7:00 AM
Shelly is the first to rise. She busies herself a long while before going out for a smoke.

8:30 AM
The Houseguests get the wake up call. It worked for a few minutes, but most everyone went back to bed.

Adam shouts out a Happy Birthday to his friend Chris and blows kisses to the live feeders.

Brendon tells Shelly he does not trust Cassi, Dominic and Lawon. Shelly tells Brendon she thinks Jeff and Jordon would go up before Brendon and Rachel and, “I just want to play with you guys because I think it is awesome!” Brendon tells her everybody thinks they are keeping Keith but they aren't.

Dani pushes Rachel that Cassi has to go before Dominic.

09:30 AM
Brendon and Rachel discuss a host of domestic issues they have while Shelly listens. Brendon thanks God that Rachel is all talk. Rachel thanks God that Brendon is so easily manipulated. It’s mostly playful.
Rachel relays to him that Daniele told her that Cassi is trying to get Porsche out and save Keith. Brendon was surprised that Rachel and Daniele had talked today.
Brendon said this year's cast is the dumbest to play the game that he's seen.
He suggested they pretend that Keith will stay to let the newbies think they have the votes and then pull the rug out from under them.

Shelly has joined Adam and tells him she has his back. Adam tells Shelly he hasn’t heard anything bad about her. Neither committed to saving Porsche this week.

Brendon tells Shelly about pretending that Porsche will be voted out to make Keith (and his supporters) feel safe. Brendon thinks Dominic/Cassi/Keith is a 3-headed snake.

In the kitchen there is more domestic banter. Rachel fixed eggs and ham but thought the eggs weren't cooking fast enough. Brendon suggested she turn up the temperature.

Kalia, Cassi and Dominic trying to sleep despite the bright lights of the Have Not room.

11:00 AM
Shelly chit chats with Keith. Keith says he has the votes to stay. Shelly advises he needs to make it through the next four days without causing anymore problems.

Brendon chats with Kalia in the HOH room. Kalia lets it be known she is ok with being nominated. She "knows" she has the votes to stay between her and Lawon. She thinks Lawon came out looking bad after a dust up with Keith yesterday. Brendon thinks Lawon keeps talking in circles and he believes that Lawon actually wants Keith to stay. He tells her to let Dominic and Cassi think that the house will be voting out Porsche.
Kalia noted that some of the newbies might put up Jeff and Jordan and then, if they can, backdoor Rachel and Brendon. Brendon agreed and expressed his concern about that scenario.

Shelly, Daniele, and Keith are out in the sun. Shelly complimented Daniele on her figure.

Brendon told Rachel of Kalia's plan to offer herself for the block pretending to want to go home.

1:00 PM
Major drama. Franklin (the plastic turtle) is missing from the backyard. Brendon and others are threatening not to do their DR sessions if he isn't returned. This leads to one of many feed cuts throughout the day.

Jordan and Jeff play in the pool. Jordan sprays a sleeping Rachel with water and everyone laughs.

Kalia tells Jordan her plan to be nominated and that Lawon is going to throw HOH this week.

2:30 PM
Dani and Shelley agree that Cassi is engaging in bad game play.

Jordan tells Jeff about Kalia's plan to get herself nominated.

Kalia enacts her plan telling Dominic she wants to go home. He says he has noticed this about her lately. She plays it up pretty good.

Dani notes to Brendon there are only 3 golden keys because the fourth one does not mean anything. (ed. Interpretation, the last key happens right before the final 10 so there is no real immunity that goes along with it).

Dani sells Brendon about getting rid of Cassi next week instead of Dominic.

4:00 PM
Brendon, Rachel, and Jordon don their superhero outfits for awhile. Jeff and Dani are with them but stay in street clothes. Lots of general chit chat everyone getting along.

5:00 PM
Keith and Porsche throw a Frisbee at each other on backyard couches with more general chit chat.

Jordan saw Rachel and Brendon in a 2010 Thanksgiving Day parade. Rachel said they didn't know that they'd be riding in a convertible with the "CBS people". She said it was "super fun" and that lots of people recognized them.

6:00 PM
Adam tells Jeff that Porsche is the stronger player, Keith could be an easy target for later. Jeff agrees Porsche might be a stronger player. Adam wants to know what the vets are thinking. Jeff says Brendon and Rachel still haven't made up their minds.
Adam says whatever the HoH says, people will probably go with it.

Rachel and Brendon studying for competitions.

7:00 PM
Adam telling Jeff in the backyard he wants a tattoo but won't get one because you can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you do. (ed. I didn’t know that).

Keith and Daniele play Cornhole

Shelly asked Brendon and Jordan what happens on eviction night. They told her what it's like to be on the live show and how you wouldn't know if Julie Chen was going to ask you a question. Jordan said she would get nervous and then might not even be asked a question. They speculated on who might be asked questions this week; they predicted Daniele would because of Dick and a newbie would to get their take on the experience.

8:00 PM
Jordan says the only time she has really been angry at Jeff was when he had gone out drinking with friends and called Jordan at 4am her time. She was angry for the entire day.
Jordan really liked Jeff in the house her season, but wasn't "in love" with him until after.

