to you about) is here :)
<JohnPlatt> HI, HARRISON! How's your mom?
<JohnPlatt> I'm glad. Say hi to her for all of us over here!
<JohnPlatt> Editor Paul Coyne tells us all about her charity work

<Jokerette> Harrison: i want to know...since there is so much footage for the show, how do producers decide what content to air and what input do you all have on the character development of each houseguest
<JohnPlatt> Ah, good question....
<JohnPlatt> We choose the stories that entertain us the most...the story editors pitch their favorites to their team leader (Senior Producer)
<JohnPlatt> but it's most important that we include all the major startegy beats, so that the home viewers can understand why people are being nominated and evicted
<Jokerette> that really does make sense.. is that why we get FISH?
<JohnPlatt> The FISH usually come up to block something we can't let you see...most usually the Diary Room interviews.
<JohnPlatt> We keep those secret until the TV show

<Jokerette> toni123: Is there any thoughts about putting a live feed in the jury house?
<JohnPlatt> We thought about putting cameras in the jury house...but the country it's in currently doesn't even have dependable phone service!
<Jokerette> LOL that's a thought

<Jokerette> florida: Is Cowboy a "plant"?
<JohnPlatt> No, believe it or not, Cowboy Michael is a real life human being...what you see is what you get with him!
<JohnPlatt> (we couldn't believe it either at first, he's so 'unique,' shall we say...
<Jokerette> he is at that! very innocent.

<Jokerette> Do you or other producers ever let your personal feelings affect the questions you ask in the DR?
<JohnPlatt> The producers on this show are among the best in reality television, and we are very careful to keep our feelings to ourselves
<JohnPlatt> in fact, most of your other favorite reality shows are run from people who used to work here!
<JohnPlatt> Amazing Race, Amish, Mad-Mad House, Surreal Life...
<JohnPlatt> the list goes on and on
<Jokerette> the Family of course :)
<JohnPlatt> And THE FAMILY...my favorite!

<Jokerette> any Family 2 on horizon?
<JohnPlatt> I don't think enough people watched The Family for ABC to justify a sequel...although the NY TIMES did rate it their number 8 "Best show of the year!"
<JohnPlatt> Cousin Mike, from The Family, is working here this year!!
<JohnPlatt> (he didn't win, you know...)

<Jokerette> Rabbit: Have you considered any twists, challenge ideas or game structure based on other Big Brothers around the world? The International BBs are a major hit with the USA public!
<JohnPlatt> Hey, Rabbit. We certainly did watch the other shows before taking over here on season 2...but I didn't like them as much
<Jokerette> any reason why? what didn't ya like?
<JohnPlatt> Season One was actually VERY MUCH like the European version...so that says a lot!
<Jokerette> true. but season 1 was hugely loved in these parts :D
<JohnPlatt> Hard to follow, unless you watched every single episode...it would be no problem for the typical internet fan...but th ougto watch for the occasional TV viewer
<Jokerette> right that's true
<JohnPlatt> Season 1 was more like watching the Live Feeds
<Jokerette> prolly why JU adored it, yes

<JohnPlatt> We get better ratings every year
<Jokerette> what are your ratings this year?
<JohnPlatt> About 6-10 million viewers every episode!

<Jokerette> When do you decide to step in when a HG has crossed a line, i.e. Diane portraying herself as Marvin sexual harassment victim?
<JohnPlatt> The Houseguests can complain about each other all they want, but unless their safety is actually an issue, we stay away
<JohnPlatt> But we have stepped in before...as you all know
<Jokerette> the knife episode.. how scary was that for you guys?
<JohnPlatt> I can't discuss the details of that, for various reasons...but it wasn't my favorite day
<Jokerette> I'd have had a stroke if I was behind the scenes
<JohnPlatt> i still don't believe there was any imminent threat of real violence...but you can't be too safe
<Jokerette> neither did we.. but it was really spooky and shocking on the live feeds

<Jokerette> Harrison: When a producer asks questions via the diary room, is a script of questions developed before the interview? Is the wording of questions ever carefully reviewed since realistically poor;y worded questions could potentially manipulate the HGs in certain ways like the strategy they adopt or who they align with?
<JohnPlatt> There are not scripts, just producer notes. But our Interviewing Producers are very well trained and very experienced.
<JohnPlatt> And our careers are on the line!!
<JohnPlatt> If we screwed up a Big Brother interview, might 'never work in this town again'!

