"Before I go, I just want to tell you: you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what?...So was I!" 9th Doctor
"I don't want to go." 10th Doctor, Doctor Who

Tuesday September 18, 2012

7:53 AM

Feeds to Fish-
The last full day in the BB14 house begins, as our F3 get their early wake-up call

8:08 AM

The F3 are going to be on “The Talk” this morning. So they are all up early to get ready.
Dan is in the shower, Danielle putting make-up on and Ian is making coffee & rocking in the kitchen chair. He asks what kind of alcohol they want to drink today,
Danielle “not beer”

Ian follows Dan out to the backyard.
Dan “Just want to get a little sun before we’re locked up like rats” Ian asks him if today is the 18th, Dan “yes, almost done” They head back inside where Danielle is fixing a bowl of Cereal. Dan goes into the living room, Danielle whispers to Ian “is he alright”
Ian “yeah he just went to get some sunlight”

Dan asks what “Darlene’s name is (Ed: Sara Gilbert from “The Talk”) Ian has no idea. Dan says the other one was on “Saved By The Bell” & played Stacey Carosi (Ed. Leah Remini ) Ian says all he knows is Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne are on it & it is woman’s talk show.

Ian helps Danielle with a stuck zipper on her dress and says “Beautiful” then laughs, and says “The Talk will beam in on us & we’ll just happen to be in dressy cloths”
Dan walks into the bedroom while Danielle does the finishing touches to her hair- she tells him she likes his shirt, he thanks her.

Then we hear Big Brother tell Danielle to put on her microphone- Dan “Ooh, there’s1”
Big Brother “Daniele please put on your microphone” Dan “2 Rocks”

9:33 AM

Feeds go first to fish then to Trivia.

11:15 AM

Feeds return

Dan is preparing smoothies in the kitchen while Danielle sunning out by the pool and Ian is in his happy place- the Hammock. Dan brings the smoothies out for everyone and they sit around chatting. Dan cracks a joke and Danielle says “I thought you were going to be nice today?”
Talking about the interview we get differing perspectives of what was said- Danielle thinks Julie said they were all liked, Ian didn’t hear that but thinks the whole Quack Pack is well liked and how he heard a huge cheer from the crowd for Shane when he was evicted.
Ian talks about how Frank tried to get Joe voted out by saying Joe just wanted to be a celebrity chef & didn’t even watch the show.
Danielle says she is now tied with Frank for number of nominations with 5. Dan corrects her pointing out Frank has 6 nominations, that she & Joe are tied
with 5.
Talk about how they think their families are probably flying into town right now & how they must be so excited that they are going to be on TV.

12:07 PM

As they are talking about CosPlay and how Danielle could dress as Laura Croft Dan is called to the DR.

Ian is called to the DR. Dan comes out saying “unbelievable, they’re stirring sh*t up.”
Ian comes out of the DR and Dan says he is “sour” when Ian asks why Dan starts to tell him about the DR interference…….FISH

Ian is talking about how Boogie thought he was a good late pick, that he had good “table image”. Danielle really doesn’t remember talking to Boogie much. Dan asks Ian what other reality show he’d like to be on. Dan jokes about Average Joe and Gilligan’s Island. Ian says probably Amazing Race or Survivor. Danielle tells them how she almost got on The One but the producers thought she would be better for BB.

Dan starts asking random off the wall questions about hermaphrodites & weird anatomy occurrences and …………….FISH

Back from fist with Ian in his hammock and Danielle and Dan in the pool, Dan says this is their last time in the pool possibly forever… Then Danielle asks Ian whether he or Danielle have the bigger head. Ian “Dan” she clarifies she meant physically bigger, Ian “Danielle”
Dan asks feeders to use the hashtag #bighead for Danielle. He also wants feeders to tweet Memphis that Vern from Wisconsin is still waiting for a pair of his underwear- Vern was a guy Dan made up who is obsessed with Memphis.- Ian thinks Kara & Danielle will probably have stalkers after the season. Dan keeps trying to trick Ian into giving out his e-mail address... Finally Ian says “ iterry@tulane.edu “ and that is is publicly available. Dan laughs.

