There's only been three daily shows so far, and the live feeds have been unreliable at best, so this is definitely my uneducated opinions about the HM's.

I think at least three obvious people are playing the game. Not surprisingly, they are the "parents": Catherine, Paul and Trevor. They definitely have more motivation to fly under the radar and stay out of the drama. Out of those three, Paul seems to be the more talkative and social one. His down-to-earthedness and maturity could come back to bite him though. Yesterday Krystal tried to draw him into a little bit of drama when she was relating friction between her and Aphrodite. She told Paul that she didn't feel Igor was pulling his own weight with the challenge and helping out around the backyard. Aphro apparently felt it was her place to talk to Igor since she had a closer bond, and Krystal thought that was wrong. That anyone should be able to talk to anyone. Instead of getting involved, Paul said he's a grown boy, just let him be, stay out of it. That kind of attitude, because it's so mature, could ostracize Paul from the "younger" group down the road even though it's the higher road. Catherine and Trebor are getting along with everyone and staying fairly quiet so far, and Catherine is already taking over the "mom" or "big sister" role a little. The other day Krystal climbed into bed with her and she rubbed her back, comforting her.

Ryan's just a "bloke". He's good looking, athletic and just one of the guys. I haven't seen enough of him to make any comments other than it seems everyone likes him really well.

Elle is showing herself to be playful (farting on Igor's head) but also very emotional. She cried over the guys teasing Krystal about being a stripper, and seems like the type that probably won't make it more than halfway because of all her potential break-downs.

Kane is just a young, cute guy who hangs with the men and seems to look up to them, especially Paul. In a way he reminds me of Marty BB2 Au. I don't know much more about him yet either.

Aphrodite. She's the outspoken drama queen of the series. Her opinionated, loud personality will probably seal her fate as being nominated a lot. She doesn't seem to think before she speaks sometimes and I already see friction between her and Krystal. (She called Krystal by her stripper name at the table.) Also, her and Igor debated early hours of the morning about whether Virgin airlines forces their stewardesses to wear g-strings or not. (It was hilarious, but Igor didn't seem to think it was that funny.) She definitely seems to have boundary issues and goes too far. She should've stopped well before she did, and allow Igor to save face, but she insisted on humiliating him and tried to drag Merlin and Ash into the conversation. I'm sure she can be funny at times, but probably annoying more often. I would be surprised if Aphrodite makes it past 2nd or 3rd elimination. It depends how much the Aussie public likes her.

Bree seems fun-loving and has a cute personality. She is also kind of loud and dramatic at times, but so far doesn't seemed to have rubbed anyone the wrong way. I see her lasting a while unless some other side of her personality comes out that isn't attractive.

Ashalea is an enigma so far. She really comes across ditzy and clueless. I've mentioned in chat that she can't be that dense if she knows Japanese and Jujitso (spelling), but some people think it's not an act. She does seem sweet, yet preoccupied with her looks. Everyone seems to like her, but I think she might be nominated soon based on her dimwitted conversations with people. The Aussie public might save her though if hers and Merlin's friendship turns more romantic. I don't think she'll go very far unless there are bigger fish to fry when they learn about the million dollars. She may not be perceived as a threat then. I wouldn't be surprised to find out she really is highly intelligent and plays dumb.

Merlin is a contender! He is nice looking, very gentlemanly, and sweet. Plus he gets along with the guys and the girls. He looked very at home in the outdoors and you could tell his communal living past has helped him fit right in, in any social situation. I think he could possibly win the entire game!

Krystal is very outgoing and yet seems sensitive about whether she is liked or not, or maybe just doesn't want to be judged (re stripping). Her downfall will probably be the fact that she seems pretty self-involved and most of her conversations end up being about her. Plus I sense friction between her and Aphro, and her and Igor. I don't see her making it beyond week 4 or 5.

Terri is fun and outgoing. She was very conscientious about the challenge and really led others to practice and learn about each other. If she is that persistent in future challenges it might end up pissing off the HM's. It depends if she can reign that in or not. I don't think she has bonded closely with anyone though yet either. So she might do well just flying under the radar unless she ends up being anal retentive about everything.

I haven't seen much from Wesley which is surprising. I had guessed that he would be the cocky, egotistical guy that knew everything. He might still be, but I haven't seen it yet. He definitely gets along with all the guys though, but I think he needs to start bonding with the girls as well.

What do you all think? Different opinions or ideas about how far they will make it, who will win, etc??