Joker's BB Updates - Seasons 3 & 4

Big Brother 3 (2003)

Lisa Donahue (winner)

In 2004, she did "Entourage", playing Vince's girlfriend as herself. Then in 2006 she played Sondra in "Dr. Vegas". Shortly after (2007) she was Lauren in "Jekyll". She was a cocktail waitress in "Unhitched", a year later.

In 2005 she was co-producer of "Reality Unleashed," which didn't go far. She's also done "Yes, Dear" and "Live With Kelly."

This is a recent photo of Lisa and Marcellas, who tweet together often. She is still single... men everywhere, take note! She can be found at House of Blues in LA, a favorite hang-out.

Danielle Reyes

She auditioned for Seasons 2,3, and 4 of Survivor. Didn't know THAT. Hooked up with Mike Boogie, Will says: however, we don't buy that for a minute! Last year, she did a celeb poker tournament benefiting firemen.

From Jun Dishes: "I have always said and always will say that Daniele got cheated out of winning this season. She is one of the most hardcore woman to have played this game and she GETS IT."

Danielle lost in Season 3, because all the evicted house-guests could then see her diary room sessions and what she had said about them. To ensure this would never happen again, BB now sequesters the jury.

Jason Guy

When auditioning for Big Brother for the summer of 2002, Jason met a casting associate from the show, Carissa. It took him two years to ask her to become his girlfriend. In 2006, to celebrate one of their anniversaries, he prepared a candle-light dinner. To her eyes, he was nervous and fidgety. Shortly after, he was on one knee - and she agreed. They married Oct. 26, 2007 in Philly.

Once out of that house, Jason came into his own in a big, big way. He served as casting associate or director for: The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, and Beauty and the Geek (WB.) After being the traffic reporter for WRIC-TV 8 in Richmond, VA, he was promoted to the morning show live reporter for the Good Morning Richmond show on that same channel.

How did he get started with all this? A BB producer gave him a major shove, as far as the casting went. Then he began to do many interviews, which he'd pitch successfully. His favorite reality show? Not BB, surprisingly. He was working on The Amazing Race when it won its Emmy, the first one for a reality show.

What does he like about being an anchor now? "You become somebody who comes into a viewer's home day in and day out. It's a personality thing and part of a real connection you build with the viewer," he said in an interview here.

In 2009, Jason became co-anchor of Orlando, FLA WESH's sunrise and noon shows. In 2010, Jason and his wife Carissa had a baby girl, Quinn Katherine Guy.

He is still an anchor for WESH.

Amy Crews (Ouellette)

Amy said in a Joker's interview that she "auditioned as a JOKE! Never thought I would really make it. One of my friends dared me to do it!"

After BB3, she moved to Florida and met the love of her life, Don Ouellette, whom she met "through the president of the local NBC affiliate. He never saw the show, but since he works in the media, several of his friends did. the only person I have ever said, 'I love you' to." (From the same Joker's interview, in which she also said she turned down All-Stars because she didn't need the money, and "mean people.") Also she ran her own real estate appraisal business.

She appeared on All-Stars briefly, but had time enough to make a crack about Janelle to the interviewer. Actually, the insult came from someone Amy knew: she merely repeated that from seeing one photo of Janelle, she looked like a man. (Mind you, I love Queen Amy... but how the HELL could anyone think Janie looks like a dude???)

Amy was known during BB3 as a big drinker. Tonya (then Paoni) Casper, before she was evicted, told Amy she was drinking far too much. (Ironically, Tonya later had a DUI resulting in the death of two people.) Of all things, Amy Holds the record of most eviction votes in 1 season of BB history: 18 all together. She held 1 HOH win & 1 POV.

Big Brother 4 (2004)

Jun Song

Twitter queen! Very, very funny lady. For Big Brother, she was broken-hearted. Had broken up with her lover Bob one week prior to applying for the show. They remained friends: he was there when she got the call. You know, THE call. She said she was dead honest on the 20+ page application: filled it out in one go, and never went back over anything. Typical Jun.
Same thing with the video she had to send.

Running out of the house after winning over Alison, she went straight into Bob's arms, bawling. It had been a rough summer and the jurors had been bitter, and I do mean BITTER. When Julie Chen asked, in an interview just after the finale, if she'd keep in touch with Allison - she responded, flatly, "no." Weirdly, she was rushed into a conference room on another lot and told her family needed to speak with her. Still numb from the win, from seeing Bob (who she still loved,) and that interview, she picked up the phone to learn her dad was in a coma.