1:00 PM

Dan asks Ian if he is going to go back and look for Kara’s issue of playboy. Ian “yes” Danielle “poor Kara” Dan laughs

Danielle tells them she knows football players Julio Jones and Greg McElroy, says Jones use to cheat off her in class. Dan gives her a hard time like he doesn’t believe her. She goes inside for a minute.
Dan asks Ian “Do you think I should stop messing with her?” Ian “No”

Dan and Ian talking about Zingbot going limp, Dan could tell by Britneys face she was about to cry, everyone was shaken up for 2 hours afterwards except Dan and Boogie who were trying not to laugh, cause it would have pissed Jenn off.. How later Britney was cracking jokes about it with hash tag #heatstroke. Dan “Why did the Zingbot not win the gold medal? It couldn’t finish the 400 Heatstroke”

Dan thinks they are going to miss his random questions, Ian says they just confuse him. Dan wants to know what they will do with 2 JoJo’s running around tomorrow. Ian looks confused. Dan “she has a twin sister”
Ian tells how Ashley thought there was a duck alliance because he quacked and Wil convinced her of it. Dan says maybe she was psychic.

Dan says it is their last full day and asks what their favorite Backyard Memory is. Ian says Kara in the Betsy Ross bikini (stars and stripes) Danielle’s is being by the pool. Ian liked when Britney watched the Frank bridge. Dan/Danielle liked when they played the ball game. Ian says it was Comedy Gold when he played pool & the ball hit his fingers and smashed the rack plus him kicking himself in the face or being too drunk or being too drunk with Britney knowing that she was leaving. Danielle says that she loved seeing Wil come outside as Craig & the fight in the BY with Willie/Boogie/Frank.

1:30 PM

Fish then Trivia

3:28 PM

Feeds Return

Ian is saying they have lot’s of beer. Offers Danielle one she declines- off to the hammock as he rocks he mutters, Beer, beer, beer” Dan comes out and Ian offers him a beer, tells him he already cracked on open. Dan thinks they should play beer pong tonight. Ian agrees.

All three lounging about in the backyard- Ian rocking in the hammock and muttering things to himself
“Clutch,Good in the clutch, Clutch it was incentive.”
“Cracked my skull. Cracked my skull.”
“Dan, Dan put you up before”
“Dan was in the Quack Pack”

He gets up goes to the kitchen to fix something to eat. Danielle is called to the DR, she smiles at Ian as she walks through the kitchen, and once she passes him Ian sticks his tongue out at her. He roams around the Living room a bit, looking at the chairs and couches.
Ian “Got it” as he heads back to the hammock he’s saying “Solid point, Solid point”
In the hammock eating and rocking Ian’s mumbling continues.
“The Quack Pack, they stayed true”
“Giving a vote, giving a vote.”

Dan is called to the DR, asks Ian what he is eating and tells him it looks good (leftover chicken parm) he heads inside. Danielle comes out. Ian sees her on the couch, he giggles & waves. She waves back. Ian finishes his food and keeps rocking. Danielle sitting staring off seemingly glaring over at Ian.

Ian is rocking hard in the hammock & muttering
“You have to cover your bases, Cover your bases, Have smart risks”
“I don’t think anybody deserves to be here over anyone else.”

4:08 PM

Dan comes back outside. Danielle asks him if he is alright. Dan sighs and says “yeah, I’m fine” Everyone laying around quietly either sleeping, (can’t tell for sure with Dan) or doing some heavy thinking.
Ian in his hammock Ian “Cups & plates, & plates & cups”

A helicopter flies overhead, Dan & Ian wave.
Dan “It would be nice to know about the safety of our loved ones, (laughs) if you cut my veins today it would be sodium chloride I’m just salty today”
Danielle “Is it because of the DR?”
Dan “It’s everything, that F***ing lock down.”
Ian “So Dan, in the moment tell me how you felt”
FISH Flash.
Dan “”We’re drinking tonight, playing beer pong. I just wanted to get packed up before I drink because it it’s the only thing that will take the salt out of my veins.”
Ian” What made you salty?”
Danielle “like sour, Like Jenn”
Ian “yeah that lockdown sucked”
Dan “After this, I won’t take orders from anyone, ‘No I won’t go inside because of bad weather.’ ‘oh you don’t want me to jump in the pool from a two story building? I’m doing it’, ‘You don’t want me to play dead in a pool with a net over my head?’ ‘I’m doing it!”

