9:30 AM
Most HGs are still asleep but Frank and Boogie are in the backyard talking about last night's offer from Wil to backdoor Dan. Frank wants to revisit getting rid of Dan; Boogie says it's still too early and suggested to Dan that he talk to Frank more. Boogie is concerned with Frank telling Ian, because if Ian tells Brit about it, then it's all over. He asks if he made him swear not to tell them (he already did tell 'em).

10:00 AM
Wake up call for HGs.

10:30 AM
Shane telling Boogie and Frank about a dream he had of Kara last night. He says she was at the Playmate house Shane got evicted. She came, picked him up and he got to meet her roommates. He says it was a good one. Frank asks are you trying to say you want to go up so it can come true? Shane says no, no. Boogie says she could come scoop you up. Shane says she was all about you "Boogs". Boogie says yea right. Frank says the chick totally lied about me on the block. Boogie says he finds it funny that she tried to play right before she left. They talk how Kara went to bed early the night before eviction. Talk ends.

12:00 PM
Feeds back from the veto ceremony. Shocker! Frank did not use the POV and so Wil and Joe are still on the block. Britney tells Shane in the bathroom, "Good thing you didn't go up; we wouldn't have the votes for you."

12:30 PM
Britney tells Dan in the bathroom, "You were real close." Dan says they'll talk later in the pool. Afterwards, Britney tells Ian, "That was close, too close." And that Dan needs to step up and realize how close HE came to being up! Brit/Danielle asks Dan, "Are you gonna win HOH?" Dan says, "Not in the foreseeable future." Dan tells Brit he is 'in tune' and then tells Danielle to 'fill Brit in.' Dan says, "I won the game, ya know." Then he leaves the bathroom. Danielle whispers to Britney that Dan isn't throwing comps, he just doesn't want to show he's 'frazzled' at all.

1:00 PM
Ashley to Joe outside, "Joe, I tried. I tried to get you off the block. Wil and I went up there." Joe tells Ashley that he thinks Frank is working with Boogie, Dan, Danielle and Shane. Then he asks her where she will vote and she said she didn't know.

1:30 PM
Joe goes up to the HOH with Frank. Joe asks Frank what Wil tried to pull off last night. Frank tells him that Wil tried to get Frank to backdoor someone out of Dan, Danielle, Boogie and Shane, even if it meant that Wil would stay on the block. Frank says that it's not like he hadn't considered it but he didn't know if it was time to rock the boat, let alone if he had the votes to get that person evicted. Joe tells Frank that Wil told him that he and Ashley had worked Frank over and that Wil may need his vote. Frank tells Joe that people have come to him and said that now that Janelle is gone, they think they can trust Joe. He commended Joe on asking him in public about using the POV. Joe said he is trying to ask people in a group setting so that they don't feel cornered when asking for a vote.

4:15 PM
Dan and Frank are up in the HOH. Dan thanks Frank for not backdooring him. Frank says he can't say the thought didn't cross his mind; he is honest. They talk about trust and relationships. Both say they want to go with each other as far as they can, with Boogie and Danielle. Dan says his auxiliary goal is to get Ian to the Jury. Dan says he'd be sad if Ian didn't make it to Jury.

5:30 PM
Boogie and Frank talking in the backyard and Frank says he wishes Britney wasn't married. Boogie asks why because of game or something else. Frank says, "Both. She's sexy. Those outfits she wears and rapping." Boogie, "Yea, I agree, but she is married, not like she'd be interested if she wasn't."

7:30 PM
For several hours, the HGs eat cod and talk about reality shows. Then Dani mentioned she would throw up and have problems. She has IBS, kidney problems and spastic colon. Dani wasn't pleased that Brit explained what IBS stood for. Boog: Do you get irritated with drinking? Dani: Sometimes, that's why I avoid it. Boog says his friend has Crohns. Dani says that's similar. Dani says she has had to get a colonoscopy every year since 15; she has to be careful about her health. Her father has diverticulitis. Then Joe describes some friends who had to get half of his intestines out. Lovely talk, huh?

9:00 PM
Non-game chit chat in the living room.

