7:45-8:22 am

First JoJo, then Boogie, get up, brush teeth, tease the feeders into thinking they’re going to be up and moving, but then get second thoughts and return to bed.

8:45 am

JoJo is up for real this time. She goes to the kitchen, then studies the memory wall photos for a bit.

9:02 am

Wake-up time!

9:21 am

Shane, JoJo, Joe outside; Boogie, Danielle, Wil, Frank in kitchen. Joe tells Shane that Joe would rather have Shane in the house over Frank. The two agree that they trust each other more than either trusts Frank, who they agree is out only for himself.

10:30 am

Joe joins Wil in the Arcade. They agree that they do not want to give Janelle any information. They also agree that Ashley is a liability for them. Wil wants Joe to make a deal with Frank, then they agree while they don’t want Frank out, they want Janelle to think they do. Instead, Wil says, "Next week it has to be Shane or Ian"

11:00 am

Britney tells Shane and JoJo that Boogie wants Dan out, so Shane/JoJo need to convince Boogie's team to keep JoJo. Otherwise, the house is quiet now. Britney, Danielle, JoJo, Wil have moved to the couches outside. Shane, Joe and Frank are working out. Britney observes that the music they’ve been using for wakeups is the same as they used during her season. Danielle leaves for a shower, while the rest of the couch crew begins to discuss dividing the coming evening’s alcohol ration. They point out that Wil's 25th birthday is on Saturday, Britney's 25th is on August 23rd and JoJo's in on the August 27th. Britney then points out BB will have an America's vote in the finale if there are only 6 people in the jury. As 11:30 approaches, Ian and JoJo look to be ready to fall asleep in the Have-not room, but Ian is first ordered to change out his batteries. Dan gets the similar instruction from where he is now sitting outside with Britney, prompting her to tease, “What’s wrong with you?”

11:30 am

Kitchen chat. Workout continues in the backyard with Frank, Joe and Shane. Brit leaves the yard, goes into the kitchen and says good morning to Ian. She asks how he is and how he slept. Ian says excellent, he only woke once. Boogie and Ashley making something to eat. Ashley is making a heathy shake. It’s a smoothie with celery in it and a few other things. Ashley says today is a great day, that she went to her happy place. Ashley continues talking with Boogie and Dan about life dreams. Ashley says when she was lying next to Boogie she was thinking he is a winner- “I should fly with the eagles if I want to be an eagle.” Dan tells her that eagles are the first to get poached. Ashley starts talking about her dream boards and you have to be careful what you put on your dream boards. She says its like a collage, a concept board. Boogie asks who inspired her to do this and she said she did it on her own, and didn't really have an inspiration. Dan says his number one dream was to get on this show.

12:30-3:45 pm

The afternoon drags on. Ashley, Janelle and Danielle congregate in the bathroom and Ashley does Danielle’s hair. Danielle then does her makeup while she casually discusses next week’s scenarios with Janelle. Janelle asks Danielle if there are any cute guys at her school; Dani says the gym teacher & principal are cute but they are both dating. Later, Janelle, Wil, Frank and Dan discuss memory wall photos. Frank mentions BB8 Jen and recalls her crying over her picture. Frank and Dan make themselves BLT sandwiches. Janelle mentions that she has plans to go to Napa with her husband the second week of October. Janelle and Ashley either worked out or did a weird dance in the living room. Britney, Dan, Boogie, Frank watched via the spy screen from the HOH. Boogie is really paying attention to Janelle's moves. Ashley is kind of flailing about giving the HoH HG's a good show..and some laughs. This ended when Ashley was called to the diary room. Meanwhile, JoJo and Shane shared the hammock and made fun of Janelle’s nose, saying that she should have gotten a nose job with all the other plastic surgery she’s had.