The three sit around talking, conversation spans the gambit of Chelsea starting Dan’s car every week, sleeping with the dog (Dan said if she missed him she could have slept next to the laptop with the feeds on.) Franks sex talk in front of Ashley and everyone, how Ashley seemed to like it while everyone else thought it was disgusting- all new to Ian and it seems to bother him.

Things shift to Boogie, Dan does Boogie “God, I hate these people” Ian” I can’t believe he tried to make me hate you Danielle” Dan as Boogie “Don’t you hate her pouty face?” Ian explains Boogie was trying to take the heat off of Frank, by drawing attention to “people not pulling their weight.”
Danielle “Apparently he didn’t find me very attractive wither.” Ian says Boogie just says some things that aren’t nice- So they question Ian about what Boogie thought about different House guests.
JoJo- Boogie was really offended when she took Wil’s beer, because they get so little in there. He thought she was annoying with an annoying voice, that “she would be attractive with a muzzle”
Ashley- he made comments about her intelligence, thought she would be a dream to drag to F2 and her body was proportioned weirdly.
Wil- Wil’s questions got to be a bit much but as a whole he liked Wil- but was made about Wil lying about his vote that week-Danielle says that was cause he didn’t want Frank to bug him all week.
Shane- Lots of insults about his intelligence….
Danielle wants to know if he said anything about her looks, Ian says no just that she was whiny & never lifted a finger & they hated that Frank’s game depended on her the one week, Danielle wants to know if Frank disliked her- Ian explains yes because Boogie believed you had to hate the person you were against..
Danielle starts pointing out how she vacuumed every Thursday when Boogie would just life his feet up. Danielle: "Who died & made him king of the castle? Just cause he won Season 7? He wasn't the only winner in here."
Danielle says this is the last day of feeds so she is going to keep her mouth shut about Boogie………but he is a 42 years old picking on people half his age & he should think about what he says in the show in-case Brady watches it one day. She asks who Frank talked about- Ian “apparently me” Danielle asks about Jenn Ian “they both thought she was expendable

4:53 PM

More talk about earlier days, Ian says he threw the 2nd HoH once Shane was out- Dan asks him if Wil had won who would have been nominated. Ian says the same exact people. Dan mentions that Boogie/Janelle teams had an alliance at that point. Ian “Team Diversity” Ian says Boogie though that name was stupid but who cares if it works.. Danielle wonders what Boogie thought of his Good-Bye messages. Ian thinks he enjoyed them…

More talk of the past 75 days, how weird it is everything they have done has been recorded- going over what happened and what they wished had happened- Ian does manage to get in that when he had the golden ball veto he had wanted Shane or Britney to win that second POV so when Frank was 4 beers in he could tell him what was going down..

Dan “How many girls in here do you think had cosmetic surgery, Ian? Including Rhinoplasty”
Ian “2 Kara & Janelle”
Dan “I think so too” Danielle laughs the guys ask what she knows she tells them Boogie had Botox.
Danielle “Ian, when girls say they have fake boobs do you think differently of them?”
Ian” No. Why? Do you?”
Danielle “Yep”
Dan: "Shut up! No way."
Ian: "Really?"
Danielle: "I'd crack up when Janelle would talk about having them & having a good eye for it."
Ian: "Yesterday when you were doing the upside down push ups, I was like they're perfectly, I noticed that. They were in place."
Danielle laughs.
Ian: "I just thought it could be a really good sports bra. It's impressive."
Danielle: "What?"
Ian: "That no one ever realized it. I don't think any differently though."
Danielle: "Well Thanks."
Dan: "Did Shane know?"
Danielle: "No."
Ian: "Wow."
Dan: "One time we were talking about fake boobs & I think Shane said he didn't like them."
Ian: "Are you afraid to tell him?"
Danielle: "No, I just didn't want people to think differently of me."
Ian: "It has to work out, it's just too good."
Danielle: "What?"
Ian: "You & Shane. Just perfect together."
Dan laughs & says "I'm not as optimistic. Just a realistic."
Danielle: "Most realists are pessimists."

