Jokerette: hey parker! how you doing??
Parker: hey jokerette i'm good
Jokerette: what's been going on outside the house? Anything exciting? have you had any opportunities?
Parker: i'm good right now, back to tmz i'm working on coming out with some shirts...
Jokerette: oh really? what's on them?
Parker: it may take a little bit, but they're coming
Jokerette: and what is tmz rofl
Parker: they'll have my little characters i draw on them. they'l lbe more towards teens and people who like the whole anime thing

Jokerette: sybilll asks: at this point, who would YOU keep for F3? (we know Nat is your girl, but, as far as GAME play)
Parker: nat, adam, sharon

Jokerette: cotttayyy asks: Do you regreat telling Allison about the relationship? If so, why did you tell the whole house before her?
Parker: yeah, i regretted telling her. well actually ryan told her i told the whole house so i didn't look like the liar because i wasn't
Jokerette: how did you feel once that happend?
Parker: i was sure that we weren't to be trusted after that, but i thought everyone would understand i wish allison would have tried to convince me more that she wasn't goin to tell she said she wasn't i believe her now

Cjj3: Brooke asks: How do you feel about Jen now?
Parker: how do i feel about jen... i love jen that's my "G"
Jokerette: good chick, right?
Jokerette: y'all were cute togeher
Parker: she's awesome... in the house?... not so awesome and she knows how i felt about her i told her to her face that i hated her inside the house but outside the house, she was good with me...

Cjj3: alwaysjanelle asks: Did you feel uncomfortable being the only African-American on BB9?
Parker: no, didn't feel uncomfortable.... a little disapointed that there wasn't a more diverse cast...
Jokerette: us too trust me
Cjj3: I was surprised about that too
Parker: but i'm used to being the "token" in certain situations
Jokerette: awwwwww is it hard?
Parker: nah, not at all...
Jokerette: what was it like in house, being the 'token'?
Parker: i can get along with anyone, as long as they don't cross me...
Jokerette: hell i'm the same way!
Parker: ha ha

Cjj3: Who do you think crossed you the most in the house?
Parker: as in?...
Cjj3: Who really plucked your last nerve?
Parker: james
Yennifer: why James?
Parker: yeah, that whole back yard thing wasn't kosher
Jokerette: what was the worst thing james did?
Parker: i really liked james when i first met him... i didn't like how he developed during my stay
Jokerette: when he went off like that?
Cjj3: Are you surprised at how many fans love him?
Parker: no, not at all surprised

Jokerette: What was your reaction to when you came in second place to Alex when Big Brother had America vote who they wanted back?
Yennifer: That was so mean - Julie calling your name then saying you came in 2nd place!!!
Parker: i know i'm not the most hated lol
Jokerette: of course not
Parker: i almost slipped and said, "you bitch!" my heart jumped in my throat

Jokerette: who are you in contact with outside the house?
Parker: i talk to everyone from time to time jen more than others.

Cjj3: Pyke asks: Do you think it was RYAN or JACOB who called you a snake? Or do y ou perhaps think Ryan said he doesn't trust Parker and Jacob took it to mean he called you a snake?
Parker: good question... damn i wish i had audio! anywho... i think jacob said it first... and ryan followed suit because he didn't want to bring attention to us as an alliance

Jokerette: were you ever prompted in the diary room? Tell us about it
Parker: nope

Cjj3: Did Jacob and Sharon fight before being evicted, or was it just a strained relationship?
Parker: no, they didn't fight

Jokerette: HappyPeanut asks: If Natalie goes home tomorrow night, who's your next choice for the win?
Parker: that's kind of tough... hmm... you know what...
Jokerette: ?
Parker: i could care less...
Jokerette: roflmao!
Parker: to be honest
HappyPeanut: guniea pigs for the win at this point
Jokerette: because it isn't you?
Parker: not because it isn't me
Jokerette: no?
Parker: because they are the most uninteresting final 4 if nat wasn't in it
Jokerette: you think?
Parker: yep... i don't even watch.... i think a hemroid removal is more exciting to wawtch nope, i love nat that's my "G" also
Jokerette: she's a good chick - nutty but good!
Parker: exactly

Cjj3: What's up with the Team Christ stuff? Any ideas?
Jokerette: fun to watch, right?
Parker: lol, she's into god and since she thought james was evil... because he didn't believe in god.... she probably adopted it from that

