Jokerette: hey Nick
TheNick> Lets do it
Jokerette: Cindy asks: How are you dealing w/being talked about on the feeds?
Nick: Being talked about is a good thing! It's a lot better than not being talked about at all.

Jokerette: ewilkerson asks: I went to school with Nick!!
Nick: hellow emily! glad you made it!

Jokerette: TexasDude asks: question here Nick - What is your "real" golf Handicap? I'm real curious because Britney has been saying all kinds of numbers and Im curious if shes way off or what? Thanks! Phil
Nick: ha believe it or not, Britney knows her stuff. I am a 1.0 handicap. I will actually give out my GHIN # so everyone can look it up if they want. Britney doesn't always know everything about golf, but she has been right most of the time with the guys! Makes me proud she has listened to me!
Jokerette: so she golfs too?
Nick: She loves just riding around with me and reading the rule book to tell me what I can and can't do. Bossy of course!

Jokerette: mtdawg asks: Nick..would you consider going on amazing race with Britney?
Nick: Brit doesn't golf yet. We go to the driving range often and I am working on getting her into it in the future.
Nick: I would consider the Amazing Race with Brit. That is one show that I wouldn't mind doing at all. It would be fun and I think fun for the viewers to watch us together. We definitely bring out the best in each other.
Nick: As for any other show.....NO THANKS

Metalfan: Nick, tell the users whats been the hardest thing to deal with through this whole situation and is it anything like what you expected?
Nick: The hardest thing is just not being able to have any contact with her. When you are used to spending every free moment with a person and then all of the sudden you can't talk to them for 12 weeks, it's very hard. No one could understand that unless put in the situation.

Metalfan: Has it become easier or tougher as the months have gone on?
Nick: It has progressively gotten harder for me. At first it was pretty exciting with her being on the show and all, but as time goes on, all I want is her to be home. I am just ready for it to be over with and for me to have her to myself again instead of having to share her with all of America!
Jokerette: do you mind moving to LA?
Jokerette: if she gets a bunch of offers.
Jokerette: which I bet she WILL
Metalfan: Finale is only 2 1/2 weeks away :-)
Jokerette: for metalfan's live feeds of Vegas
Nick: I would go anywhere with her. Really. We actually have talked about it quite a bit. We both would love to live somewhere close to a beach. So I am up for anything! I can get a job anywhere and so I will do whatever we decide is best!

Jokerette: Anon0993 asks: ask hey nick your way cuter than lane, wanted to ask is there anything that britney has done or said that you have disagreed with?
Nick: Well thanks Anon, you are one of the few out there that say that! But that's okay, I got the girl! Nah she has done nothing wrong. I knew going in that she may have to flirt to go further in the game and so she has done nothing that has surprised me. I trust her whole-heartedly and know she wouldn't do anything to screw up what we have. She's just playing the game!!
Jokerette: she tells you she loves you ALLLLLLLL the timee on the feeds

Jokerette: IncenseLove asks: Nick, Since Britney has been in the BIg Brother house,have you picked up any crazy habits?
Jokerette: yeah - he eats live chickens, right, Nick? hehehheheh
Nick: Ha thats right Jokerette...LIVE. Crazy habits? Nothing other than never getting a full nights of sleep! Oh and I don't have any fingernails now. But nothing crazy.

Metalfan"MEMom2Ethan asks: Nick-Do you watch live feeds or Showtime?
Nick: I watch Live Feeds. While at work or away from my computer I use Jokers to check updates. I then come home and re-watch anything that I find interesting in Flash Backs.
Jokerette: has she done any competitions that scared you?
Nick: nope not at all!

Jokerette:12JenniLee asks: Have you learned anything about Britney by watching the feeds?
Nick: No I have learned nothing new than what I already knew. Viewers are only seeing a small side of the Britney that I know. I have learned that I should have told her to pack some longer shorts!
Jokerette: what have we missed seeing?
Jokerette: is there anything in particular?
Nick: Just her soft side. People just see her mean, whiney, or funny side. She really has a huge heart and is very loyal to those that she is closest too.
Metalfan: We like the funny side! Her diary rooms are some of the best we've seen in a long time!
Nick: Well, that's what it's like in our living room every night!

Jokerette: realityfan asks: hi nick, do you use twitter and if you do use twitter, do you have any famous people on your tweeter list?
Nick: I actually don't tweet! I really could care less to see what people are thinking or have others seeing my thoughts! I am a little more private than that.
Jokerette: I bet brit tweets? Or does she?
Nick: She does tweet. She likes to just check up on other people though. Definitely a pop culture freak....

Jokerette: Brady asks: Do you think the decision of putting up Matt after veto last week was a smart move?
Nick: Hmmm I really didn't like it at the time. I was hoping for a Brit/Ragan/Matt alliance. Now it is looking like it may not have been a bad move though. She has a great shot at the F3 now.

Metalfan: Nick, when the show started who do you think she should have teamed up with? Do you think she made the right decisions in trusting Hayden and Lane?
Jokerette: and not trusting Brendan?
Nick: I really didn't know at first. I think she has made the right decisions with trusting Lane though. He has helped her get through the game and I don't know if any of the others would have done that. Brendon would have been a good ally other than the fact he had a huge target on his back every week. Being close with him would have hurt Brit.

