Jokerette: Jun is that you? LOL
junbuggy: hi liss!
 junbuggy: yup, out of breath, but I'm here
 Jokerette: we gots a Jun in da house! Welcome to Jokers, Jun!!
junbuggy: yeah, bruhe, well Jun's in leather struttin' her stuff too :)
 Jokerette: leather, eh? Where did you go tonight?
junbuggy: well. had dinner...then going out again :0 it's Friday!
 Jokerette: so, let's rock this madness!!
 Jokerette: How did you wind up on BB?
junbuggy: watched the show last year, thought "I could do this!" so I signed up, hahaha
 Jokerette: Sent a tape?
junbuggy: yup, and the app and 2 pictures
 junbuggy: I sent in the package on a Thursday over nite and they called me the next day!
 clueliss:  wowser!
 Jokerette: CRIKEY
 Jokerette: are you serious?
 Jokerette: that fast, they cast you??
junbuggy: yeah...I was AMAZED
 Jokerette: what did you do on your tape?
junbuggy: just talked comparing myself to the other "yellow" ladies out there, Lisa ling, lui, cho, etc.... hahahaha and I said my boobs were real :) my mom was going to kill me for that one!
 Jokerette: LMAO was your family psyched you made it in?
junbuggy: they were in disbelief at first but they know me as a go-getter so they were happy
 Jokerette: kewl :)
junbuggy: just didn't want to pull a Dave/Amanda
 Jokerette: no hell no. rofl

 Jokerette: what point did you figure out you had it won?
junbuggy: I thought I had it after Nathan got the boot
 Jokerette: was it one helluva shock, or did you guess?
junbuggy: but then, I was cocky :)
 Jokerette: <junrulz> Hey Jun, it's me fedy/mwarsi@rogers/rulz ya! My question is have you started spending your moolah yet?
junbuggy: well rulz:) I bought a laptop/scanner/ start...and some clothes, but the rest is collecting interest for now :)
 Jokerette: Were you aware Dave Amanda had done the deed
junbuggy: yeah, DON'T want to waste a penny.... NO, I was NOT aware! LOL, I thought they just made out...dry-humped sort of thing :)
 Jokerette: banging of the walls, did you hear?
junbuggy: no, we didn't...gosh, I still can't believe it
 Jokerette: David is happy with it.. he was here the other night :)
junbuggy: I'm sure :)
 Jokerette: <lacy> What was your 1st thought when you saw Jee walk into the house?
junbuggy: I was SO upset, DEVASTATED and I couldn't hide it
 Jokerette: :( You were BRAVE.
junbuggy: my first though, "you LOSER!"
 Jokerette: but it changed?
junbuggy: my second thought "goddamn you, this is MY show!" hahaha
 Jokerette: <Sarah_> How does it feel to know some of the others were "discovered" or "FOF"?
junbuggy: I am not happy that others were "cast", it takes away from the real fans who want to get on
 clueliss: at what point did you turn to him for an alliance?
junbuggy: my feelings didn't change until later, when I got back from the VMAs I actually approached him the Third day, but they didn't show that I went up to him and said if he wanted to go to the end he would have to stick with me :)
 Sarah_:  feeds see all!
junbuggy: true, true
 Jokerette: <lacy> What was the most amazing thing about being in the house (other than the $500,000)?
junbuggy: the most amazing thing?
 Jokerette: yeah!
junbuggy: having all the attention I wanted :)0 and really using the dairy room for the real purpose, to vent and be real although sometimes it was too real for people to handle :9
 Jokerette: Such as?
junbuggy: well, everyone said bad stuff in the diary room, they just seemed to show most of mine and Ali's I said what I said, but I wasn't the only one saying it
 Jokerette: how true. are you in touch w/Ali at all?
junbuggy: yes, we emailed each other this week, I just wanted her to know that what she and I did was for the cameras, for entertainment, to turn each other against the house, not necessarily because we meant everything we said I think people forgot that it was a TV show... not to say some of the things we said were over the line, but was a lot of strategy
 Jokerette: it was a =game=

 clueliss:  <Lotus> so Jun, who do you still speak to now?? who of the group do you see being long-lasting friends with?
junbuggy: I will always be friends with jack he and I have exchanged really long, deep letters. I email with Justin, Amanda, Dana and Ali... I sent Jee an email apologizing for my ferocity, but I haven't heard back I think Carmen may have deleted it :)
 Jokerette: and he was determined to stay in touch, wasn't he!
junbuggy: Jack is AWEsome
 Jokerette: <lacy> Other than yourself .. who do you think was a good player? Who was the worst player?
junbuggy: The worst player was couldn't tell if she was playing seriously and she didn't try to stay in the house...there was no room for people who wanted to "hang out"
 Jokerette: there was indeed a 'room' :::::flee
junbuggy: Jack was great, against the odds he hung around a LONG time
 junbuggy: :)
 Jokerette: I bet he's a total hoot. Jack
junbuggy: Yeah, he and I shared SO many inside jokes only because people didn't get most of them :)
 Jokerette: <shakazulu> I know you're going to ask her about Bob?
junbuggy: I LOVE BOB, I always will...sigh...he and I are spending a lot of time together and really having a good time :)
 Jokerette: excellent! so it went well, when you got out?
junbuggy: there's no pressure for either of us and I think we're just appreciating that we make each other laugh and can show affection without a contract :)
 Jokerette: <GorgeousJun> Would you ever do it again if they had an All Star Big Brother? If no, what would it take to get you to sign up?
junbuggy: I WOULD do an All Star :) just to prove to myself that I can do it again :)...maybe a bigger prize too? And I would pack bigger clothes just in case :) yeah...sigh...
 Jokerette: <TJane> Ask if anyone treats her different now--like calls from long lost "friends" or people wanting money?
junbuggy: hahahaha no calls...that's a great thing about having a close circle of friends, at 28 I feel like the friends I have now I will have forever... but my brother does want a car. I gave him a "NO"! LOL!
 Jokerette: rofl! how old is he?
junbuggy: he's 21 and thinks he's THE MAN!
 Jokerette: tell him HE can get on big brother next year! LOL
junbuggy: I love him to death though :0;
 junbuggy: hahaha
 Jokerette: <BilboLuvsJun> good question, how do her parents feel about the whole thing now?
junbuggy: You know, it was all exaggerated, my parent have been in this country forever now and aside from a few traditional things, they are very much Americanized
 Jokerette: editing strikes.
junbuggy: they are SO proud of me and think I have the biggest balls in the world :)
 junbuggy: BUT, they wish I hadn't done the booby jiggle during the spa luxury comp :)
 Jokerette: hehehehe I remember that

