Justin: hello all
Jokers: hey Justin!
Wildcard: hi Justin!
Jokers: Welcome to Jokers, you :D
Sassy: Welcome Justin!
Justin: thank you
Jokers: hey there you! How have you been since house??
Justin: here i am
Jokers: glad to see you :)
Justin: thank u , its nice to be here
Jokers: we had your pal Dana few weeks back! Have you spoken to anybody else??
Justin: yeah , i heard about that
Jokers: she's such fun :D
Sassy: lol hope you heard good things....
Justin: yeah, a bunch of em
Jokers: she said you were doing well.. we pumped her for info ;)

Jokers: you still hanging with the dream team?
Justin: i see jee more then i see rob, but its cause he's much closer
Jokers: awwwwww how you been since show? any opportunities you way?
Justin: i've been in contact w/ a few agents, nothing really out of it yet
Jokers: up for anything interesting? I bet you ARE!
Justin: haha, im up for whatever
Jokers: (an ass THAT fine will make it, I tell you! LOLOL)
Justin: haha, hilarious v
Jokers: hehehehe ;) couldn't resist

Jokers: how did you wind up doing big brother?
Justin: ali's ex applied, they got her from him, then they got me from her...then they took me over the original guy
Jokers: you HAVE to be kidding!!
Jokers: JESUS could that be any more complex...
Jokers: were you shocked at the call?
Justin: haha
Justin: not really, little bit, i never heard of big brother before
Jokers: LMFAO what a surprise then
Justin: i actually thought it was ali's friends tryin to play a trick on me
Jokers: OMG lol
Jokers: is that what you said to them?
Justin: not in so many words

Lacy: Have you talked to Ali since the show has ended?
Justin: yeah, we talk online every now and then
Sarah_: how nice
Justin: i can't hate
Jokers: good on you.

Sassy: after the show, after the interview, do they slowly bring you back into the real reality, or do they slowly introduce you to the world that has watched you....or provide any support for the fans you are sure to face?
Justin: they do a great job of debreifing us
Jokers: shrink on hand?
Justin: they take it very seriously
Justin: oh yeah
Jokers: as well they should, it's damn hard on you, isn't it?
Sassy: so they let you know if they feel you will be well liked or not?... and give you the heads up then?
Sassy: cuz we all know they edit the hell out of the show...
Justin: i actually thought it was a breath of fresh air to get away from the worlds issues
Sassy: some folks are the good guys some are not....from their editing.
Jokers: that place in puerto vallarta was GORgeous
Jokers: was that more fun than the house, the jury?
Justin: i miss it soo much
Jokers: hell i would too lol

Jokers: how was the cast party for you?
Jokers: did you raise 8 kinds of hell?
Justin: oh yeah, we got down
Justin: it lasted all night
Jokers: crikey didn't hear it went all night!
Justin: it was a lot of fun socializing outside the house
Jokers: anyone get naked and streak?
Justin: no streakers
Jokers: dang!
Jokers: did you get to actually talk to that mime?
Justin: oh yeah, he's a great guy...he has a seven year old daughter like rob does
Justin: it was cool to hear them talk of their daughters
Jokers: how cute is that.. I didn't know he had a daughter!... much less a voice :)
Justin: haha

Jokers: did you watch the entire show once out?
Justin: umm hmmm
Sassy: after watching the marathon session...did you have any regrets on anything you did?
Justin: no regrets, but i often wonder what would of happened if i kept nate
Jokers: how very true... think he was trustworthy?
Justin: even if he wasn't i think it would of made things fun
Jokers: Jee looked like a blast
Justin: oh he is
Jokers: and of course.. you did seem to have fun with missy dana, didn't you!
Justin: ................
Jokers: rofl
Jokers: dots?
Justin: thats a sigh
Jokers: oh?? really?
Justin: so what were we talkin about?hahaha
Jokers: damn
Jokers: .... sigh lol
Jokers: lets see... anything you would change if you could?
Jokers: {{{ Justin }}}
Justin: naa,
Sassy: What were the moments looking at the marathon tapes that you found the funniest memories?
Justin: good question
Justin: the first couple days were pretty dramatic for me
Jokers: god i'll bet
Justin: so i got that feeling over again for a second
Justin: the times in the hottub w/rob, and the nights of drinking with jee
Jokers: THAT was a hoot

Jokers: what about the scott incident?
Sassy: LOL it WAS
Jokers: was that rough?
Sarah_: the whole thing seemed so contrived
Justin: it wasn't as intense as they made it seem
Sarah_: the whole... hat always on, freaky behaviour.. didnt seem authentic and then poof, he flips and is out?
Jokers: it was so FAST
Justin: the girls gave the camera men some great footage
Sarah_: lol
Jokers: (silly buggers, i thought)
Jokers: I didn't feel he was gonna go postal, did you?
Justin: they called scott in the diary room , and then he was just gone and never came out
Jokers: crikey.. that HAD to be weird on yall
Justin: we had to pack for him
Jokers: sad kinda?
Justin: throw all his shit in the storage room
Jokers: oh man

