Jen: Hello everyone!
HappyPeanut: Hey Jen!
Jokerette: how are you, girl? And who do you think will win BB????
Jen: Sorry...don't have long to chat, but this is my first one so be nice! Of course, RYAN!!!!
Jokerette: Do you think he's doing real well? are you super proud of him?
Jen: I think he is doing AMAZING and I am so proud of him! I am his biggest fan!

Jokerette: jenandryansfan asks: who do you prefer Osu or Michigan
Jen: OSU....Go Bucks!

Jokerette: sticky quesion: 2jenandryansfan asks: have you ever cheated on someone
Jen: Yes, I have in my high school days....biggest mistake of my life!

Jokerette: 2ynasty924 asks: Do you like the fact ryan is teaming with Nat, and Adam? And how far do you think they will go?

Jen: I love Nat and Adam and if Ry can't win, I want one of them to win!. I am not sure how much I trust Josh and Ry's secret alliance

Jokerette: 2Quick38 asks: Do you think your relationship with Ryan will be changed by your experiences on BB?
Jen: I think this experience will bring Ryan and I closer already has.
Jokerette: has it really?
Jen: Yes....we have had many LONG talks

Jokerette: what did you talk about?
Jen: Our life and things in general.....we were thrown into a situation where we were meant to fail and we didn't.....we have prevailed
Jokerette: you did very well indeed, I feel.
Jen: Why, thank you....wish I would have stayed longer

HappyPeanut: melanie asks: Who do you dislike the most in the house now?
Jen: I don't dislike anyone right now in the house..... James is a very strong player and he has to go!
Jokerette: you want James out? heheheh
Jen: James has to go....he is gunning for Ryan and MUST go!

Jokerette: 2jenandryansfan asks: what did it feel like to be with ryan on the show and how did it feel being eliminated?
Jen: Being elimintaed was was leaving Ryan that killed me the most....I miss him like crazy! Being with Ryan on the show was a blessing and I would do it all over again if given the oportunity! Maybe we will do the Amazing Race......where we can actually play with eachother instead of against eachother! Watch the feeds.....I live on the feeds!!!!! I ahve no life!

HappyPeanut: melanie asks: What do you think of Chelsia and her hissy fits last week?
Jen: Chelsia is Chelsia.....youg, 21 and immature......but she is who she is....WILD! I don't appreciate the lap dance and the slap across the face she gave Ryan though......although you have to learn to look past the small stuff!

Jokerette: ok sticky one - but could ask her about the racist comment and legitimacy pertaining to it? thank you
Jen: The racist comment has a lot of controversy and Ryan and I will touch on that subject together when he gets out....... not as bad as it seemed

Jokerette: "Are you still working @ the Rooster? & do you plan on putting up your BB items just as Amanda has? And do you plan on pursuing fame after all this?"
Jen: yes I am still at rooster's and who knows what the future has in store for me.....I do know that Ryan and I will make all decisions together

Jokerette: 2Quick38 asks: Does it bother you too see Ryan eyeballing Sharon and telling her that her flesh tone bikini looks hot?
Jen: no...ha!

Jokerette: 2Laura asks: jen what do you think of ryan's game and are you surprised to see he is still in the game?
Jen: Ryan is playing a good game....a great game at that.....and I couldn't be happier

HappyPeanut: soapwytch asks: do you think you would still be in the game if you hadn't told Parker you and Ryan were a couple?
Jen: yes and telling Parker coulda and woulda stayed a was allison who screwed that up for us
Jokerette: she did, didn'y she?
HappyPeanut: I read some interview she did today Jen and she swore she wasnt going to tell
Jen: she will continue to swear that she wouldn't tell, but she threatened me with the secret and i wanted to be the bigger person and tell everyone first. More pride and way more dignity than that

Jokerette: 2Lizaanne asks: what was the first thing you thought of when you walked in the door the first night?
Jen: This house is huge and I can't believe I am actually here!

HappyPeanut: Jen some people are posting that Amanda's saying to tell you Hi!! from her chat so HEY from amanda!
Jen: BUENO BUENO you Amanda!

Jokerette: 2anJBBfan asks: there is rumor that you and Parker had some intimate moments in the sequester this in fact true?
Jen: HELL Parker on house calls....the rumors are false! I don't fing him my type at all!!!!

HappyPeanut: [22:03] <@JU> 2 hula76 asks: what did you think when allison started the lesbian rumor with sheila?
Jen: I didn't even know about that rumor....I found out when I watched the shows

HappyPeanut: Jen do you have any plans to sell your bag or bb memorabilia on Ebay like some have done in the past?
Jen: HA haha....the strap is would be an original! We will I said, Ryan and I will make these decisions together. I probably won't auction off a phone call though!
HappyPeanut: yea Alex is doing some of that I think
Jokerette: could prolly make some good bucks off phone call
HappyPeanut: phone calls and webcam chats
Jen: Yeah, real cheap! They didn't even have a number 9 on them!
HappyPeanut: well CBS needs to anty up! lol
Jen: Very true......maybe....that's all I can say right now

Jokerette: fnroselady asks: Jen, what is your personal opinion of Chelsias departing comments
Jen: My personal opinion is that she went out with no class, but she's young

Jokerette: Derrick asks: what do you think about nat winning HOH
Jen: Go Nat! Ryan is safe for one more week!