 Jokerette: <Lotus>  hey Jun! so tell us, at what point when it was just you and Ali did you really think I'm gonna lose my mind?" if I don't get out of here soon?
junbuggy: Oh my god, I think midweek when I was in the loony house alone with her I Really lost it... cried uncontrollably, downed a few Tylenol PMs... I wanted to get out of there!!!
 Jokerette: Jesus. how hard that must be! even though you knew you'd win, no doubt?
junbuggy: that's the things, although I thought I had it in the bag, I didn't want HER to know that b/c she would have been impossible to live with! we all know what happens when Ali is not happy!
 Jokerette: What was the very worst of it?
junbuggy: B/C I didn't know if there might be another "twist" I continued to be nice with her and that was so hard
 junbuggy: I had to do arts and crafts with her for craps sake!
 clueliss: <natealifan> Hey Jun, Who from the cast do you think was portrayed different from how they really are ? and what fatal mistake if you can pick one did each other HG make?
junbuggy: ME! hahaha, yeah, I can be tough but only when I have to be...the times when Robert was having a hard time dealing with being apart from his daughter I really felt for him and we did cry together on occasion
 junbuggy: Justin - too honest
 junbuggy: Nathan - too cocky
 junbuggy: Erika - too "trying" to be the nice one
 junbuggy: Jee - changed his game
 junbuggy: Michelle - what? ha, sorry, can't help it
 junbuggy: Dana - too out of control
 Jokerette: snark
junbuggy: Dave - too strong but pretending not to be
 junbuggy: I pretty much had everyone figured out
 Jokerette: you did.. we saw it on the feeds
junbuggy: I love that word snark!
 Jokerette: did you watch bb3? at the time?
junbuggy: oh definitely, a big fan
 Jokerette: feeds too? LOL hell we are rabid fans here :)
junbuggy: nah, didn't have cable modem then
 Jokerette: <travismcgee> how many knew their exs would be in the house before they entered?
junbuggy: only when Julie told us that the remaining 5 were exes did we know and it's funny..I thought "it can't be Bob" and I said it out loud! I said "I know it's non Bob because he has a REAL job"
 Jokerette: yours paid better.
junbuggy: like YEAH!
 Jokerette: <TJane> Did she ask Jee how they contacted him?
junbuggy: yeah, they called Jee and said "hi, someone said you would be great for this show called BB". someone is going to call him and think he'd be great
 Jokerette: and he went along with it just like that?
junbuggy: they didn't even show his DRs most of the time because they were SO dull! I'm sorry, he's a nice guy, but NOT witty or "snarky" :)
 Jokerette: <TJane> I want to know, though, if she had to meet Les before she went on the show. And what happened after they called--did they fly her to LA for an interview right away
junbuggy: they should have put that Brandon guy on
 Jokerette: he was hot!
junbuggy: I never got to meet Les, I hate to sound cocky but I think they hit jackpot (actually someone told me this) when they found that token Asian chick who spoke fluent English... I met with the people in NY and then went to LA for finals... they needed some better "representation" and they got me, Robert, dad, Amanda, Jee
 clueliss: <spastic> How did you feel about Alison saying (during the question & answer period from the former houseguests) that she was smarter then you, physically & mentally?
junbuggy: OMG, I was like hello! you are from Meadville, home of the zipper! let me see what your ass can do in NY! I have to give it to her, she is only 23 but very bright and strong but c'mon...
 Jokerette: (if she was that much smarter, I gotta ask, how did she lose?)
junbuggy: B/C she's 23...not enough experience with people...she couldn't put herself in other people's shoes
 Jokerette: <DressageRider> You lost a lot of weight, congrats, that takes a lot of work. What was your secret?
junbuggy: at least I kicked em out with a full stomach! 2 years straight of diet and exercise... it was hard but SO rewarding
 Jokerette: how much did you lose, all told?
junbuggy: well I fluctuate here and there, but in total I had lost 70 pounds over 3 years. A LOT, damn pot munchies are BAD
 Jokerette: Was it a shock to see what some folks wrote on boards, when you got out? LOL on the pot!
junbuggy: I didn't see much on the pot...just a lot on my weight gain.... ouch. yes and no...I've gone through the fat jokes and the "you would be so pretty if only" so it wasn't new it was just never on such a grand scale!
 Jokerette: that truly blows.
junbuggy: but you dish it, you gotta take it
 Jokerette: I do think it's bb-itis though.. they love to pick to death, you know?
junbuggy: oh 5, Jun in a 25. no!!! hahahaha
 Jokerette: awwwww :) you gorgeous then too.
junbuggy: thank you :)
 Jokerette: <TJane> What about Alison's Diamond Power of Veto or whatever it was called? Was that fair? Or was that just a way of manipulating the game to give Alison more air time?
junbuggy: Oh god, that veto competition was TERRIBLE, they should have done it over but they gave it to Alison. the operator made an error and lit up my step although I had one name wrong so I ran up, grabbed it, then put it down and they were like "no, hold it until we review the tapes"
 junbuggy: it was humiliating. I mean, anything could have happened, Ali could have tripped, I could have switched the names and still won, etc. if I were them, I would have done it over. it WAS their error. but in retrospect, it was for the best b/c I didn't want to give anyone the boot
 Jokerette: <yzzzguy> Do you have a personal web site set up yet?
junbuggy: someone is building one for me! yay!!! I will have all sorts of neat stuff, pictures, funny stories, recipes
 Jokerette: <spastic> If you watched last seasons show... WHY didn't you know that the "goodbye messages" would be seen right away??? How did you feel about it once you found out?
junbuggy: Tell me about it! I TOTALLY spazzed those first couple of weeks
 Jokerette: <Sarah_> Watching Yes, Dear was SO much fun!! Was there more we didn't get to see on the cutting room floor? Any anecdotes?
junbuggy: well, A LOT was cut...probably because some people were trying SO HARD to be actors, rolling my eyes here
 Jokerette: who might that have been? snark!
junbuggy: Will was especially hustling "makeup please", "I feel shiny" "what's my motivation?"
 junbuggy: and I'm like, there IS not motivation, this is not our show!! hahahaha. and Nathan adding lines where there were none. he was not happy having no lines :)
 Jokerette: moti-fucking-vation? LOL
junbuggy: yeah,'s called pretend you're a reality star again
 clueliss: who did you like working with from the other seasons?
 junbuggy: RODDY and HARDY. yum!

