Chicken George: welcome all bb fans
Caren: Glad you made it in, thanks so much for joining us tonight
Chicken George: everything is going very well I am looking forward to the new season and the reality convention
Caren: Great! We are looking forward to that as well!
Chicken George: I just had my chicken suit washed and dry cleaned. of course because i will be only guy flying to Nashville with one on

Caren: We've got some questions for you, you ready for it? lol
Chicken George: lets hit it

Caren: visaliakid asks: CG - How has your life changed since your stint on BB-AllStars? Compare it to how you were impacted after your initial stint on the show.
Chicken George: this time was an awful lot easier
Caren: Even with the slop?
Chicken George: yes but gained all the weight back and doing jenny craig now
Jokerette: how is jenny craig doing for ya?
Chicken George: Jenny Craig is my neighbor Ha ha
Chicken George: his wife is not laughing
Caren: Jenny's wife??
Chicken George: lets keep this clean now ha ha

Caren: traveler asks: Who do you still keep in touch with from BB Allstars?
Chicken George: James, Howie, Mike boogie
Chicken George: Dr Will is in hiding too much sun
Jokerette: whiter than rice ain't he!
Chicken George: sure enough is you should see his butt Howie told me what it looked like
Caren: too funny!

Caren: chug asks: How has your life changed since BB7?
Chicken George: It hasn't changed much but still the same old George and always tend to be that way
Caren: Are you back in Illinois now?
Chicken George: Yes we had a remodeling project done but miss LV a lot. There was a lot more commercials and entertainment venues for work in vegas
Caren: Oh i bet
Chicken George: Still on the promotions for Hooters in LV
Caren: Oh that must be fun!

Caren: chug asks: What was your favorite moment in the Big Brother house?
Chicken George: birds and bees competition that was definately a highlight
Caren: That one was great!
Caren: I think everyone enjoyed that!!

Caren: Tootie asks: What changes do you hope to have made in BB8?
Chicken George: A lot more of the fans too be involved in the show bb was based on fan involvement at the beginning

Chicken George: somebody bought my flower costume on EBAY I bet they where it in their yard now
Jokerette: you'd make a fortune off the chicken outfit were you to sell it
Chicken George: would love to sell it but is fowl smelling
Chicken George: with a little butt residue
Caren: I bet you could squeeze a few extra dollars if you put that in the ebay listing
Caren: LOL

Caren: Well that leads into the next question...
Caren: Liann asks: Do you think the people on the internet should be able to vote on who goes up for eviction? (or anything else other than America's choice)
Chicken George: since being on bb1 to bb all stars the concept does not work because america votes off the bad guy first and they are entertaining
Caren: So true

Caren: caren asks: Will you be making any guest appearances on BB8?
Chicken George: Hopefully yes BB has been a life changing event for me

Caren: Will you be watching the feeds or the new Showtime After Dark that was announced?
Chicken George: Yes I liked the new concept of showtime after dark the hours they have programmed a lot goes on then good and bad
Caren: I agree, such a great idea

Caren: Liann asks: George, what do you think will be this year's "slop"? Do you think they will put another group of people through the same hell twice?
Chicken George: Oh yes but maybe in a new way
Caren: I think they should bring you in to serve it up!
strkaholic: How so George?
Chicken George: I agree
Chicken George: I leave that up to the producers to think of
Chicken George: I still can't look at oatmeal

Caren: Mariah asks: George theres a rumor "floating" around that the new theme was Bully or Bullied what do you think of this?
Chicken George: But that is how the show usually divides itself anyways.

Caren: that was something someone wanted to know, if you were able to eat any foods that were similar to "slop"
Chicken George: no no and no way
Caren: I hope it's not that - would cause a lot of turmoil in the house

Caren: TonyClaus asks: what were you doing at this time before you went in the house?... Are the new people sequestered right now?
Chicken George: I had just finished my job in LV started to do my promotion tour, and the sequester started 1 week prior
They probably do not have the cast finalized yet
Chicken George: I only had 1 week to get ready for BB1 and no sequester

Caren: What do you think of the rumor about Rob and Amber being cast members?
Chicken George: No I don't think so they done enough reality TV

Caren: Lelie asks: which season was more fun for you: season 1 or allstars?
Chicken George: Definatley All Stars the competitions were a lot better and the producation company treated us very well
Chicken George: I have a lot of repect for the company that does it now.

