October 20, 2005
Episode #1106
"Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble"

Previously, on Survivor: Judd doesn't look back, Jaimie screws up reward, Yaxha enjoyed their croc-proof swimming pool reward, Nakum's Steph is frustrated, cries, Blake is getting on everyone's nerves, Immunity battle is won by lost-standing-losers Nakum, at Tribal council Danni and Bobby Jon turn on Blake, voting him out.

13 are left...who will be voted out tonight?

Misty morning, at Yaxha. Blake's worried about the ramifications of voting out Blake, and confronts Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon explains it was game, and that Blake was rubbing a lot of the people the wrong way. Gary figures Nakum will be totally shocked.

Nakum, battling the flies. Jaimie and Judd complain of "jungle noises", and mosquitos. Steph joins in. Zookeeper Cindy is covered from head to toe, to avoid getting bitten. Rafe complains about Margaret's negative energy since Brianna was eliminated. Judd has no sympathy. Margaret knows that Judd wants her gone, and is just waiting. Judd tells the camera that "she can't grasp the fact that the old tribe ain't coming back."

Reward Challenge
Nakum is shocked that Blake was voted out.

Each team is to put two team members behind a life size ball. They have to push the ball to their goal to score points. (Four people, one ball, two goals.)

It is announced that both tribes are going to tribal council tonight. Both teams will vote one member out. Winning team gets to play again for individual immunity challenges. Individual immunity winner gets to sit in on the other tribe's council.

Reward is a BBQ grill, burgers, hot dogs, all the fixings, beer and root beer.

Yaxha scores first. Nakum scores second. Bobby Jon and Jaimie get into a screaming match afterward, but it quickly dissolves. Amy re-injures her ankle during the third round. Nakum takes advantage, and wins third round. Amy toughs through the pain, and goes for round 4. Yaxha scores in the fourth round. The final round is won by Nakum.

Nakum wins Reward!

Immunity Challenge
All seven will race into a field, collecting bags of letter tiles. After each bag is found, they need to go back to their spot to leave the bag, and go for the next. After the three bags are collected, they need to empty out the eleven letters, and spell a two word phrase. Winner gets Immunity.

Judd has "trouble" opening his bag. He looks over Rafe's shoulder, and figures out the two-word phrase. Judd whispers to Rafe "ancient ruins", giving him the answer.

Rafe wins Immunity!

Nakum enjoys their reward. Jaimie and Judd ask what happened with Bobby Jon during the Reward Challenge. Steph says he's crazy. They toast to Nakum.

Yaxha hobbles back to their camp. All are regretting their performance at Reward. Brandon asks Bobby Jon about yelling at Jaimie, Bobby Jon explains he was just "putting him in his place". Amy feels as if she let her tribe down. Her joint is swollen, but moveable. Brian explains that Amy is the easy vote tonight, but not the smart vote. Gary agrees with Brian to keep the original tribe, but Gary tells us, "Why would I want to vote off Bobby Jon?" Brian says no one is safe tonight, and he hopes that Gary and Amy won't pull the wool over his eyes.

Nakum, day 15: Chowing down on burgers and dogs, but aren't too thrilled about having to go to Tribal council. Judd talks about voting off Margaret with Jaimie. "Not a damn worry in the world, man. I'm one of the big guns, here", explains Judd. There's a mix-up with the beer, and Judd makes a big deal about it. Cindy explains that Judd better watch his mouth.

Nakum Tribal Council
Steph explains about how great the feast was. Judd gave up food for beer, with no regrets. Jaimie is asked about the Bobby Jon thing, and he just explains that he yelled back.

Margaret is asked about sportsmanship, and singles out Judd and Jaimie for not being role-models. Judd snaps back, saying he's giving it his all. Goes on a rant about ending with verbally attacking Margaret. "Except for Margaret, I love this damn team", says Judd. Judd polls the members of his tribe, and most say that he is a good guy. Things start to get very heated. Steph defends Judd. Judd continues to rant, Margaret continues to defend herself.

Voting begins.
Judd votes to remove Margaret.
Margaret votes to remove Judd.

The votes are: Judd 1, Margaret 4.

Sixth person voted out of Survivor Guatemala is Margaret.

Rafe remains at Tribal for Yaxha's Council.

Yaxha Tribal Council
Bobby Jon explains that it was built up male testosterone that caused today's conflict with Jaimie. Gary says that Nakum has good sportsmanship. Bobby Jon defends Brian's abilities. Amy is asked about her ankle, she says it's good. "A little twisted, but fine." Brandon is absolutely impressed with Amy's heart and effort.

Rafe is told that he's been given the right to give a member of Yaxha immunity! He votes, then heads back to camp.

Voting begins.
Brian votes to remove Bobby Jon.
Bobby Jon votes to remove Brian.

The votes are: Bobby Jon 1, Brian 4.

Brian is voted out, but could be saved by Immunity. Rafe gave immunity to Gary.

The seventh person voted out of Survivor is Brian.