 Jokerette: <junrulz> I bet they showed your DRs because they were the funniest and yet realest of them all. For BB5 would you cast the younger people like they did this year or go with the mixed yet older ages of the previous seasons?
junbuggy: I have to think that they should put in a good mix. this year was ridiculous (probably b/c of the x-factor)
 Jokerette: we thought so too... but you truly helped make that show
junbuggy: it's more interesting when you see WISER people who have lived life a little more. instead of high school stories that happened like um, 4 years ago?!?!
 Jokerette: <Fans4U> Are you still pissed at Rob for repeatedly saying the females of BB4 are bitches, sluts and whores?
junbuggy: NO, I totally played that out to make Ali hate him more :) C'mon, we say sh*t like that all the time! Hahahaha. He had every right's a tough house to be in.... SH*t, if I got screwed week after week I would be pissed too! HA!
 Jokerette: LOL you don't think he brought it on himself, sorta?
junbuggy: But Robert, yeah.....he did not pick his battles well
 clueliss: <bruhe> during the final three, when Robert played his only hand badly, you and Ali pretty much tore him a new one. was that just playing to cameras? or were you both offended that he had the nerve to try to stay in the game even though he didn't see the writing on the wall?
junbuggy: TOTALLY, Ali and were just making sure we would take each other to the finals. SO MUCH of it was for the cameras and for each other. Robert never stepped foot outside "ROBERT WORLD" and so he had no clue as to how serious Ali and I were
 Jokerette: <lexiebigbrotherupd> Jun what was the best thing to come out of all this for you?
junbuggy: That I once again proved to myself that I could DO IT...I mean, IT, whatever I set my mind to :). I went in saying I would win and I'm sure they all did, but I REALLY meant it :). There was no turning back and that's why I played the way I did
 Jokerette: Did you ever have doubts you'd win, though?
junbuggy: I though I might be in trouble when I was up against Dana...I mean...pawns are not always pawns.... And the fact that JACK was threatened by me meant a lot. it meant that he KNEW I was playing smart and hard
 Jokerette: you DO know BB well :) (the pawns remark. LOL)
junbuggy: oh yeah.... That's why I played it cool that week and let Dana bury herself
 Jokerette: I hope you come play with Jokers for bb5, we like your insights, you :)
junbuggy: I'm sure I will ) and I'll be brutally honest!
 Jokerette: well, Jokers is known for brutal honesty LMAO

