Thanks for hanging in there as the season winds down. Don't forget there is a BB Highlights show on Sunday night. To get you in the mood, today’s recap will include a ‘Highlight of the hour’.

It was a very slow start to the day with Jordon the first one to arise just before 1:00 PM

1:00 PM

Highlight of the hour: Jordon lies out in the sun by the pool.

2:00 PM

Highlight of the hour: Kevin is up and lies out in the sun in the backyard.

3:00 PM

Natalie is up. Kevin asks her, "Do you think Jessie thought he had a chance with you?" Natalie replies, "He's not a bad guy. If I wasn't in a relationship, I might go out with him.”

Highlight of the hour: Kevin notices, "There's like an actual bird on the lawn!"

4:00 PM

Natalie is concerned they can’t get into the HOH to feed the fish.
Kevin and Natalie wash the mirrors outside.
Natalie continues her cooking kick by setting the menu for today and tomorrow. She contemplates defrosting the frozen fish in the microwave, but settles on pork chops today and fish tomorrow. Kevin (seemingly wanting to play it safe) suggests Hamburger Helper. Natalie jokes this is what married life will be like.

Highlight of the hour: Kevin attempts to set up the Croquet set in the back yard. He tries to drive the stakes into the ground, but can not get them to penetrate through the Astroturf. He even gets a butter knife and hammers it repeatedly with a mallet, to no avail.

5:00 PM

Jordon and Kevin discuss first impressions. Jordan didn't like Braden and Laura at first. She was intimidated by Casey. She thought Natalie was sweet and innocent and Chima was funny. She didn't notice Jeff, Lydia, or Ronnie.

Natalie joins them. Jordan says she noticed Kevin right away because "You were just goofy... and gay." Jordan thinks when Natalie did the announcing for the pig competition, she looked like she was 12. She would look older if she straightened her hair and wore heels.

Jordan and Kevin thought everyone was health nuts in the beginning with all the talk of vitamins and green tea.

Kevin and Natalie express concern weather they will still have their jobs when they get out.

Highlight of the hour: Natalie tries to lay claim to Kevin’s blue hoodie one more time. She speaks of it as if it already belongs to her.

6:00 PM

They all talk about the other reality shows they would do. They think Big Brother should do spin-offs, like Season 10 versus Season 11. Jordon had borrowed a friend's laptop and watched past Big Brothers for hours (ed. And it was evident that she was paying attention by the details she recounted). She feels she aged 5 years from all the stress in the house

Kevin says one of his regrets was that the "whole sides thing" was way too big.

Jordan brings up some heckling that Chima, Natalie and Lydia did during a competition. Natalie says "I didn't have anything to do with that…” and blames it all on Chima and Lydia.

Jordan says, "I never wanted to play a dirty game" and bashes Russell.

Kevin thought it was the ‘Jeff show’ because the DR always asked questions about Jeff. He finally told them off and they said he was allowed to say negative things too. He thought the fix was in and that he couldn't win. That was a low moment for him.

Now they all engage in some Russell bashing.

Kevin says Chima should have never called Russell a terrorist during their blow up because she was winning until she did that. Jordon remembers that Jeff got up to go break up the argument. Kevin pointed out that Jessie just went and hid.

Kevin didn't think he would bond with Lydia, but he did. He figured he would have bonded with Chima. Natalie says “Me too”. The minute she saw Chima, she knew they would bond.

Natalie asks Kevin if he thought they would bond. Kevin says “No.”

Jordan recalls a night where Lydia was rubbing her arm. When they woke up Lydia asked about it like she didn't know she had done it. Jordan said she didn't mind, it felt nice.

Natalie starts cooking the pork chops and says, "I feel like Betty Crocker. This is so not me."

Jordon and Kevin mix up corn muffins and put them in the microwave. Jordan thinks they’re going to explode.

Highlight of the hour: Kevin complained about Lydia’s attachment to Jessie. Natalie stayed pretty quiet until Jordon brought up that people were always cooking for him. Natalie says that wasn’t the case, “He cooked for me all the time”.