Jokerette: ecko asks: What is Britneys favorite thing you cook for her? and vice virsa what do you like that she cooks?
Nick: Porterhouse steak of course. She loves the way I marinate it over night. I only do the grilling and she does the rest. Brit makes an awesome Chicken casserrole. And her cheese biscuits are another favorite! Really, she knows her way around the kitchen and it makes her even that much more attractive!

Jokerette: ok hard question (put no comment if you like...)
Nick: lets go
Jokerette: how do you feel about Brit's Mom after that one show
Nick: I know how Brit's mom is and that is okay. She is very protective of Brit and really hasn't liked any of Brit's boyfriends. Brit has said it herself. But I respect her as Brit's mother and I hope she soon respects me as Brit's husband!

Metalfan: Britney has said she considers Lane a big brother type. Are you glad she's had a good relationship with him in there to at least keep her somewhat sane in that environment
Nick: Yeah I am glad she is close to someone. She is pretty needy if you haven't realized that and having someone close to her to talk to and trust is very important to her. I am also thankful for Matt and Ragan too for that reason. They had a great relationship which helped her.
Metalfan: Yea it has to help to really have someone you can confide in or else you might explode!

Jokerette: Did he know Brit was this catty, and is she like this IRL? NT from SportsChic
Jokerette: I don't know that she's CATTY, per se...
Nick: Yes I knew this was how she was going to be! No surprise at all! She pokes fun of people at times, but it is nothing like what you see on the show. I mean, come on, we have better things to do in real life than sit around and trash talk people!

Neena77: TheNick, how did you and Britney meet
Jokerette: ps some women are seen as catty, when they're merely strong,or opinionated
Nick: We actually met out one night with friends. She was with her best friend, Summer, and I was with a group of my friends. A friend of mine heard her talking about me and encouraged me to go up to her. I am not the type to do so but this information gave me the courage. I did, and we ended up sitting and talking for hours. It turned out that she knew several of my friends from college.

Jokerette: Why does he think Britney has the deep seated hatred for Brendon and Rachel? N by ChuckInWI
Nick: Her hatred for Rachel began way back during intial interviews for the show! She came home to me telling me about this "slutty" red-head who would do all kinds of sexual poses while at the pool while wearing a thong! That definitely started things off! But I think it is just because they are soooo different in everything. They will never get alone. Her hatred for Brendon was mainly because of his comments about me. She is
Nick: She is very protective and any inappropriate things said really cuts her deep. She definitely will fight to the death for her loved ones!
Metalfan: yes! She mentioned that she went home and told everyone that she knew something was up with "the red head" at interviews. And knew she didn't like her.

Jokerette: What does he think Britneys biggest regret will be? N thechicchick
Jokerette: I'm thinking her only regret will be if she loses lol
Nick: Her biggest regret will be losing. But also high up there in the rankings is getting too comfortable around the cameras and forgetting to close her legs sometimes!!

Jokerette: ask if he's excited about going to vegas and steamboat with the boys N GaryFTW
Nick: I'm really just excited to be back with Brit. I don't care where we are. I really doubt we will end up going to Steamboat though. She is all talk!!
Jokerette: what is steamboat?
Metalfan: They are talking about a music festival that happens in January in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Jokerette: oh I see. Sounds fun!

PAK: Nick, the Camera Operators seem to Zoom on Britney's Butt (Recently in the 24 Hour Disco Dance Punishment) refering to your comment that she forgets her legs.
Nick: Yeah they like to do that. Definitely a man operating that camera.

Metalfan: can you ask him if hes talked to any of the first 4 evicted since they have been ou
Nick: I have spoken with Monet. That is it. She contacted me via Facebook and was very sweet and supportive!

Metalfan"britneyfan21 asks: how long did you 2 date before yall got engaged?
Nick: We dated for just over 6 months before getting engaged. We actually lived 3.5 hours apart initially and she wanted to be closer to me to pursue our relationship furter, so she moved closer to me after 2 months. We knew after 3 months that we wanted to be together forever. When you know, you know! You cannot put a time frame on love and if a marriage will last. Everyone is different!

Jokerette: one last: Has he met Brit's mom or is it jsut the engagement Mom didn't know about
Jokerette: I thought she knew about engagement?
Jokerette: she sure as hell does NOW lol
Nick: Yes I have met Brit's mom on several occassions. And yes, she knew about the engagement. The part about her finding it out via Facebook is false. We were at her mom's house the day that Brit left.
Nick: We live 3 hours from her parents so it is tough to make time to spend any considerable amount of time with them.

Metalfan: Nick, will you be at the finale? And you'll be in vegas right
Jokerette: *look for metal in vegas - I'll send him a JU shirt or two for you guys
Jokerette: if metal reminds me lol
Nick: Yes I am for sure going to be attending the finale. I also plan on being in Vegas unless Brit decides she would rather do something else. I am up for whatever just as long as im with her!
Nick: Yeah do that Jokerette!
Jokerette: well done
Jokerette: we sure thank you...
Metalfan: Sounds good
Jokerette: for the time you've spent with us tonight
<@Neena77> thanks for the chat TheNick!
Nick: thanks for asking me to come on!