"To Betray or Not to Betray"
October 6, 2005
Episode #1104

Previously, on Survivor: Lydia is relieved that she's been spared, Tribes play for comfort items, Nakum wins Reward, back at camp the guys struggle about how to use their new tarp, Margaret plays mother hen, Judd complains, Brian pumps up his team, Ancient Mayan court-ball game for Immunity, Amy sprains her ankle, Nakum wins Immunity again, Yaxha is discouraged, Steph complains about her tribe, Brianna voted out.

15 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Hot sun, tired monkeys, and sleeping Survivors. Nakum, Day 9. Cindy complains about the constant triple digit temperatures. The Survivors are wiped, and Margaret describes the bugs. Judd compares them to killer bees, and shadow boxes while describing fighting them off. Brandon shares how "this place changes you", and he solves that by laying around and doing nothing. He imagines that the other team is going through the same issues.

Yaxha, day 9. Gary and Rafe describe their new method for catching minnows, using corn as bait.

Crocks are spotted off the shore of the Yaxha camp. The croc swims towards camp, and snaps down on a fish. As Jaimie is washing himself in the water, fish bite at his toes.


There is not traditional Reward challenge, but a getting-to-know-you, give the reward type of game. Jeff will ask the tribes questions, with the results effecting the members directly.

Jeff asks who is in the most need of nourishment. Dan and Jaimie are chosen, and both are given green apples to chow on.

Which tribe member is the smelliest? Gary and Bobby Jon are the winners of a 5-gallon bush shower. Then men shower up, and return to their tribe.

Which man and woman deserve a picnic dinner on top of a Mayan ruin. Amy, Gary, Judd, and Margaret are given a picnic of chicken, potato salad, cookies and iced tea. They leave immediately to feast.

Which tribe member has the most tribe pride? Cindy and Brian win. Both remain with their original team names.

There is a switch up with the groups:

New Nakum: Rafe - Blake - Margaret- Cindy - Jamie - Judd - Stephenie - Lydia

New Yaxha: Brian - Bobby Jon - Gary - Danni - Blake- Amy - Brandon

At the picnic, Gary describes the great scenery. They question Judd on his accent, he describes it as Boston. Gary is asked again if he's a football player, and again, Gary lies and says he's a landscaper.

Yaxha returns to their new digs, to see baskets of fruit waiting for them. Brian plays host, but realizes that there are more former Nakum members in the new tribe, and fears that they are going to get picked off. Gary and Amy return, and are gob-smacked. Amy realizes the numbers as well, and is "decimated". Danni calls him out again about football, and Gary denies playing for Central Michigan.

Judd and Margaret come back, and are as equally surprised as the other team. Margaret does not feel safe at all.

The rain starts, Margaret says that she old Nakum tribe will stick together. Judd and Margaret walk and talk, and he's not too bothered about the switch up. Judd plays it off, and enjoys being one of the few men on the team. He knows he's the big gun around there, and he "feels like King Kong".

Steph and Jaimie talk about bumping off Brooke. They both say to keep Lydia and Judd. Judd talks to them about getting along better with Steph and Jaimie than the members of his own tribe that he came over with. "I'm with your guys, man". Steph and Jaimie say that Rafe will do whatever they say. Judd is very happy with his position. On his old tribe: "I didn't feel no love there, so they got to go. Get out of my jungle man".

Amy's ankle gets worse.

Immunity Challenge!

Tribes paddle out, retrieve three colored bags. Paddle back, open the bags. Inside are Mayan War Clubs. They will throw them at clay pots, breaking them. First one to break three pots, wins.

Nakum pushes Yaxha off the course, with Nakum getting to the bags before Yaxha gets to their first. Nakum is first to shore. Steph breaks first, Danni gets the first for Yaxha. Judd gets the next. Brandon gets Yaxha's third tile broken, winning immunity.

Yaxha wins Immunity!

Nakum is disappointed about Immunity. Rafe is unsure where things will go. Judd and Margaret discuss who to vote off. Rafe and Lydia talk about who they want off. Judd talks again with Steph, and the plan from yesterday is still in place. Judd is unsure who to trust, if anyone. At this point, Judd doesn't know who he is going to choose.

Tribal Council
Steph is questioned about her poor performance in challenges, with a 4-20 total. Jeff asks her if she's the bad luck of the team. She agrees. Margaret is asked about new alliances, and she immediately calls out Judd, Jaimie and Stephanie. Judd says they were just hanging out and getting to know them. Lydia's third trip to tribal council, and she feels vulnerable. She's still not ready to leave. Brooke is worried about being picked off because she is weak. Judd is asks how important to read people, Judd replies that it is very important.

Cindy votes to remove Lydia.
Rafe votes to remove Brooke.
Margaret votes to remove Lydia.

Jeff counts the votes. Lydia gets 3. Brooke gets 5.

Fourth person voted out of Survivor Guatemala is Brooke.