7:00 PM

Dinner is ready. Natalie decides she isn’t hungry and will eat later. Kevin makes her at least taste it. Natalie is please with how they turned out and Kevin jokes, "Why do I feel dizzy?" (ed. I would like to see Kevin’s Diary room after this meal).

Nat says that since she has been in BB she sees herself as becoming domesticated and a homemaker. "It's starting to grow on me."

Jordan wonders if Jeff and Jessie are getting along in the jury house. She bashed Russell a bit more and can't wait to see Casey.

Jordan recalls she got picked for Big Brother with never having watched it. She thinks she'll be watching it next season.

Highlight of the hour: Since they can’t set up croquet, they work on painting some plates BB has provided. Natalie gives Jordan the correct spelling of Gucci. Jordon thought it was spelled ‘Guccie’. She decides she will just put "Gooch" on her plate (ed. I’m sensing trust issues).

8:00 PM

Jordon tells Natalie that she gets nervous when Kevin sees her and Natalie talking. She’s still telling him she will take him to final 2.

Jordan gives her view of Michele. "Her way of playing the game was follow the in crowd because she always felt she was alone. You couldn't get that close to Michele because she would throw you under the bus if the chance came up." Natalie tells Jordan that Michele would suggest to Jessie that Jordan go up.

Jordan tells Natalie that Michele put her up because of things she said about her. She put Chima up because she was afraid if Chima stayed, she would win the whole thing.

They get wine just before BBAD. Kevin wants to save it so when they get more tomorrow they can really get trashed.

Highlight of the hour: Kevin is disappointed he doesn't have a plate to work on and complains that Big Brother doesn't like him. At which point he is called to the Diary room. They all laugh at the timing.

9:00 PM

Show2 Crawl Reads: Kevin and Jordon will face off in the final HOH competition live on Tuesday; Natalie feels her best chance at winning is with a final 2 with Jordon; Kevin says he wants to tell Natalie in advance that taking her to the final will decrease his chance of winning and will take Jordon; The final HOH competition and the winner of Big Brother will air live on Tuesday night’s 2 hour finale.

Kevin is called to the Diary room again. Jordan says Kevin feels confident he's going to beat her in the last HOH round. When she evicts him, she may mention that he won $10,000 basically for losing two competitions.

Jordan says the only thing Kevin has really done in the game is get Jeff out. She thinks that would be a big plus for him with the jury. That's one reason Jordan doesn't want to take Kevin.

Highlight of the hour: (ed. This actually happened earlier, I’m just not sure of the time). Natalie gets Kevin to confirm and reassure her about final 2. Moments later she has Jordon alone and tells her that she and Kevin haven’t talked about game since Thursday and if he says differently, he is lying.

10:00 PM

Kevin pleads for America to vote for him. (ed. He has been doing this on and off all day).

Natalie still thinks Chima got screwed by the Coup d ‘tate, but Kevin reminds her they were warned about the power and they had a full two week notice.

Highlight of the hour: After being told not to talk about production yet again tonight, Kevin wants to purposely do everything they are not supposed to do on Tuesday so they can hear the BB messages one last time.

11:00 PM

Highlight of the hour: They have all gone to the Red room and talk at length about how excited they are to be able to talk on their cell phones soon and all the messages they will have.


Highlight of the hour: Actually there is no highlight for this hour, sorry.

1:00 AM

Highlight of the hour: Jordan asks what exactly does PhD mean. Kevin explains that Michele can be called a Dr. Jordan says doctors know all about the body. Kevin says he'd examine all the guys. Natalie doesn't think gays can be doctors. She doesn't know any gay doctors. Kevin tells her that's not true.

3:00 AM

Highlight of the hour: Watching Kevin and Natalie make nice with Jordon while she goes on and on about things back home.

4:00 AM

Highlight of the hour: All house guests have gone to bed and the house goes quiet.

So Jordon is telling both Natalie and Kevin she will take them to final 2. Kevin also is telling both Jordon and Natalie that he is taking them to final 2. Three people, two slots. Somethin’s gotta give. I am hopeful the Highlight show tonight is more entertaining than the ‘Highlights of the hour’ today. Since this is my last recap of the season, I wish you all the best and see you next year!

Updaters, I have only one thing left to say. THANK YOU!