Caren: Do you still talk to anyone from Season 1?
Chicken George: No they are all in hiding

Caren: George, did you know that one of the test week contestants is one of our very own Jokers? Will you be visiting the house between now and the premier?
Chicken George: Yes I knew they had a test contestant and I think it is great. With doing the reality conv. time is very tight
Caren: Oh yeah, our yennifer will return from her test week and be leaving for the convention a few days later
Chicken George: How did she like going to the bathroom with a camera on her?
Caren: I'll have to ask her that
Chicken George: I had to do a lot of hiding to conceal my goods.
Chicken George: I hope she brought a thong mine worked well
Chicken George: Yes because it is stuck permentantly now

Caren: kaper asks: Have you been asked to guest host HouseCalls?
Chicken George: No comment
Caren: Understood, lol

Caren: kellimom asks: George, in BB7, did you feel that with all the alliances in the house, that you could win BB7?
Chicken George: Yes I thought it would be possible because alliances break up BB is a one man game only one winner

Caren: cjj3 asks: Do you think the twists in BB All-Stars helped or hurt the game?
Chicken George: It helped because it is a TV show and the more twists you do the more people will want to watch
Caren: I agree, it brings them in
Caren: Hope we have some good ones this summer!

Caren: Shelley asks: Hey George! Is there any decision you made in the house that you still regret?
Chicken George: I liked the 2 HH concept and wish they would of kept that up more
Caren: I know, that was great
Caren: I was thinking it would continue
Chicken George: Yes not showing more of my body so maybe play girl would of signed me
Caren: hehehehe!

Caren: Insidious asks: george, knowing what you know now, would you put your family through it all again?
Chicken George: I still wish I did not have to vote out Howie
Caren: I'm glad that you and he have mended your friendship
Chicken George: It is too late to ask that question they have already gone through it twice they know what to do now

Caren: Ladygeppi asks: do you think you will be doing any more Reality Shows?
Chicken George: Yes we are cool now we are going to Jedi school 101
Chicken George: If the the cash is right Teresa says
Caren: You got yourself a good woman
Chicken George: Would love to do celebrity fit club:)
Chicken George: Thank you
Caren: Oh, we would love that!!
Chicken George: Teresa typed that one

Jokerette: just don't go riding a bull with johnny fairplay that new show he's doing. lol
Caren: oh yeah, so many people getting hurt
Chicken George: Is he riding his grandma?
Caren: rofl, He's been working on a new show that follows bull riding
Chicken George: He not only rides one he talks a lot of it

Caren: cjj3 asks: If you could change one thing about BBUSA, what would you change?
Chicken George: Make me the million dollar winner!
Chicken George: Teresa typed that too

Caren: whirley asks: how is the family? daughters? any grandkids?
Chicken George: All are doing very well and glad I am home for awhile
Caren: Oh I bet I know how that is to be away from your family, not easy at all
Chicken George: I was going to take a job on a cruise ship but would be out to sea for 4 months too much time away
Caren: Oh yeah, but that would be fun!
Chicken George: Besides that was a long time to tread water

Caren: Shelley asks: Were there any moments in the BB house that you still cherish?
Chicken George: Yes making the friends that I have now compared to BB1
Chicken George: We were a pretty tight group on BB allstars
Caren: yes you were

Caren: Cissytx asks: What advice can you give us to succeed in being selected as a house guest?
Chicken George: Keep in mind we all had done this once before and knew what to expect made it a lot easier
Caren: Oh yeah, I'm sure the first time around was much more difficult, I give you guys a lot of credit, I couldn't do it!
Chicken George: Be different unusual and give them something to work with
Chicken George: You never know what they are looking for or what type of character that will fit for that years show

Caren: crateriko asks: Who was the most difficult person to live with?
Chicken George: Marcellas he even cleaned the toilet before each use with alcohol
Chicken George: Little did he know I was drinking out of it
Caren: well at least he cleaned it for you
Chicken George: not the toilet the alcohol
Chicken George: roflol

Caren: Liann asks: Are you looking forward to the RTVCon and can we expect a true Chicken George performance? I'll bring the soda pop and you bring the foil
Chicken George: I will be at my best especially with the company I will have
Chicken George: Maybe I will wrestle Rupert?

Caren: Drama101 asks: George did anything you saw while in the bb7 house shock you?
Chicken George: No I kept myself away from electrical outlets

Caren: Well Georgie, I think that's all we have tonight, we want to thank you so much for joining us!