Our Wednesday in the Big Brother house begins with Chima up in the HOH chatting with Jessie. They are thinking that Russell lied to them about what he overheard Lydia, Kevin & Ronnie saying in the splash room. Jessie thinks Russell is trying to get the rest of them to get rid of Ronnie for him. Chima says she still doesn't trust Ronnie. Soon all have drifted back to sleep in the house. They all know tomorrow will be a new HOH competition and they will need to keep their friends close and their enemies closer to ensure they don't go on the block when the new HOH takes control.

12:00 pm
Russell, Casey & Jeff get one of the toys BB had given the house-guests to play with. It's big paddles and Nerf balls. Jeff is in the pool, Casey is holding a bucket while Russell has the paddle. Jeff pitches a wet Nerf ball to Russell who in turn bats the ball to Casey who catches the ball with the bucket. This goes well until Russell hits the ball over the roof. They get a second ball and begin the game once again. Lydia comes out and is hit upside the head with a Nerf ball that had been batted by Russell. She is mad, goes inside and begins to tell every person she comes in contract with how Russell bashed her upside the head on purpose. Ronnie even looks to see if there is a mark on her head from the near death Nerf ball experience.

1:00 pm
Lydia tells Kevin that they are cool with Jessie again and that NBK (natural born killers) alliance is back in tact minus Russell. She says she hates Russell now as she watches Russell run laps in the back yard.

Jessie is called to the DR and is given the HOH camera. Lydia, Kevin & Russell begin taking pictures in the red room of the three of them with their hoodies on & sun glasses. Jessie takes the camera outside and takes some pictures of Russell, Jeff & Jordan. He hands the camera to Russell to finish up taking pictures. Lydia is sitting out on the lawn couch talking to Kevin and complaining that Russell is taking pictures. She says again that she hates him. Jordan is taking pictures of Jeff, Casey & Russell out by the pool. Lydia complains to Kevin about them having the camera then yells out to Jordan that she needs to take the camera back into the house and give it to Jessie. Jordan smiles and tells her she will as soon as she's done. Lydia is steaming, she doesn't want them taking pictures and tells Kevin that Russell better not be erasing the pictures they all took earlier.

Jordan finishes taking HOH pictures and heads into the house to turn them in. Lydia tells her to give the camera to her & she will give it to Jessie. After Jordan walks away Lydia goes through the pictures to see if any of them were erased. When she gets to the pictures that were taken by Jordan & Russell she says how ugly they are. Kevin said there were some really cute ones but Lydia rolls her eyes and said they were ugly ugly ugly.

Lydia, Kevin & Ronnie are all talking about how they will be treated when they come out of the house. Ronnie thinks he will be a big fish in a small pond and people will recognize him out of the house. Lydia said she doesn't think she will get along with Russell when they are out of the house. Kevin just said he will dislike the other HG is they are personal in their DR's. At the same time Russell is talking to Jordan outside on one of the loungers about how much he hates Ronnie. He said he will put up Kevin & Lydia and backdoor Ronnie.

Russell is talking to Ronnie in the backyard.
Russell: Did you say that you can control me to Lydia & Kevin last night and were you talking smack about me?
Ronnie: I swear I didn't, on the bible I swear.
Russell: You should be careful about swearing on the bible since your catholic and you should take it very serious.

Russell tells Ronnie that he thinks Ronnie is turning on them which is dumb since him & Jessie saved him. Ronnie tells Russell that he swears to God his loyalties are the same.

Ronnie runs to the green room to tell Jessie and Chima about his conversation with Russell. Jessie is angry with Russell and tells Chima he feels sorry for Ronnie. Ronnie said he's mad a Michele and wants to talk to her as he leaves the room.

Russell walks into the green room where Jessie & Nat are laying down and tells them he probed Ronnie outside about his conversation last night with Lydia & Kevin. He said that Ronnie swore on the bible that he didn't talk game at all and that he didn't talk about Russell at all.

Jessie said he wishes people wouldn't swear on the bible or on anything. He said he can't do anything about Ronnie now but he hopes Russell or Nat wins HOH this week.

Russell said he dreamt that Kevin won hoh and evicted him next week.

Jessie tells Russell and Natalie that Kevin is a bigger threat than Lydia and should go home before her. Russell says that Jordan has been friendly with Kevin lately. He says he would put Ronnie up against Lydia if he wins HOH. He said both Jeff & Jordan want Ronnie out also.

Russell leaves the green room and Nat tells Jessie that anybody that is put up against Ronnie needs to leave. Jessie tells her that Russell has too many loose ends in his game. Nat said that is the clique twist ends this week and she wins HOH that she might put Russell up. Jessie tells her that's a bad idea and that she needs to go after Lydia & Kevin since Russell actually thinks he is fooling them which actually works in their favor.

BB calls for an indoor lock-down. They all know this is going to be an all niter and anticipate there will be an endurance hoh comp tomorrow. Jordan, Michele, Lydia, Ronnie, Jessie and Nat are all in the red room just talking about everything from movies to flying experiences to lots of talk about sex. Russell & Chima are in the WC talking about relationships and money.

