Russell gets up about 7:30 am….We get a wonderful closeup of Russ in the WC plucking hairs off his ear….Then Russ heads back to bed…Lydia gets up to use the WC about 8:15, washes her hands afterwards, then goes back to bed.

All the HG’s are sleeping when the wake-up call comes at 10:00 am…Various HGs get ready for the day—eating breakfast, getting ready in the WC….Ronnie remains in the HOH room

About 10:45 am Natalie walks into the HOH room and asks Ronnie if Russ talked to him…Then the other HGs walk into the HOH room—it’s the usual Thursday morning lockdown in the HOH room…..Russell brings food.

Ronnie just sits quietly his bed…The conversation alternates between miscellaneous talk about movies and Casey/Jeff/Russell making fun of Ronnie (while the others laugh at the remarks)….They talk about about Ronnie as if Ronnie isn’t there, for example, going over to the food and saying, “I guess he ate Lucky Charms, etc.”….Ronnie just ignores them…Lydia and Nat are in bed with Ronnie…..Jeff and Jordan are in the round chair….Casey asks Ronnie how he got 6 quarters in his *ss… There is FISH on and off, particularly when there is a lot of movie talk….(The fish look healthy and active.)


Noon--The HGs are still in the HOH room…Most of the guests are sprawled around, while Casey and Russ wander around….Jessie goes into the HOH room and thoroughly brushes his teeth. (Note: It’s not clear whose toothbrush Jessie is using!)…Jessie also weighs himself. (Ed note: This is the first time I remember seeing Jessie wearing a shirt with sleeves. LOL)

Casey continues to talk about Ronnie as if he isn’t there….Casey says a lot of the milk is missing, and Ronnie probably sneaked down in the middle of the night and took it…Laura says, “So, that’s where all the freakin’ milk went, the rat. Why didn’t he (Ronnie) steal something we had a lot of.”….Casey tells Jessie that Ronnie is saving the Oreos for Jessie as a peace offering…Jessie refuses, but Casey quips that “double-stuff” Oreos can be quite enticing.”…Then the HGs talk about getting Ronnie out of the house before they have to go into sequester with him.

Casey teases Laura that the first thing she will tell Julie is that she’s hungry, and that Laura will try to grab a piece of pizza before walking out the door….The group wonders about the audience outside…Casey says there are a lot of BB “junkies” out there, so there is probably a line to get in….Someone wonders why Brandon wasn’t boo’d, but Laura says that there is a big applause sign…More idle chit chat, and then about 12:25 we get FISH, and when the feeds come back up, the HOH lockdown is over and the HGs are leaving

Ronnie also leaves the HOH room, carrying his stuff, but actually Natalie was the last one to leave HOH….When she comes out of the HOH room, she slithers on the couch outside the room almost on top of Jessie. Nat tells Jessie that she asked Ronnie if Russell came to talk to him. Ronnie told Natalie that Russell did, but that Nat can’t tell anyone or Russell would kill him…Jessie and Nat continue to talk about Russell…Jessie tells Nat that Russell thinks he can tell people what to do through intimidation.

When Ronnie gets out of the HOH room, first he paces a bit, then he lies down on the back side of the living room couch….Elsewhere around the house, the HGs are cleaning, showering, and getting ready for tonight, with just idle chit chat.

Around 12:45 Laura gets into a small argument with Ronnie…..Laura tells someone that Ronnie made her promise that she would put up Michelle and Russell…Ronnie yells from the couch that Laura can say what she wants, but that doesn’t make it true.

1:00 pm--Chima and Jessie are eating, and Jeff joins them at the table. Lydia is still in the WC getting ready for tonight…..Now Natalie has taken a shower. (Note for people who have been commenting on how infrequently Nat showers—it was 1:09 BBT. LOL)…In WC, Jessie rubs Chima’s shoulders, Russ shaves his head, Lydia is continuing her lengthy beauty routine, and Michelle is eating…After Jeff finishes Chima’s shoulder massage, she says she feels like Rocky now, and does a little dance. (Ed note: Like Rocky? If Jeff massaged my shoulders I wouldn’t be feeling like Sylvester Stallone. To each her own, I guess. LOL)

A little earlier, Laura practiced her speech for tonight….Jordan also talks about what she is going to say tonight and is afraid she will stutter….Jordan is trying to remember how long they’ve been in the house…Russell FINALLY finishes shaving finishes his head.

As 2:00 pm--The HGs are still mostly primping, eating, and a little cleaning….The convos are hard to follow because of the sounds of water etc, but it’s not heavy game talk….Ronnie is still lying on the back of the living room couch and people are ignoring him….We go to FISH on and off—not clear why….When the feeds come back, Ronnie is actually up and eating an apple in the kitchen. Ronnie tells Russ he has lost 20 pounds. No one else sees the brief convo, although a few minutes later, several HGs are in the kitchen eating. No worthwhile conversation to report.

At about 2:30 we get triva for almost an hour.

When the feeds come back about 3:30, it’s still pretty much the same combination of HGs getting ready or eating (or both). (Funny, we saw very little cleaning today.).....Jeff is rubbing Nat’s shoulders while Nat plays chess with Kevin. (Note: Nat continues to play chess with Kevin for a long time—she’s still playing when we get FISH again at about 4:15)

Laura is wearing a VERY low cut red dress for her exit….Laura, Jeff, and Jessie are in the kitchen, and Laura says she plans to put 2 pieces of pizza in her purse when she leaves because she’s been on slop and hasn’t eaten.…Laura asks Jessie if they are still “live”…Jessie replies that he doesn’t think they are.…Laura tells Kevin that the way he is sitting she can see his butt. Kevin is wearing a blue shirt and (of course) a scarf around his neck.