<Jokerette> indigohill: oh I want to know which houseguest was the biggest disappointment
<JohnPlatt> I love this year's Houseguests...it was more how surprised I was about some of them.
<Jokerette> good surprise?
<JohnPlatt> Nakomis really turned out to be so much more interesting than I expected, for instance
<Jokerette> she truly is a killer character.. tatoos aside
<JohnPlatt> And no one could believe Holly was for real either! and she was AWESOME!
<JohnPlatt> And Diane's been a helluva player, too! Boy oh boy!

<Jokerette> Bobthebuilder: Ok -Technical question--what kind of RF wireless packs do they use?
<JohnPlatt> Not sure! I'd have to ask a sound tech. But I do know that the batteries last 24 hours...and we have the HGs turn them off in the Diary room

<Jokerette> CuTiE_069: if there was a bb alstars who would be your first pick for the house
<JohnPlatt> Marcellas!
<JohnPlatt> My favorite interviewee!

<Jokerette> How is it that so many houseguests coincidentally live and work in LA instead of the so-called "hometowns" listed on their profiles? Is the pool of actual applicants that low - and/or poor- that recruiting must take place?
<JohnPlatt> I think most of our Houseguests decide to move here as soon as they've done a show
<JohnPlatt> Like Jase...he lived here years ago when he tried his hand at acting. And now he's moving back!

<Jokerette> In2BB: There were rumors about a committed couple in the house....any truth to the rumor?
<JohnPlatt> Not sure about that rumor
<JohnPlatt> You mean like Drew and Diane kind of committet, or...?

<Jokerette> toni123: what was up with that wierd feed of the preacher man yesterday? is it a clue of something that is going to happen?
<JohnPlatt> Preacher man? Not sure what that means?
<Jokerette> there was a wierd live feed of a preacher all of a sudden lol.. it was prolly an error.
<JohnPlatt> hmmm...maybe our feeds crossed with some CBS show!
<JohnPlatt> LOL!

<Jokerette> Rabbit: If a website, like Jokersupdates.com for example, put together a detailed list of twists & challenge ideas, would you peruse that list?
<JohnPlatt> Unfortunately, every time we read about twists on-line, it just makes our jobs harder. Because we have to think of ones that will surprise you guys!!
<JohnPlatt> It's sooooo hard to keep the twists secret, we want as few people involved as possible.

<Jokerette> why don't you pay the copyright fees for music? Every other show has to and does.
<JohnPlatt> We have a composer for our show
<JohnPlatt> And no other show airs 24 hours a day on the internet
<Jokerette> more's the pity, don't you think?
<JohnPlatt> If we paid song fees for every time a Houseguest started singing, we'd go broke!

<Jokerette> There is a lot of speclation about "rigged" games or out comes, This week alone it was noticed that Karens ball was at the bottom before Marvins. This is an entertainment show, so is BB trying to keep who they deem as entertainment instead of letting the games happen in true form? (although Allison answered this one yesterday)
<JohnPlatt> No, we never try to manipulate the outcome of a game, or rig anything. Whatever happens happens, especially on the Live Show.
<JohnPlatt> A camera could fall on the floor and we'd just keep going
<JohnPlatt> The competition team comes in months before the show starts, trying to come up with original ideas...which is hard

<Jokerette> are you still totally against banners? ;)
<JohnPlatt> We can't have banners as it would screw up the concept of the show. And we've figured out ways to prevent them

<Jokerette> Why didn't they completely hide the cameras so the HGs are not so aware of them all the time?
<JohnPlatt> We have many hidden cameras besides the ones you can see

<Jokerette> CuTiE_069: who in the house surpised you the most with how the acted in the house
<JohnPlatt> Nakomis surprised me the most...her "6 finger plan" to eliminate Jase was genius!

<Jokerette> toni123: can we please have an america's choice eviction??
<Jokerette> LOL I'd vote on that one!
<JohnPlatt> The reason we don't allow the American Public to evict is because you guys see all the Diary Rooms on TV...and America would probably eliminate the villains
<JohnPlatt> doesn't give them a fair chance
<Jokerette> rofl! we might not!
<JohnPlatt> that's why we have the Jury House
<Jokerette> but that's true.. that's fair.