The talk in the HOH turns to sex. Dan confides that he and his wife don't use birth control (religious reasons). They don't want children, so they have to abstain from sex for 7 days a month(?). Dan shares that his wife was a virgin when they married and that yes, they did have sex on their wedding night. Boogie said he has masturbated twice so far... he couldn't go the entire time in the house without "releasing" himself. Dan and Frank say they will not do it in the BB house. In fact Dan says he doesn't masturbate even in real life...ever. Frank said he "might" rub one out in the shower, but probably won't. Britney says her husband is way too “handsy” and wants sex all the time - she seems kind of annoyed by it. Britney tells a story of hearing a sqeaking cot in the dark one night in the Have Not room (during her season)....it was Enzo, lol.

Janelle comes outside to continue working out with Dani, while Ian and Britney sit poolside. Meanwhile, Ashley joins the HOH group and talks about living with a roommate she found on Craig’s List. Frank begins talking about all the times he almost died: He got his head caught in an elevator between floors; had his face bitten by a dog when he tried to kiss it (Ashley tells him his face is still pretty, no scars); almost had his head ran over by his mothers car, and he ran his car into a cement truck while getting hit by two cars coming behind him. Dan says he always tells his wife he thinks he's going to die young. She hates it. Ashley tells him not to say things like that. Dan then mentions (seeing Shane on the spy screen) that he really hasn’t talked to Shane very much, doesn't really know him.

Still in the HOH, Janie, Jenn, Frank, and Ashley begin talking about Willie. They all think he was a bad player, making deals with everyone in the house...trying to control everyone, thinking he was so good at the game when in fact "he sucked". Janelle compares him to Cappy in her season BB6. All are glad he's gone. Janie says he thinks he's going to get a call for All Star 2. They all laugh, saying he's delusional. General chit chat about last weeks events. Janelle asks Frank if he knew he was staying last week; he says yeah, pretty much. 95% sure it would be 5-3...but still says ya never know. At this point Janie seems quite friendly with Frank, as there is still no game talk happening concerning about this current week. Frank leaves the room to check laundry. Janelle asks Jenn if everyone is voting out JoJo. Jenn says "yes, as far as I know." Janelle shares that Howie hooked up with 2 girls at her wedding.

4:27 pm

JoJo and Frank in the HOH. JoJo tells Frank she feels like an idiot because of everything that happened involving Willie. She begins to make her case to stay. JoJo says she wants people to make their own decisions. JoJo says that people are starting rumors and that someone is sabotaging her. She speculates that it was Janelle. But JoJo thinks she proved she was straight up and honest (when she stood by Willie), and that maybe being honest was her downfall but that’s who she is. She tells Frank that she’s obviously with Shane. Frank tells her that Willie flipped out because he had nobody. JoJo says she is staying with Shame because he seems very real and he has her back. JoJo tells Frank, “I swear to you, you are not my target at all.” She adds that the choice is up to him, tells him Shane shares her position. JoJo says she doesn't want to throw anyone under the bus, but obviously it is her or Danielle. JoJo tells Frank that Kara did deserve to go home. Frank points out that JoJo voted to keep her. JoJo says she made a mistake. JoJo says she thought she could trust Willie because he was on her side. JoJo tells Frank in this game it is hard to trust people. She says she trusts Shane and Ashley. JoJo asks Frank if he would consider joining up with her. She points out how Danielle is becoming buddy-buddy with Janelle. Frank says he doesn't want to think about that right now. JoJo again swears to God that Frank is not her target. JoJo says that she wants to get out people who would stab others in the back. Frank asks JoJo to name those people, but JoJo refuses. JoJo tells Frank that he could see in the veto what kind of hard fighter she was. Frank reminds JoJo that he has no vote, and he doesn't know how it’s going to go. Frank says that the house has not been talking to him much about the vote. JoJo says the first week should not have been that hard, and that she knows he has no vote. Frank says he has no idea how the other teams are voting. JoJo says she would like to hear info that would benefit her. She says Jenn said she is making up her own mind. JoJo tells Frank about Joe’s cigarette deal. She says that she didn’t make the deal with Joe, but that Joe simply made a proposal. She also points out that Joe wants Dan out of the house.

5:50 pm Dinner.

