The News: Jordan won Part II of the final HOH Comp. The third part will be played live at the finale on September 15. America can cast their votes as "the 7th Juror" by text messaging or online until Tuesday September 15.

The day itself was pretty quiet, with a long trivia as the HGs rehearsed the HOH comp. The show itself was mixed--some parts just "filler," while the HOH comp was very exciting. After the show, the feeds were down for a long time and the HGs were given a fancy dinner. As expected, the HG's relived the comp, and spent most of the evening talking about their fellow HGs, apparently at BB's request.


9:00 am BBT…..About 9:30, we get the Control Room and it looks like the morning wake-up call. Both Jordan and Kevin get out of bed....Not sure if it was a “false alarm” or if BB decided to let the HGs sleep another hour, because there was another wake-up call around 10:15, and this time all the HGs got up.

10:15 BBT….After the 10:15 wake-up call, all the HGs get up long enough to change the batteries on their mics, and then go back to bed….But, at 10:40 BB calls for the usual Thurs. HOH lockdown, and all the HGs head upstairs, carrying their blankets…..Usually we get to see the what goes on during the HOH lockdown (although nothing much ever happens). This morning, however, trivia comes on the feeds at 10:41, and continues through the 11:00 hour.


Trivia continues as the noon hour begins. (Ed note:--This is going on longer than the usual Thur HOH lockdown.)….The feeds return at 12:37, with Jordan in the shower, Nat in the RR, and Kev off camera….
Nat says to Kevin, “I’m going to wait for Rick (Ed. Note: apparently one of the DR staff) cause he always…..” Feeds go to FISH…The feeds come back quickly. Kevin/Nat are talking in the RR. They haven’t been told to pack and say that Rich (Ed. Note: one of the BB producers) will tell them what to wear. They speculate on when Phase 3 of the HOH comp will be, and Kevin says, “Maybe Sunday…” and we get FISH again. Kevin says to Nat, “So we won’t know the Final 2 until Sunday….” And the feeds go to FISH again….FISH continues through the remainder of the noon hour.

1:00 pm BBT….As the 1:00 hour begins, the feeds are still on FISH…The feeds return at 1:25…Jordan is in the SS room putting on make-up. Nat/Kev are in the Red Room. Nat is sitting on the floor packing. There is talking between the RR and the SS room….(Ed Note: The next section of the recap only has small parts of conversations that aren’t always clear, because the HGs talk a lot about comps, and almost every time they start to talk, they are interrupted mid-sentence by FISH/TRIVIA.)

Jordan wants a clue to what the comp will be so she can study….Nat talks to Jordan about what she is planning to wear tonight, khaki pants and convers shoes. Nat says this is so she doesn’t look like a bum, but not like “I’m dressed up and I’m like….” (she doesn’t finish her sentence) (Ed note: Two guesses—either that Nat is preparing for a comp or she doesn’t want to seem like she’s going home. But, it’s anybody’s guess.)…One funny comment. When Nat first walks in, and says to Jordan, “I think I’m going to wear…” Jordan pipes in with, “Make-up?” LOL…Kevin decides he’s going to shower. Nat says she’ll shower later before the show….Jordan says she was packing “just in case.”…While Kev is in the shower, Nat whispers something to Jordan that sounds like, “Everything stays the same.” …Nat offers something to Jordan. Jordan declines, but asks to borrow Nat’s deodorant. (Ed note: No comment.)…Jordan talks about how she “froze” in the veto comp. Jordan again hopes that Rich (Ed note: a BB producer) gives them some clues because the comp will be live and Jordan doesn’t want to look like a dumb*ss…..Jordan thinks a comp where they just have to roll the ball sounds too plain.

2:00 pm BB…Jordan/Nat are still speculating about the upcoming completion….They talk about how it will be questions where they have to think first…Jordan says she has everybody memorized in my head…Nat says that Kevin uses his fingers when answering questions….At this point, Kev is out of the shower and primping. Jordan is taking the sheets off some of the beds in the SS….Now Nat/Jordan head for the kitchen, talking about how they still have ants…Nat says that if she is evicted she is going to quickly grab her key from the memory wall…Nat asks Jordan if she hears any building outside. (Ed note: Jordan’s answer is cut off by FISH).