Jokers: did you realize that sex was happening when the amanda thing went down? LMAO
Justin: no way
Justin: i would of never guessed
Jokers: poor choice of words on my part. shit. ROFL
Sarah_: when did you learn of it?
Justin: that was great though
Jokers: it was sure a first!
Justin: when i saw the tapes
* sassy gasps...NO clue prior to watching the tapes? were others surprised when they saw the tape too?
Jokers: man, I woulda thought the whole place rocked

Jokers: do you think you'd do a celeb big brother?
Jokers: wouldn't that be kickass tho!
ILoveJustinG: that would be allstar wouldnt it?
Jokers: yes!
Justin: i think it would be grea t
Sarah_: Has anyone approached you other than us about doing one? Can you even say?
Jokers: ohhh excellent question, rah :)
Justin: oh yeah, we talked to producers about doing it
Jokers: was shapiro into it?
Sarah_: How exciting !
Sassy: you approached the producers, or they approached you?
Justin: didn't talk to shapiro about it
Justin: but his right hand man
Jokers: Grodner?? ohhhhh never Platt?
Justin: holy moly
Jokers: we love Platt :)
lexiebbupdates: If they did do an All Star then there should definitely only be one half of the "ex" there... don't you think?
Justin: how r u feeling?
Sarah_: well, they have 4 seasons from which to choose
Jokers: god, let Jokers do the casting.. LOL
Jokers: Justin, who would you prefer to be in AllStar?
Justin: all the winners, and have the fans vote for the restV
Jokers: oh yeah! lovin it :)
Jokers: and some of the bastards for spice ;)

Justin: i have been seeing someone and she is in the room
Jokers: OMG!
Sarah_: hello Justin's girlfriend
Jokers: is she recovering from an illness?
Jokers: welcome Missa :)
Justin: haha, her name is joyce, it missauguasbuenas
Jokers: caght right on, me. LOL
Missaguasbuenas: lol he likes pageant girls jk
Justin: haha, thats funny
Jokers: how long have y'all been dating?
Jokers: OMG another pageant chick?
Jokers: How did you feel about him in Big Brother? have you seen it?
Justin: haha, for about two months
Jokers: kewl :) dang, right after it ended, eh?
Jokers: or is my timing hosed as usual?
Missaguasbuenas: thanks... ill save them for later wen im sick :)
Justin: joyce is sick, poor thing caught the flu from me
Jokers: oh no! you both had it?
Missaguasbuenas: hes healthy not me :(
Justin: yup, twas horrible
Sarah_: flu YIKES - ::dons a mask and rubber gloves

Jokers: Has Joyce met any of your bb pals?
Missaguasbuenas: i talked with Carmen
lexiebbupdates: Where did you guys meet ??
Missaguasbuenas: while they were in the house
Justin: yeah, she met jee
Missaguasbuenas: wed take turns watching each others "man"
Jokers: did carmen say she was intercepting Jee's emails? LOL
Jokers: Jun seemed to think she was, remember/ hehehehe
Jokers: Justin, do you still have the bitching tan? GOD you were dark
Justin: haha, i think im losin it
Jokers: I already have :)
Justin: haha
Jokers: I reckon they'd love to know how y'all met!
Missaguasbuenas: enough of moi enjoy Justin
Jokers: ok, we'll ask him :) how'd ya meet missa?
Justin: haha, we met at the gym
Jokers: oh really! LOL
Jokers: all that sweat does ya in every time :D

Jokers: What does Allie have to say for herself, these days?
Justin: she's been havin car trouble........karma
Jokers: ROFL
Jokers: We did have Jun in here.. she was ... for real.. GREAT
Jokers: have you heard from Jun at all?
Justin: oh, she's a pleasure
Jokers: she really is a totally different human outside that house!
Justin: she was like that in the house too
Jokers: god she's a funny lady :)
Missaguasbuenas: i picked Jun and Justin to win
Jokers: I had... allie
Jokers: shoot me :D
Justin: haha, alot did
Jokers: (I had her cause i knew her ass would win!)

Jokers: Justin, if not you, who did you want to win?
Justin: besides the dreamteam...jack
Jokers: There is a funny great soul!
Jokers: heard anything from him?? is he well?
Missaguasbuenas: jack blah
Jokers: really, missa? he seemed like a hoot
Justin: haha, he sent me xmas card
Justin: he's hilarious
Jokers: yeah!