HappyPeanut: rogan asks: now that your out ... what do you think of james adult porn past..and what will the house think
Jen: We, well most of us....already knew James was BI and that he did gay porn....I knew!
HappyPeanut: thank you for clearing that up...sooooooooo much speculation!!
Jen: It makes JAmes even more understandable!
Jokerette: you knew he did gay porn?
Jen: I don't think Chelsia knew though
Jokerette: how did y'all find out?
How do you think Chelsia will feel when she finds out?
Jen: He told me a story every night about his life! Very interesting!
Jokerette: damn, i bet. rofl
Jen: Chelsia.....I am not too sure about that.....she might actually be okay with it

HappyPeanut: Dreams asks: what you thought about Alison being a swinger and a card pro?
Jen: Doesn't surprise me....actually explains a lot

Jokerette: could you ask her if she is aware that she has a wedding page still active on the with another guy???
Jen: yeah, the wedding page...weird. no....we never got married!
Jokerette: who was he?
Jen: His name is Chad and he was my college sweetheart we just fell out of love with each other. We are still friends though
HappyPeanut: awww...well I think Ryan's probably a def upgrade! he's cute as a button and seems sweet
Jen: In fact,. he is dating another girl named jen

Jokerette: 2BBF asks: Do you think you would have had a better chance if you wouldn't have started with Parker?
Jen: Yes, my chances would be greatly increased if I was not paired up with someone. I wish I had been with Ryan

Jokerette: cjj3 asks: In retrospect, do you think it was a smart thing to let Ryan know you two were a couple?
Jen: smart....i dunno....I wish it could have been kept a secret longer, even for the entire game, but shit happens and i have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason

HappyPeanut: [22:11] <@JU> 2 Shelley asks: what's the funniest thing you've seen on the feeds that actually made you laugh out loud?
Jen: Them waking up sheila to do a fake POV....or the hide and NO seek with Natalie....ha ha aha ha ahaha a lol

HappyPeanut: MissyinSC asks: How do you feel about Ali saying Ryan deserves better and do you think she wanted him for herself?
Jen: ha ha ha haa....that was so funny. Maybe Ryan does deserve better, but he chose me, he loves me, and he is the best thing that ever happened to me.....we are lucky to have each other. I don't really think she wanted him for herself....i don't know what I feel about her....I feel she is just one big lie.....I don't trust her. Not after what i saw and heard

Jokerette: somehearts asks: Hey Jen. I'm really hoping Ryan wins it all, but if he doesn't, who do you want to win? Also have you been watching the live feeds?
Jen: Yes....I am a loser and watch the feeds all the time! If Ryan can't win, I will support Nat or Baller

Jokerette: dustytissue asks: Have you watched any episodes? If so, what has surprised you the most?
Jen: I have seen every episode...the biggest surprise to me was voting james back in the house! The feeds to me, mean a lot more though b/c Ryan is on them. WHY JAMES? He is one of their toughest competitors

HappyPeanut: txfirewife asks: if you would have been with ryan how long do you think you would have been able to keep your relationship from your houseguests
Jen: The entire time.....we would have played the game as hooking up in the house and falling in love. We still could have done that, but we dodn't even think about it

Jokerette: Jenn asks: Jen do you think that you will have friendships with anyone from the house besides Ryan?
Jen: Yes, I am really good friends with Amanda and Alex....and Parker of course I talk to Jacob on occassion. I will be friends with Nat and Baller too......I don't think Ryan and Baller will seperate easily!

HappyPeanut: Kelsey asks: would you ever consider all stars?
Jen: Hell YES!
Jokerette: you'd HAVE to do all starts...
Jen: All I come...with a better chance and better odds!
Jokerette: would you do it with ryan? or without?
Jen: Either
Jokerette: if you had a choice?
Jen: Either one. I have wanted this for so long....a passion of mine
Jokerette: do you think it's better without maaybe?
Jokerette: you did VERY well indeed.
Jen: However, my relationship with Ry means the most to me and who knows what my life will be like at the time of all stars. For all i know i can be married with kids!

HappyPeanut: [22:12] <@JU> 2 djr asks: Who do you think Ryan should take to final 2?
Jen: Ryan should take Adam or Natalie....they might win against him though b/c everyone min the jusr thinks if they give Ry the prize, I win too

Jokerette: 2Shelley asks: hey Jen if you had been voted back into the house who would you have tried to work with and why?
Jen: Ryan....DUH! And Baller. Would that be such a bad thing though!

Jokerette: dustytissue asks: If you were to get the chance to tell Ryan one thing about the game or people in the game, what would it be?
Jen: Not trust Sheila. I never have....she screwed me over royally! I hate people wo break their words. your word is all you have in this game~

HappyPeanut: Jen were you there when Josh/Chelsia went off on Amanda
Jen: Yes....I kept my mouth shut b/c I was already in a lot of shit that week

Jen: K guys, I gotta go for now.....I will tune in later or tomorrow.....sorry...gotta go back to work!
Jen: Thank you for being so nice and for all the support!
HappyPeanut: Thanks for chatting with us Jen!!! Come back any time!