Jokers: What made you want to audition for Last Comic Standing?
Cory:  I had nothing else going on!

Jokers: What does your family think about all the fame?
Cory:   I think my parents are amused, but you have to understandthy are not known for their enthusiasm.  I mean, if I won the Nobel Prize,they'd tell me to take an umbrella because Stockholm can be damp this time ofyear.

Jokers: What was your favorite "immunity" contest?
Cory:  The pitch.  Maybe I didn't win, but I felt like I didbecause Dat took the proverbial "pebble from my hand" and was triumphant!

Jokers: Who do you still remain friends with, after game?
Cory:  Vos (already were friends), Dave, Ralphie, Cantrell and Tess, oh,and Tere too (maybe even Dat, I kind of liked having a little brother with noclue).

Jokers: Do you think that Dat is funny?
Cory:  Yes, but my dentist is funny.  Not all funny people arestandup comics. 

Jokers: Who is your favorite comedian (Hollywood) and why?
Cory:  Hollywood?  I don't know any Hollywood comedians, or do youmean like Pryor?  I think he lives in the valley, pretty sure that SteveMartin lives in Beverly Hills and Buddy Hacket was in Malibu, but he at leastwas my favorite.

Jokers: Do you think that the public has been fair by the voting, so far?
Cory:  Do you mean the television viewing public that has my fate in thepalm of their hands right this very second?  Ugggghh, I have to go heave. Excuse me.

Jokers: Are you and Tere still friends?
Cory:  Yes, we hung out in Vegas during the finals.

Jokers: Do you regret anything that you've done or said on the show?
Cory:  Sure, but what are you gonna do?

Jokers: Have you had any offers yet?
Cory:  Yeah, a lot of people want to date my daughter!

Jokers: If you had ONE WORD to describe every of your LCS friends, what wouldit be?
Cory:  You know, we just had to do this exact thing for the camera's. Watch the show.  I can't get all choked up again, I have makeup on.

Jokers: Beside you, who did you think was the funniest?
Cory:  Vos, Dave & Ralphie.

Jokers: Is there anyway that fans can keep track of what you're doing?
Cory:  Sure... !!!

Jokers: Any last words?
Cory:  Pernicious, Tertiary, Peripatetic, Vacuous.