Nat/Jordan continue to talk about the upcoming comps….Jordan is still wondering about how/whether the balls will have something to do with questions….They wonder why the ball is set up so that it can be poked out…(Ed note: Based on various comments from the HGs, it sounds like the long trivia this morning was a practice for the HOH comp.)…Jor/Nat both think that their families will be yelling as they watch the competition….While this is going on, Kev has gone into the storage room and is fixing himself something to eat…Then Jordan goes to the WC.

Kevin tells Nat that he doesn’t think there will be an eviction tonight. Nat agrees, and said she stopped packing. (Ed note: Based on these comments, it appears that the HGs were not told to pack, they were doing on their own.)…Kev/Nat go back to talking about the comp and say that sometimes the ball gets stuck. They wonder if Nat/Jor will go separately or together….Kev asks Nat if she thinks there are any new twists. Nat replies, “Not at all.”….Kev/Nat are in the kitchen cooking and Jordan is in the WC blow drying her hair as the feeds go to trivia at 2:22 pm…

3:00 pm….About 3:30 pm the feeds return…All feeds are on Kevin in the RR packing….(Ed note: It’s not clear whether Kevin has been told to pack or not)…Jordan (who appears to be in the SS room) asks Kevin if the finale is going to be Sunday, but Kevin says the DR told him the finale is Tuesday….Nat is in the RR with Kev, just sitting on the bed…..Kevin is frustrated with Nat because she is freaking him out with her last minute nervousness about whether their plans are still on…Nat tells Kevin she is taking him no matter what….Nat goes to the WC to finish her hair…Kev is having a hard time fitting all his stuff into his suitcase…Kevin has memories as he packs each item. He packs an orange shirt that he wore when he won the veto. As he packs the spacesuit, he says he loves it.

Jordan comes into the RR bringing a blue SS comforter. (Ed note: Have the HG been told that the SS room will be closed? So many questions today! LOL)…Kevin/Nat/Jordan continue to pack with little talk between them.

4:00 pm….In a break from packing, Nat/Jordan are in the kitchen. You can see the packed bags by the door….Jordan is still nervous about what to wear for the live show, because she knows there is a comp, but in case she’s evicted she doesn’t want to look like a bum….Nat says that she wishes she’d asked if they needed to pack, not just gone ahead and packed. She hasn’t finished packing yet…Jordan finally decides that she would look ridiculous rolling balls if she is all dressed up.

The HGs are all very nervous and wish the live show was starting right away….Kevin paces in front of the memory wall, obviously practicing for comps. At first, Jordan is on the couch, while Nat finishes packing, then Nat comes into the LR and sits on the other couch. Nat sits on the couch with a pillow on her lap, looking down. (Ed note: Hard to tell if Nat is praying or just concentrating.)…There isn’t much talk between the three HGs…While Nat has left the room for a bit, Kevin whispers to Jordan that he swears on his boyfriend that he will take Jordan to the Final 2. Kevin says that he swears on “everything.” (Ed note: Kev also swore on “everything” during Part 1 of HOH that he would take Nat.)…Nat joins them and says she can hear the fans outside.

Nat is now finished packing. Nat goes into the kitchen and says that the kitchen is a mess and there are ants inside the cabinets. She’s says that’s why she wishes the whole thing was over today. (Ed note: During this, Jordan quietly sits on the couch. It doesn’t appear to occur to Nat to use some of her nervous energy to clean the kitchen. LOL.)…The HGs wander around some. At one point, Nat and Kev are in the RR. Nat whispers to Kevin, “Better not screw me.”…Jordan starts thinking about changing her clothes again. Nat tells her, “You’re done. You look fine.” (Ed note: Amazing--Nat as the “voice of reason.”)…Kevin is still pacing. Jordan asks what time it is, and Kevin tells her it’s 4:34. Jordan says she hates waiting….About 4:45 the feeds go to trivia and remain there until after the live show.


Julie is wearing brown top tonight, and still looks great…She announces to the viewers that no one will be leaving tonight, and all three HGs will remain until finale night…She then tells the HGs the same news…The procedure will be that the winner of tonight’s HOH comp, will go against Kevin in Part 3 on finale night. Then, the winner of HOH will pick which HG he/she wants to take with them to the F2. The evicted HG will join the jury, and then the jury will question the F2 live. The HGs will immediately vote, and the winner of BB will be announced.