6:13 pm

After dinner, JoJo rehashes her HOH talk with Frank to Britney. Britney points out that Janelle is the only coach with 3 votes this week. Britney tells JoJo that she's noticed Janelle around Danielle a lot so she thinks they want to save Dani so that she (Britney) and Dan are both down to 1 player each. Britney tells JoJo that she will talk to Boogie and let JoJo know what the deal is. JoJo then talks to Shane in the Have-not. JoJo rehashes what she said to Frank earlier in the HoH and they both express annoyance that Britney hasn’t tried to talk to Frank or Boogie today to try to save JoJo. Shane tells JoJo that he thinks Janelle and Dan are working out a deal to go after Boogie's team. Shane tells JoJo that he plans to tell Frank tonight about Wil saying that Shane wasn't his target. Shane and JoJo agree that Dan is doing all the fighting for Danielle to stay while she lays back. They believe that Britney isn't as good of a coach as the other coaches and think that Danielle will stay because Dan is an insane manipulator. Shane says that Britney hasn't even won anything for them but Janelle and Boogie have won for their teams.


JoJo and Ian talk in the HN room. JoJo begins to make her plea to Ian, tells him that she wants an alliance of JoJo/Shane/Ian/Frank/Ashley. JoJo tells Ian that Joe and Wil cannot be trusted. She also tells him about Joe trying to make a deal with her. She tells Ian she would go after Jenn first. She says she thinks she wants to be in the house more than Danielle. She thinks she earned her spot on the first night. She tells Ian she told Ashley to be careful. JoJo tells Ian that Janelle can not be trusted and that Joe is making dirty deals with everybody. JoJo says she is street smart, compared to Ian, who she describes as booksmart. JoJo says if she stays she is going after Wil and Joe. JoJo tells Ian “you are not my target at all, ” and that Ashley is safe because she “loves that girl.” Ian tells JoJo that he's been thinking about it the past few days and doesn't see how keeping Danielle would benefit him. JoJo tells Ian she told Frank about Joe and the cigarettes, that she gave him a pack of cigarettes to keep her safe. She tells Ian about Joe trying to sell her the hoh card. JoJo says all she told Joe was “I want your vote.” JoJo says she and Shane told Ashley last night to come over to their side. She says she is giving Ian and Ashley her word and that she didn't give Jenn her word. She points out the benefit of knocking out Dan, saying that “Dan is scary, Dan has played the game more.” JoJo tells Ian she doesn't like the way Janelle treats Ashley. JoJo tells Ian most likely, she stays and she or Shane will win HoH. JoJo tells Ian she and Ian will do the dirty work for him.


HOH Room. While JoJo and Ian talk downstairs, Jenn is upstairs in the HoH room talking to Boogie & Frank about Ashley. The boys tell Jenn that they think they'll have Shane on their side, plus they think he'll go after Janelle's side for them. Boogie tells Frank and Jenn his plan for a F5 of Boogie's team plus Danielle & Ashley. Boogie believes that this plan would result in one of Boogie's team winning the game. Boogie told them he called his alliance the Eight Is Enough Alliance in the DR. Frank and Jenn tell Boogie that they're a little worried about Ian when it comes to Ashley. Boogie commends JoJo for her plea but says it's a little too late and the decision has already been made. Boogie & Frank ask Jenn to send Ian up to the HOH room. Ian arrives, and Boogie tells Ian that they feel good about their talks with Shane and Dan. He feels that Dan will want to be with their side, rather than with Janelle in a 3-3 situation. Boogie says they worked Shane over about being given the chance to at least compete in POV so they think they feel comfortable with Shane/Dan (Danielle). Ian tells them that he's heard that Shane is pissed at Wil, so this is great. Boogie asks Ian if he's comfortable with throwing an HOH to Shane. Ian says he's willing to throw the HOH to Danielle or Shane but will fight hard against Wil or Joe. Ian tells Boogie that JoJo made a hard sell but he has no problem voting her out because Janie's team could tell they flipped votes. Boogie tells Ian & Frank that he thinks the next Coach's Comp will give them a chance to pick an eliminated player. Ian returns downstairs.

