9:00 AM

The houseguests get their wake up call. The house is pretty quiet with Kevin studying the home made calendar in the HOH and Michele in the bathroom using the dates on her birth control case to study (ed. Either that or she suddenly realized she’ll be seeing her husband soon).

Kevin and Michele end up in the Kitchen together. Kevin asks who she would evict if she won veto. He also makes a point to say that after yesterday, Natalie is no longer on his team and he's okay with getting her out. Michele told him she couldn't discuss her decision until after veto is played.

11:00 AM

Kevin goes to the HOH and tells Natalie about Michele’s answer to his Veto question. They bash on Michele a bit and Kevin says he will torture her for a few days, letting her believe he is considering keeping her in the game.

Natalie leaves the HOH and invites Kevin to stay and listen to music. Kevin decides to leave too, but not before pausing to look at the picture of Natalie’s boyfriend. He says, "My man is cuter!" and leaves the HOH.

They eventually return to the HOH to do some more studying for the Veto comp. Of course they take the opportunity to do some more Michele bashing before the feeds are cut.

2:30 PM

Feeds return and we quickly learn that Kevin won. From bits and pieces, the comp had to do with arranging ten blocks on a pole. Jordon didn’t even get past the first one and was asking BB not to air her part.

Jordan comforts Michele, "You've played a great, great game. And there's always that jury prize". Michele says, “Well, vengeance is theirs!”

Kevin and Natalie are very jubilant in the HOH and swear on everything imaginable that they are committed to the final 2 together. Kevin plans to torture Michele by leaving her hanging about his vote until the eviction. Natalie advises to make nice with Jordon in case things don’t go their way next week. They bask in their own awesomeness that they won HOH and Veto this week.

They begin to lay out a plan where they will wait until Jordon drops in the first round of the next HOH comp and then Natalie will throw it to Kevin. Natalie will beat Jordon in the 2nd round that is more mental. Operation Delete Middle Row is in effect.

They go to the Red Room looking for Jordon (She’s in the DR). Kevin wants to talk to Jordon about an alternative plan in case she wins next week. They congratulate themselves on playing a fair and honest game and that they have nothing to be embarrassed about when they leave the house [Feel free to insert your own editorial comment here].

Jordon emerges from the Diary room and joins in the Red Room. She thinks she completely misunderstood the competition and that is why she did so poorly. Natalie and Kevin prep her about how they think Michele will act to try to save herself this week. Jordon is looking pretty defeated and not talking much and they leave her alone.

Back in the HOH, Natalie compares her game and antics to Dan from last season. She tells Kevin, “I've been saying all along that we're playing them like fiddles, and we are!”

4:00 PM

Michele is eating in the Kitchen. There is a close up of her looking directly into the camera. She chews, she pauses, she smiles, she lips something to herself. She repeats this cycle a couple times (ed. If she wasn’t so darn cute, it would have been down right creepy).

5:00 PM

Inside lockdown is over. Michele chats with Kevin outside. She asks if he and Natalie are really together and just doing a “song and dance” to throw off her and Jordon. Kevin says they had a final 5 deal and now that it's final 4, it's over. He says he doesn’t have anything with her, kind of like the way Jeff and Jordon were. Kevin lets her squirm about her dealings last week. She throws Natalie under the bus. Kevin plays along, "How convenient [there was no engagement ring], Natalie wore a twist tie that she could have got from the garbage bags.” They continue to work each other until Natalie comes out to say they need to do the fashion show.

When Kevin and Natalie are alone, she tells him about things Jordon said to her earlier. Jordan wants Michelle out and knows she's leaving next week but will not vote for Kevin to win. Jordan is convinced that Kevin and Michele have a final 2 deal. Natalie then tells Kevin to stop talking to the others about Pandora's Box. She is annoyed he said there is more to it. They then spend some time trying to one up each other about how much they helped the other’s game by their votes and actions. The conversation is not friendly at times, but they confirm they are still working their final 2 deal.

6:00 PM

Kevin practices a Veto ceremony speech. Something to the effect that Michele called him a pawn. But, the pawn made it to the end of the board and became a queen. Natalie talks about her wedding plans.

Meanwhile, inside Michele tells Jordan how the jury works. They are happy because they know they'll be remembered for making it to the final 4.

Jordon, Michele, and Kevin are now in the back yard. They talk about their new clothes and what they will wear to the finale. Kevin calculates that whoever leaves next will only have 5 days in the jury. They then realize that an eviction next Thursday won't fit the schedule. Kevin thinks they'll have a live show next Sunday and the person will go to jury then. Natalie explains the three phases of the final 3 HOH competition.

7:00 PM

Kevin cautions Natalie about not getting over confident. He eludes that production would love to flip it. Nat says "Yea and make it for Jordan". They decide to be humble and grateful for all the things they won and for the whole BB experience, hoping to keep production appeased (ed. Right, because no one from production would have heard this conversation). Kevin says he first applied for Big Brother when he was Natalie’s age.

