Krisily Gets Played and The Country Crooner Walks

Tonight’s epi started off where last Monday’s ended. All the room mates were in the living room, talking of the vote off and Wes was up to his old tricks of trying to be the bully. Get over it Wes......You just aren’t liked and you aren’t going to be the winner......oh well, on to tonight.

Wes started the drama fest tonight with his nonsense and getting onto Dave’s back with Dave’s decision to send Gia home instead of bowing to Wes’s wishes of sending Elizabeth home. Then when that was over and done, the drama amped up a little more with the knock at the door. Natalie went out to find a note and box waiting there with surveys inside and the note read that everyone needs to fill out the survey on their own.

The next day, they woke up and the tension in the house was as thick as the night before. You see some of the roommates getting their breaky ready and having coffee and what not, then you see Wes out in the hot he sunk below the surface, you did have a moment to wonder if he was going to drown in that thing. Too bad in a way, he did surface and was in the living room when Melissa showed up and told the roommates to go outside for their next competition.

As the wander outside, they find benches and sketchpads waiting for them. They find out that the competition is based on the survey that they all filled out the night before and Chris Harrison says that it is easy to win, all you have to do is to tell the truth. The idea of it was to guess what the majority of the house answered to the questions, if you guess correctly, you get a point. The first girl and guy to get to 4 points, wins. Some of the questions asked include: Who do most of you believe is going to win? Kip. Who is your biggest enemy? Krissily. Who is the most shallow? Elizabeth. Who is the dumbest? Gwen. Who do you secretly have a crush on? Dave. Who will be a bride’s maid but never a bride? Natalie. Who has been seen as the biggest jerk by the group? Wes. Who has the worst boob job? Elizabeth.

The winners are Tenley for the ladies and Jesse B. for the guys.

WOW, the tears are flowing heavy and furious........well deserved in some cases. Being called shallow and dumb are kind of hard to take. Gwen went and comforted Natalie, Kovacs went to comfort Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Kovacs both said how that situation probably brought them closer together than they were before. Kovacs also admitted that he found himself caring more about her than he previously thought and as he had been so closed off emotionally before, this definitely was a wake up call for him.

Tenley’s date:

Tenley chose Kiptyn for their one on one date. Up until now, they have been group dates. The two of them took a heli to Catalina Island where they went zip-lining. It was definitely a date of firsts for one or the either of them.....first time that Kip has been in a heli, first time that Tenley has been zip lining.

Meanwhile..........back at the house, the roommates are talking of Kip’s and Tenley’s relationship. To the house, it is a foregone conclusion that Kip and Tenley are definitely a couple.

Back on Catalina, Kip and Tenley are getting closer and discussing exactly where they stand together as a couple.

Jesse B.’s date card arrives and he picks Peyton.

Kip and Tenley are having a secluded beach dinner together and are discussing exactly where they stand....Kip confesses that he has been keeping Tenley at arm’s reach in the house which has been hurting their relationship.......he confesses that he definitely doesn’t want to do that anymore. Tenley admits in a PI of how much she actually feels towards Kip and of how she wants to really explore their relationship. She knew that before Bach Pad, they were close friends which is a great foundation for more, and now the more is happening.

Back at the house, Elizabeth and Kovacs head out to the hot tub to talk. Kovacs opens up to Elizabeth and tells her exactly how much she means to him.....she gives him butterflies and he just wants her to be happy. She in turn tells Kovacs of how much it meant that he was there to comfort her today. They end up in the hot tub and the smooch fest commences.

On Catalina, Tenley gives Kip the rose and they head off to the fantasy suite together. They were both wanting to get to the next level together.

Back at the house when Kip and Tenley arrive, they admit that they need to back off on their relationship and get their game faces back on. This was definitely akward looking as they head out to the pool area with everyone else. They were trying to keep their connection low keyed and were trying to act standoff ish.

Jesse’s Date..........

From the house, Jesse and Peyton take a limo to the air strip where they board a bi-plane for a scenic tour around the LA area and over the ocean. While they were on their tour, the roommates at the house were discussing their date and whether they will hook up or not. Most think that it will be a major makeout session and that’s all.

Meanwhile back at the airport, the two of them arrive back from their tour. They are sitting on a couch, enjoying drinks and conversation. Peyton decides to make them a martini......hmmmm, as she states, probably a bad move for him, mixing vodka and champagne. Peyton says that it seems that the true colors of Jesse are starting to show of how he burps easily, talks crude, mixing vodka and champagne in the same glass, sticking his finger up her nose.........GROSS!!

Meanwhile at the house, Krisily and Dave head outside for a chat. This is the chat that leads to the end for Krisily.

At the airport, Jesse hauls out the date card......after reading it, he asks Peyton what she thinks and if she wants to go to the fantasy suite...........they decide to call it a night instead. Peyton is heard saying, who wants to go to a fantasy suite with someone that has been burping in your face half the night.......come on, really??

Back at the house when they arrive, you can see the obvious distance between them, both of them sitting on the opposite sides of the living room.

Up next, rose ceremony day.......

Strategizing is starting early today........different “in” groups vs the outsiders are talking of who is voting for who. The names coming up are Wes, Kovacs, Gwen, and Krisily.

Wes is up to his old games of trying to get everyone else voted out as he is trying to stay.......Krisily is trying to convince the ladies to vote out Kovacs.

During the Rose Ceremony, Kovacs, Kip, and Dave are debating as to whether to get rid of Gwen or Krisily, Wes and Jesse B. are going after Elizabeth. Gwen, Natalie, Peyton. Dave once again takes Krisily aside to try to convince her to vote out Wes as he seems to be the only one that has been scheming and not truthful in the house.

When the dust settles and the scheming is completed, Wes and Krisily is sent home. Unfortunately for Krisily, she does Dave’s dirty work and the thanks she gets is a one way ticket back home.

Next week, 3 more ladies get sent home immediately.