Danielle goes inside, Dan and Ian talk Renegades and Team Diversity. Dan asks if Ian thinks Danielle has an idea about them. Ian doesn’t think so. Dan mentions that he thinks Danielle assumes Dan would take her to F2. Ian says he hopes she doesn't get her hopes up. Dan asks if Ian told her that he isn't taking her. Ian compares his reaction to her like Memphis looking down when Keesha found out that they were taking Jerry to the F3 instead. Dan says that Danielle never had her Keesha freak out. Ian disagrees. Dan tells Ian that if he wins Pt. 3 then there will be no antics, just straight up. Ian says good & the same with him because he'll tell her he sticks to what he says. Dan points out that Ian does do that & asked if Ian had any deals & Ian says not post reset.

Dan tells Ian that Memphis made him give him his gold chain right before pt. 3 to promise he was taking him. Ian says he would be on board with that; he will give his sunglasses or something. Dan says he will give him his gold chain, his dead grandfather gave him.

While Danielle helps with cutting up the chicken for Dan all three get their last DR with one of production.

6:35 PM

Ian is out in his hammock. Dan and Danielle still working on the chicken.
Dan”How do you feel about the end of everything?”
Danielle “Sad”
Dan “Why sad? We get to go back to our lives, it won’t be normal for a while but by Christmas, it will be.”
Danielle: "I'm sad to say bye to you. We've been through so much."
Dan: "Isn't it crazy that we're the only 2 up there?"
Danielle: "We're the only 2 from the same game that made it."
Dan: "The odds are against us but we made it. That's how I like to play it though." Danielle: "Even through everything you put me through, all the antics. I wouldn't change coaches."
Dan: "Really? What if it was you, Britney & JoJo right now."
Danielle: "And have Britney as my coach? No, even with all the antics I'd always pick you."
Dan: "Thanks Danielle. I'd still pick you 5th."
Danielle: "Ouch."
Dan: "You still take that with a negative connotation. All the number 1 picks are gone. I knew that going first would make you a target."
Danielle “Would you have changed anything if you could go back?”
Dan “Honestly no. I still wouldn’t have given you a heads up on the funeral because I wanted it to be real.”
Danielle: "But you don't think the Ian fight was good enough?"
Dan: "Yeah. But that was all premeditated. That's why I'm sick of explaining that in the DR 1900 times over."
Dan “I swore way too much this season. Sorry Live Feeders.”
Danielle “Have I driven you crazy?”
Dan “sometimes. All the emotions.”
Danielle: "Do you think I had it easy?"
Dan: "I took it easy on you. Let me put it this way, if you can take it from me ten you can take it from anyone."
Danielle: "You have to give me some credit, you couldn't even go at Britney the way you did with me."
Dan: "True. The only time I saw you super mad was the magnet comment Britney made. I'm glad you always understood it was for the game instead of being like I'm done with you."
Danielle: "Do you realize that I've never stormed off on you ever?"
Dan: "My mom hangs up on me. That's one of my pet peeves."
Danielle “I never once quit on you or gave up on you.”
Dan “You thought it though. You thought I’ll go with Shane or Britney at the end screw Dan.”
Danielle “No if you can’t see that I’m so much closer to you than I ever was with Shane”
Dan “What could I have done to make you go with Shane? Be a d*** to you?
Danielle “Nothing, I gave you my word. You pissed me off a lot.”
Dan “Only way I would turn against you is if I caught you in a lie that you won’t admit to.”