<JohnPlatt> Seasn One was flawed, I believe, because America voted out the most interesting characters
<JohnPlatt> That doesn't happen in Europe!
<Jokerette> no it doesn't. Does in australia tho :D
<JohnPlatt> Really? I haven't seen Australia
<Jokerette> it's quite the show... really a good one
<Jokerette> they can't discuss noms even or who they nommed
<JohnPlatt> Well the nominations happen in public
<JohnPlatt> It's the eviction votes that we keep secret

<Jokerette> SkippyDaPunk: are there any plans for a "behind the scenes at big brother" type show? im sure we would all love to see something like that (camera men, people shopping for the food etc)
<JohnPlatt> no plans for Behind the Scenes...we don't want to give away our secrets to all the other reality TV producers!
<Jokerette> how about Best of BB?
<JohnPlatt> I'd love to do a Best of BB! Don't know what CBS thinks about that!

<Jokerette> Wildcard: why did the sharks all died!!!
<JohnPlatt> The sharks didn't die...but the tank was too small for them, and they were banging their noses into the glass so the fish guy took them out
<Wildcard> ooooooh, poor shark noses :(

<Jokerette> BackToLife123: Do twist ideas ever just pop into the heads of the producers and are then used, oor are all of the twist pre determined?
<JohnPlatt> Twists are thought about and debated in secret for months before the show starts. They are very difficult to pull off, and lots of details have to be thought out
<JohnPlatt> It's VERY difficult to keep secrets. But we're the best of any of the reality shows at keeping them!
<JohnPlatt> Though you internet fans are also very good at guessing them sometimes!
<JohnPlatt> It's us against you!!! LOL!
<Jokerette> bwahahah and we're sneaky
<Jokerette> we pump folks like you :)
<JohnPlatt> So are we. ;)
<Jokerette> I noticed!!!!! LMAO
<JohnPlatt> You can't break me!
<Jokerette> can't even find out about tonight's twist
<Jokerette> and lord knows we trying lol
<JohnPlatt> No way!
<JohnPlatt> LOL
<Jokerette> lips sealed eh
* Jokerette offers a bribe
<JohnPlatt> la la la la la la la la la la

<Jokerette> birdiebogie: What was the living quaters like for Adria & Nat while they were switching
<JohnPlatt> Good question!
<JohnPlatt> About the same as the Big Brother house, but with less beds.
<JohnPlatt> No where near as nice as the Jury House!

<Jokerette> where is the Jury House, can we know?
<JohnPlatt> Nearby...but hidden away...is all I can say
<JohnPlatt> The Jury House is in a foreign land, miles from the closest airport or store
<JohnPlatt> Beautiful location

<Jokerette> Hypnotoad: karen has said the jury cant talk about the show during sequester, is this true or just karen hiding her tracks.
<JohnPlatt> And, yes, it's true that they are not to discuss the game

<Jokerette> ChiPrincess: How many story editors does the show have?
<JohnPlatt> About 18 Story Editors. 6 on each show

<Jokerette> how many producers?
<JohnPlatt> There's a senior producer on each show.
<JohnPlatt> And one of me
<Jokerette> :) could only BE one lol
<JohnPlatt> two Exec producers (who you all know)
<JohnPlatt> and 2 CO-EPs
<Jokerette> yes... our regards to arnold and allison ;)
<JohnPlatt> Rich and Don
<JohnPlatt> Rich is sitting across from me as we chat
<JohnPlatt> and Kenny Rosen, Senior Producer of Saturday's show, is here as well

<Jokerette> can he tell us anything about Saturday's show, whilst he's there?
<Jokerette> how does the 2nd eviction work?
<JohnPlatt> The content for Saturday's show, doesn't begin until after the Live Show tonight!!
<Jokerette> ooooh ok! more sneakiness. Love it!
<JohnPlatt> But DO NOT ASSUME it will be a normal Saturday's show
<Jokerette> OH really
<JohnPlatt> really
<Jokerette> can't stand it.. a leeeeetle bitty hint?
<JohnPlatt> la la la la la la la la la la la la

<Jokerette> WildRose: when will you choose one of us Net Junkies specificly to be on the show?
<JohnPlatt> Keep sending your tapes to CBS.COM...you never know!

