8:30 AM

The houseguests have received their wake up call and quietly start their day. Michelle finds Jordon because of things that happened last night. She is worried that Jeff feels differently about her because of things Russell was saying.

10:00 AM

Veto players have been picked. Jeff, Kevin and Natalie are picked to play with Chima, Lydia and Russell.

Lydia and Kevin chat that Jeff has the Power. He’s been acting weird and won’t talk about it anymore. They think he got ‘the women vote’ because he’s handsome.


We catch a brief glimpse of chicken suits in the storage room and then feeds go out for the Veto competition.

2:00 PM

Feeds back and we see Natalie is sitting with her head down on counter.

We learn Kevin won the veto. Michelle hosted. It had something to do with eggs and everyone was showering as a result.

Kevin tells Lydia he wants a meeting with Chima, Jessie and Natalie to make sure its ok to use the Veto on Lydia. Lydia just wants to meet with Chima. They think Jeff will use the Power to put up Jessie and Natalie. Then we learn that Kevin decides it’s better not to use the Veto and wants assurances from Chima, Jessie, and Natalie that they will keep Lydia if he doesn’t use it. Lydia says she's fine with that plan as long as Jessie and Natalie promise to keep her. Lydia and Kevin go to the HOH. Chima tells them "No offense Kevin, but I want a woman to win this game.” Lydia says she's fine with the plan to not use Veto on her. Chima says Jeff gets called to DR all the time so he must have the power. Chima says if Jeff uses the Power he would put up Jessie and Natalie.

Russell finds Jessie to tell him if either of them have any chance of winning the game they have to be in it together. If one goes, the other has no chance. Jessie is upset that Russell didn't pick him to play POV because he didn't get a shot to keep himself safe from the mystical power. When Russell leaves the room Jessie talks to the camera, "You [screwed] me over and now you are expecting me to go to bat?! I don't think so!"

Jessie reports to Natalie, but Natalie is more interested in letting it be known she is mad at Jessie for telling Lydia about what Michelle said last night. She’s not going to tell him stuff anymore. She has to do damage control now.

3:00 PM

Russell bashes Chima to Lydia. Says he's made enemies of everyone in the house. Lydia said he hasn't made an enemy with her. Russell calls out Kevin in a joking way and then clowns for the camera.

5:00 PM

Chima and Kevin talk. They are convinced Jeff has the wizard power and will use it. Chima will freak out on live TV if the power is used. Jeff walks in and Kevin asks Jeff if he'd use the power if Jeff and Jordan weren't on the block. Jeff says if it was to evict someone he might.

Kevin realizes he was interviewed in the DR while wearing the chicken suit, “Oh no! They're going to use [that interview]!”

6:00 PM

Michelle finds Jeff to talk about the blow up with Russell last night. She tells Jeff that she is 100% with Jeff and Jordon. Jeff mentions that Natalie is intimidating people in the house for them to not use the power.

Elsewhere, Jesse tells Natalie that Russell wants them to push for Jeff to go on the block against Russell. Natalie says if Russell had chosen Jessie to play in Veto, Russell could have won. He screwed himself out of winning POV.

7:00 PM

Russell asks Jeff "Hypothetically, if you had the wizard power, who would you take off and who would you put up?" Jeff says that's the 2nd time he's been asked that. He says he doesn't even have it. But, he would definitely take himself off.

In the HOH, Jessie lets Chima know what Russell is up to and how Jessie is not buying it since Russell picked Jeff to play. They want to make sure Lydia feels safe so the Veto won’t be used. But if it is, they will not put up Jeff or Jordon to keep the Power from being used.

8:00 PM

They got beer and wine. While Russell goes up to the HOH to let them know, Jeff hides a beer in outside fridge and tells Jordon he is going to drink it later when no one is looking.
Jessie comes down and he and Russell split the bottle of wine.

Outside Jordan wants to know the difference between a nectarine and a peach. Jeff tells her peaches are fuzzy. She then wants a Chicken Salad and asks if anyone knows how to make it. Russ says, "Yes. You throw chicken on a salad." Jordan takes off her bra from underneath her t-shirt and gets in hot tub. She didn’t feel like going inside to change.

Jessie tells the HOH crew if he had the power he would tell everyone so he couldn’t use it. When Julie announced it he would say "Sorry Julie! I already told everyone!"

9:00 PM
Show2 Crawl reads: Chima is the current HOH; A rift is developing between Jessie and Natalie, Natalie feels Jessie is hurting her game by sharing information she gave him with other houseguests; Jessie is afraid whoever has the coup d’ etat will use it to evict him; Michelle is finding it hard to keep her stories straight; The POV ceremony will air Sunday night.

Russell works Jeff pretty hard about Jessie and Chima’s game play. He tells Jeff and Jordon he wants to go off on Jessie. They tell him to wait. Russ says his speech will be epic. Jeff says, “It’s the season of speeches.” Lydia comes out and tells Russell that Kevin won't be using the veto on her and spills the beans. She was the only person that wasn’t in the room when Chima said NOT to tell Russell the Veto isn’t going to be used. Jeff says he's happy that people think he has the Power, if it scares them into keeping him safe.