She'd had a gut feeling in those last few days that something was wrong: had even spoken to the house shrink about it. Now she worried her greed and need to win had put her father where he was. BLESS her, I feel so awful - I had no idea at the time of any of this. The next day, she flew home, went straight to the hospital to find her father had awakened from the coma while she was in flight, long enough to ask had she won!

BTW her dad insisted she fulfill her obligations to CBS, who flew her out and back TWICE, and even Bob with her. Back in NY, she bought a condo with part of her loot.

Her father passed in 2004.

Currently she and husband Davy Goethals (Belgian: they now live in Belgium) just had a baby boy, Noah. Typical Jun: she never stopped tweeting! "Okay that’s it. F*** that. Anesthesiologist is on the way. F*** this. I want my f***ing epidural. Crying now. Cursing more. F*** everyone."

Alison Irwin

In 2004 (the year after her BB season,) she was on "The Amazing Race" with Donny (her then-boyfriend.) They placed first in the opening leg, and we all thought they'd take it to the end, though there was a lot of bitching and moaning. It was not to be: in the second leg, oddly, they dropped to last place and were eliminated.

She was voted out Week 1 in Big Brother All-Stars (we'll get to that!)

She was a Regional Biological Specialist in Florida, and danced for the Orlando Predators. The highlight of that time was her own True Hollywood Story.

Want your own True Hollywood Story? Find a good photo, and have at it! By all means post a link to it at Jokers.

For her wedding to Dr. David Cobb, she set up a registry such as I've never seen! I didn't read in in depth, but methinks on their honeymoon they cruised to Spain. This registry offers such things as Beach Day (someone gave them this,) or Angels and Demons tour (no such luck.) Her other registry had everything from wine glasses to a monogrammed doormat. If you're nosy like me, both registries actually show what was purchased.

Last month (3/21/12,) Alison had a baby. (We hope all went well: we found the, yes can you dig it, registry! Hey, someone bought the rugrat a whirlpool.) Ohhh. A little more reasoning, and I believe it was a girl!

Robert Roman

Rumors, rumors! According to this article, "When Erika and Robert were going out, they were on crack." Then he became an alcoholic and lost his job (all this prior to BB.) From other places, the alcoholism was evidently true. As for the drugs; could be true, I suppose, but I have my doubts.

An interesting remark he made after the show indicated that he would never do (BB) again, no matter the money involved.

After the show he went to Miami to start up that restaurant he spoke of so often, but nothing came of that. He returned to LA and lived with Justin, working at Countrywide home loans. His daughter is still the apple of his eye.

I ran across a page of fan notes to Robert. This was included: "I'm proud of you standing your ground that last week with the two evil witches! I pray for your little girl, that she is safe from Ali . Her calling your baby girl a bitch was about the lowest moment of BB4." Other notes mostly praised him for his actions (including sobriety).

Erika Landin

"That fresh off-the-boat..." Imagine, you do a reality show. TWICE. And the first thing that comes up when you're googled is that! One thing said in the heat of the moment and eight years later it's still all over the web, bless her heart. (I have met her several times: a more lovely lady you won't meet.)

Dating Josh Souza got the actress interested in doing Big Brother, she told me in this interview on Jokers. After BB, she did 'Street Smarts' (another reality show with which I'm not familiar.) She kept on teaching Pilates, doing what she loved. At the same time she worked on her acting career: she's done many commercials, two films including Dance With Me in "98, The Scorned in "05, and Charlie Cobb's Flash Bash in "08 (with Rob Cesternino of Survivor.)

When I saw her again a couple of years ago, she was in casting. Word on the street was that she was good at it, too!

Special Request to Big Brother folks...

(I've had this discussion with many of you, so this is just repetition.) For those I haven't spoken with: Jokers is rather a large reality site whose roots came from Big Brother. Millions of fans visit with us during the season. Love you or hate you, they all care about you and what has happened to you after Big Brother. Many people on Jokers are disabled or home-bound: you became their lives for a summer. Did everything they can't, from competitions to romance and everything in between.

In short, if you read our BB forums right now, you'll find questions about yourself. How is he/she? Did you get married/finish school/do any commercials or films? Are you still healthy? Do you keep in touch with others from your season? And so much more.

This is also a chance to promote your site, your charity, anything really! I don't think it's wise to put your real email address in here, so if you'd like to connect with your fans, I'd suggest getting a new one at Google or Gmail. Tell me you did that when you contact me, and I'll pop it in.

Anything you care to share with us would be so appreciated. You can easily get in touch with me by joining Jokers then sending me a pm, or emailing me: (We don't just want the top 4 of every season: we care about ALL of you!)

Thank you so much for reading this