 Jokerette: <TJane> What was the most ridiculous competition?
junbuggy: The most ridiculous competition was the blimp comp...the escape from BB. and I hated the Niagara balls, that ball really hurt!
 lexiebigbrotherupd: not the suds and duds ??
junbuggy: that was fun!. reminded me of Cancun..sigh.... hahaha, but I DID NOT want to see Jack.... I however did want to get a look at Erika's girls...
 Jokerette: did you see him though?
junbuggy: no, thanks goodness
 Jokerette: did you see... Robert??
junbuggy: and I stayed away from Jee too...
 junbuggy: no, we didn't get to see much because we were so focused, but the cameramen had a FIELD DAY!
 Jokerette: is Robert hung like a flea? :::::runs fast
junbuggy: Well, Robert TOLD me that he "was long but skinny". EWWW! I HATE PENCIL D*CKS!
 Jokerette: BWHAHAHH just what I was thinking.. except needle dicks :)
junbuggy: they hurt. hahahaha
 Jokerette: not much fun.. but it figures =he= would have one!
junbuggy: yeah.... I still don't get the whole Erika/Robert thing
 Jokerette: neither did we.
junbuggy: I mean she is Gorgeous, but I had to pick on her you know?
 lexiebigbrotherupd: me either... would have never pictured those two together
 junbuggy: yeah, Robert somehow GETS these girls!
 Jokerette: it ain't his good looks nor the needle dick... he must drive a rolls
lexiebigbrotherupd: or he hands out tips ;)
 junbuggy: yup...actually a benzie actually
 Jokerette: LMAO I knew it
junbuggy: it's him whole confident schmoozing/name dropping, I mean if I were a wanna-be porn star I'd get in good with him too!
 junbuggy: oops, I should play nice
 Jokerette: Don't reckon you saw Dave's willie, didya? LOL
junbuggy: No, but I heard Dave is very, ahem, healthy
 Jokerette: yeeeeah! <sighs and grins>
junbuggy: hahaha
  travismcgee: what do you think about Erica dating a BB1 contestant
junbuggy: well, I think it's strange
 junrulz: what did you think of Justin?.
junbuggy: but I kind of had/have the hots for Roddy so.... Justin is great and SO real, he and I will definitely see each other
 natealifan: Jun I have to ask why were you so adamant about Dave leaving it would have been more fun for him to stay?
junbuggy: Well I knew it was the PERFECT time for Dave to wouldn't be "my fault" and it would take a strong player out. I didn't want Nate and Dave on the same team anymore
 lexiebigbrotherupd: Jun.. did you guys not know anything about Erika dating Josh.. I mean I can't believe that Robert knew and he didn't spill the beans about it
junbuggy: We didn't know about josh until AFTER. I think it's WRONG. I'm sure she got some insider tips you know?
 rockabye: Do you feel you had it "easy" compared to other BB seasons?
 natealifan: were you surprised by all the Dana hatred
junbuggy: well, Dana is SUCH a strong personality that EVERYTHING she does is strong you know?
 TJane: Erika was dating Josh before the show began?
junbuggy: yeah, for a few months...she was falling in love I think
 Fans4U: Do you still talk to Psycho Bitch?
junbuggy: Ali?. lol, yeah, I talk to her :)
 natealifan: had you told Nate about Ali Dave they wouldn't have been on the same team
junbuggy: well I TRIED to talk to Nate but remember he went buts and started that drama?
 junbuggy: He was SO p8ssy whipped by Ali that Nathan would have given up his first born...
 junrulz: I liked Erika, but every time Jun and Ali tore into her I died laughing
junbuggy: because Erika was not fooling anyone!. least of all me!. hahaha
 TJane: Did you get to meet the cameramen who taped you when you were naked? What was that like?
junbuggy: Yes, and most of them were gay!. it was awesome, they were like "we loved all the manicure/pedicure tips" you gave out
 Jokerette: OMG and the mime! did ya meet the mime at the cast party? LOL
 rockabye: Did Robert masturbate during those loooonnnng showers?
junbuggy: I don't know if Robert did...yuuckkky dirty drains!
 travismcgee: did you really like the mime or where you just being nice to him because the way Ali acted
junbuggy: I did like the mime, I felt bad because I knew he was there to make us miserable but it's not like he WANTED to!. Robert and Ali were SO mean to him, but I love kids and so I treated him like one I was babysitting :)
 TJane: Was Josh BB1 at the cast party too?
junbuggy: no, josh was not there. but Danielle, Jason and Marcellas were
 Lotus: hey Jun, what were you most embarrassed by when Julie Chen addressed you during the live show?
junbuggy: I wasn't really ever embarrassed by Julie, actually I reveled in the extra attention! :)
 lexiebigbrotherupd: I thought you were great with the Mime.. I think he was grateful you were there
 bruhe:  I loved when Jun told the mime to shut up lol
 Jokerette: amen lexie

 natealifan: Jun did you find out about Ali and Nate's early hook up before you saw the tapes and what did you think about him messing with Michelle after?
 rockabye: Did you WANT to go with Ali on the blimp?
junbuggy: I did want to go with Ali ONLY for strategic reasons...I figured if I GO with here and NOT talk about the game, it would mean more to her than if I campaigned because I knew that Erika would when we got back. sigh...always about the game that Jun :)
 TJane: Did you guys get to interact with Julie Chen or did they keep you at a distance from her at the party?
junbuggy: Julie left early and was very much the "I'm the hostess who's going to marry LEs so leave me alone" role
 junbuggy: :)
 junbuggy: yeah, he was really nice, has an 8 year old daughter and everything :)
 junrulz: I heard though the feeds that you didn't even like the whole blimp idea

 natealifan: Did Dana ever find out the real time table as to you knowing about Dave's plan to oust Michelle?
junbuggy: I don't think so...gosh that was hard though being caught in the middle with Dana and the rest of the house!
 junbuggy: did you SEE my lie?  hahaha
  travismcgee:  how did you feel when you heard that Erica said about the blimp popping and crashing
junbuggy: Erika's comment was horrible! but funny...I have a sick sense of humor...
 BamaJake:  What were your thoughts on Dave & Amanda when they were in HOH loving it up?
junbuggy: Dave and Amanda hooking up? I was happy for them...sincerely...I wish I could have watched...I'm a voyeur by night and an exhibitionist by day hahahaha
 Lotus: Jun, you looked so alive and refreshed the next morning you won when Julie interviewed you?? you must have not slept at all!
junbuggy: I slept like 1 hour! I was busy being happy lying in bed with Bob :)
travismcgee:  Erica's comment and then demanding $20,000 from Robt and about the lies she told Robt boss turned a lot of 'fans' against her
junbuggy: really? I didn't know all that about Erika/Robert
 BLUEBEAR: would you liked to have spent some time at the jury house (after the show) 0
junbuggy: I think the jury house looked GREAT, but I was ready to go home...
 lexiebigbrotherupd: was Amanda as Chilly as she seemed to be on the show.. it seemed like she was hard to get to know..?
junbuggy: No, Amanda is hilarious in her own right...she would get all my jokes while Michelle sat there with her head cocked. but Amanda is hard to break...and that's why she had to go
 natealifan: what was your fave nickname the net gave the other hg's
junbuggy: Ratbert!
 junbuggy: Hahahaha
 Jokerette: Jun.. Jokers has the link to the David/Amanda bang feed.. it's taken something like 60,000 views. LOL
 junbuggy: I'm sure...gosh...Dave...yum
 natealifan: my personal fave was Ratbert
 Lotus: so truth be told Jun, I bet you've been asked a million times, did you throw any competitions? :)
junbuggy: I threw 3 HOHs in total but that's it
 junbuggy: yes, the one that Justin won I threw...Michelle had told me to my face that "Legally Blonde" was her favorite movie...
 rockabye: Jun the funniest you said was when Michelle asked what time it was and you said "It's past your bedtime, Michelle!" Hilarious!. hahaha, it was!!!!. she was So clueless sometimes. And like, well, wow, like I didn't know what to say!. she SO perpetuated so many stereotypes

