Joker's BB Updates - Seasons 1 & 2

Big Brother 1 (2000)

Eddie McGee (winner)

At 11 he lost his left leg to cancer, but it didn't stop him in any of the competitins on the show. He's made quite the acting career for himself, with speaking roles on Law & Order and Guiding Light. In 2012, he is the star of a new horror movie called The Human Race, which involves a marathon where lapping means death. Writer, director and producer Paul Hough of The Angel chose Eddie for the lead, as he'd been in The Angel, which won best short film at The London Sci-Fi Film Festival, as well as at The Fant-Asia Film Festival.When asked how he managed, he said "I've been training five-days-a-week for the past six months for this role."

He has done speaking roles for the television show Guiding Light, as well as the show Law and Order. He also participated in the show Desperate Housewives as an argumentative, wheel chair bound man, who has a tiff with Gabrielle.

Now Eddie is the founder and current CEO of Tripod Productions, Inc.

Josh Souza

Founder of, he did quite well with it. Souza appeared on an episode of the show Blind Date and co-produced the film The Scorned, written and co-produced by fellow reality star Rob Cesternino (Survivor.) He dated Erika (from a later season) for five years. Josh appeared in People's magazine's list of Sexiest Man Alive.

The scene that will forever stay with me of BB1 is Josh diving into that pool after Pugita fell in!




As of 1/13/12, Kaya Wittenburg ( Temptation Island) and Josh Souza have opened their own Miami Beach-based modeling agency,Ocean Models, which celebrates the grand opening of the Model Mansion, at 2228 Park Ave. with a big party Jan. 21. We asked a publicist what, exactly, a model mansion was, and she explained the models at the agency will live there. And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s the backdrop of a potential reality show that will begin shooting shortly. The modeling agency is the first in the world which is run from a yacht.




Curtis Kin

Curtis is chief of the general crimes section at the U.S. Attorney's Office in LA, where he prosecuted the largest human sex trafficking case ever successfully tried to verdict in the nation and received the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service. He is adjunct professor in trial advocacy at Pepperdine University School of Law, and has taught criminal procedure at UCLA.

According to The Recorder, Curtis is one of the Best Lawyers Under 40 in California.




Jamie Kern

Jamie graduated with an MBA from Columbia Business School in 2004, after doing BB 1; having the distinction of being the last female on the show. She worked as an anchor for KNDU until 2006 until she moved to Portland, Ore and and worked for KPTV. She hosted the 2006 Miss Washington USA pageant. Here she is winning it, some years earlier.

Currently Jamie is the creator and CEO of It Cosmetics - a color cosmetics line for face and body. It was launched in 2008 and is now available in more than 200 boutiques, as well as expansion into Canada via Home Shopping Network. Dancing With the Stars contestants use her products. Jamie on Shop at Home discussing her products. including the fact that it's a patent-pending process.




Big Brother 2

Will Kirby

Since his win on Season 2 of Big Brother, Dr. Will Kirby has moved steadily onward to bigger and better things: one of the few BB success stories. His site is well-known to both fans the medical world.

Old tramp stamp?

Ex-lover's name?

Fraternity letters?


He evidently removes tattoos, practicing clinical and cosmetic dermatology in where else, but LA? He's done That Morning Show to discuss products and demonstrate Botox injections. He was also on Season 6 of Dr. 90210 and E! Lovlies, 2006 and 7.

Through his season on BB, he met Mike Boogie Malin and invested in several of his restaurants, as well. He is involved with NSU DOCARE, a volunteer humanitarian organization consisting of physicians, students, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, and other medical professionals that provide health care to under served communities in South Florida, Central, and South America.

Will has been pitching reality show ideas, appeared on Battle of the Network Reality Stars, hosted a reality show originally named "Love Shack" but later renamed "Perfect Partners" (which never aired in the US), was a medical correspondent for eXTRA, appeared on lots of reality TV "expose" shows, appeared as himself on "Cold Turkey"....He recently appeared on Battle of the Network Reality Stars and lost.

QVC Feb 10, 2012 he did a show about Retinol. He's very slick, quite the salesman, and very knowledgeable - also he confesses he uses this anti-aging product himself.

On Big Brother, he almost pulled a fake cancer plot on the others. His blog says "I'm getting a lot of queries about "faking cancer" on Big Brother. Please let the record clearly show that I never faked having cancer. Not that I wouldn't have: I actually was going to use that strategy and I floated the idea out to the original Chilltown members but the internet viewers heard me and hired a banner plane to fly over the Big Brother house stating that I didn't have cancer! Just as I was about to employ this strategy with Kent the plane flew overhead... and thank got it did because, in retrospect, this move was too risky! Kent saw the plane, laughed, and I quickly decided that I better keep my mouth shut..."

Nicole Nilson Schaffrich

After Big Brother, Nicole (42 now, newly married to Jeff Shcaffrich at the time of Big Brother 2) became a radio disc jockey in Atlanta, for WWWQ (FM) radio. She wrote and produced Reality Dish, a cooking show with Jason Guy, Lisa Donahue and Marcellas Reynolds, in 2003.

During her time in Big Brother, the September 11, 2001 WTC attack took place. It didn't affect her as personally as Monica, who had a cousin never found.

She is known for body piercings and tattoos, a foul mouth, and she's a vegetarian; very preachy about it.


Monica Bailey

As we mentioned, she lost her cousin in 9/11 - whilst she was still on Big Brother. She handled the entire affair with a strength and grace we've never forgotten:

we'd like to share it with you here.

In 2010, at the behest of Steven Daigle (BB 10) Monica played a cameo role in a porn flick. Her part consisted of standing (fully clothed) holding an "Auditions Today" sign in the streets of New York.

Monica played 'Rose' in the 2008 movie Manhattanites which is a movie dramedy based on characters from the internet radio drama series, SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES. The story follows the lives of a group of assorted characters in New York City over a period of several months.

Monica auditioned for Oprah's host. See her audition here. "Everyone starts from somewhere and everyone got started. I might not have a PHD, but I have a heart, and that's all that matters." Gotta love her!

Hardy Hill

In 2009, Hardy was is one of the stars of Bravo’s “Miami Social,” a new show on Bravo following the movers and shakers of Miami Beach’s glitterati, which followw the lives of seven "hot, young professionals" (including Hardy) living in Miami. About the show he said, "It shows our friendships and us helping each other get through things.  It shows a multitude of dynamics with regards to our interrelations and how we handle each other, issues and success.  We work hard and we play harder.  We're not necessarily different from anybody else.  We have a very, very beautiful backdrop and we just try very, very hard to be very, very successful." In 2001, filmed footage was premiered as The Real Housewives of Miami.

After appearing on Big Brother, Hill rejoined The Opium Group first as security than as a general manager.

He was the CEO of the Hill Hospitality Group, hosting and promoting parties with hot young people all around South Beach.

Shortly, we'll do Seasons 3 and 4: who knows what we'll find there?