8:10 pm

Frank tells Boogie that Janelle thinks Dan is throwing all the Coach's comps. Boogie says he may be, but wonders why would he do that. Boogie and Frank agree that they'd rather Dan get an extra player over either Britney or Janelle, Boogie thinks Joe would be willing to take out Wil. Frank thinks that Janelle hates Britney. Boogie advises Frank that if Shane doesn't win POV & looks like he will go home, to make sure to buddy up to him all week in order to secure a jury vote.

Janelle and Ashley join Boogie and Frank in the HOH. Ashley tells the boys that she thinks JoJo has decided to just lay down and die. Ashley/Boogie observe that JoJo’s quiet, which they agree is nice. Janelle just found out from the HOH group that Joe will be giving JoJo a vote for cigarettes & promised on his kids. Boogie says that if everyone tries to float a vote out of niceness for the jury then this could mess things up. Janelle said he wouldn't and Ashley said she was worried when she heard he promised on his kids. Janelle says that Joe told her that he gave JoJo items from the game that would do well on ebay and she gave him cigarettes in exchange and he promised that if she had the votes that he would vote for her. Janelle jokingly tells Frank to tell JoJo if it's a tie vote that if she gives him cigarettes, she'll get to stay.

Frank learns that someone really did go through his bag & he wants to know who since a few people know. Janelle tells Frank that people thought he was lying about his job beacuse he has nice skin, sunglasses & luggage. Frank wants Janelle to tell him who questioned him, and is clearly annoyed that Janelle won't tell him. Janelle eventually says that Willie, Britney, Shane & Danielle were there when Frank's luggage, job and sunglasses were questioned. Frank explains why he doesn't like buying expensive clothes even when he can. Frank jokingly called Janelle a "yuppie ass ho" talking about her designer luggage after making fun of his.

8:58 pm

Wil wakes up and joins the HOH crew. Downstairs, Ian and Joe both saying how much they want HOH. Frank asks Wil about someone going through his bag & Wil says he doesn't know of anyone doing that and would guess it's JoJo. Joe joins the HOH crew and says there is still alot of banging and sawing outside. (House must be on indoor lockdown at this point with construction started for HoH comp). Dan enters after awhile, in search of pretzel M&Ms. Joe teases him, saying "so everyone is set for Danielle to go home tomorrow right?" The group then talks a bit about Jeff/Jordan from BB11, and mentions that J/J moved to Los Angeles. They shout out to Jeff, and then talk about the Kalia’s Stomach Twitter account.

Downstairs, Brittany is curling Danielle's hair, then Danielle and Brittany work on Ian’s hair. While Brittany does his hair spiky with the flat iron, he talks about planning to dress up like a cat tomorrow, make up his face, and possibly wear those yellow leotards from a taco comp. This is interrupted when Ian is called to the DR. Ian thinks he looks like a troll doll!

9:35 pm

Frank and Shane meet in Storage Room; Shane tells Frank that Wil said that he (Shane) wouldn’t be Wil's target if Wil won HOH. Back in the HoH room, the group there is talking about why JoJo wore the HoH robe to the Veto Ceremony. Apparently Wil told JoJo that she looked good in it. The group also tells Joe to tell JoJo that, to ensure his vote, he’ll that he need to get a carton of cigarettes from her! JoJo had earlier told Joe that if he didn't vote for her she was going to ask for her 2 packs back. Boogie said it would be funny if she asked for the cigarettes back on live TV. Janelle then tells the group she is bored and wants to start drama. Joe helps things along by telling Janelle that JoJo blames Janelle for being the person who pulled together the votes to vote her out this week. Janelle decides to tell Danielle that JoJo talked badly about her, in order to get things fired up, and leaves the HoH to find Danielle and bring her back upstairs. Once back in the HoH, also with Boogie, Frank and Joe, Janelle and Dani have a bash session about JoJo. Janelle tells of JoJo speaking bad of Dani. Dani responds by admitting that she isn’t the kind of person to confront JoJo and would have started to cry if she had attempted a confrontation. Dani claims that if Janelle had called JoJo out, Dani would have come out to watch, but wouldn’t have chimed in herself. Janelle adds that JoJo is cut from the same cloth as Willie. Britney joins the group and Dani mentions that Brit was upset that JoJo was helping Dani with her hair earlier. Janelle is getting angrier, upset that JoJo is going around the house saying that Janelle wants her out. Dani, meanwhile, is upset that JoJo is making bad comments about her and says she is about to tear up. Janelle offers to say something to JoJo. Danielle declines, while Frank reminds Dani that JoJo will be gone in 24 hours anyway. Frank and Janelle encourage, telling her that she is beautiful, and not mean like JoJo. Dani leaves to play chess and take her mind off of JoJo and what JoJo said about her.