Up in the HOH Chima says she trusts Michelle. Natalie doesn’t and would send Michele home next week. Jessie thinks Michelle is so indecisive that she doesn’t even tell the DR the truth and notes she’ll leave a cup in every room just so she can walk in later. Kevin thinks Russ is playing "nobody likes me" so they will take him to the end. Chima thinks they don’t have the Power because of the voting in the Red States and they won’t vote for the brown folks. She does recall that they voted for Obama so there may be hope.

Russ follows Jeff to the bathroom to talk while Jeff’s in the shower. He says ‘they’ think there's no chance the guys can win. Jeff interrupts to say he understands and not to worry.

Russell goes back out with Lydia and predicts the final 2 will be Jeff and Michelle and starts to work her for a vote. Michelle comes out and says the DR people told her she had to fill up the Jacuzzi but since it is full they must be trying to stir things up.

Now Jessie has gone back to the bathroom to tell Jeff that Russ is playing them against each other. Jeff hears part of this wrong and thinks Jordon was in on a conversation where Russell told Jessie that Jeff needed to go on the block with Russell. Not long after Jeff questions Jordon about it and she says she doesn’t recall and that she must not have been paying attention. Jeff is not happy that she would ‘miss’ this information. They get a bit irritated with each other.

10:00 PM

Jessie reports back to the HOH about what he told Jeff.

Outside Jordan thinks Michelle has the Power. Jeff agrees but thinks it might be Kevin too because of the hypothetical question earlier.

Jordan goes up to HOH to use bathroom and Jessie uses it as an opportunity tell Jordon the same story he told Jeff earlier. Jordon specifically asks if she was present during the Russell/Jessie talks and he says no. Jordan says, "I hope Jeff has [the Power] and he's just playing dumb right now."

About this time Kevin and Lydia have a major argument in the Green Room. Lydia questions his loyalty and wants him to use the Veto (ed. That took longer than I expected). They go round and round and eventually Kevin goes up to talk to Chima to request a meeting for Lydia.

Back outside, Jeff and Jordon are talking in the hammock. Jordon gets to clear up the confusion about Jeff’s earlier misunderstanding. They realize Jessie is drunk. Jordon says the others are freaking out because of the Wizard thing. Jeff says, "I don't think it's going to be used, to be honest with you."

11:00 PM

Russell tells Jessie to meet him in the bathroom. Jessie literally wobbles from side to side down the hallway. Russell tells him he got Kevin and Lydia to fight. Jessie says whatever you say to me now, tell me again tomorrow because [I’m drunk].

Outside Jeff tells Jordon he’d like to see Natalie on the block with Jessie. Jordan wants to know if Jeff likes her camouflage pants and beer shirt. He does and thinks it gets all the boys back home to say “Yea, let's drink beer and hunt!"

Jessie, Michelle, and Natalie clear out of the HOH so Lydia can talk to Chima. Natalie is reluctant but eventually leaves.

Chima starts the long process of reassuring Lydia she is safe.


The Lydia, Kevin, Chima meeting continues and Natalie and Jessie join in. They are all getting along famously, though we get a lot of FISH because Chima keeps reiterating all the things she will do if the Power is used on Thursday and her HOH is basically nullified.

1:00 AM

Michelle joins the HOH crew. Jessie is still drunk and says he's going to pass out. The others threaten to shave off his eye brows and put make up on him. Jessie gets Kevin to reveal details of a bet that Lydia lost. She has to wear her thong as an eye patch sometime before Thursday.

Jessie continues to entertain everyone and says someone is going to ride in on a unicorn on Thursday and the unicorn will tell him he's evicted.

2:00 AM

The HOH crew still going strong having a good time and complaining that the nomination box is very heavy. We also learn that at some time in the past Jessie and Kevin rode a bike from the Green Room around the house. Production was livid and they were told “DON’T DO IT AGAIN”.

Jessie does pass out in the HOH. They can’t get him up and Chima wants to go to bed by herself. Eventually Natalie tucks Jessie into the chair bed and they both spend the night in the HOH room.

Down in the Red Room, Jeff and Jordon are playing games and Jordan sings "I Shot the Sheriff” in such a way that will not get her an audition on American Idol.

3:00 AM

Jeff reluctantly leaves to go to the ‘Have Not’ room. Michelle woke up and warned Jeff that she might end up cuddling him during the night if she gets cold.

Lydia and Kevin are in the kitchen discussing creative possibilities of preparing slop. Kevin warns Lydia not to get into a confrontation with Russell if Russell goes off on him.
They finally make it to the ‘Have Not’ room and the house goes quiet.

So, Will Kevin use the Veto? Will Russell give his epic speech? Or will Jeff use the Power? And will Chima follow through on threats to ruin the live show? It’s sure is a long time until Thursday so stay tuned…

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