Joker's Exclusive: The Many Faces of Courtney Robertson

Written by Jokerette

JP Rosenbaum has a fair view of Courtney Robertson (or whatever her last name really is,) we learned through If she's being portrayed as she really is, she's no good for Ben. But how could we possibly know such a thing without knowing her as a person? Do a ton of research and find, among other things, interviews from those who really know (or knew) her well.

In a previous article, we learned that one of her exes thought the worst of her. Then again, most exes don't have the kindest of thoughts toward their exes, do they?

On the more damning side, Courtney has now been accused of tricking the producers, portraying herself as a woman out to find love when in actuality she's there for fame. That's no real news, most of us spotted that from the first interview she did. Worse, a friend of Ben's said, "Her best line is before having sex with a man. She'll ask him, 'Are you ready for your date with destiny?'"

Most are aware that she has rubbed shoulders with fame, dating former Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe for two years. Evidently that broke up when he completed alcohol rehab; she wasn't about to change her own boozy lifestyle.

Her latest was photographer Cavan Clark in February 2011, who had a ring ready to propose to her when she told him she needed three months alone to be single. Add to this she knew she'd been cast on Bachelor, and the show would go on the air in a couple of months. Indeed, that's how Clark learned what became of her: he turned on his TV and there she was.

I am trying my damndest, researching like a demon, to find something good and likeable about this woman. She can't be ALL devil. Can she?

According to RealityTVWorld, Courtney's sister Rachel has a more gentle attitude. She claims that being in the mansion was the hardest thing the model has ever done: the women were cruel to her, and she "took the high road." In so doing, she may have come off as standoffish. "Courtney treats everyone with respect," Rachel added.

That synchs nicely with my surmise that she's simply an actress. I don't know how she got on the Bachelor in the first place: through the normal routine, or by an agent responding to a casting director's request for a true beauty who wasn't well known, but could act. Act like a devil, in fact. She no doubt wowed them at the casting.

Chris Harrison is amazed at the negativity people are showing both Ben and Courtney, he told Not to mention himself, for not warning Ben about Courtney's antics. "But he hears what she's saying and plenty of the women tried to caution him."

Harrison also says that before Ben took Courtney aside at the rose ceremony, he had a talk with him. "If viewers saw that, they would've seen just how much I pushed him on it and why he ultimately started to question her." Moreover, the taped segment will be displayed on next week's show and the "pecking order changes after hometown dates, more so on this season than in the past. That week changes everything." So all the spoilers are false, then? I win the "I told you so" contest for declaring Reality Steve to have been well and truly Fleissed, if so! Harrison has the usual reaction to all this: it makes people talk, which is a good thing for ratings. "It's when they're indifferent that it's bad." (Of course my reaction is that my allegation that she's an actress is right on the money.)

She's certainly done reality shows before, as we know now thanks to Reality Steve. Treasure Island, Couples at War in New Zealand. For a few shots of it, created this video. Kind of blows Courtney's best friend's declaration that the model had "no interest in winning," doesn't it?

I ran across an interesting YouTube, a deleted scene where Courtney faces six or seven other girls down at a bar. It's mostly her talking (big surprise,) but it's good::


While I was at it, I found a cute remake of the hometown date's show next week (actual footage to funny music.) Courtney's mother literally stares down her long nose at him - had to laugh as the editor deliberately paused a few seconds on her. I could count her nose hairs!

The winner is US Magazine's video of Courtney's interaction with Ben on next week's show. You must see this video., bless them, located a guy Courtney dated during high school and after for seven years. The breakup was amicable; and they're still in touch. I was particularly impressed with this statement of his: "I've known her longer than most people and I can tell you, she's not a girl that's looking to get famous. She's a romantic. She legitimately went on it to meet someone, to hopefully meet 'The One.'" If you haven't seen it, this is an excellent article here.

From Emily O'Brien's exit interview, I learned a couple of interesting things. After seeing some of the shows, Emily's attitude toward Courtney changed. About Ben and Courtney's first date in Sonoma, Emily had this to say: "But, yes, I was a little bit surprised by, you know, how well he connected with Courtney on [that] first date... I was watching it and just sort of, you know, with my mouth open thinking, 'No wonder that he was so closed off to me when I tried to speak to him about Courtney maybe showing - not showing her real self to Ben.' Because, I thought she was very charming and I thought that they certainly had a connection that wasn't there between him and me and I don't know - it's - everything sort of started to fall into place when I watched that episode and saw how well they got along and how obviously attracted to her he was."

When asked if she thought Ben was going to make the same mistake Jake did with Vienna, she replied, "Yes... it's hard to say 'mistake'... I know he was open to finding love, but from the beginning he said, 'You know, I'm not here looking for a wife. I'm here looking for someone to fall in love with.' [Ed: shocker for me, I didn't recall that at all!] ...I think Ben is also... a great guy and he's not really the type of guy to let others tell him what to do or how to think and he kind of marches to the beat of his own drum." What a great chick that Emily is. She could have said a lot worse about both Ben and Courtney: she chose the high road, and she has my respect for sure.

For me, the kicker was something Emily said roughly halfway through the interview when asked if she thought she (and the other girls) should have been more aggressive like Courtney was. She responded, "watching the show back, Courtney ... seemed like the one who ... really cared. [Ed: referring to editing here, I believe.] "And... I was upset to hear that because I felt that we all cared and we're all obviously there. A lot of us had uprooted our lives and none of us would have been there if we didn't care. It was just an issue of not maybe showing it to the same extent that Courtney did." [Ed: yet here she admits Courtney showed her feelings more than anyone else.]

Interestingly enough, when discussing that disastrous first conversation she had with him about Courtney, she now feels she should have walked out the door at his response. I have to agree. I felt at the time it was a hell of a way for a man to react to someone who obviously cared enough about him to slip him a warning: the statement about "tread lightly" and "you may not know me as well as you think you do" was a huge red flag for me, meaning "Back off, I know what I'm doing and don't need or want any advice." Not somebody you'd want to marry.

A bit farther on, Emily came out with a thought that I'm amazed didn't occur to the other girls at the time; a brilliant perspective on Courtney and her motivation for the way she acted toward them. "I think she's very good at getting what she wants with men and I think that it's possible that those little jabs and those sort of snarky comments were a tactic to try to intimidate all of us and get us all sort of off our game, and to take the focus off of Ben and to put it on herself which I think works really well for her." Of course it worked well for her: no one else put this together, or at least it was never aired if they did. And it leads right back to my assumption that she's nothing but an actress playing a role. (Thanks to Joker's Updates article for entire interview.)

I heard a rumor today that not only did Ben wind up with Courtney, but that they've already broken up. Amidst all the rumors out there, this made the most sense to me: her role was over. Time to move on to her next gig: soap operas, I'm betting.

In the end, if that rumor is true, the way I see it everyone wins. Courtney moves up the ladder in her chosen career. Ben learned a valuable (though painful) lesson about listening to those who care about you. The girls avoided hooking up with a man who would fall for someone like Courtney and the show itself is coming through with higher ratings than usual.

For me, the best part is the Twitter from Bachelors and Bachelorettes from other seasons: gawd, but they're funny! If you don't have Twitter, it's a free download, easy to use. And the Bachelor community is great about interacting with their fans. So, see you there!