Jokerette: Brooke asks: how do you feel about Sheila being this week's HOH ?
Cjj3: Did she not see Amber and Jameka last season?
Jokerette: lol on jameka!
Parker: smmmeelah i think she's a joke probbly the biggest joke left in the house
Jokerette: whyso?
Parker: i heard she got hoh by default? is that correct?
Jokerette: nat let her win
Cjj3: But Shelia was on Scott Baio's show
Jokerette: but she DID last a long time, sheila.
Parker: exactly well good for her as you can tell...
Jokerette: ?
Parker: <<<---not a smeeeelah fan
Yennifer: lol
Parker: i don't like how she patronizes people that's why she got a yeast infeaction... doing all that patronizing!
Jokerette: omg rofl
Jokerette: can you explain htf that happended?
Parker: she "claims" she got it from the hot tub i think she's just plain nasty
Jokerette: oh lord rofl
Yennifer: funny how everyone else was ok
Parker: omg, and did yall see her pic with the epic bush? she had a pretty face though...

Jokerette: what was the craziest thing that happened in the house?
Parker: craziest think in the house... not really sure about the craziest thing in the house probaly james walking around naked
Jokerette: that was pretty crazy - donkey and all. rofl

Cjj3: Pyke asks: Do you think it's right for Shiela to target Natalie this week?
Parker: i don't think it's cool for sheila to put nat up. but i know she's scared of the boys

Cjj3: Btw, did you guys know about James' porno career?
Parker: didn't know about james porn he said one time that he "boned dudes"
Cjj3: Jen said she knew
Jokerette: what do you think about his porn?
Parker: but i didn't know to the extent til i got out
Jokerette: what do you think chelsia will do when she finds out?
Parker: lol, that's his business... hopefully he won't be ashamed of it...
Cjj3: Wash!
Jokerette: rofl
Parker: i mean, he's the one who put it on CNN
Jokerette: damn!
Parker: chel, she'd probaly want a 3some with another guy
Yennifer: wow!
Parker: wit her nasty ass... lol

Jokerette: yennifer asks: would you have hooked up with amanda on the show had you both had the opportunity to stay in the house longer?
Parker: don't think it would have went far with amanda because mamma was watching!! had to be a good boy

Jokerette: would you do another show like Survivor?
Parker: survivor... don't think so. I'd do bb again

Cjj3: PAK asks: Other than BB9 how have you been doing as a Paparazzi with TMZ got any juice to tell us
Parker: the pap biz is cool, i was on vacation for a little... but it's fun being out there again not any good juice to spill... yet.
Cjj3: Are you covering the papal visit?
Parker: nah
Jokerette: where you go on vacay?
Parker: i went to illinois to visit my college it was sigma week

Cjj3: Brooke asks: Did you think Amanda had a crush on you ? and did you have a little crush on anyone?
Parker: yeah, she had a crush on me. i had a crush on her too never dated a white girl before
Jokerette: awwwwwwwwwwww
Jokerette: really?
Parker: but i was really attracted to her
Jokerette: is it time to start?
Parker: yep, really lol, not sure
Jokerette: amanda is a stone fox!
Parker: i don't really do the long distance thing yeah she is

Cjj3: Btw, was Allison really attracted to Ryan in your opinion?
Parker: i don't think she was.
Jokerette: ooooooh
Parker: she only acted that way because her and jen didn't get along
Cjj3: Made interesting television though
Parker: it really did we would have been fine if they would have just gotten along

Jokerette: who was your all time favorite bb player?
Jokerette: from any season?
Parker: i can only go by season's 3/6 ummm... janelle
Jokerette: didn't watch first few?
Parker: nope
Jokerette: yes excellet player!
Jokerette: you didn't care for dr. will?
Parker: and i only watched those because i was in sequester didn't watch his season
Jokerette: all 3 of them? that was fast
Jokerette: you didn't see all stars?
Parker: no, just 3 and 6
Jokerette: oh i see
Parker: i watched 6 on youtube

Cjj3: HoiPolloi asks: Do you feel that Alex's jealousy of you and Amanda hurt your game?
Parker: yeah, it hurt us
Jokerette: ungood
Parker: he hated on me hard, but he had his reasons
Jokerette: what were his reasons?
Parker: because he didn't want her judgement to mess up her game as well as his and also, he liked her
Jokerette: always that!
Cjj3: Have you seen Alex's pics with Danny from bb8
Parker: nope, haven't seen the pics

Jokerette: Brooke asks: what are the ingredients used in the slop?
Parker: you know what, i never got the opportunity to experience slop
Yennifer: that's probably a good think parker!!
Cjj3: You wanted that experience?
Parker: i think slop is like some gritty oatmeal or something hell yeah i would have wanted it, to stay in the house...