Jokers: What was your favorite challenge?
Justin: layin pipe competition
Jokers: layin pipe was kewl! You wailed at that :)
Jokers: which challenge did you not like?
Justin: it was fun workin with jack and nate
Jokers: i just bet
Justin: didn't like the droppin thos lil ass balls in the jugs

Jokers: rofl !Did you do that ... show? what the hell was it?
Jokers: the sitcom?
lexiebbupdates: or the clam bake from hell??
Justin: clam baked sucked......yes, dear
Jokers: YEAH were you in that?
Jokers: I have memory like cheese :D
lexiebbupdates: lol
Justin: yeah, that was unreal
Jokers: was it a total hoot?
Justin: total hoot
Sarah_: I laughed the whole time - was so good
Jokers: now wait.. didn't we hear Dana went after someone?
Jokers: hots for?
Jokers: not dana
Jokers: dammit LOL.. allison!
Justin: not that i know of
Jokers: who chased nate's little ass?

Jokers9370: did you throw any of the comps
Jokers: oh GOOD one!
Justin: nope, but i slacked a little on the veto that jun won
Sillisulli: remember Ali went after Justin in the Hottub Ette:)
Jokers: OMG
Justin: thank u sillisulli
Sillisulli: LOL it was memerable in your restraint

lexiebbupdates: You've probably answered this one some where before - but what does the tattoo on you arm say/represent? Jokers: LOL
Jokers: yeah what about that tatoo.. roflmao

Jokers4899: how did the wax feel?
RealityStars: I am talking to Dana on the phone, would you like Dana to drop in and say hi?
Jokers: sure! tell her to bring it :)
Jokers: if justin likes?
Jokers9370: do you and Ali still talk
Justin: we talk a little

Jokers: Justin.. would you mind if la Dana dropped in?
Dana:too late...just poppin' in to say "hello"
Sarah_: LOL hi dana
Justin: no , not at all
Jokers: hi cutie :)
Sillisulli: Dana!!! How was your mani.pedi?:)
Jokers: good cause there she is!
Dana: there u go. hey jokerette
Jokers: crikey
Dana: it was fabulous silli thank you
RealityStars: lol
Sillisulli: pampered like the star you are:)
Dana: hey justin...how's your chat going?
Justin: haha, pretty good

Jokers: so, you two, how has life changed after BB for you?
Jokers: Do people come up to you guys on the street and bother you?
Sillisulli: Did you have fun at the VH-1 special?
Justin: i didn't go to that
Dana: nobody actually bothers me...it's fun when they recognize you - well, a little bit
Dana: vh1 was awesome.
Justin: they only took care of the ticket in , not the plane o
Jokers: Justin, no stalkers or anything for you?
Jokers: well that's cheap of them!
Sillisulli: wow,cheapskates
Sarah_: and surprising
Justin: no stalkers
Sillisulli: well the DID have 100 reality folks
Jokers: lots of recognition?
Jokers: yeah for Missa.. do people approach you and justin when you're out?
Justin: im ont sure if she's still chatting, she's got the flu
Missaguasbuenas: no not really
Jokers: awwwww tell her we hope she's better
Jokers: there ya're
Missaguasbuenas: im his secretary or whatever u wanna say
Missaguasbuenas: sister
Jokers: agent?
Jokers: LOL
Missaguasbuenas: sure

Sillisulli: Justin..so who DON'T you ever want to see from the show again?
Jokers: MissaManager?
Justin: no one, they were all cool

Jokers9370: Dana are you seeing anyone ?
Dana: Nope, not dating anybody seriously.

Dana: ok guys...I just stopped in to say hello
Jokers: awwww
Jokers: smooooch you!
Dana: justin - i will speak with you soon!! everybody...it's been real.
Sillisulli: Dana take care girly:)
Jokers: take care sweetie :)
Dana: jokerette - who loves u?
Justin: k, see ya girl
Jokers: who loves you!
Dana: bye!
Jokers: she was a total hoot!
Sillisulli: Pissed AWF will go down in Famous quotes
Jokers: roflmaopmp
Dana: thanks!! i love being a hoot. have fun guys!
Jokers: have a good one you!

Jokers9370: justin any plans for xmas
Justin: back to philly to be with the family
Sillisulli: just in time to shovel snow eh Justin?:)
Justin: oh im shovelin here
lexiebbupdates: where's here?
Jokers: Where you living now, Justin?
Justin: pitt
Sarah_: my mom lives on fifth in Pitt :)
lexiebbupdates: How much snow have you guys had?
Sarah_: anywhere near there?
Sillisulli: BTW Justin as a former PAer,I wanted to scream when Robert had on Penn State shirt
Justin: we got a foot and a half
Jokers: jeeeeeesus
Jokers: now I know why I live in nashville!
Sarah_: it snowed on Thanksgiving , I was there :D
lexiebbupdates: bet you have been shoveling then... jeez
Sillisulli: LOL still mild compared to '93
Jokers: he's got the muscles for it ;)
Sillisulli: Justin..ever have Middleswarth Potato Chips?
Sarah_: is that a Burgh Thing?

