Well, since Shane won Veto Saturday, it looked like the house was leaning to replace him with Danielle as the target. But, two factions of the house (Team Boogie and Team Janelle) have been separately plotting to go the other way and target JoJo instead. Will that trend continue today?

9:00 AM
Britney is the first up today. She wanders around the house and can’t seem to get comfortable anywhere. It is later revealed she is cramping. Shane also gets up and walks in obvious pain. It seems he injured a toe in the POV competition. Rough morning.

10:00 AM
They get the wake up call and the house comes to life with morning activity.

Some get a better start than others.

There is some joking about telling Julie on the Thursday show that Willie snapped because he couldn’t eat his Fruit Loops anymore.

1:30 PM
JoJo and Shane talk. Shane is concerned he appears to be a big physical threat because of his performance in the POV competitions.

Frank and Boogie discuss the state of things. Frank says people think Dan is throwing the coaches competitions. Boogie didn't think he would do that. Their strategy is still to nominate but keep Danielle.

Boogie advises Ian to spend time with Shane and Danielle for a possible alliance. Boogie tells Ian to NOT ever talk to Joe about his "theories". He is WAY too paranoid.

Janelle and Britney have a long entertaining conversation.
Britney does some damage control telling Janelle that Willie came up with the idea about Coaches entering the game based on the empty key slots next to the pictures on the memory wall (ed. Those of us watching at the time saw that it was Britney that led Willie to that conclusion by pointing the key slots out to him.)
They discuss possible twists involving the coaches too. Britney reports that Joe thinks Danielle is not a kindergarten teacher, but a scientist.
Britney is skeptical that Janelle is capable of crying or having emotions. She wonders if her tear ducts are capable of producing water. Janelle says she cries about 2 times a year. Britney asks if she cried when she got married, engaged, had her baby or found out she was pregnant and Janelle says no to all of these. Janelle tells her if she starts to feel sad or depressed she thinks of happy things like Pepsi and bunnies.

3:30 PM
Houseguests are allowed outside and set up a Bocce game that BB gave them.

The pressure may be getting to Dan. Why else would he be eating a big green pillow?

Ashley and Janelle go inside and are thinking of ways to get on Frank’s good side, like baking him deserts and complimenting his choice of CD.

Britney tries to do the mean girl thing, but it just isn’t the same with Danielle (instead of Monet).

5:30 PM
Frank hid behind the couch in the HoH room when he saw Boogie was going to come in. Frank jumped up and yelled and Boogie jumped pretty good. Frank says he got a headache from yelling so hard.

Ashley talks game with JoJo (ed. possibly part of the ‘stay close to JoJo’ plan to make her more of a target). JoJo doesn't think she can beat Shane at anything but that Shane is loyal. Ashley thinks coaches are coming into the game at some point. They talk about getting Dan out by evicting Danielle. Understandably JoJo works this angle pretty hard.

7:00 PM
Dinner time. Joe has made stir-fry for the Haves and Slop with Pork Rind meatballs for the Have-Nots.

After dinner antics:

Britney and Wil do some Arkansas cheers:

Dan and Ian play Bocce Ball.

Shane bounces a beach ball.

Wil plots with Joe to get rid of Frank or Ian next week and teaming up with Shane.

Wil next talks to Ashley explaining they only have a couple of more weeks to start taking out floaters.

9:00 PM
A group of the House Guests have gathered out back and have what turns into the annual TMI conversation. They all tell about their ‘first time’ and Joe shares some scary details about his parenting in sexual matters.

Meanwhile Dan heads to the HoH to talk with Boogie. Boogie makes a logical case for them to work together and Dan is agreeable. They decide to have Dan talk game with Janelle and tell her he wants to gun for Boogie’s team. He will do this at the chess board so Boogie can watch her reactions on the spy screen.
Boogie makes sure that Ted gets some screen time too.

Later, Janelle and Ashley take a bubble bath.

Wil, Janelle, Ashley, and Joe are in the arcade room. Joe asked Janelle if they were going to go along with Frank on who to vote out. She says “For now”, but does not provide much detail.

Frank joins Janelle and Ashley in the arcade room. Frank hopes Shane doesn't win HOH. Janelle says if Danielle won HOH she would put up Shane.

Not long after, Dan finds Janelle in the bathroom and asks to go play chess.
Janelle says, “Let's talk right here”. (ed. So much for the chess plan). Janelle says she thinks Danielle is safe. Dan says if Danielle won HOH he'd tell her to put up Frank and Shane. Janelle tells Dan everyone on her team wants to keep Danielle. She says Boogie hates JoJo. Dan's worried Boogie will want to evict Danielle to get rid of Dan. Janelle says she keeps telling everybody the coaches coming into the game isn’t going to happen.

Out back JoJo and Jenn convince Ian to have a cigarette. He has obviously smoked before and admits he's been craving one and he smokes a cigarette a day in real life.

JoJo states she is bisexual and wants to steal Ashley away from Ian. She continues the TMI talk with sex tips for Ian.

Shane tells JoJo he's going to pitch to Frank to put up Wil instead of Danielle and evict Wil. Shane says Frank secretly told him he doesn't want to stick to the final 6 with Janelle's team. Shane thinks getting Wil out now will have the whole house voting on Frank’s side, including Danielle, Shane, and JoJo. Then they can easily take out Janelle's team.

Janelle and Ashley are nervous that Frank and Ian have a Final 2 deal. Janelle says Ashley has everyone fooled because she is really super smart.

2:00 AM
Danielle tells Dan there is one thing he doesn't know about her. Her mom's grandfather invented laundry detergent. He asks if she swims in pools of money at home. Danielle says "No, not at all". Also her grandmother is in Mensa.

JoJo must not have had enough of the TMI conversation earlier. As they are going to bed she shares with Shane and Ian about what she does and doesn't like sexually.

In the stereo bedroom Danielle, Ashley and Dan find that Janelle has moved in. Between Joe's constant farting and the snoring it's impossible to sleep in the other room.

With that the house goes quiet.

Notes from tonight’s show:
In the Coaches Competition – Britney choked, Boogie got cocky and disqualified, Dan didn’t want to win it, leaving Janelle the winner and she chose to keep Ashley safe as opposed to using the option to make a trade.
She also picked Britney’s players to be the Have-Nots with Ian volunteering to be the fourth.
We got to see the footage from Ian asking Ashley on a date.
The last part of the show was Willie’s meltdown that eventually got a little physical with Joe. Instead of showing the nomination ceremony, we saw the HGs assembled in the living room with Allison Grodner explaining over the intercom that Willie was removed but that the game will go on.

Will JoJo be the one leaving or can she and Shane manage to flip the house? Will Wil find out they want him out? Can Chef Joe turn Pudding and Pork Rinds into Filet Mignon before the week is out?

Thanks so much to the Joker’s Updaters!