Robbie Knievel and his Crew Drive 'Em Wild on A&E

A new real-life series featuring the extraordinary exploits of daredevil Robbie Knievel in KNIEVEL’S WILD RIDE. An exuberant and unfiltered look into the life of a guy who lives hard, plays hard, and most certainly works hard, KNIEVEL’S WILD RIDE tracks the day-to-day life of our generation's greatest living daredevil. Robbie also happens to be the son of Evil Knievel, the most legendary daredevil of them all!

Each episode will revolve around the preparations for a single life-or-death jump. No rules, no fabrications, no trumped up premise. The stakes are totally real. The show also features Robbie’s ragtag crew of buddies, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the authentic world of outlaw bikers as they crisscross the country on their hogs from jump to jump. From the muscle-bound Austrian mechanic, Roman, to the Heavy Metal rocker turned Knievel Roadie, Rocker Pete, this band of loveable rogues serve as Robbie’s surrogate family on the road. Robbie’s real family will also appear in the series, from conflicts with hard-bitten father to tender moments with his beautiful daughter. KNIEVEL’S WILD RIDE will also chronicle the emotionally charged struggle of a son trying to live outside of the normous shadow of a larger-than-life father.

Robbie Knievel is a real life action-hero who is one of the most compelling characters to ever to blast across the television landscape.

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Knievel's Wild Ride on A&E