10:30 PM
Finally a little game talk. Joe, Brit and Dani are in the hammock and Joe tells them about the Wil, Ashley and Frank convo from last night. Joe said Wil wanted Frank to take Joe down and but up someone from Dan, Danielle, Shane and Boogie alliance and Wil told him it was 90%. Britney and Dani discussing that Wil is being shady, having approached them for different deals and targeting coaches. Dani says Wil has to go. Danielle likes Wil as a person but strategically she wants him gone. They think Joe will be easier to get out later. Britney thinks Joe would put up Ian and Boogie or Frank and Boogie, maybe even Jenn and Ashley. Britney thinks Wil may have made a deal with Frank. If Frank tries to keep Wil later in the week, Britney says to bring up that Wil tried to make a deal with her and Shane and with Danielle and Shane, because Britney hasn't told Frank that yet. Danielle says she would put up Joe and Ashley next week because Ashley was in on the plan yesterday with Wil to throw Dan under the bus. Danielle doesn't want to lose "any of y'all" -- she says if Ian had come down and said Britney might go up yesterday, she would have cried. Britney told Danielle she was getting annoyed with Ian for not wanting to put up Frank or Boogie, only floaters. Britney said it's fine, that would be an easy week, and she knows Ian wouldn't put any of the Quack Pack up -- but Ian wants to have his cake and eat it too. Ian wants to be good with both sides. Brit said that's why if it gets to be the 4 of us Ian has to be the first to go. Frank came up to the hammock and conversation switched to Danielle and Britney telling him about Joe's campaigning.

11:00 PM
Dan and Danielle are talking in the Skid Row room. Dani talking about how she likes Brit but it ticks her off when she says stuff that bothers her, but she doesn't think Brit intends to be mean. As an example she brings up Brit explaining her IBS. Dani starts to talk about how Shane is a "dick" & how some of the things Shane says are messed up. Says Brit told her her that out of the house Brit would say not to talk to him, he's a douche. Dani: bringing up in the BR Shane was saying how he'd like to meet Danielle D, he thinks she's cute (ed. was waiting to see her reaction to this- she stayed cool & un-reactive when he said it). Dan: that's why I said no showmances. Dani: there is no showmance. She gives another example about Shane commenting about how close she is to Dan and she said Dan has a wife. She then says Shane became jealous when Wil picked up Dani for pictures. Then Dani made the mistake of saying her "marriage broke up because of stuff like that". Dan: what you were married? Dani: well, no, my engagement. She talks about seeing the credit card bill and how much money he spent on other women. Dan: That's crazy.

11:45 PM
Britney tells Dan about hearing Joe masturbating the other night. Britney: "If I tell you the story, one it's going to change your life and two you may change your mind about me. The other night, I was lying on the floor, Shane and Dani were out. I was in my silent slumber. All of a sudden, I heard a noise . . ." Britney starts making gestures with the blanket, voice noises of masturbation, "Oh, my God, Oh my god, hummm-hummm, cough." Boogie came in and she tells him the story. Brit, Dan, Dani and Boogie laughing about it.

12:00 AM
Jenn and Wil by the hot tub agreeing that Frank is foolish not make a big move and agreeing it will ruin his game now. Wil says to Jenn, "I have you and Ashley's vote, I need three more." While in the hot tub, Jenn says to Wil, "I have an idea but you'll have to do some work." Then talk changes. Wil says: "I think it's a great sign that no one wants to talk to me." Jenn agrees. Both are drinking tea and complaining about the ants. Jenn explains about how the hot tube got overfilled when Ian jumped in and the hot tub was being filled. Have to be careful about the mic's.

After that, talk just turns gross. Our lovely and bored out of their skulls HGs talk about everything from wiping their butt to riding bulls.

4:00 AM
All HGs asleep! (Thanks goodness, lol!)

Oh my goodness, will our poor, bored house guests liven up? Will any drama happen over the next few days or are we doomed to talk of reality shows, IBS and politics until Thursday? Does Wil have enough votes to stay or will Joe be spared? Stay tuned . . .

Thanks so much to the Joker’s Updaters for your wonderful updates; this couldn't get done without you guys!