Sillisulli: No it's a PA thing.Sarah:)

Jokers: Justin... do you have a website?
Jokers: or are you with RealityStars now?
Justin: www.justin-giovinco.com
Justin: not completed yet though
Jokers: nice site!!!
Jokers: Like that pic on main page :)
Sarah_: oh me too NICE

Jokers9370: did you throw any comps
Jokers: he said he didn't but he let one slide for Jun
Jokers: see I can remember SOME things!
Justin: hah

Sassy: Justin....can you name each person in the house, and use 1 word on how you would describe each of them individually....
Justin: i'll tell u what sassy, u say the names and i 'll give ya one word to describe em
Sassy: ok...Alison
Justin: sadistically clever
Sillisulli: lol no need to be tactful either
Sassy: Jee
Justin: down to earth
Justin: im just sayin the first thing that comes to mind
Sassy: good deal!
Sassy: Dana
Justin: haha
Justin: im thinkin
Justin: pleasant
Sassy: Jack
Justin: insightful
Sassy: Erika
Justin: hmmm
Justin: semi-graceful
Justin: haha
Sassy: lol
Justin: leanin towards graceful
Sassy: Michelle
Justin: haha, naive
Sassy: Nate
Justin: extremely naive
Sassy: ROFL
Sassy: how true
Sassy: Scott
Justin: unstable
Sassy: Amanda
Justin: fun
Sassy: Dave
Justin: entertaining
Sassy: that he was!
Sassy: Jun
Justin: subtle
Sassy: Robert
Justin: confident
Sassy: Alison
Justin: we did her
Jokers: LOL can i quote you on that?
Sassy: oops....
Jokers: snark
Sillisulli: LMAOOOOO

Jokers: Would you say that, on the whole, Big Brother was a positive or negative experience and why?
Justin: absolutley positive, i made some great connections in my occupational life as well as my social life
Jokers: I think that's great.. it's worth the whole thing, isn't it?
Justin: oh yeah, the fifteen minutes of fame was like a short dream
Jokers: never say die! you have =quite= the face
Jokers: if you aren't getting work, change agents.
Sillisulli: Work out Videos are a good Idea:)
Jokers: yeeeeah sulli.
Jokers: with Erika! doing Pilotes or whatever tis
Justin: haha
Jokers: rofl the mental image was worth it

Jokers: stupid question: what is your occupation?
Justin: sales for a health club in pittsburgh
Sillisulli: Stud for Hire:)
Jokers: oh gotcha.
Justin: haha

Jokers9370: does dana still have the hots for you?
Justin: naa, were friends

Jokers: Did anyone in the house leave a lasting impression on you?
Justin: jee and robert for sure
Jokers: (waiting for bad jokes. I sure make a good straight man)
Jokers: you're still tight with both of em.
* sillisulli biting lip
Justin: yup

Sillisulli: What's Jee doing now and are he and his girl still together?
Justin: still bookkeeping, and yup still together

lexiebbupdates: was there something about you being on " Passions" ( the soap opera) or working with the staff of that show ??

Jokers: Would you do any other reality shows, such as Survivor?
Justin: sure , why not
Jokers: wow... all that shit you'd have to eat? or not eat?
RealityStars: But not Fear Factor...lol
Jokers: LMAO right, T!
RealityStars: lol, ...right
Jokers: you couldn't pay my ass ten million, there
Jokers: I could see Justin doing A/R
Justin: never fearfactor

Sassy: if given the choice, which reality show would you want to do the most?
Jokers: amazing race?
Sillisulli: Big BrotherMole
Jokers: omfg.. quick, talk to shapiro! BBMole!
Justin: haha
Jokers: Josh, you ARE the mole
Jokers: (josh season 3)
Justin: i have no idea
Sillisulli: sabatwa
Paula: hi justin
Justin: hi paula, im soo sorry
Paula: got the time link wrong

Justin: ok all, i have to get going, i have some things i need to do before i go to sleep ....and early work tomorrow

Jokers: Thank you for the chat, Justin!
lexiebbupdates: Night Justin - Merry Christmas !!
Sassy: thank you very much for being with us and answering all of our questions.
Sillisulli: Well We MIGHT see it for Xmas then:)
Jokers: yes, you give GREAT chat, Justin!!