The Story (RTP) is a site that takes the world of reality TV and enables viewers and fans to participate in the various shows at their leisure. You are probably familiar with office pools for hockey, football, baseball....etc.. RTP is a website/service that provides a means to have the same kind of fun with reality TV shows.

Once you sign-up for your free membership, you can begin participating in the reality TV pools. There are two types of pools and they are called "Mega" and "Office". The Mega-Pool is a large pool (one per show) and it allows everyone on the Internet to play against each other. The Office-Pools are private pools between you, your friends and family.

Once you've joined a Mega or Office pool, you then select the show contestants/players that you want on your team. The players that you pick will generate points for your overall team. Points are awarded for all kinds of things like "Winning Immunity" to "Eating a Peanut Butter Sandwich". After each episode the points are updated for all shows so you can see your standing in the Mega or your Office pools.

In addition to the regular points that are awarded for each show, the Mega pool has questionnaires that you can answer and they will contain timely questions about relationships, tensions, turning points, etc. You can get extra points for correctly answering (sometimes predicting) these questions.

We've recently added the ability for you to suggest point types and questions that should be asked on the questionnaires.

In addition to providing a fun way to participate in reality TV, is also a great resource for news (we carry several news feeds from the best sites) and a great place to discuss shows with others in the forums.

Come by and see us sometime, we hope you enjoy the site!