10:18 pm

Brittany and Ashley in Arcade room. Ashley tells Brittany she will be voting with the house and Brittany says she doesnt blame her and wont be mad at her. Brittany joins the HoH, where Frank tells her that he doesn’t know how the vote will go. Meanwhile, JoJo joins Ashley in the arcade and tells Ashley that she is now taking matters into her own hands and not letting Brittany do handle her fate for her. JoJo tells Ashley that Boogie and Janelle are ruthless and don’t care about anyone else, describing them as “stone cold". JoJo also says that has had enough of Janelle and if Janelle says anything to Ashley against her she will get in Janelle’s face about it. JoJo asks Ashley whether Ash is scared of Janelle, which Ashley denies. JoJo tells Ashley "I don’t deserve to leave this game over Danielle," and that if she does go the season will become boring and predictable. Shane enters the Arcade and joins in JoJo’s pitch to Ashley. Ashley says she feels bad for JoJo, but says she can’t help her. JoJo threatens again to confront Janelle. JoJo tells Ashley to take chances and risks in this game, but Ashley tells JoJo she can’t do it.

10:40 pm.

The lockdown is over! Big Brother has built a makeshift hockey court on a raised wooden platform. This is obviously some sort of hockey shooting skill to practice, presumably in advance of tomorrow’s HoH competition. Joe, Ian, Jenn, Ashley, Boogie, Wil go outside to start practicing.

Upstairs in the HoH, Brittany is still pitching to Frank, trying to elicit pity for JoJo and to try to lightly get Frank to tell what he's thinking. Brit reminds Frank that that JoJo is nothing if not loyal, and that JoJo knows she's on the outs. Brittany says that she feels bad for JoJo and knows how it feels to be on the block. Brittany asks Frank about how his conversation with JoJo went. Brittany says JoJo doesnt like how she thinks one person is running the game. Frank asks who JoJo thinks is running the game. Boogie, Dan, Ashley and Janelle then interrupt and walk in HOH and conversation stops and turns to the skill game in the backyard.

11:00 pm

Outside, Danielle and Joe are practicing while Ian and Wil are watching. Joe leaves, goes upstairs to the HoH, tells them that JoJo came and took the cigarettes and said Ashley told JoJo she is going home. Joe tells the HoH group that JoJo is going to “flip”. Joe then heads down to the Have-Not, finds JoJo, and asks if she took the cigarettes. JoJo tells him that she wants to make sure she is here first before she gives Joe the cigarettes. Joe tells JoJo that he will be giving her his vote. JoJo gives Joe the two packs of cigarettes back, and tells him she just doesn’t want to leave and have Janelle and Frank have her cigarettes.

There is now much scurrying around. Janelle tells Danielle, in the storage room, about the cigarette issue and how Joe is gonna vote to keep JoJo. JoJo tells Frank, in the back yard, that she appreciates Frank telling people to make up their own mind about voting. Brittany tells Janelle, Joe and Wil, in the kitchen, she is exhausted and tired of trying to control situations. Brit then finds JoJo and tells her that JoJo has talked too much. Joe tells Frank, in the Storage room, that he will give the cigarettes back unless JoJo wants to trade for memorabilia but not for a vote. Frank agrees that it will ruffle some feathers if Joe trades a vote for the cigarettes. Eventually, Joe decides that he will tell JoJo in the morning she can give the cigarettes to him if she wants, but he can’t help her with a vote. Janelle coaches Ashley, Janelle helping Ashley to understand what things she shouldn’t be telling others. Ashley tells Janelle, in the Arcade, that Ian said he tells Boogie everything. Janelle becomes upset and ends up confronting JoJo about JoJo telling people that Janelle wanting JoJo out of the house and JoJo doing her best to explain why she felt that way.