Next, there is a segment of Jeff arriving at the jury house. Both Russell and Jessie hope it is Jeff that was voted out—and they get their wish. But, after some good natured teasing, Jessie and Russ don’t seem too mad at Jeff, now that he is in the same position they are. Jeff is surprised to hear how much the jury house has turned against Nat—one of the first things Jessie tells Jeff is that Nat is 24.

Next there is a segment with four returning HGs—Evel Dick, Dani, Janelle, and Mike Boogie giving their opinions on the various HGs. Several of them hope that Kevin wins—Evel Dick doesn’t seem enthused about any of the remaining HGs.

Next Julie announces that Part 2 of the HOH comp is called “Heads will Roll”. There is a slanted board with holes at the top numbered 1 to 10, each number representing a HG who was HOH. Nat/Jordan must roll a basket-ball-type ball up a ramp into the correct numbered hole representing the order that HG was HOH….They each have 2 minutes to complete the task. In the case of a tie, the HG with the most time remaining wins…Nat goes first. Nat seems to know the order of the HOHs, but has trouble rolling the balls into the correct holes. In the end, Nat gets only 5 correct, with 2 seconds remaining….Like Nat, Jordan seems to have no trouble remembering each of the HOH, but is much better at getting the right ball into the correct hole. In the end, Jordan has 9 correct, with 18 seconds remaining…Jordan wins Part 2 of the HOH comp, and will go against Kevin in Part 3 of the HOH comp on finale night.

Last, Julie tells viewers that since there are only six jurors, America will have the deciding vote in case of a tie…Voting will be by text messaging and online….Since there are 3 possible combinations of F2 (Kevin/Nat, Kevin/Jordan, Nat/Jordan), with text voting, a single vote will apply to the voter’s choice of combinations. (Ed note: I found the rules confusing, especially for text messaging, so I am not going to try to repeat them here.)


6:00 pm…When the feeds return soon after 6:00, all three HGs are in the RR…Jordan is massaging her temples…Kevin asks Nat what her time was in the comp. Nat says it doesn’t matter, they (presumably her answers) were wrong….Jordan tells the others that America will now have to vote for their favorite HGs in pairs (as explained above in the live show section)….Conversation continues about the comp…Kevin says that Jessie was HOH twice but didn’t really win the first one. As Kevin says that, Nat shakes her head agreement and disgust….Jordan tries to comfort Nat, telling her not to worry so much about losing the comp…Kevin guesses that the live show dedicated a whole segment to Jordan and Nat. (Ed note: Sorry Kevin, wrong guess.)…Nat says that now she is in the position Michele was in. Kevin asks what that is, and Nat replies, “Loser.”….Kevin wants to know details of the comp because he didn’t get to watch it….Kevin leaves the RR for a minute, and Nat says to Jordan that she expects Jordan will be switching now and taking Kev. Jordan emphatically tells Nat that that is not the case, and she still plans to take Nat if she wins….At 6:10 Jordan is called to the DR.

After Jordan leaves, Nat tells Kevin how she messed up the comp…Nat admits that Jordan “killed her” in the comp and that Nat wasn’t close in any way….Nat says to Kev, “If you win, I hope you still take me.” Kevin just nods in agreement (not reassuringly)….Nat tells Kev she knows he made an F2 deal with Jordan. Kev says he made that deal a long time ago and he knows that Nat made an F2 deal with Jordan, too….Nat says she doesn’t think Jordan will take her. Kevin replies that Jordan hasn’t told him anything solid. Kev says the comp is 50/50 on finale night—a crapshoot….(Ed note: At least once in this convo, Kev calls Jordan “the b*tch”)…Kev tells Nat, “I know it’s going to be hard, but for the next couple of days, like, enjoy the fact we made it to the end.”…Nat feels she has no case for the jury because her HOH was won on a tiebreaker…She tells Kev about her planned speech, but Kev says they’ll only give her about 30 seconds and she can’t do a whole speech.

Kevin accuses Nat of working Jordan, that Nat has bonded with her….Nat replies that Jordan helped her put a tampon in, but we’ve never really bonded…Kevin asks, “You’ve never really talked (with Jordan)?...Nat feels that any scenario Jordan is in, Jordan will get the votes, and is guaranteed to get America’s vote. But Nat tells Kevin that if Jordan evicts her, Nat will give her vote to Kevin for sure. However, Nat says that if Kevin evicts Nat, then Jordan will get Nat’s vote….Nat says she doesn’t feel like talking to Jordan about F2. She says she’s just gotta rely on Kevin…Kevin says it’s not all up to him, it’s 50/50…But, Kev agrees with Nat that Jordan will look like a better competitor than Nat because of this competition, as well as her POV, and her HOH tie.