 travismcgee: have to how many pairs of shoes have you purchased since the end of BB
junbuggy: um, honestly? 2 pairs of sneakers, 2 pairs of boots and 4 shoes.... I have a shoe problem
 Lotus: Jun, do you still wake up at times thinking their are cameras all over??
junbuggy: not anymore, but the first week I would brush my hair off my chest thinking there was a mic :) nerves, nah...I'm SO much better
 natealifan: have you asked Nate how it felt to be played so well on Nat'l TV? LOL
junbuggy: no, Nathan is STILL in should have seen Ali and Nate on the set of yes dear!. well, we had these trailers and the walls between us could be taken down...well Ali and Nate took theirs down . and changed in front of each other, etc.. and Ali would be on the phone with Donny and screaming at him. with Nathan right there. fighting about her sharing a trailer with Nathan!. SO ridiculous. and he totally got spun into her web again
 junbuggy: Nathan is a mushball with anything with ovaries
 rockabye: Do you think Jee misses you? He MUST!
junbuggy: Jee is most happy that I'm out of his life...
 Jokerette: that Donny dude must not be right sharp. Snark
 natealifan: in Erika's chat he sounded like he hated her

 travismcgee: well didn't he keep showing his "tomatoes" wearing those shorts on BB
 Tano:  LOL so I take it that she and the boy friend in PA are done
junbuggy: she's actually living with Donny right now
 Lotus: talking about that, were you there for the exposing of the "cherry tomatoes" of Nathan's?
junbuggy: yeah, I was sitting right in front of him, I'm the one who said so! hahahaha
 Lotus: we saw that on the feeds, gave you guys a good laugh
junbuggy: yeah they were very irritated looking!. much have been the fabric softener
 spastic: Did you know that Alison is auctioning a lot of their BB stuff on EBay? Including phones calls from herself and What's his name?
junbuggy: yeah, I don't know WHY Ali is selling stuff.... I will donate gas money to her.... sheesh
 natealifan: have Dana and Ali spoken? if so were refs needed? LOL
junbuggy: oh no, I don't think Ali and Dana WILL ever speak
 BamaJake: DO YOU STILL EAT PB & J\/
junbuggy: NO PB & J
 rockabye: Jun what was the best take out food in the house, after all the PB&J?
junbuggy: FABulOuS SushI!!!
 Lotus: they didn't speak at the cast party at all?
junbuggy: nope ,stayed far away...but no one really talked to me either except jack and Dave...and Erika later
 travismcgee: did you go to Robt's parents home for the BarBQue and does Robt parents have $$$$
junbuggy: Robert made it a point NOT to invite me, but that's okay...under the circumstances, there were a lot of emotions still running high
 Lotus: so you didn't meet Barry Drewmore? :)
junbuggy: hahaha so no puff daddy or spike lee or Hugh Heffner
 lexiebigbrotherupd: not that you would have gone anyways... right !!
junbuggy: nah...but it's always nice to be invited you know?
 Lotus: Jun, you have any pets? did you bring home Ali's pink elephant? :)
junbuggy: no pets...I wouldn't make a dog suffer in my tiny NY apt
 rockabye: How did you feel about the Dream Team being called the Three Stooges so much out here?
junbuggy: The Cream Team? I mean c' are not in the Olympics...or anything close, it's a fame!
 travismcgee: so there really were some VERY bad feelings and poor sportsman ship afterwards even though it was a TV Game
junbuggy: they took things WAY to personally. Yes, bad sportsmanship...I was disappointed.. I think that for those of us who took it as a game it has been easier to move on...
 natealifan: If it had been me you were slamming I would've laughed your dr's were the best part of the show
junbuggy: thanks :) I really do run my mouth :)
 Lotus: so would you pose in Playboy, Jun? no one will tell your parents! :)
junbuggy: NO playboy...I'll write them an article, or even a hot story but no picture.... picture me with a pint of Hagen dazs!
 Lotus: after all, Robert did say he would pose in Playgirl if he was asked
junbuggy: I love playboy!. I do NoT want to see Robert. One hand on his c*ck and the other in his nose!. Hahahaha. I think Erika and Ali would do it though
 lexiebigbrotherupd: did that get on your nerves.. I mean jeez. did you just not want to scream STOP IT
junbuggy: yes I did, especially when we were EATING! and did you notice how he would always want to taste other people's food? and he had the NERVE to get pissed at the mime? yes, what is up with that? no manners.
 travismcgee: noticed how little Erika ate and wonder if she has an eating problem
junbuggy: well, Erika didn't eat.
 lexiebigbrotherupd: she just moved her food around didn't she?
junbuggy: and as a reformed fat girl...I watched Erika all summer
 Lotus: Jun, how pissed were you when you, Ali, and Rob were standing on those small houses and you took your hand off real quick?
junbuggy: oh god, I grabbed for my pashmina! vanity is the end of all things! but it worked out great b/c I was going to give it to Ali anyway,....I just didn't realize how close Robert was to quitting. that ice DID hurt...not the whole nutcracker snow it was made out to be
 travismcgee: noticed that Erika ate very little and drank a lot
junbuggy: yes, I would watch her literally turn her food over instead of eating it
 junbuggy: then she ate a lot of softer foods like apple sauce and beans...weird...definitely
 spastic: maybe she has dentures? lol
junbuggy: hahahaha denture
 lexiebigbrotherupd: I would have been a major bit%h not eating... like that...
 travismcgee: plus noticed that she would leave the table and head for the Bathroom during dinner