Rachel said she fell in love with Brendon in the house, but 100% soul mate forever love in the jury house.

Porsche tries to listen behind the walls

This was the result:

Lawon and Kalia are in the Have Not room talking about how Keith keeps asking for their votes, over and over. Shelly joins them, saying how she loves how nice everyone is. She wants to take them all home.

Kalia told Dani in the other room she loves Lawon but she just can't play with him. Kalia said Lawon is trying to clean up so much (from his dust up with Keith) it's just making it more obvious. Dani agreed. Kalia explains her ‘get nominated’ plan. Daniele indicated she already knew about it.

9:30 PM
The Have Nots, especially Kalia let out big cheers. Kalia got word they will be allowed food after Midnight Tuesday.

Most houseguests participate in the "Big Booty" game at the Kitchen table. Among other things, tonight’s losers have to kiss a memory wall picture, do a booty shake for the camera, give lap dances and/or propose to other Houseguests.

“Big Booty” has given way to some kind of tribal drumming session in the back yard. Everyone has a household item they can bang, clang, or beat on. Lawon and Rachel attempt to dance to the beat.

11:00 PM
The drum circle has ended. Dominic and Lawon talk that they need to win HoH but may still be able to sway votes to stay if they don't. They think the ‘Regulators’ alliance is undetected. Cassi joins them. Dominic said Daniele will vote to evict Porsche.

Rachel and Porsche appear to be drunk. Rachel pretends to be Julie asking others questions and using a spatula as a microphone.

ShoToo Crawl: Returning player Rachel is the current HOH. Porsche and Keith are nominated for eviction. In a new twist the Houseguests are playing the game in Duos. Porsche has teamed with the veterans and is now playing both sides. The first Have Not houseguests of the summer are Lawon, Kalia, Cassi, and Shelly. The first Veto competition and ceremony air this Wednesday night.

Rachel interviews Dani how it feels to have the golden key. Dani said she hates it, wake her up in three weeks, and cheered "Summer Camp 2011".

Keith and Porsche were called to the DR in their veto outfits. Porsche still appears drunk. (ed. Will have to watch for that one).

Brendon, Jeff, Cassi, and Adam play Cornhole.

1:00 AM
Brendon has it out with Rachel in the HoH about her drinking, again. He goes on and on and on. Rachel finally speaks and asks if Brendon is giving her an ultimatum. Brendon says no, but he won't put up with this when he's married, his wife acting out of control.
She’s decided she’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight.

Jeff and Jordan are in bed. Jeff retells what Adam said about maybe keeping Keith as an easier target. Jordan whispers that Kalia really trusts them and Lawon is coasting. Jeff wants to get rid of Dominic first, worried Daniele has the best setup in the house.

2:30 AM
Lawon tells Cassi he thought she and Shelly were mother and daughter the first night.

Keith, Daniele, and Dominic at hammock bash about Porsche. Dominic says Porsche is just not a nice person and she has said things before where he is just “whoa, did you really just say that?”

Meanwhile Porsche is trying to explain herself to Jeff and Jordan. Cassi came up to her in the bathroom after Shelly just talked to Cassi, and Cassi said she didn't appreciate that Porsche was telling Shelly that Cassi was talking bad about Shelly. (ed. I’m really not getting the gist of this one, but there is definitely friction between the two). Jordan advises Porsche to go talk to Cassi and say she didn't mean it. Porsche says she already did.

3:30 AM
Cassi tells Kalia about the Porsche incident from earlier. She doesn't want anything to do with Porsche.

Keith campaigns to Dani in the bathroom saying he would never put her up and would do whatever she wanted him to do for rest of game. She will think about it and gives him a pep talk.
Dani says she has no idea why Dick left. The only thing she can think would be having to do with his girlfriend. She was told it was a personal matter. Keith asks if Dani and ED got their blood tests back before entering the house and Dani says yes, her dad was physically fine.

Keith thinks the votes he has for sure are Lawon, Shelly and Adam. He asks Dani not to tell the other Houseguests that he is really a human resource manager, he thinks that will put a huge target on his back.
He also accuses Dani of knowing about a deal between the vets and Dominic. Dani denies this. He keeps telling her she knows about some deal or knows more than she is letting on to him about the vote. He tells her, "I can read you!" Dani says she doesn't know about all these deals he thinks she knows about!

4:30 AM
Dani joins Lawon, Dominic, Cassi, and Kalia outside. She notices the decorations have price tags on the bottom of them. This leads to a game of guess the price.
The group is blown away that one glass bowl cost $92.50

05:00 AM
Everyone is in bed or preparing for bed.

Porsche got up and ran into Cassi and takes the opportunity to try to smooth things over with her again. Porsche recommends that her Cassi and Shelly get together tomorrow and clear the air. Cassi tells Porsche that she just can't gauge her, she can't really tell what her intentions are so that's why she is standoffish with her. This goes on for quite a while with no resolution.

6:00 AM
The house goes quiet (except for some snoring).

Can Keith keep it together long enough to stay in the house? Will Kalia’s plan work? Will Franklin ever be returned? And will we start a drinking game for every time Shelly complements a houseguest?

Thanks go to the incredible Updaters!