12:30 am

Danielle comes into Arcade room asking if she is ok with the votes still. Jani assures her she is ok. Dani leaves. Ashley and Jani continue talking, now about how Frank has gotten cockier. They mention that Frank got upset at Janelle for teasing him about his luggage. Ian & Danielle whisper while sitting on the bathroom couch. Ian tells her that next week, "nobody here is safe". Ian tells Danielle that JoJo blew any chance she had to stay this week. Ian also says that that he is voting to keep her (Danielle), "I have no reason to keep (JoJo).... she has nothing that I need"
Ian says that JoJo dug her own grave. Ian continues to assure Danielle until Joe comes in from outside, then they both jump up from the couch and head to the back yard. Joe enters the arcade with Janie, Frank, Ashley & Wil. Janie asks Joe if he is giving JoJo a vote. Joe says he isn't if it bothers the others, he says unless we wants a couple extra packs of cigarettes. Janie says they should offer her some memorabilia she can sell outside the house in exchange for a carton of cigs.
They also talk about BB not allowing them (the HGs) to tell the evicted HG they are the one going home. Ashley is surprised by this and wonders if she broke the rules by telling JoJo she's the one going home. Frank leaves for a minute. While he’s gone, Ashley tells the group JoJo about JoJo telling her that if she goes home this season is going to be so boring. The others can't believe JoJo would say that!

1:00 am

Janie's Team talking in the arcade. Janelle says she feels bad about JoJo leaving 6-0. She should get at least one vote. The talk then turns to the next HoH comp. Wil thinks that "If Shane wins he is going to be gunning for Frank" Janie says that because there are so many men in this house, BB will do a challenge that a girl can win. She thinks the lighter you are the better chance you'll have to win, meaning it's suited for a girl to win. Wil claims, "I'll hold on till my body caves away!" They worry Ian could win it, Janie says that "he's like 100 lbs". Frank has joined the group, and assures them that Jenn is on board to vote out JoJo. Joe tells Frank that Frank’s group would be crazy to go against them (Janie's Team) at this point. Janie thinks next week HOH will be an endurance. Frank says he was hoping it would be this week so he could sit and watch! They discuss past seasons endurance comps. Frank says that is another reason to get rid of JoJo, he thinks she would be good at an endurance comp. Frank tells the group that obviously they don't want Danielle to win HOH because she won't put up Shane so their teams would be going up. Joe says he's got it (the HOH). Janelle calls him "Eagle eyed Joe". Frank tells them he's going to head to bed. They all tell him goodnight.

Janie wonders if Ian will throw the HOH this week because he is anticipating an endurance comp for the next week and he is really sure he could win the endurance comp. Janelle says that Ian knows BB like she does. Joe says Ian will probably either throw it or throw the comp to them (Janie's team). Wil observes that Shane's exterior is cracking, and claims that he knew Shane wasn't as nice of a guy as he was playing to be, calling Shane “cocky.” Janelle thinks that if the coaches do come into the game, then Frank & Boogie are going to be teamed up until F2. "They are definitely working together...that's obvious". Joe says he really doesn't think the coaches are coming into the game. He does think a big twist is coming but he doesn't think it is that. Janie asks Wil if he'd put her up on the block? Wil says no but he'd put up Dan. Janie agrees Dan would be very dangerous if he entered the game.

