As happy as I was to see Janelle back in the Big Brother House, this coaches/mentor twist is sadly turning out to be another one of those "best intentions but it sucked" twists. Dan seems to be playing another masterful game of using his "invisibility shield" while Britney quickly forgot her decision to be "nice" and is now, easily the WORST COACH EVER! What? Boogie what? Who? I don't know what your talking about, I don't acknowledge perverted misogynist freaks! Ok, I'll acknowledge that he seems to have mellowed a wee bit. There. Do you feel the love?

So, this past Thursday one of the houseguests with the most potential for drama and diva fun was unceremoniously kicked to the Big Brother 14 curb. JoJo Spatafora is another casualty in the "coaches" twist and while no one really 'deserves' to be in that house, I wish she had stayed longer. I had an opportunity to ask her a few questions and this is my time with JoJo for

Hello JoJo, this is BestBBever from Jokers Updates.
You have a lot of fans on Jokers Updates. We were really sorry to see you go and loved you being on the show. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you are thinking and feeling about your time in the Big Brother 14 house.

BestBBever: We loved you using cigarettes as a barter, did you plan on doing that before you went in? If you decided to do it after you were in the hosue, what made you think of it?

JoJo: That was not a strategy going into the house, but once I noticed that Frank and Joe were starting to smoke more cigarettes as the days were going, it [bartering the cigarettes as a game strategy] became one.

BestBBever: AllSummerLong wants to know if you left any cigarettes behind for Janelle or any of the other houseguests?

JoJo: Joe approached me once he noticed I was leaving and he tried to make a deal with me for cigarettes. I told him all I wanted was one vote. When he realized he was going to vote against the house he approached me and told me he adores me and respects that I stay true to who I am no matter what. We hugged it out and I just let him keep the cigarettes. I decided to be the bigger person.

BestBBever: Cutgr from Joker's wanted to know if you started playing season 14 of Big Brother without the team/coaches twist would you have aligned yourself with Willie and Shane or someone else in the game?

JoJo: If the coaches were not in the game it would have been a totally different game. I wouldn’t have made alliances so early in the game. The first night we basically were put into alliances. I would have aligned with Ashley and Shane – he is trustworthy and he is. The only two people I trusted were them [Ashley and Shane].

BestBBever: You seemed to be taking the Game of Big Brother very seriously and you clearly had so much more game in you to play, what is the most frustrating thing about getting evicted this early?

JoJo: The most frustrating thing is still being associated with Willie.

BestBBever: What hurts the most?

JoJo: It upset me how people were scared to stand up for what they believe in and play their own game. Instead they played their coaches game and did what their coaches wanted them to. If you do win the game you want to win because you earned it and not because your coach dragged you to the finish line.

BestBBever: What do you regret the most?

JoJo: The only thing I regret is trusting Willie.

BestBBever: If you ruled the universe and got to be the Big Brother HOH, who would you have evicted, who would you have picked to be your bestie in a power alliance, and who would you hope to be with in a Final 2 with? In other words: Evict, Alliance, and Final 2?

JoJo: Evict - Wil. Alliance - Shane. Final Two - Me and Ashley

JoJo, thank you so much for the fun you gave us this summer. You were a touch of Jersey and we liked it. We look forward to hearing more from you and welcome you to