10:00 AM Adam is the first one up and he's outside having a smoke. He's studying aloud for future competition's. He then says that he prays to God that Kalia is the next one gone. Then Kalia comes outside to join him.

10:26 Jordan I think is up in HOH talking to Rachel she says that she wants to talk to Adam but Kalia is constantly following him around so she can't and Porsche is constantly following Jordan around. She tells Rachel that she had a conversation with Kalia yesterday and Kalia was trying to make a deal with her to keep her, says that she wants to go all 4 girls till the end. I guess Kalia didn't get the memo that Adam won veto and can't go home this week. Kalia told Jordan that she likes Rachel and wants to work with them, but she's not buying it. Jordan says she felt bad for Kalia because she had been crying and then she realized that they want to get rid of her so she doesn't feel bad anymore. Kalia threw Porsche under the bus yesterday but Jordan is still leaning twards getting out Kalia, and Rachel is glad to hear it. Jordan is mad that Porsche is trying to get Adam to use the veto on her because if he does she will go on the block and she doesn't trust Porsche to keep her in the house. Rachel tells her not to think that she's getting buddy buddy with Porsche because she's not.

10:40 Kalia is outside driving the bus for Adam to use the veto and get Jordan out. Says that there's no way he can win against a veteran and the newbies need to stick together. She says there's no way Jordan or Rachel would take him to the end and says that she wants to be final two with him. She think's they've both played a really strong game and she wants a newbie to win blah blah blah .. . she's really pushing the newbie alliance that doesn't exist. She says she will cut her hand and shake hands with him to prove that she's not lying and will for sure take him to the final two. Says she's offering him the golden goose . . . sells Jordan out saying she told her five minutes before voting that they were going to save Shelly, knowing full well that she was setting up Kalia to vote for the wrong person.

10:55 Adam tells Jordan and Rachel that he's still with them :) He says he never would have given Jordan Farra's necklace if he was going to use the veto.

11:00 Kalia tells Porsche that that was the first convo with Adam and she has about 10 more to go. It seems that she think's if she annoys him enough he will change his mind. Big Brother calls for a lockdown.

11:09 Kalia stuffs her face while everyone else is walking the yard. Adam tells the other's that the fortune teller said not to trust Adam. House guests are speculating what's going to be there for them when they get inside the house. Porsche wants it to be puppies. Everyone starts running the yard and giving high five's to each other when they pass each other. Kalia drag's a chair to the middle of the yard and lays in the sun. 12:03 lockdown is over.

12:05 Porsche is shaving Adam's back in the bathroom. She says this is why he should keep her because no one else will do it. He says he's not worried about his back getting shaved. Kalia join's them.

12:19 Rachel and Jordan are talking while working out in the backyard. Jordan want's to talk to Kalia because she doesn't know why Kalia wants to get her out. Rachel says it's not going to do any good to talk to her because ever since Kalia won that one competition she thinks that she's running this game. Rachel says after Kalia they have to get Porsche out and then they are good to go. Rachel says she doesn't know why she couldn't remember who had lost 17 competitions that she played in (the answer was Shelly) the veto competition this week was OTEV. Rachel says she for sure needs to win the final four veto. Adam comes out to show off his back, the girls say they like it. He goes back inside and Porsche and Kalia stop talking about what they were talking about and start talking about his back.

1:21 Kalia is eating again and talking to Porsche. Porsche tells her she told Adam if he uses the veto great, if he doesn't that's fine too she will still work with him. Kalia is mad that she said that and says that we HAVE to get Adam to use the veto this week. She tells Porsche that if she's gone this week and Adam is on the block she has to vote Adam out. Porsche says she will unless she has a chance to get Rachel out and Kalia says no, vote Adam out because at this point if Rachel get's this far she deserves to win. Porsche says she can beat both of them at an endurance competition.

2:00 Porsche tells Adam that there's no way he can beat Jordan, and he can't beat her either. She wants him to take her off the block so that they can get out Jordan and break Jordan and Rachel up.

2:18 Kalia's second conversation with Adam. She says that she know's he has a bond with Jordan but she's promising him final two and no one else will do that for him. She offers to drink a whole bottle of hot sauce to prove to him that she really means it and is telling him the truth. He says he's still weighing his options and he doesn't want to show his hand to early. She says she doesn't understand why he would want to duke it out with Rachel and that Rachel and Jordan already had their chances in their seasons. Says that Jordan already won once and if he keeps her this week she'll have a very good chance at winning again. She says if he used the veto on her she would give him the biggest high five ever and if he doesn't use it it's going to be hell in the house till the minute she goes home. After she leaves he tells her to just keep digging her ditch.

3:20 Adam is out talking to the camera's he says day 67 Adam does not use the veto, day 69 pray to God Kalia leaves!

4:27 the house guests thank Big Brother for the toys that they gave them and the pedicure and manicure stuff they gave them. Rachel is in the back yard giving everyone pedi/mani's.

4:45 Jordan and Rachel tell Adam that Kalia said she wasn't going to campaign to get Jordan out. Adam says wow everything changes in about five minutes and that he doesn't know how much more of this he can take.

5:55 Kalia is in the kitchen eating chips. Not much going on in the Big Brother house. 7:15 Kalia makes herself something else to eat. 8:30 all house guests have dinner they are having chicken and rice and cheese.

9:25 Big Brother gives them 6 beers. With the two they saved that makes 8 all together. Rachel is sad there's no wine.

The night is filled with talk about ex boyfriends, all the clothes they will get back when the show is over and past house guests they want to meet once they get out.

1:06 Kalia offers to cook Adam breakfast if he uses the veto on her. He politely declines. Porsche says she will take Adam to the final two if he uses it on her. He says he's not open to using it but thanks.

1:24 Adam is brushing his teeth and he says "Please big brother give us some tums" poor guy!

2:33 Kalia is on the red couches and talking to herself she says if he doesn't use this veto it will be the stupidest move in big brother history we are his alliance!

3:23 Adam is talking to himself outside. He's angry at Kalia because she keeps trying to get him to use the veto on her. He's angry that she made a final two deal with him and then blabed it to the whole house. He says he is making a good game move for him and too bad if she doesn't like it. He says that these people are driving him crazy. He ends his rant with Have a good labor day people, I hope you enjoy your barbeque.

3:42 everyone is finally asleep.

Will Kalia ever stop eating? Is Adam going to require professional help after all of this is over? Will Porsche get her puppies? Can Jorchell beat the odds and make it to the final two? Only time will tell, many thanks to the updater's for without you this recap wouldn't be possible!