8:00 PM

Natalie encourages Kevin to reassure Jordan and not mess with her head in case there is another twist that will save her. Kevin begins to think he should not go through with his Veto speech since there is no strategy in doing it that way. Natalie tries to help him think of strategic reasons to go through with it. They go inside and talk to Michele about dinner preparations and whether they should wake up Jordon.

9:00 PM

Show2 Crawl: Natalie is the current HOH; Kevin has lost trust in Natalie and vows not to take her to the final 2 knowing she has too many friends in the jury house; Kevin is now trying to cut a final 2 deal with either Michele or Jordon; The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

Dinner time; Kevin and Michele eat. Natalie will wait and eat when Jordon awakes. Natalie mentions there were two huge plates of sushi when she met with her boy friend yesterday, but she didn’t have any of it.

Jordan is called to the Diary room. She is shown on the feeds sleeping in the Splish Splash room. She does not move. BB does not try to call her again.

Outside Natalie beats Kevin at pool and does a victory dance. She gives a shout out to her boy friend. Jordon is now up and they tell her they will do the Fashion show in an hour and that she was called to the Diary room. She didn’t hear it.

10:00 PM

Fashion show preparations begin. Kevin will be the host. The girls decide what they will wear and how they should be introduced. They decide to have a judging session after each person’s runway walk. Natalie tries to help Kevin look sexy. He is not appreciative and tells her he is not Elvis.

For the first round…
Natalie: Dark tank top w/leopard trim, white headband and white shorts.
Michele: Stylish flowing black/gray pattern tank top with crocheted neckline, black pants and heels. She added some rocking sunglasses.
Jordan: Dark pink blouse and black shorts with "secretary glasses".

The show begins and Kevin has a huge fake microphone. He says Natalie went from Scrappy-don't to Scrappy-do. Her hair went from Amy Winehouse to Alicia keys. He says Michele went from geek to rocker chic and calls her Dr. Delicious. Michele manages to catch her heel on the rug and almost tumbled. Kevin takes his walk and Natalie announces him as "straightlicious". Jordan says he's smokin!

Wardrobe change for second round…
Natalie: Showing cleavage in a zip-up short sleeve light purplish hoodie w/cream trim & a ponytail.
Michele: A cute blue and white halter dress & heels.
Jordan: Denim short skirt, pink hoodie and blue baseball cap.
Kevin: Blue pants, plaid long sleeve shirt w/a grey vest & white loose tie. He calls his look preppy.

Jordan, encouraged by the others, did a "bend and snap" and got the highest score of the night. They do rock-paper-scissors for an over all winner and Natalie wins. She gets a huge silver cup as a trophy along with a red inflatable crown. Everyone is laughing and having a good time.

11:00 PM

They all decide to have a fake burning of original clothes. They will each choose one item of clothing belonging to the other HGs to burn. Then after each HG has had 3 items selected by the others, they will vote.

Kevin announces. He says they are going to nominate the old looks and evict them out of the house.
Natalie’s eviction items are basketball shorts, ASU hoodie and tank tops. The ASU hoodie is evicted.
Jordan's eviction items are her peace sign pajama pants, the purple homecoming t-shirt and an orange hoodie. The peace sign pants are evicted.
Michele's eviction items are slippers, purple hoodie and Boston college shirt. The slippers are evicted, but Michele steps in, grabs them and runs in an attempt to save them from the ‘fire’.
Kevin’s eviction items are flower shorts, fish shoes and cut off jean shorts. The flowered shorts are evicted.

They wrap up the night of fashion with a round of cheers and thank BB for their new clothes. They are in a pretty good mood and all continue to chat in the Kitchen. They talk about past house guests lying about personal things, like occupation and age and wonder why anyone would do that. (ed. Natalie did not appear the least bit nervous).

The conversation turns more intimate and Jordon leads in the TMI department. Kevin was a close 2nd and even used some ‘visual aids’. They talk about guys liking porn. Natalie says, “Not her man!” Feed 1 is showing Natalie’s HOH pictures during this conversation.


They break up and prepare for bed. BB takes the opportunity to make a round of Diary room calls.

1:00 AM
Jordon and Michele are both still up so they decide to go outside. Natalie appears on the balcony and announces she will join them. (ed. Sorry girls, the den mother has decided there will be no game talk tonight!).

Before Natalie can gather herself and make it outside, Jordan tells Michele that Jeff said to stick with Michele and not trust anyone else. Natalie joins them and they talk about the fashion show and religion.

2:00 AM

They go inside and continue to chat about engagement rings, marriage, and divorce. They all head to bed about 2:45 AM and the house goes quiet.

Will Kevin stick with Natalie for final 2? Or is he really trying to set it up so that Jordon wins HOH and takes him? Will Natalie have that route blocked? And can Michele do anything to turn the tide?

A big fat cookie dough thank you to the updaters. You are Gucci!