Finally Kevin says he doesn’t know that he wants to talk about Jordan anymore on the live feeds because America is voting now. They are both silent, and then Kevin is called to the DR.

Soon after that, a little after 6:30, Jordan comes back from the DR and says she has a headache…Jordan says she told the DR she was taking Nat to the F2….Nat tells Jordan that Kev is going to be up Jordan’s *ss….Jordan tells Nat that she didn’t like Nat at first, but now she likes her, that Nat is sweet…Nat tells Jordan that she told Kevin that Jordan wouldn’t give Nat an answer about F2, and that Kev was saying the Jordan would take Nat.

Nat explains to Jordan that Round 3 of the HOH comp is true/false about what jury members said outside the house….Jordan says, “If I lose (Round 3) I’m gonna feel.....Nat “Like I do now?”….Nat tells Jordan that Kevin and the DR have 5 days to change Jordan’s mind.

Nat starts bad-mouthing Kevin…Nat says that Kevin is cocky and that if she had won the final HOH, she already had her speech planned and would have voted out Kevin because he was cocky…Nat says she can’t trust Kev because he said he didn’t decide to evict Michele until the last minute. If he was loyal, he wouldn’t have considered not evicting Michele….Jordan asks Nat if Kevin is scared to go against Jordan. Nat says that Kevin is confident and it might bite him in the *ss….Nat starts rambling about the endurance competition. (Ed note: But obviously doesn’t admit to Jordan that Nat threw the endurance comp to Kevin….Jordan tells Nat to ignore whatever Jordan says to Kevin. She emphasizes “Ig-Nore.”….Nat asks, “You don’t think that they (BB) can change your mind? Because they will try.” Jordan shakes her head, “No.” ….Feeds cut to FISH….Nat says that if the eviction was today, we wouldn’t know who he (Kevin) would have picked. He’s playing all of us.” (Ed note: It’s very difficult to type all this with a straight face.)….Jordan says she’ll tell Kevin that she feels he is going back and forth between her and Nat..Nat tells Jordan not to say that.

The talk turns again to the final comp….Jordan asks how many questions there will be and Nat says 8 or 10…At that point, Nat is called to the DR. (It’s about 6:45—there has been a LOT of conversation this hour!)

Kevin comes back from his DR session….He tells Jordan congratulations and Jordan says she wants to talk….Kevin tells Jordan she makes him nervous—first he thinks she will take him, then he thinks she won’t….Kevin says he’s scared to take Nat because Nat has so many friends on the jury. (Ed note: If only Kevin knew.)….Jordan says that on finale night the jurors will consider the fact that both she and Kevin have won things, and they’ve both laid low. Jordan feels that she and Kevin and similar and feels that with she and Kevin it’s like 50/50…Jordan goes through various jury members and how they might vote….Kev thinks Nat will get America’s vote because of her on-air engagement….Kev says his mind has been made up since Nat gave up the possibility of the POV (and the chance to save Kevin). Kevin says he will tell Nat….Kev and Jordan act very comfortable around each other…Kevin assures Jordan that he is not messing with her head, and that Nat has been freaking out about his loyalty ever since Michele was evicted.

7:00 pm…Just before 7:00, the feeds go to trivia…Kevin mentioned something about sushi earlier, so they may be having a Final 3 party, with music (thus the trivia).

8:00 pm….The trivia continues, but a couple of seconds of feed slip through about 8:00 pm, showing the HGs sitting at a the table eating dinner, with another table holding food.

