Jokers:  What made you want to audition for Last Comic Standing?
Dave Mordal: I didn't really want to audition at first. A local comedy club owner talked me into it. Even then I almost left the audition twice, thinking it really wasn't for me. But when I made it through the first audition, I thought what the hell, it sure can't hurt.

Jokers:  What does your family think about all of this comedy fame?
Dave Mordal:  They've seen me on TV before, but this show was a wholenew level.  My son and niece find it hysterical that I'm stopped in placesand asked for an autograph or picture.  On the other hand, I'll have to begone more often, so it's a double edged sword.

Jokers:  What was your favorite "immunity" contest?
Dave Mordal:  Oddly enough, my favorite was the raising money at UniversalStudio stunt. I'm not used to doing outrageous things in public, so it was a lot of fun to see if I could stretch and for some reason, I still get a kick out of the idea of selling fake autographs.

Jokers:  Who do you still remain friends, after the game?
Dave Mordal:  Vos. We played off each other so well it hurt.  When we get together, we bother people and just giggle way into the night. Very creepy.

Jokers:  Why did you guys (4 first bootees) pick Dat to be the one in "trouble,"last week?
Dave Mordal:  We just really felt he shouldn't have been in the finals,and we were wrong.  He's getting stronger and stronger as a stand up comic.  He'll be really hard for anyone to beat.  He put up with all of us and came out on top.  He should be proud.  I know I have a new respect for him.

Jokers:  It seems to me that this show puts talented comedians, such as yourself,at a disadvantage by only giving them 5 minutes or so of stage time.Lesser-talented comedians, such as Dat Phan, whose acts start with a bang,but then fade to a whimper, are able to outlast more methodical comedians,whose acts build as they go.  Do you agree, and what are your feelings onthis?
Dave Mordal:  I guess it's to each his or her own.  Some people really like a fast paced mix of silliness and some like clever writing.  And then, there are those that like me.

Jokers:  Where do they snag these people to who vote? Are they just tourists whoare herded in to a taping? If so, doesn't that kind of skew the votestowards the more generic, accessible comedians (ie Dat and Tess). In otherwords, are the "voters" stand-up fans or people who are looking for laughswithout their having to actually use their brain?
Dave Mordal:  I guess most are tourists at NBC.  Probably from all over the country.  I think that on the night I lost, they just liked Dat's set better.  I can't blame people who like high energy any more than I can blame someone who likes action movies over drama.

Jokers:  How the hell did Ed Pepitone not make the cut?
Dave Mordal:  That still eludes me.  Eddie Pepitone is probably the funniest human being I have ever encountered, or ever will.  He was sadly missed in the house.... And he owes me Five grand.

Jokers:  The success of a comic these days seems to be determined by when you getyour own show. Is that what you want? Do you have any interest in a scriptedsitcom?
Dave Mordal:  I would love a smart, well done sitcom.  I know it sounds strange, but I'm really tired of sitcoms were the male figure is a moron.  Granted it's funny, but I think one can be done where he isn't a total buffoon.  Seinfeld wasn't always screwing things up.  That was a smart sitcom.  Gary Shandling show, again, cutting edge and smart.  Now the thing is, could I do one like that? Beats me.  It takes lots of great writing and the patience of viewers to be along with you.

Jokers:  Are you and Rich still good friends?
Dave Mordal:  Yes, not bathtub friends, but still good friends.
Jokers:  Did you think you were better than him?
Dave Mordal:  No.  Never did.  Rich has a way with people that I do not have.
Jokers:  I gotta know... how LONG were y'all in that bathtub, to shoot thatscene?
Dave Mordal: We were in that bathtub for about half an hour.  Vos thought I was naked and panicked at the end. They don't show him jumping out of the tub as the water level fell.

Jokers:  Who was genuinely funny in that house, and did anything really funny happen that they didn't air?
Dave Mordal:  Ralph and Vos were hysterical.  Vos did a criminal FBI profile of the rat, which went on for several minutes.  I almost peed myself laughing. Rich even brought the rats hatred of his mother into it, and Ralph screamed like a little girl at the sight of the rat.  It was priceless.

Jokers:  What did you have against Dat Van? You judged him as not being funny,yet funny thing is, he is still on the show. I think your funny, butwatching you and the others go after him was crazy.
Dave Mordal:  The argument with Dat started with his views on road comics and how it's unnecessary to do comedy clubs all over the country.  We also picked on him because he had the least time in the business.  Just like everyone picks on the new guy at work.  To be honest, had we not picked on Dat, he would have gotten very little camera time.  Some of the people in that house were left alone and as a result, very few know anything about them.  America does not know GeoffBrown.  They now know Dat Phan.  All modesty aside, we gave Dat the chance to be a star,and he ran with it.  Successfully I might add.

Jokers:  Where DO they get the audience that votes anyway?
Dave Mordal:  It's an NBC studio audience of local people and tourists, just like the Tonight show. Some of them had probably been at a Tonight show taping earlier in the evening.

Jokers:  Did you have any offers?
Dave Mordal:  I have an offer from a woman in Milwaukee, but it's kinda personal.

Jokers:  Do you feel that the order in which you performed made a difference on whothe crowd picked?
Dave Mordal:  Yes, an audience voting after all the comics have been seen will remember the last comic best.  That's not to say that one couldn't have won by going first.  It's just much harder.

Jokers:  If you have ONE WORD to describe every of your lcs friends, what wouldit be?
Dave Mordal: Tess- Gorgeous; Rich -- Wrinkle free; Cory -- Genuine;  Dat --Optimistic;  Geoff -- Showman;  Ralphie -- Gifted; Rob -- caring;  Tere -- silly; Sean --Cowboy.

Jokers:  Beside you, who did you think was the funniest?
Dave Mordal:  Vos.

Jokers:  Is there anyway that fans can keep track of what you're doing?
Dave Mordal:, a pathetic website, but it works for me.

Jokers:  Any last words?
Dave Mordal:  It's just a reality TV show.  No animals were hurt during the filming. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.