 shakazulu: he did find a way to wuss out on every competition didn't he?
 natealifan: Jun why do you think bb4 had less bonding and solid alliances than previous years?
junbuggy: the exs definitely...and also we saw that people like will and Danielle were winning so it was no holds barred
TeamMoulinRouge: Jun Did you ever hear from the Pirate's Booty people? They answered my email and sent me a bumper sticker when I emailed them about you.
junbuggy: YES! I heard from pirate's booty, I'm so psyched. it's AMAZING the exposure...
 TeamMoulinRouge: <<<Booty Head
junbuggy: THE BOOTY HEAD!. pirate's booty is the BESTED snack in the world. like cheez doodles except less salty, healthier, lighter
 lexiebigbrotherupd: Lexie is a booty head all because of Jun
 travismcgee: well okay...where in SF can one find pirate's booty
 lexiebigbrotherupd: travis you can go to their website and order it...
 travismcgee: thx

 Lotus: plus, you were at the front seats at the VMA's! and you won!
junbuggy: VMAs were AWESOME!
 junbuggy: just ridiculously fun and I was in AWE!
 natealifan: were you angry Dana made you choose sides so soon? and did you regret it?
 spastic:  How can Jun regret it when she won? lol
 natealifan: true lol

 rockabye: Who, from BB4, do you still hope to be in contact with in the distant future?
junbuggy: Jack...Justin...Dana...
 junbuggy: Roddy...Danielle and Marcellas
 Lotus: Jun, do you still have that black dress you wore??
 Lotus: sell it on EBay like Ali! LOL
junbuggy: HECK YEAH I still have it!
 Jokerette: rofl eBay
 Jokerette: that's a kewl dress! don't sell it
junbuggy: I refuse ) but maybe I can rummage up something :)
 Jokerette: amen!
 lexiebigbrotherupd: sell those cheap shoes they gave you ;)
 Jokerette: just when you get rid of something like that, you never find another
 lexiebigbrotherupd: do you still have them?
 rockabye: Sell something of Ali's....she does! LMAO
 natealifan: sell a phone call with bob LOL
junbuggy: ooooooooooh, that's a good One!
 Kiana: not sure you answered this, but is Justin and Dana still "on"?
junbuggy: I THINK they talk, I don't know how much or how serious
 Kiana: cool, thx :)

 Lotus: so did you go out and buy another black fish net shirt once you got home? :)
junbuggy: haahha
 junbuggy: no, no fishnet tops....but plenty of fishnet stockings...yum
 Lotus: that burning the hated items show was so funny
 spastic: yes it was!
 Jokerette: that damn pink hat. LOL
junbuggy: I though it was a bit overdrawn...
 lexiebigbrotherupd: poor Jack and his pants..

 travismcgee: Did you know that Erica went to the Diary room and complained about the cheap prizes they were giving this cars, money etc even though you just went to the award show
junbuggy: yeah...we actually thought we would get better "stuff" like they did last year
 junbuggy: But I will never say no to Bolce and Gabbana!
 junbuggy: Dolce
 Lotus: that was hilarious!
junbuggy: sorry, long nails
 lexiebigbrotherupd: they did kinda rip you guys off.. well.. except for the VMA's
 rockabye: Seemed like the money went to the sequester house this year.
junbuggy: YES, the sequester house took a chunk out of the budget
 Lotus: but I got to say, the highlight of watching BB was seeing you Jun in the banana outfit! :)
junbuggy: The banana outfit was funny
 lexiebigbrotherupd: that was a funny one
junbuggy: not too sexy though, I was a "baggy" banana :)
 lexiebigbrotherupd: lol
 Lotus: that was the best competition to watch, it seemed you guys had so much fun
 Jokerette: thing as the hotdog was a riot

 TeamMoulinRouge: Jun, Is there *anything* that you are still NOT allowed to talk about?
junbuggy: I don't know, but I've been spilling my beans!
 lexiebigbrotherupd: LOL
 spastic: lol TeamMoulin... ummm.. would she be able to answer that?
 Jokerette: rofl more beans the better ;)

 travismcgee: are you back at your old job or do you plan on opening "BB Winner's Nail Salon"
junbuggy: actually, I'm going to write a book...a "Bridget Jones' diary" meets BB with a whole reality TV one's done it yet
 Jokerette: oh hell yeah, you should. lol
 lexiebigbrotherupd: A book would be a great idea.. I'll help you promote it !!!
 TeamMoulinRouge: I will buy a copy
 natealifan: me too

 natealifan: Jack said had recommend a few people for the FBI were you one of them? you seemed to know and run the players psyches the whole game
junbuggy: no me. I'm a "liability" remember?
 natealifan: lol forgot that you proved him wrong
 Jokerette: hahahaah!
 Lotus: so Jun, who had a better ass, Justin, Dave, or Nathan? :)
junbuggy: JUSTIN
 natealifan: Justin????
 Lotus: now did you see it bare, or with those damn smelly shorts he had on?
junbuggy: yes Justin...Nathan's was too flat and Dave's was nice but Justin's was a bubble butt!
 lexiebigbrotherupd: does the show still keep in touch with you ?? Things you have to do ??
 junbuggy: well I haven't really been very open to doing things...trying to have a normal life
 spastic: What have you turned down Jun?
 yzzzguy: Aaaaa...I have to plug my ears! LOL..
junbuggy: some WB thing...and a couple of follow-ups...I've been spending a lot of time with my family actually, my dad's health is less than par
 lexiebigbrotherupd: awww.. sorry to hear that
 Kiana: sorry to hear that Jun
junbuggy: thank you :0p
 spastic: I'm sorry to hear that :(
junbuggy:'s just nice being back so I can actually see him and touch him
 junbuggy: but he's getting better :)
 lexiebigbrotherupd: I bet... ;)
 Jokerette: {{{ Jun }}}
 Kiana: good :)