Back at the hammock Ian “Please, please, please. My fate is in my own hands but please.”

Danielle “If you could have picked different players, say you saw the future, would you have picked different players?”
Dan “No, because the only other person I wanted to pick was Shane but after getting to know him and how he plays the game I wouldn’t have. I never would have picked Frank.”

Meanwhile at the hammock Ian “Please hear me out, please hear me out, please hear me out”

Danielle “It could be my happy ass walking out the door next”
Dan “How disappointed would you be with me if I didn’t win?”

7:07 PM

Hammock rocking- Ian “I can do it”

Dan “I just don’t think we need to be reminding people that I’ve won before”
Danielle “I didn’t put your financials on blast”

Ian still in the hammock, still rocking and still muttering back and forth with himself.

Dan “would you be nervous, excited if you saw Memphis sitting out there?”
Danielle “Are you insinuating that I’m jealous?”
back and forth chatter about Shane winning AC, Danielle and Shane doing dating shows. Dan tells Danielle she won’t get married until she is 26 because she needs to mature, that she is still pretty immature. Danielle wants Dan’s phone number he won’t give it to her.

Dan pops his head outside and tells Ian “Your Renegade nuggs are done” Sitting around the table, talking about caring what people think about them.Dan thinks they should have a Quake Couples retreat. Ian brings up “Hoffoween” Dan says he probably isn’t going.
Dan “Ian is going to be in Heaven because all these BB people will come up and talk to him.
Danielle “that’s going to be weird, them knowing my name”
Dan “Someone Tweet Hayden Moss and tell him he can thank me later for hooking him and Danielle up.
They think it will be hard not living in the house. Dan says it’s way more epic when you’re single in here- says he knew him and Monica were over when he came in last time- Dan talks about how he wishes he didn’t have to out by himself. Talk about how the votes are revealed. Dan doesn’t think you’re eligible to win AC and a F2.

More dinner chatter about Survivor, Britney’s juror question to Hayden, the Brigade’s reveal to Britney, Jordon being voted out S13. Jordon is one of Dan’s favorites.

They move on to the Zingbot, getting over heated, the zings. Ian and Dan start doing them in the Zingbot voice Dan”Chelsea is going to be her tomorrow I may not sleep tonight OR tomorrow” ZING Dan “what do you have in common with Willie/Ashley/Ian? You are all second round picks” ZING Dinner is finished.

8:10 PM

Ian back in his hammock rocking and repeating “I can do it”

Dan and Danielle clean the kitchen and so some Jedi training.

Going over tie breakers

How long have you been in the House:

Talk about 74 days :
in Hours

1776 Hours in the house they came too

Now Dan asks in Minutes:
10665 Minutes

In Seconds:
600000 guesstimate They said

Dan created a fictional football team to memorize each evicted house guest, with their jersey number being their vote count..
Boogie: 52
Ashley: 51
Britney: 41
Frank: 31
Joe: 30
Jenn: 20
Shane: 10

Danielle says she wanted to scream NO,NO,NO at ‘ eviction but claims she blacked out a bit, and she did the same when she won Walk the plank.
Dan tells her he will be a failure if he loses. Danielle says no, as long as he gives it his all.

Ian is still rocking the hammock.

Danielle tells Dan Ian’s social game is squat compared to his when regarding all of the jury members.
Dan swears on Chelsea that he won’t throw it. Danielle tells him if he gets her to the end he completes the promise he made to her night one.
Danielle says his biggest weakness is he won the game before
Dan “that’s BS, why would you say that?”
Danielle “Because people won’t want to give it to you twice”
Dan tells her she has 3 guaranteed votes- /she doesn’t think she has Joe’s vote but Dan this she does.
Dan wants to play Euchre

9:02 PM

Ian and Dan comment it is the last Showtime.

