"Big Win, Big Decision. Big Mistake?"
Episode 13
December 8, 2005

Previously, on Survivor...Danni felt vulnerable, but remained optimistic. Danni wins secret clue at auction. Judd buys a night with his wife, and invites Cindy and Steph to bring their loved-ones with them. The rest spend the night at the old camp. Danni and Rafe strategize. They don't trust Judd. Lydia tries to allies herself with Judd. Danni uses secret clue to win Immunity. Danni exposes Judd's lies, and Judd is voted out.

Five are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Steph and Judd mull over Judd's comments, but Cindy is upset that no one filled her in on what was going on. She makes the connections that Judd wasn't told that Jamie was going, and she wasn't told that Judd was going...she fears the pattern.

Day 34...Rafe is the only guy left. He's happy, calling the girls "Rafe's Angel's". They comment that the "cool kid" has left, and now everyone can have a little more fun, and be a little more relaxed. They discuss and sing boy-band tunes.

Tree mail comes, and a car key is inside. Steph has never had her own car, so she's excited. Lydia never won anything, so she's hoping to win it for her son.

Reward Challenge

Second Chance - the challenge is a combo of all past challenges. The tribe members span a balance beam to a throwing axe. The winners of that section throw the axe at a clay tile. Winners of that section compete in the last section, a puzzle.

Winner gets a car, as well as food and liquor.

Steph falls off the first section, then Lydia does the same. Rafe falls a short time later. Cindy falls off after him. Lydia falls off a second time, and returns for the start.

Steph, Danni, and Cindy move on to the second section.

Danni nicks a tile, but Cindy smashes her tile first.

Cindy and Steph move onto the last round.

Cindy wins Reward!

Jeff lets her know that in 10 seasons of Survivor, the winner of the car has never woe. She has the option to give up her car, and instead, each of the other four will get a car.

Cindy and Steph enjoy their BBQ, and back at camp, Rafe is astonished that Cindy didn't give up the cars for them. He says that he would have done it in a heartbeat.

The girls talk about strategy, discussing Danni as the next out, due to her strength.

Cindy and Steph return to camp, Cindy tells how great her car drives. Rafe is sharing with us that it's grating on people that Cindy keeps going on and on about her car. As Cindy talks, it is obvious that no one is listening. Cindy has no idea that the other's don't care, and says that everyone enjoyed listening about her car.

When Rafe tells Steph that he would've given up the car, Steph has a hard time believing him, and says that he enjoys playing the martyr.

Immunity Challenge

Attached to a rope, wound around a series of poles, and must unwind themselves enough to reach the end of the course. Their hands and feel at shackled, and each pole has a set of keys to the shackles. Winner has a set spot in the final 4.

Steph takes an early lead, with Danni right behind. Cindy is dead last. Steph runs a bit short, and has to go back and untie some knots. Cindy catches up quickly.

Stephanie wins Immunity! This is Steph's first individual win in two Survivors.

Steph is thrilled with her win, thinking that she would have never gotten past the first Tribal Council of the game. Rafe and Danni have a pact, and won't vote for each other. Danni promises him that she will take him to the Final Two. Rafe is set on voting out Cindy. When Rafe approaches Steph, she is unsure about voting off Cindy, and losing another vote from the jury; after Jamie and Judd.

Steph goes to Cindy and tells her Rafe's plan. Now Cindy wants to get rid of Rafe. Cindy approaches Danni, and tries to sway her vote into voting to get rid of Rafe.

Tribal Council

Rafe describes the mood at camp as tense, with everyone save Steph unsure of if they are staying. Danni still feels uneasy. Cindy defends her decision from Reward, confident that she can break the curse. Cindy says that Rafe is the one that people should be most concerned about. Steph chooses to keep her Immunity.

Voting time

Cindy votes to remove Rafe.
Lydia "votes with the tribe".
Rafe votes to remove Cindy.

Jeff counts the votes, Rafe has 1, Cindy has 3.

Cindy is the latest one voted off of Survivor Guatemala!