 TeamMoulinRouge: The Yes Dear epi was hysterical
junbuggy: yes dear was so fun
 lexiebigbrotherupd: it was great
junbuggy: and I got a hoot out of watching myself on an actual show
 TeamMoulinRouge: you looked like you were enjoying it
 travismcgee: Why did Marc have such a large part...who does he know
 shakazulu: you mean, what did he do
junbuggy: Well Marcellas is hilarious and he's got more contacts with the entertainment industry you know?
 Lotus: so we heard your going on The Amazing Race with Julie? :)
 spastic:  LOL lotus
junbuggy: HELL NO!
 shakazulu: lol
 Kiana: lol
junbuggy: gots to take my nail polish
 Jokerette: bwahahaahhaah

 rockabye: Was there any news piece that surprised you when you got out of the house?
junbuggy: yeah the whole Schwarzenegger thing!
 rockabye: Collyfornia, yeah.

 Lotus: Jun, I think you should host next years BB, you got the best personality and charm for it :)
junbuggy: it's funny
 junbuggy: on my application I told them that I wanted her job next year!
 junbuggy: and they told her!
 Lotus: ROFL you did??
junbuggy: yikes! I was not her favorite :)
 lexiebigbrotherupd: LOL
junbuggy: I was making fun of her all summer
 shakazulu: we know
junbuggy: "hi guys" "hello houseguest"
 junbuggy: hahahaha
 Lotus: and they aired it on the shows, not only the net
 Lotus: heheh
 lexiebigbrotherupd: she needs to marry Les and let you host....
junbuggy: oh no! hahahaha
 junbuggy: I will TOTALLY get stuff out of people and not let them skirt issues...and I'll actually WATCH the shows...ahem
 lexiebigbrotherupd: you would know all the "good " questions to ask the HG's to get them going
 yzzzguy: Is TV big enough to handle this flood of token Asian chicks?  :)
 travismcgee: you mean like instead of sleeping with the BIG BOSS??
junbuggy: I don't know...we're taking over!
 junbuggy: move over Mulan!
 Jokerette: LOL
 yzzzguy: He he..
 JG: I liked Mulan
junbuggy: Hahahahaha....I would LOVE to host...that would be the sh*t!
 Jokerette: you'd blow Julie off the stage for real
 Jokerette: let's do a campaign hehehehe
 Lotus: yeah, and when its time to evict someone, you can say "Its time to go...."
 yzzzguy: Ornamentals...Unite!
 travismcgee: well it doesn't hurt having Les M as a boyfriend
junbuggy: "...because you suck!"
 junbuggy: hahahaha
 lexiebigbrotherupd: they should let you do some Diary Room's too... get the HG's all stirred up...
junbuggy: man, sigh...
 spastic: too funny
 rockabye: Or in Jun style Get The F#@~ Out!
 shakazulu: YEah, ,and you could go back in and COOK!!
junbuggy: it's all SO scripted you know...
 junbuggy: nothing impromptu...
 spastic: Cook their a$$'s lol
junbuggy: Hahahaha!
 Kiana: lol
junbuggy: I could name dishes after the losers!
 lexiebigbrotherupd: lol
 yzzzguy: What isn't? They need to manipulate things for "the ratings"!!!
 travismcgee: your cooking made everything seem so simple even when you were cooking for the big group
 Kiana: lol Jun "Ratbert Stew"
junbuggy: Cooking REALLY made the time go fast...I'm a nurturer by nature (as bob can attest) so it WAS a lot of editing they did to make me look like a witch
shakazulu: lol, sure Jun
spastic: great editing then... (just joking... lol)

 spastic:  Junbuggy... would you like to donate to the "lets save Spastic from myself" fund? *grin*
junbuggy: fer sure!
 junbuggy: I will donate some canned goods :)
 spastic: lmao

 shakazulu: how long did you practice for the TV shows?
 natealifan: did they (the dr) attempt to stack the show as they did in bb3 like stirring up the Amy Chiara battle
 lexiebigbrotherupd: did the waiting on the challenges drive you nuts... ??
junbuggy: Well we went through a couple of trial runs and were told the do's/don'ts ie cursing, etc.
 shakazulu: who needed the most takes?
junbuggy: Nathan was a dork :)
 junbuggy: he can't read!
 junbuggy: and he's a teacher!
 junbuggy: scary :)
 JG: Did they make everyone see a staff psychologist after the show was over?
 yzzzguy: Yeah...Dr. Phil!
 Lotus: Jun, when you were HOH, who annoyed you the most by coming in saying "can we talk?"
junbuggy: Well Jee...but that's because I knew I wasn't listening...hahaha
 Lotus: LOL
 shakazulu: Jun we watched you sleeping!
junbuggy: I was very honest with him though un to a point
 junbuggy: I know...and dreaming
 shakazulu: ;)
 yzzzguy: And what were you dreaming of...or who?
junbuggy: god, I love sex dreams...but usually they're better if you wake up next to someone so you can have a part 2
 shakazulu: we saw you grab Dave's ass
 yzzzguy: He he..
 Lotus: hehhe Dave's ass
 yzzzguy: Sex dreams in color or B&W?
 spastic:  Sex dreams are also better if the people in the same room with you don't throw up to you what noises you made during them... lol

