We went on vacation. When we left the house, the hurricane was supposed to hit Mississippi or Alabama. We paid a girl to stay at the house and take care of Anise, our beloved dog, and take care of the chickens and ducks. She was going to school, but she’d spend nights there, We left Friday at night.

The hurricane hit Monday morning. Saturday the girl called and said they were bringing Anise to her own house, as it was higher up. But the girl’s mother, hearing it was now a Cat 5 heading directly for New Orleans, forced to her to evacuate. And there was no room in the car for Anise or their own two dogs.

And that was all the information we had for the first four days of the storm. Anise, not a healthy animal, was deserted in a house with who knew how much food and water. And the girl? Wildcard could not contact her at all.

This is when SassyPrincess stepped in. She contacted Noah’s Wish, who were going to go in and get Anise. But they weren’t allowed in. Then Sassy managed to get in touch with the girl, finally, and found out that the animals were okay. But of course no electricity, and the dog’s health was, again, failing.

Sassy contacted vets in the area. One wonderful soul agreed to go get Anise. And the first miracle? The vet recognized Anise’s information, because she was Anise’s vet.

The entire time Wildcard was in hell. They have no children; that dog is like their child. I talked to her while she cried on the phone, all the way through this. Finally, that part of their story was over. Anise was safe.

The second part of their story has yet to be written. Wildcard and her husband are still in Florida, staying at a tiny condo with her parents, her sister and brother, and three children.

Wildcard and her husband live as many Americans do, from paycheck to paycheck. The restaurant where Wild’s husband works is of course, down. And won’t be open again for at least a month. Wild’s husband is considering getting part time work in Florida. These people are penniless, and they have NO idea of the condition of their house.

We do think it didn’t flood, but it’s surrounded by large old trees, which are reported down. Wild cries on the phone; this is their first house they ever owned.

Enter the amazing community of Jokers Updates. On an impulse, we started a donation drive for Wild and her husband. I had two thousand dollars almost overnight. Another five hundred came in after I transferred the first sum, ready to Fed Ex the first 2000 to her tomorrow (Wednesday).

Jokers is donating two weeks of donations to the Wildcard fund. If you’d like to add to it, click the Donate button. Or send me a PM on the board and I’ll send you my address.