"Crocs, Cowboys, and City Slickers"
Episode #1105
October 13, 2005

Previously, on Survivor: Yaxha dodges deadly visitors, everything changes with an unexpected switch-up, new Nakum gets Judd to turn on Brooke, Margaret feels uneasy about Judd's loyalties, Yaxha feels decimated, pee pep-talk, Yaxha wins Immunity, Margaret wants Lydia gone, Judd doubts the new alliance, in the end Judd helps vote out Brooke.

14 are left...who will be voted out tonight?

Nakum, night 11: Steph is sick of Tribal Councils. Judd explains how good he feels about going against his original alliance with the old tribe, and voting out Brooke. Margaret is upset, calling him a traitor. Judd doesn't give a "flying rat's ass" what the others think. He can't wait until Margaret goes, too.

Yaxha, day 12. Shots of crocks floating up and down the river, as Blake looks on. He is questioning his chances in the game, but seems comfortable with his standings. Amy is scared stiff of a beetle that is stalking her. "Get it off! Get it off!" Brandon describes Amy's city-girl lifestyle, which he contrasts it with his farming upbringing. Amy asks about the process of harvesting wheat. Amy feels left out that she doesn't know anything about farming, like a few members of their tribe. Brian feels the same, mocking their Southern/Midwestern accent.

Brian tells us of the strong religious nature of his tribe, saying grace before every meal, and praying to Jesus before challenges. Brian isn't religious, but goes along with it. He claims its part of his strategy.

Reward Challenge

With temperatures being over 100 degrees every day, and crocs inhabiting the waters near camp, cooling themselves in the lake isn't possible. Winners win margaritas, chips and guacamole dip, and a floating croc-proof swim cage. Complete with decking, lounge chairs, and umbrellas. It stays at camp with the winning tribe.

Race to the first station, and cut through a rope with a sharp stone. At the second station, and chop two logs with knives. Third station is turning a turn-style that brings up a cart. 6 members get into the cart. The last member chops the rope with a machete, sending the cart down a track.

Yaxha has a massive lead, getting to the third station before Nakum even gets done with their half of the first station. Steph and Judd are obviously disgusted. Yaxha has a very easy win, getting reward.

Yaxha wins reward!

Yaxha runs back to camp, to see their reward. "It is spectacular!" says Amy. The tribe toasts Brandon, and he is eager to take credit. The tribe chomps down the snacks, getting very festive. Brian says that "Yaxha is on could 9 right now."

Nakum camp is rehashing the challenge, and what went wrong. Jaime feels guilty for losing the challenge, taking all the blame. Steph and Judd are upset, but trying to comfort Jaimie. Judd calls out Cindy for Monday-morning quarterbacking the events. Cindy is mad. Steph is very jealous of Bobby Jon's continual wins, angry at his cheering, saying "He gets to gay!" Steph goes on and on about losing again. "I'm never going to cry in front of them. I'm never going to tell them how I really feel. I'm in a really bad dream, and I can't get out, no matter what."

The rain starts, and the group huddles under the umbrella at their shelter.

Nighttime comes to Yaxha with lightning storms. Brian and Blake sleep in the shelter, unaffected by the rain. Amy calls Blake "Golden Boy", about his great stories and good luck. Brandon describes how Blake talks about himself non-stop. Brian talks about his new favorite game, "Bait Blake", in order to get him more hated. "He's just digging himself a hole, and I want to do everything I can to make sure he has a shovel."

Tree mail comes to Nakum. Included is a ball, with a rope attached. Steph is fearful is a strenuous challenge. She wants rid of the bad luck. Lydia sings the Mighty Mouse theme song to pep up the team. She dances and sings, and makes the team laugh.

Immunity Challenge

Team work is critical in this challenge. Each tribe will divide into 2 groups of three. One member will launch balls to the other group, into nets they are holding. First team to catch 5 balls wins immunity.

Brain goes first, launches into Yaxha's net. Lydia is next, with no one getting it. Brian next, into Nakum's net. Lydia again, again with no point. Brian launches quickly into the air, no one catches. Lydia sends one to Nakum. Brian is successful in sending one to Yaxha. Lydia to Nakum again. Brian hopes to tie it up, with Nakum stealing the ball. Lydia launches the winning ball into Nakum's net. Jaimie screams, "Who's smiling now!?"

Nakum wins Immunity!

Yaxha, day 14: Losing doesn't feel very good. They make fun of Jaimie's winning cries. Brain says that he's sure that its one of the old Yaxha members leaving (him, Danni, or Gary). Gary and Brian talk of voting off Blake. Bobby Jon tells Gary he wants Brian gone. Danni, Amy and Gary talk about getting rid of Blake. Danni shares this with Brandon, who tells her that he will not vote to get rid of Blake. Danni shares that she does not like being the swing vote.

Tribal Council

Jeff asks Gary how bad the storm was. Gary describes it as a character building night, except the two that slept. Amy sings "Golden boy", and describes why he's been named that. Blake is asked about his turn-around since day 1, and he says its something his body needed to go through. Brandon is asked about team unity, and he's answered that it's still growing. Amy is asked if the tribe is two separate groups, but she answers that it's one united group. Bobby Jon says that every tribal council is a tough vote for him.

Voting begins
Brian votes to send home Blake.
Gary votes to send home Blake.
Blake votes to send home Brian.

Jeff counts the votes. Brian has 2, Blake has 4.

Blake is the latest tribe member voted out of Survivor Guatemala.