Kevin & Lydia are in the pool room talking. Kevin is trying to tell Lydia to be careful about Ronnie. Lydia tells him that Ronnie hasn't wronged her in any way and that Kevin needs to trust Jessie. She said she will pull out Nat's key to prove she can be trusted. Lydia repeats again that she wants Russell out and that she does not want Kevin being friendly with Russell. Kevin is trying hard to stress to her about being careful about the information she is sharing with Ronnie. Lydia isn't listening to him. She brings up Russell "pelting" her with the Nerf ball on the head. she's trying to figure out if she should put him on the block or just backdoor him. Kevin says that she should put 2 people up that she wouldn't mind seeing them go home and then leave the option open for a backdoor.

Meanwhile.. Jeff and Jordan in the Red Room...doing what Jeff and Jordan do..being as cute as can be playing rock, paper, scissors.
Jeff: Rock. Paper, scissors...SHOOT. ..F*ck!! (he keeps losing to Jordan)lol

Jeff is teaching Lydia how to cook something with noodles. She keeps talking in a baby voice about what to do. When she is finished different HG start eating. Jeff tells her she did ok. She gets offended and he has to say no, you really did a great job. Jeff said usually if someone asks me to change up how I cook something I tell them F' you. Nat tells Jeff he should go on the realty show Hells Kitchen because he's a really good cook and they have the same attitude he has about their cooking. lol

BB camera zooms in on the memory wall to the center where the BB logo is and then zooms in on the empty key hole. hummmmmm

Casey & Jeff are teasing Chima if she wins hoh she will turn all the HG into her servants and only talk to people from the balcony. She will demand Russell come service her.

Jordan has her suitcase and begins to pack. Casey was called into the storage room earlier to get his red suitcase but it wasn't in there. He ask Jordan if she saw his in there when she got hers and she said she still had hers from last week when she was on the block. Now there is a big mystery in the house. No one has seen his suitcase and BB is telling him they don't have it.

Ronnie and Kevin are talking in another room about what the HOH will be. Ronnie thinks it will be questions. They agree there's a possibility it's an endurance competition. Ronnie thinks personally it will be about facts that BB was announcing randomly earlier in the week.
Example: House Guests, did you know there is 114 spaces on a Chinese checker board"?

Russell & Chima are laying in the hoh bed talking about sex and relationships again. Chima asks him what his favorite position is. She asks how many women he's had sex with. He refuses to answer. They discuss that he's only 24 years old and that she is 7 years older than him.

Russell tells Chima that he trusts her and is laying his game on the line by telling her his game plan. He said that when he went off on Jeff the first week that he did it on purpose. He said he needed to see how the house was divided because he knew Jeff wasn't standing up with their clique and he needed to see who actually stood with him. He said there was a part of him being mad that was personal but he used that to divide the house to see who was going to be voting for who.

Lydia is making her and Nat a trash bag sweat suit outfit for the endurance comp they think will happen tomorrow because they think it will involve getting water or something else nasty being dumped on them. It's turning out to be pretty good considering they are trash bags.

Casey is still looking for his red suitcase.

Casey, Russell & Jeff are in the splash room laughing and talking about sports. Jeff goes to "da bears" football games all the time. Casey is always teasing Jeff about his Chi-town accident and how he sounds like the skit from SNL about "da bears" (Chicago Bears Football). They switch to talking about an endurance hoh comp. Jeff was laughing and said that Ronnie had said if the competition involved sitting in one place then he would win cuz he can sit for hours. Casey said, yea, that's all he does. Jeff wonders about having to go to the bathroom during an endurance comp. Casey tells him ya gotta go in your pants man or get down. Casey is curious to why he has no suitcase. Russell laughs and tells him he will have to walk out the door with his cloths in his hands in a banana suit. (they all 3 laugh) Casey said yea I will be walking out with my cloths in a trash bag meeting Julie.

Casey is called to the DR. He comes out and goes from HG to HG asking if they saw his red suitcase cuz BB told him they do not have it.

Casey, Russell & Chima are all sitting around the kitchen table while Jordan is in the kitchen cleaning. Russell thanks Jordan for all her cleaning. Michele is making cookies while some of the HG snack on the ones that are done already. She also made some ice cream sandwich's out of the cookies and put them in the freezer so she would have some after she goes off the Have/Have Not week.

Jeff: "Who's on first"?
Casey: "What's on second"?
Jordan: "I don't get it, is this about sex"? (lol)

Ronnie is talking to Jessie and says he is worried about Russell nominating him and asks Jessie if Russell does win hoh if he would tell Russ it's a bad idea for Ronnie to go up.

Lydia is going to sleep in the HOH bed with Jessie & Nat. She is telling them Kevin is the one that wanted to ally with Jeff, Jordan & Michele in order to get the athletes and that he also wanted her to kiss Russell's ass. Nat says that she thought Lydia was part of the plan and Lydia insists again that it was all Kevin's plan (liar)

4:00am All house-guests are sleeping except for the 3 in the hoh room. Jessie is the last to fall to sleep around 7:00am.

If there is an endurance competition, there will be 1 athletic (Nat) and 1 offbeat (Lydia) that are going to be pretty tired from staying up all night. Jessie can't compete since he is the out going hoh. CBS told us already there was going to be a big twist tomorrow night. Some speculate it will be the end of the clique twist which would mean this hoh competition was going to be very important for all the HG because everyone was fair game with no clique to hide behind. Jessie has been very nervous all week in fear that this season will be a repeat of his last season when he went out the 4th week, right before sequester.

This day was spent with everyone getting along, talking about family, friends and anything else to make that connection with another to "not put me up if you get hoh" tomorrow. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.