Janelle continues to brainstorm with her team. "I hate to put things in your head...but did you ever think why did Boogie & Frank never say we should get rid of Dan?" Joe & Wil agree that they have thought that as well. Janelle says that she was told by Frank and Boogie to get rid of JoJo, and speculates that maybe they are trying to keep Dan so they can work with him in the future (if coaches enter). Joe points out that Frank did want to get Danielle out. Janelle thinks that "if someone is coming back . . . , it would have to be this week. You can't send someone back when it's Jury.” She adds that she believes that jury will start after this week. Wil wonders if Dan & Danielle would come back, or if maybe JoJo will have to compete against Kara & Jodi to re- enter. Janelle tells Joe that she doesn't see Frank & Boogie voting out Danielle before Joe or Wil, even if that's what they are telling him. Joe calls himself “not the biggest threat", and “an old man.” Wil says that "This is the last chance we’re going to have to get Shane out" Joe says this coming week they should evict Shane and, next week, Ian. Wil "We need to put up Shane and Ian" Ash asks what if Shane wins POV? Wil says that Ian should go home as the backup. Janelle agrees that "It has to be Ian & Shane on the block." She says that trying to backdoor Shane will just p*ss people off so Shane has to go up right off the bat. Then Wil wonders if maybe they should get rid of Ian this coming week, just in case the next HOH is endurance (which they think Ian could win). Wil on Shane "This nice guy act is a shame, it's bullsh*t." Joe asks Janie how Brit is? Janie "She's a mess" Wil says he knows she misses her husband but she needs to pick up the pieces. Janie calls Brit a b*tch.

1:27 am

The group decide to head out to the yard to practice for the HOH comp before BB closes off the yard. Everyone is outside except for Danielle & Joe in the kitchen. Danielle asks him if she is still staying? Joe says that she's 110% good! He says it is going to be a 6-0 vote to keep her (Danielle) Danielle says she was getting nervous because Shane & JoJo are outside practicing really hard for the HOH. Joe tells her not to worry he was going to throw JoJo a vote for some cigarettes but he isn't doing that anymore.

Meanwhile, all of the houseguests take turns practicing outside. Joe aks Dan if this HOH comp is a crapshoot? He says it is unless you totally miss your shot. Dan and Janelle are coaching their players at the practice. Dan thinks the real HoH comp will be on a “rink” double the size of the practice apparatus. Eventually, players start drifting back inside, and some start heading to bed.

JoJo and Ashley meet in the Arcade. JoJo is doing nearly all of the talking here, Ashley listening. JoJo asks Ashley to "do what you think is best for you, I'm not Willie". Ashley says she feels compassion for JoJo. Ashley tells her "I think you're taking it really well." JoJo tells her that she’s trying not to cry. Ashley tells her it's not over yet, people are talking about houseguests returning into the game. JoJo forces her, asking "So I'm going?" JoJo is tries to convince Ashley that the best move this week is to get rid of Danielle, because that means they get rid of Dan too. JoJo points out that this game has had a new twist each week and a possible twist could be that the players will get shuffled and each coach will have 2 players. So why wouldn't you want to get Dan out, Dan with 2 players is really dangerous. JoJo tells her that with her gone, they'll be left with a bunch of beast guys and a genius. JoJo adds that she had a dream that Ashley won the HOH. At the same time, JoJo reminds Ashley that if she stays, JoJo and Shane will still have huge targets on their back. "I just feel bad for you and Jenn" because (if JoJo leaves), Ashley and Jenn will be left competing against a bunch of strong guys and Ian (the genius). JoJo says that she thinks it is going to be a 6-1 vote, she says Shane told her he is staying loyal to her and won't vote her out. She’s relieved that she knows. JoJo wonders out loud if she should make out with Shane tonight! Ashley says she should do that because it would p*ss Danielle off. JoJo tells Ashley the other HGs are using Willie as an excuse to come after her and Shane. Ashley says it comes down to everyone thinking she (JoJo) is a bigger threat than Danielle. JoJo replies that they should be thinking Dan is a bigger threat than her so they should get rid of Danielle. JoJo tells her that tomorrow when she leaves she is only hugging her, Shane, Brit, Dan and Danielle and "everyone else can go f*** themselves. JoJo thinks that the F2 will “definitely” be Frank and Wil.

2:35 am

Joe says good night and heads inside. Wil and Janelle go inside as well and decide to have some tea. They begin to chat. They agree that Shane is a Debbie Downer. Wil says they need to get Shane drunk next week. Shane tells them he knows he is going home next week. Wil tells him he needs to be more positive, you never know what's going to happen in this game. Janelle starts talking about Frank, and tells Wil that Frank is dangerous and makes her so nervous! They discuss whether its best to get rid of floaters first or the strong players? Janie wishes Wil would have watched her season because she says she was left with a bunch of strong people in the game she couldn't beat at the end.

