"Surprise Enemy Visit"
Episode #1107
October 27, 2005

Previously, on Survivor: Margaret's negativity weighing on Nakum, Reward for burgers and beers, double-elimination revealed, Amy hurt AGAIN, Bobby Jon and Jamie square off, Nakum win feast, Individual Immunity won by Rafe, Yaxha's Brian rallies Amy and Gary to out Bobby Jon, Nakum indulges, Judd drinks more than his fair share of beers, Judd attacks Margaret at Tribal Council, Margaret voted out, Brian voted out.

Eleven are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Nakum, Night 15: Judd thanks the Lord that Margaret is gone. He also thanks the others of his tribe, and says that his bark is bigger than his bite. He explains that once Margaret lost the "Mom" role, she was useless. "I'm a big teddy bear, yanno?" Judd defends his comments from Tribal council, and the others of his tribe nod and agree.

Yaxha, Day 16: Complaining of the cold and pain, Bobby Jon shows us a pretty bad friction burn. He had to rip his shirt off this morning, to break the scab. Brandon's got a few scabs as well, as does Amy. "I have open, festering sores, and it sucks." tells Brandon.

Reward Challenge
Four tribe members will wrap 40' of material around their bodies, then have to unwrap it. One person goes at a time. When one is wrapped, the next joins them, and both wrap. Then the third, fourth. When all four are wrapped, then they unwrap themselves. The 5th person of the tribe helps any way they cam. Winners get chocolate, and a zip-line canopy tour of the ruins.

Steph gets wrapped first, Gary and Brandon take later lead. Nakum makes up some ground, and makes it to the end point fastest, and are unwinding. Nakum tumbles, and loses time. Yaxha pulls ahead, and finishes first.

Yaxha wins Reward!

Yaxha, day 16: They walk over rope-bridges to the place they will zip-line from. Amy complains about being afraid of heights. The gibbons look on. Amy overcomes her fears, and zips through the trees. Bobby Jon describes it as "majestic". Brandon's the last to arrive at the end point, with loads of chocolate fiesta. Cake, cookies, strawberries, hot-cocoa, its all there. They bring back the chocolate back to their living area.

Nakum, day 17: Rafe makes playing cards out of tree leaves. In celebration of Danni's birthday, Yaxha paddles over to Nakum's camp to ask them over for a pool party. Reluctantly, Nakum responds to Yaxha's calls to come see them at the river's end. After the invitation is accepted, they pile into their canoe, and head over to the Yaxha area. Yaxha shares their leftover chocolate.

The two tribes bond and talk, enjoying the "down time". Jamie stays very quiet, and observes. After a while, Jamie calls them together, and urges his tribe to return home. Jamie is very upset that the two groups got along so well.

Yaxha, day 18: Sitting around the pool, Bobby Jon tries to catch minnows in his mouth...the ones that are nipping at his open sore. Amy and Gary talk strategy. They discuss having to win immunity. Amy calls him out about being a footballer, Gary lies again.

Immunity Challenge

Puzzle pieces are buried in a sand pit. One at a time, one of three tribe members go to the pit, to collect the pieces. First time to get all 12 pieces, and assembles them wins immunity. Lydia sits out.

Nakum takes an early lead, 5-3. Brandon ties it up at 5 each. Yaxha takes the lead after 8 pieces. Jamie gets a piece, throws it into Steph's shin. Nakum gets all pieces first, while Yaxha only has 10 pieces. Yaxha gets the last pieces, catches up quickly. Not quickly enough...

Nakum wins Immunity!

Yaxha, day 18: "Its a devastating loss", says Amy. Amy asks Danni if she has any shot at all. Danni talks about voting out Bobby Jon. She doesn't feel that its fair that he was able to come back for a second try. Amy jumps on this, then runs to discuss it with Gary. Gary says that if Danni votes out Bobby Jon, so will he.

Bobby Jon and Brandon talk about the possibility of Bobby Jon leaving. BJ's goal is to make it to the jury. In the pouring rain, Brandon and Danni talk alone on the pool. Brandon tells that although he's in an alliance with Bobby Jon, he feels the others deserve to be in the game more than BJ does.

Tribal Council

Danni says that voting out someone tonight "sucks". Gary says they've bonded more. Amy says Survivor is "the bomb", and she loves her tribe. Brandon says voting out someone is harder than he thought it would. Bobby Jon would stick with alliances over good players.

Bobby Jon votes to out Amy.
Amy votes to out Bobby Jon.

The votes are in. Bobby Jon 1, Amy 3.

Amy is voted out of Survivor Guatemala.

Jeff instructs the remainder of the to go back to Nakum's camp, to bring them new buffs, and as a single tribe, come up with a new name.

The Tribes have merged!