Jokerette: BlowupInnertube asks: What celebrity would you want to hook up with?
Parker: lol, i don't know

Cjj3: boourns asks: how quickly did natalie get obsessed with matt in your opinion?
Parker: lol!!!
Jokerette: man she sure DID
Parker: it was like magic, let's put it that way
Cjj3: In a very loving way
Jokerette: magic or a curse?
Parker: right!

Jokerette: alwaysjanelle asks: Where did you attend college?
Parker: southern illinois university in carbondale

Cjj3: yennifer asks: Would you have joined the nekkid make out pool party that night had you still been there?
Parker: hell naw! lol!!! i'm sorry, but white people do those types of things... not on no national tv!

Jokerette: gobb asks: when you stay in touch with any of these people after the show
Parker: ha ha the 4 who are out with me definitely... nat, definitely everyone else... maybe sharon. and ryan by default. that's only if he's still with jen

Cjj3: HoiPolloi asks: What do you think of Matt now that you're out of the house?
Jokerette: mattttttttty!
Parker: i don't really know what to think about matt right now i'm not really down for how he played me...
Jokerette: yeah he did, didn't he?
Parker: yeah, but he was dumb... he knew i had his back so that's on him. i just don't like the fact that he was talking crap when i was gone

Jokerette: are you glad you're not in sequester?
Parker: seq. was like prison with perks
Cjj3: What can you do in sequester?
Parker: you can watch movies and listen to music, and read that's it

Cjj3: bbfan asks: Who would have preferred to have been paired with in the house?
Parker: allison or nat
Jokerette: allison?
Parker: yep she's awesome too
Cjj3: Really, Allison, why?
Parker: people really have her messed up. she's a great person

Jokerette: alwaysjanelle asks: Parker, I think you're SO hot! What do you look for in a mate?
Parker: lol@ janelle... someone fun and knows how to cook

Cjj3: CharleneLori asks: Parker if you had your choice to do another reality tv show which would you choose?
Parker: deal or no deal. does that count?
Jokerette: what number would you pick?
Parker: that way, i don't have to go through no bull**** to get what i want 3
Cjj3: Nat would be all over the numbers on Deal or No Deal
Parker: sure, i'd probably have a heart attack if i got the million

Jokerette: alwaysjanelle asks: Does anyone masturbate in the BB house? If yes, WHERE?
Parker: lol, i'm sure they do a little "manual love" somewhere
Cjj3: Lot's of them have
Parker: some things you have to leave to the audience's imagination...

Cjj3: Snarf123 asks: Is your TMZ job easier or harder now that you get recognized?
Parker: it's a little easier because if i get recognized, i can always find out who's inside so it's kinda cool

Jokerette: billsgirl asks: parker who do want to win the 500,000
Parker: nat
Jokerette: what if she goes?
Jokerette: if you HAD to choose. rofl
Parker: i could care less give it to the hemroids! or donate it to the smeeelah yeast fund

Jokerette: parker what do u think about james being a gay porn star and not tellking chelsea b4 they hooked up
Parker: ummm, i guess he wasn't volunteering info

Cjj3: suntayle asks: Do you regret the way you behaved in the house, ie the silent treatment, the fingers to the cameras?
Jokerette: i bet he doesn't. rofl
Parker: nope, don't regret it because that's how i am. if people don't like it... let em eat cake or kick rocks

Jokerette: alwaysjanelle asks: Did Jen every try to get on you
Parker: huh? hook up? get on me how? nah i told her she's like the stepsister i never had

Cjj3: zaneta asks: Parker, we saw that shannon elizabeth recognized you. Have any other stars recognized you?
Parker: nah, just shannon elizabeth... that was pretty crazy i was completely blown away that a celeb recognized me

Jokerette: Jokerette asks: what would you have done as HOH? Who would you have nominated
Parker: smeeelah, and chelsia
Jokerette: which one to go?
Parker: smeeelah ooops and *smellsia

Cjj3: Why chelsia?
Parker: i forgot that her "woman parts" smell like old hotdog water
Jokerette: I was going to ask about the smell
Parker: because she just sucks as a person
Jokerette: a chatter asked about the smell - was it evident?
Parker: i never got that close to smell! thank god for personal space!!

Jokerette: but how did you hear? Who said it? and knew?
Jokerette: and how rofl
Parker: she told mat that she would have sex with matt in sequester. those are WHOREable actions daddy must be proud to see that his princess is the harlett of bb9 and she also has an old face. She's definitely not going to age gracefully = definitely not, jokerette

Cjj3: CharleneLori asks: parker are you excited to go back for finale night?
Parker: yep, can't wait to go back

Cjj3: Anything we should watch for?
Parker: i was gonna say a few things... but i think i'm gonna save that for the wrap party or after the show