Janelle goes to the bathroom to wash her face; Ashley is there too, and Wil brings the tea to join them. Janelle continues to whisper about Frank to Wil and Ash. Janelle tells them that things Frank says don't add up, "He scares the s*** out of me!" Janelle mentions that Frank flirts with her, even though she’s married. Ashley thinks that “Joe is hypnotized by (Frank)". Janie says that when people finally realize it is time to go after Frank it will be too late and he'll start winning POVs. Wil thinks that he will be able to beat Frank in competitions. Janie says that when Frank talks to her it reminds her of when Will used to talk to her and that makes her very nervous! "I'm telling you guys Frank is dangerous, he's like the new Dr. Will." Janie says that Frank knows he will win the game if he brings Ian and Jenn with him to the end. Janie says that everyone is this house with the exception of Shane loves Frank! Wil denies that he is enchanted by Frank.
Wil thinks they should just pick up Shane and Danielle and vote out Frank next week if they get HOH. Janelle continues, "This is a f*cking mess. Sometimes you just need to take out the biggest threat. He is more dangerous than Shane; he has way more allies, Shane has no one." The group doesn’t know if Joe would be so easily swayed to get rid of Frank. Janie thinks Joe is afraid of Frank. They think they might need to backdoor Frank in order to get rid of him. Wil says that he would not be afraid to get Frank out - “I didn't come here to make friends". The three of them laugh at the prospect of teaming up with Danielle and Shane to get rid of Frank. Ashley thinks that "Ian would need to go next". Janie tells Wil & Ashley not to tell Joe about all this because he has a big mouth! There is a brief bash of Joe over the cigarette deal, with Wil wondering "What the f*** was Joe thinking trading a vote for cigarettes!" Ashley says she realizes now how important it is that they win HOH this week. They also have throw out the idea of Danielle winning HOH and she could get rid of Frank for them. Janelle tells them that they cannot allow Danielle to leave anytime soon. In fact, they believe that Dan can see what a threat Frank is and what he is capable of. They even think that Danielle is a shoe in to make it to Final 5, because there are so many other targets in the house.

3:07 am

Shane and JoJo have been practicing hard outside. Dan and Danielle come inside. Janelle, Wil and Ashley tell them good night and leave, but Janelle soon returns to talk to Dan. Janie tells Dan she is so stressed and she isn't even playing in the game. Janie rehashes to Dan what happened with JoJo earlier...she says she told JoJo she stopped talking to her when she was so close to Willie. Janie tells Dan she is so stressed and she isn't even playing in the game. Janie rehashes to Dan what happened with JoJo earlier...she says she told JoJo she stopped talking to her when she was so close to Willie. Janelle tells Dan that Frank totally scares her and if her team wins HOH they are going after him. Janelle tells Dan he is safe. Dan tells Janelle goodnight then leaves the bathroom.

Danielle is still in the bathroom as Janelle showers, and stays to talk. Janelle asks Danielle if she is nervous about tomorrow. Danielle says she is. Janie tells her not to be nervous, because she is staying. Danielle asks whether, if Janelle’s team wins HOH is she safe? Janie assures Dani that she is. Janelle then rehashes the earlier she had with JoJo. Janie tells Dani that JoJo tried to convince Janelle that it was best for Janelle and her team for Danielle to be evicted, because Dan would go too. JoJo told Janelle that JoJo believed that Janelle’s team wants her out and Janie corrected her, telling her everyone wants her out which was surprising for JoJo to hear.

3:28 pm

Game talk is now done. Janelle makes a couple of Mary Kay product pitches to the live feed cameras, which prompts Danielle to remember that they were always being filmed - she had forgotten! Noise from the backyard made it seem like Shane was doing well with his practicing. Concerned, Janelle goes out to check on them, but they all quit and come inside. Finally, at 3:34 am, all houseguests are in bed.