9:00 pm….The feeds finally return….Kev/Nat are sitting at the kitchen table. There are fancy tablecloths on the tables and flowers….Kevin tells Nat they still have five days…Jordan is called to the DR, Nat asks Kevin to play pool later….Kevin says he is sick of Jeff and that Jeff was playing Jordan. Nat replies that America loves Jeff and Jordan and will vote for them..Kevin expresses disgust that America, production, and the HGs all seem to love Jeff..Kevin says he did like Casey but couldn’t find any redeeming values about Russell. Apparently the producers had asked them questions about Michele’ night terrors, Lydia’s outbursts, Ronnie’s manipulations, and Chima and the mic…Kevin says that Michele needed a human side to win BB, that Michele was robotic and it scared people. Kevin also “just didn’t like” Braden and said that Laura would have stayed if she had stuck with us. Kevin goes on to call Jeff a “bottom bitch.”…Natalie rambles on how stupid it was for Jeff to use the Coup D’Etat because he still didn’t make it in the game. She says that Will won the CDT and didn’t use it and won BB. (Ed note: It was actually Mike Boogie in BB All-Stars that won the CDT, didn’t use it, and went on to win BB.)

About 9:18, Jordan is back, and it appears that Kev is no longer at the table. ….Nat asks Jordan if she wants to get into the sp tonight. Both Nat and Jordan wish they could do a “spa day.”…Jordan says she doesn’t want to leave the SS room….Nat/Jordan are both unpacking. Nat says that someone left a chicken suit if Jordan wants one….Jordan tells Nat that “America must have really liked Jeff. I was like geez.”….As they continue unpacking Jor/Nat talk about tonight’s comp.

A little later Jordan is in the RR with Kev. (Is Nat in the DR?)…Kevin asks Jordan if she is still on board with him for the F2. Kevin tells Jordan that he is 100% taking her to the F2 no matter what….Jordan says that $50,000 is so good for second place…Jordan tells Kevin she is taking him to F2 for sure…Kevin says that production was upset when he decided to vote out Jeff, and said to him, “Nooooooo!” Kev/Jordan agree that America likes Jeff a lot…Nat has returned and the three of them continue to talk about the CDT. Nat takes credit for Russell calling a house meeting and calling out Michele….Then Nat continues to rant about Michele lying to Chima. (Apparently Kev/Jordan had been having a fun, pleasant conversation until Nat returned and began ranting.)….The F3 continue to talk about past events as if BB has told them to do that….Next topic is Nat and her getting engaged in the BB House. Nat says she is the first BB to get engaged. (Ed. Note: Boogie proposed to Krista during the finale of BB2.)…Nat says she lied about Pandora’s Box as a prank…Then talk turns to the argument with Lydia about the bed situation….At about 9:50, Jordan is called to the DR…With Jordan gone, Nat/Kev talk about the “lie” they told Jeff that caused Jeff to back door Russell. They call it the LML “the last-minute lie.”

10:00 pm….The miscellaneous talk continues…Nat complains that there are no clean towels and says that Michele is not there to wash their towels….Kev talks about his BF’s work not letting him off and Nat says to lie and call in sick….The HGs talk about who will be at the finale….Kevin is worried that viewers will only see Chima as the angry black woman, and not see how funny she was…At one point, BB tells the HGs not to talk about production

11:00 pm….Still talking…Nat tells Kev/Jordan that only the balls messed her up and the comp and she remembered the HOH’s perfectly…There is a possible “wardrobe malfunction” with Nat in her yellow bathing suit in the hot tub at roughly 11:08…Much later, Kev/Nat are talking without Jordan. Kevin tells Nat that they have to cover their tracks with America, stop the Jeff bashing and be nice to Jordan. Kevin is afraid that they’ll show Kev/Nat bashing Jeff and making them seem more evil to America, and that they need to think about America’s vote…Nat agrees, but says it won’t help her because of her connection to Jessie….Kevin thinks America will love Nat because of her engagement, while Kevin is the “evil gay guy.” Kev also thinks they should spend more time with Jordan…Then Jordan returns.


Jordan begins to clean up. Kevin notices and offers to help. Nat says she will be there when her solitaire game is over. (LOL)…Kevin does join the kitchen clean-up, while Nat hauls things from her bed to the garbage….As the cleaning continues Nat/Kevin talk nonstop, while Jordan stays quiet.

1:00 am…The clean-up is done and Jor/Kev/Nat are in the RR talking, eating, shuffling cards, and clipping toenails….A little later the talk turns to sex.

2:00 am…The sex talk continues, and Kevin tells the girls how to give a good blow job….By 2:45, all the HGs are asleep in the RR. While the ants in the kitchen continue to plot their takeover of the BB house. (Ed note: Okay, I made that last one up.)

Since BB ends on Tuesday September 15, this is my last Thursday recap for this year. Many thanks to all the conscientious updaters who made it possible for this recap to be written.