Ian joins them and asks if it’s a good game, Danielle says not at all.
Dan doing shout out to his website and singing- BB is not amused
Big Brother “I said Stop that.” “Hey I said STOP that” Dan Laughs

Ian over at the memory wall touches his key then he bolts for the door runs across the yard and jumps in his hammock. “I just need a break from this game, I’m ready to get the hell outta here”, “I am so nervous”

Dan says they are at 16 hours.
Danielle asks him if he’ll miss her
He jokingly says NO
Danielle: At least your honest
He asks her: She says yes
Dan: At least your honest
They laugh
Dan tells her as long as they have twitter they can communicate

Dan says he has good cards and the camera zooms in on his hand.
In the meantime, Danielle is making jabs that he is lying at that she can read Dan based on his emotions. He states that when has he ever changed emotions?
Danielle: Last night
Dan agrees that that is the only time

Danielle is not good at this game and looses Dan thanks his Grandmother for teaching it to him.
Danielle says it makes her sick that Ian is acting cocky and making a jury speech already. “my key will never have his name on it”

Ian still on the hammock swinging amok. Sounds like Ian is practicing jury speech. “I trusted him through treachery and deceit- yeah I could use that.”
“Not sure he will cut her, I really need the 500” Ian almost shouts something about “STEALTH”

10:06 PM

Ian mumbles “silent assassin, silent assassin” Hammock slows down Ian laughs then sits back up and goes back to full swing.

Dan pops open another bill sings a bit and BB is going to end up popping a vein if he continues it at this rate..

Hammock Time……”I just have to choose my own destiny in this game.” Now going over jury votes. the hammock swings on. He plans what he will say to Frank. Then he starts “Danielle, Danielle, Danielle” “I think I’ve got it all covered”

Dan and Ian sing the theme to “Duck Tails” BB allows it.

Ian gets off the hammock and begins to sing “Duck tail salute to Dan” as he goes and packs things up. Ian sings it again and gets a BB “Please stop singing”

Dan and Ian start shout outs and we get FISH

Ian requested Duck Tails Theme for wake up tomorrow.

Talking about how their 3 roads will never cross again.
Dan “All good things must come to an end, we’ll never be under the same roof again”
Ian “Except for the Quackation”

Ian loved the Quack Pack because even when they lost Britney they stuck together working to get to F4

11:46 PM

Ian and Dan still in the back yard talking about their former house guests. Ian says Ashley’s vote will sway with the wind.
Dan “What if Ashley’s vote decides it?” He laughs.
Talking about sending Boogie home, Ian says that was the worst day in the house for him. Rehashes the events from the DE and how crazy Frank got.
Dan thinks Frank had some similarities as Rachel and that he will be back on BB again.
Ian tells Dan that even if he doesn’t win tomorrow he’ll be fine with the $50,000. Dan says he is too, Danielle comes out and tells the guys good night. Dan wants her to tell Ian the story about the night Frank (crying?) came up to the HOH & confronted the others about sending Boogie home.
Danielle sits down on the couch and tells how Boogie cornered her before the live show started and tried to threaten her for her vote, he called her Nurse Murphee.

The talk about Dr Will. Danielle has never seen him play. She plans on watching his season when she goes home.

Ian admits when they moved in the house he slammed his bag down on her bed because he thought she was cute. Dan makes Danielle tell Ian about her and Kara being a bit freaked out the first week because Ian sat on the bathroom couch while they took showers.
Danielle brings up the comment Boogie made about her butt. Her voice gets a bit loud, she is still angry about the comment. Ian and Dan think she should try and forget about it.

Dan says life is so much easier when you accept things.

They talk about the coaches and how most of the players went with what their coach told them except for Wil, Joe, Ian and maybe Ashley. Ian tells them he made it seem like he was 100% loyal to Boogie and Frank so that later on he’d have a blank check to lie.
They all agree Joe’s game got better after Janelle left.
Danielle says her favorite Ian line is when he said to Frank that Frank not being on the block is like Easter without eggs.

12:23 AM

Dan is going to bed, says he is sleeping in his swim trunks.

Ian sings a quick “Duck Tails” he stops and takes one more look around the backyard then heads inside.