<Jokerette> Kyle: John....as Supervising Producer...can you tell us how difficult is it to air a live show week after week?
<JohnPlatt> It's much harder to make the Taped Shows!
<JohnPlatt> The Live Shows happen mostly live
<JohnPlatt> they take about an hour to make
<JohnPlatt> The taped shows take days...and NIGHTS!!
<JohnPlatt> There are many people working here all night....EVERY NIGHT!
<JohnPlatt> especially the nights before a show airs.
<JohnPlatt> I stay both Monday and Friday nights
<JohnPlatt> 24 + hours

<Jokerette> Reign: Have you ever considered not revealing to the HGs the voting? That way they dont know if anyone betrayed their alliance?
<JohnPlatt> We have considered that voting twist. Not sure if it's been done yet

<Jokerette> do you watch live feeds at all?
<JohnPlatt> I watch live feeds every second that I'm here! They're on in my office right now, over my shoulder!

<Jokerette> How about an AC that sends a particular HG into a less than wanted situation? Nothing horrible but something that is somewhat a non prize like picking up trash along a beach, washing dishes in a busy restaurant, etc. AC has always been about the most liked HG to benifit from the decision, how about letting us put our least liked HG to do something they might not enjoy?
<JohnPlatt> We put the HGs through hell as it is, don't you think? It's hard to live in that house!

<Jokerette> Will you ever bring back the "diamond" power of veto to allow the veto holder to choose their replacement, if they hold the power and are on the block?
<JohnPlatt> I wouldn't discount that ever happening...but can't say for sure

<JohnPlatt> Allison Grodner just walked in...and says hi to all of you!
<Jokerette> tell her we love her work!!!!! :)

<Jokerette> Wildcard: Can you give us some dirt John? Maybe a little preview of what we can expect this week?
<JohnPlatt> la la la la la la la la la la la la

<JohnPlatt> Allison just told me a BIG SECRET!!
<Jokerette> oooooh SPILL!!!!!!
<JohnPlatt> Tonight's a LIVE NOMINATION for internet viewers.. Around 9pm PST
<Jokerette> oh really!!!!!!!!!
<JohnPlatt> YEP!
<Jokerette> so we get to see that on the feeds!
<JohnPlatt> may be some fish up front though...but be patient
<JohnPlatt> Yep
<Jokerette> would you thank her for us? :)
<JohnPlatt> On the feeds
<Jokerette> wow! KEWL indeed.

<Jokerette> Bobthebuilder: Question--is everything done using NLE's or tape
<JohnPlatt> Tape is the answer

<Jokerette> MoBabyDoll: How are the people picked for BB? We hear them talking alot about acting so are most picked from agency's? Ty
<JohnPlatt> People are picked by sending in tapes to the website. We can't help it if lots of people want to act.

<Jokerette> RN007: How much time, prior to air time, do you need to include a clip in a particular taped show?
<JohnPlatt> The taped shows are done 3 hours before air...though the premiere show this year wasn't finished until 20 minutes before air! Woooops!

<JohnPlatt> 30 minutes to our special LIVE SHOW!
<Jokerette> John we sure appreciate the time you've spent with us!!!!!!!!

<JohnPlatt> last question
<Jokerette> BengalFan: Will the tv audience finally see what a bitch Diane really is?
<Jokerette> everyone asked that lol
<JohnPlatt> i don't think we're hiding anything! LOL!

<JohnPlatt> Thanks you guys!!! Bye from Allison, Rich, Kenny and myself!!

In addition, John wrote the following to Ette, to clear up a point:
Just wanted to clear up something I mistakenly said in my interview last week.

I rather casually commented that "the live show takes about an hour to make," which isn't exactly true. The LIVE PORTIONS of the Live Show are indeed shot live during our one-hour feed each week...BUT the planning and preparations for those shows take many man and woman hours, for days in advance.

The competitions and games departments work hard for days in advance to build sets and props...Julie Chen spends many hours with the producers deciding what exactly she's going to talk about...camera and control-room people practice their moves for hours, to make sure they don't miss any of the live action...and of course, many talented editors, producers and story editors are hard at work for days and nights in advance preparing the 20 or so minutes of pre-taped footage that is rolled into every Live Show.

I want to give credit where credit is due...and the Live Show Team certainly deserves a huge amount of credit for pulling off the nearly impossible week-after-week!

Supervising Producer, Big Brother 5
September 8, 2004