 travismcgee: Nicole was a real kitchen nazi but you never seemed to mind others around you in the kitchen'
junbuggy: No...I knew it was my domain and so did everyone else, do I feel no need to shoo people away
 junbuggy: I didn't want to make it THAT obvious that that was my strategy you know?
 lexiebigbrotherupd: I thought you had a heck of a lot of self control when Dana would try to get in the kitchen with you
junbuggy: Besides, that's where people found me instead of me having to go to them
 shakazulu: I thought you had a lot of self control when Dana would get into a conversation with you
junbuggy: Yeah, but Dana couldn't compete
 junbuggy: she just wanted to make "Sawce"
 JG: good strategy, Jun!!!!!
 lexiebigbrotherupd: lol
 Kiana: lol
 TeamMoulinRouge: lol
 yzzzguy: IS food mixed with sex...mmmm
junbuggy: Food and Sex...just be careful
 junbuggy: :)
 shakazulu: why?
 Kiana: you need your own snark column Jun ;)
junbuggy: I love being snarky!
 Kiana: and you're actually funny at it lol
junbuggy: Well shaka, you don't want to have to make a trip to the gyn to get cleaned out
 shakazulu: have you had any food/sex related accidents Jun?
junbuggy: stuff like that...
 shakazulu: I see
junbuggy: oh, not me..."Friend"
 Kiana: LOL

 Lotus: Jun, how different do you think BB would have played out if David was in for longer?
junbuggy: If Dave was in longer, Jack and Erika would have been StrongER and I would have been out
 Lotus: Jun, how surprised were you when the votes were revealed that the only one that didn't vote for you was Nathan??
junbuggy: I was SO disappointed in Nathan and then I laughed
 junbuggy: HE looked the fool
 travismcgee: There is one thing that was very different this year...Most were playing the game but not with the nastiness that there was last year and   you won without resorting to the evil way Danielle played

 Lotus: were you shocked at anyone who DID give you a vote, and you thought they would vote for Ali?
junbuggy: NOPE
 lexiebigbrotherupd: good answer !!
 shakazulu: no way
junbuggy: in all honesty I got a good feeling from the Q&A session that I had it in the bag
 junbuggy: people were calling me "junbug" so I could tell I was in
 shakazulu: that was a tough session though, wasn't it?
 Lotus: of course they had to throw in the negative responses to you
 shakazulu: junbug
junbuggy: I THRIVE on that stuff though....interviews are my thing
 Lotus: so to the viewing audience it made more drama
 JG: was any of that part staged? Do those guys get help on their questions?
 shakazulu: the negative stuff towards you was probably all scripted anyway
junbuggy: right, but I stood my ground...esp with Erika. I KNEW that they had all said bad stuff about each other but they were being so righteous! Then they got to see the episodes, hahahaha
 rockabye: What did you think of Ali as she answered the others' questions?
 lexiebigbrotherupd: yeah.. they made it appear that there was no way Erika would vote for you
yzzzguy: Ya know...I just dropped by here at random...haven't met Jun before nor even seen this show but I like her! Sick sense of humor rules! LOL
travismcgee: played hard but didn't resort to what Danielle pulled with her "devil Roddy" and what she did to least you can hold your head up high

natealifan: Jun is there anyone Ali could've won in the end against?
junbuggy: I don't think Ali could have won...her best shot was the $50K
 Lotus: that's what the internet said ALL along
 shakazulu: even against Scott?
 spastic:  yeah Nate... someone that wasn't a contestant.... lol
 TeamMoulinRouge: but didn't Ali think she had won...right up till the end?
junbuggy: I thought she was a fool for saying what she did to Robert before evicting him, about the threats, etc. but I encouraged her :)
 lexiebigbrotherupd: lol Jun
 shakazulu: you're snarky all right
 natealifan: I thought she might've against Dana lol
 Lotus: LOL you played a good game
junbuggy: Yeah, Ali was crazy enough to think that her "winning" competitions was enough...
 junbuggy: she didn't get that this was also a SOCIOLOGY experiment gone awry
 travismcgee: think your only really BIG slip up was the remark about Robert's daughter
 shakazulu: like no one heard her saying she hated everybody
 spastic:  LOL Jun
 spastic:  good way to put it
junbuggy: the whole thing with Robert's daughter was/is so horrible
 shakazulu: why Jun?
junbuggy: I read the transcripts because I couldn't believe's in the past now but I was actually calling Robert a bitch
 travismcgee: bet that was one thing after it was said that one would hope you could swallow and have it erased
 shakazulu: you were?
junbuggy: but I can see how it looked like I was calling Elena that
 Lotus: you have a great poker face Jun, you really do, you played it cool, even when Nathan called you a snake :)
 yzzzguy: Hmmm...snake..snarky...
junbuggy: I have sent Robert a heartfelt apology though and he said he forgives me
 Lotus: transcript? damn, that must be about 20,000 pages :)
 shakazulu: wow Jun, we didn't know that
junbuggy: Yeah...I was so angry...but at ROBERT...
 spastic: I forgot about that but I really thought the animosity was no way intended towards a child (Robert's daughter) but more towards him.
 shakazulu: we all were mad at Robert too
junbuggy: No, the game is over, this was a couple of weeks ago
 travismcgee: Things are said in anger and of course the net picked it up and ran with it

 JG: Do you think you were the smartest one on the show?
 rockabye: Did you meet Brandon?