Danielle is in bed Dan gives her a hug and tells her she came a long way and he is proud of her.

Dan heads to bed he says “Good Night Big Brother it’s been a good season” says good night to the cameras looks at the memory wall says “that’s it” and he turns the lights out.

All three are in bed Dan tells Danielle and Ian they might come back but he wont, this is his last hurrah. “This is it, I felt like tonight would never get here”
Ian “Wow this is our last night in the BB house”

Ian says it has been an honor to be in an alliance with them. Dan agrees and says he never regretted it. Ian says he misses Brit and Shane though.

1:29 AM

Dan is awake in the back yard going over his jury speech and timing it with a stop watch. He plans on admitting he had to play a different game this season.

Reciting his speech he says that he underestimated Brit when he came into the house but is glad he was on her team. He plans to tell the Jury that he had to use people and then cut them to make it this far in the game.

He quickly runs through the speech and stops the clock "F*cking A" He only gets 1 minute 30 seconds to make his case and he is having difficulty saying everything he wants in the allotted time. He says to himself that he needs to boil it down to just the most important points.

His opening line goes something like this:
When this game started I knew I was in trouble because the other competitors had many different skills I had to go after....

He mentions that one important point he needs to make is that he never had to depend on winning comps "rolling a ball into a hole" to further his game,

Dan says he needs to stroke Joe, Ashley, Frank, Shane, Brit.

Dan says he is going to tell the Jury that they were all such great players that it forced him to play a different game this season because they were all that good.

He is trying to fit all the points he needs to hit fit in 90 seconds
Dan “I played a ruthless game because I had to” He says the first 30 seconds he’ll use to kiss the Jury’s ass and the last 60 seconds to let them know what he did in the game and why.

2:04 AM

Dan’s last run thru of his jury speech.

"When this game was reset I knew I was in trouble cause I looked around me on the pirate ship and saw Shane and Frank...2 huge physical competitors I knew I couldn't beat. I saw some great social gamers in Jen and Joe...I saw an absolute wildcard in Ashley, I had no clue what she was doing...I saw an underrated coach in Britney that I knew scared the life outta me...cause she was that good. Of course I had my loyal warrior Danielle through it all. And I looked around and said 'you know what, I can't be better than these people in any of their areas and expertise cause they're just that good, so what could I do to beat them?' My answer, although you might not agree with it, is I had to play a ruthless game. Not because I wanted to, because I had to. I had to build relationships, get you to trust me, get you to do something for me, like share a power or use a veto on me...and then I had to stab you in the back. Not because I wanted to, because I had to. For a couple reasons. 1...I knew if I was hated, at the end people would want to sit next to me as I have a chance to explain myself like right now. Like why did I host a funeral? I had to host a funeral because what it allowed me and Danielle to do was make you think we would never work together again... And Joe actually had it figured out. Joe came up to me and said 'was that an act, Dan?' and I said 'no', and of course Joe was right. I had to create chaos so Britney wouldn't think I was striking a deal with Frank because if she thought I was still playing the game she would've been able to stop me very effectively. At the end of the day I played this game 24 hrs a day and I never wanted my game depending on my winning a competition...because I could never depend on always winning a competition against any of you..cause you guys were that tough. I hope you guys can respect the fact that I played this game 24 hrs a day and always tried to out think myself out of situations...even in the bleakest of scenarios. I don't have a photographic memory but what I do have is a burning desire to play this game as hard as I possibly can with the tools I've been given. All I can ask for is that you vote for the best player. Thank you for your time."

Stops the stopwatch and says "2 minutes...gotta cut it down a bit" as he heads back inside.

2:13 AM

All House Guests asleep. As the last complete day in the BB14 house ends.

Wow, Can’t believe the end is here already- It’s been so much fun. My Thanks goes out to Jokers for having us, the Updaters for keeping us in the know, the members for being here and reading what we write. But most importantly Thank You to the 16 people who willingly opened themselves up to the Love and or the Hate that comes with this adventure. Whatever has been said good or bad you all made our summer, Thanks!