In the WC, Laura, Michelle and Chima are talking while Chima does her makeup in a small compact mirror. (Ed: I guess they haven’t discovered the camera window that acts like a mirror—or maybe it isn’t there anymore.)….Michelle says she was a tomboy when she was growing up. Wanted to play with GI Joes instead of Barbie and play “rough” and knock people down, but her mother wanted her to be girly. Michelle says she used to get into trouble in school.

While Nat and Kevin play chess, Kevin asks “Rich” (production guy), “Aren’t we supposed to rehearse or something?”…Goes to FISH for a minute.

Back in the WC, Laura asks again if they are still “live. Chima(?) replies, “Who knows?”…Chima tells Laura that she is a walking commercial for White Strips and Crest should pay her…..Michelle says she is not going to drink any more water because during the last live show she had to pee so bad…We hear Michelle (from somewhere) ask Russell if he is asleep. He says he isn’t, and Michelle says he needs a belly rub…..Then we go to trivia about 4:15 pm and, except for a few brief moments, stay on trivia until the live show.


As always, there is a segment of “last week on BB.” Also as usual, there is a live audience in the studio. Julie is wearing an orange top over white pants—she looks very good…They do the standard “last week on BB” segment.

Then Julie says, “It’s Day 19 in the house…Ronnie has spun a web of lies, but has he spread one lie too many?”….We see the veto meeting again, where Ronnie takes down Jeff (who has won the veto and taken himself off) and puts up Jordan.….Ronnie tells the DR that Jordan is the pawn, but that he would also like to see Russell out of the house…After the veto meeting, Casey is upset at Ronnie in the DR for not back dooring Russell…In the DR, Jordan is also mad at Ronnie for the same reason—not putting up Russell....There is a little Jeff/Jordan “showmance segment” where Jeff tells the DR that he sees Jordan as “break from the house,” and Jeff tells Jordan he can tell her anything. Jordan tells the DR that Jeff is like “boy version” of her.

We see a conversation between Ronnie and Laura in the HOH room, where Laura tells Ronnie that she (Laura) is a better ally than Jordan, because however Jordan votes, Jeff will vote the same way. Ronnie tells Laura that he will try to evict Laura….In a separate conversation, Ronnie tells Nat, Chima, Kevin, Lydia that he’s thinking about keeping Laura. However, the unanimous response from them is that they want to keep Jordan. So, Ronnie responds that he should have nominated Russell. Nat is incensed by this, and storms out of the room….Of course, Nat goes straight to Russell and Jessie and tells them what Ronnie just said….Nat also tells the story to Casey, Laura, Jeff (maybe others were there that I missed).

Laura decides to stage a confrontation between Ronnie and Russell (there are other HGs watching, too)….Ronnie says that he hasn’t said anything against Russell….Ronnie also says that he won’t tell what was said in the conversation between he and Laura…Because all (or virtually all) of the HGs are in the BY while this conversation goes on, they all realize that Ronnie has been telling lies to both sides about where his loyalties lie.

Ronnie yells down from the balcony that he wants to talk to Russell in the HOH room….Russell confronts him from the kitchen, and again, while all (most of the HGs are there), Ronnies lies to the various factions are exposed….Ronnie acts totally cool, but as he goes back to the HOH room muttering to himself that he should have put up Russell. (Ed note: I found the segments of the HGs confronting Ronnie about playing both sides to be very interesting. We’ve been reading about the confrontations all week and have seen them on the feeds, but seeing the confrontations all at once in a short segment was very helpful in understanding why all of the house is SO mad at Ronnie.)

We see scenes of Ronnie, who has barricaded himself in the HOH room…When Ronnie is called to the DR, Russell confronts Ronnie in the kitchen, and Russell continually makes fun of Ronnie all the way to and from the DR. (What the segments don’t show is that the other HGs are also constantly making fun of Ronnie—it’s not just Russell, although it was Russell in this one instance.)...When Ronnie comes back from the DR, Russell sits outside HOH baiting Ronnie..In the DR, Ronnie cries and talks about how much he misses his wife, because she would know what to do and have advice for him.

Julie talks to the HGs in the LR….Julie asks Nat how things are in the house…Nat says it is better because the house is united against one person….To try to lighten things up, they re-show the scenes of the “fashion show” at the have/have not competition, where the men dressed up in women’s clothes.

When Julie interviews Ronnie in the DR, Julie asks why Ronnie played both sides of the house when it’s clear from past BBs that playing both sides doesn’t work…Ronnie said that he didn’t backdoor Russell because he thought it was too early in the game to do that, and Ronnie didn’t want to get Jessie and Nat mad at him....Ronnie thinks 5 of the people in the house are really on his side.

Jordan/Laura give their last speeches….Jordon says she wants to stay. She says the house has been crazy, but now that she knows who the “rat” is, she feels better....Laura says that because of manipulation and lies, she didn’t get to know some people in the house as well as she could have, but wishes everyone good luck.

As expected, the vote is virtually unanimous to evict Laura. (Nat is the sole vote to evict Jordan—she says to “spice things up in the house.”)...Laura hugs everyone goodbye and says “I got my pizza” as she goes.

Laura’s dress is VERY short…Laura tells Julie that she feels that she (Laura) was an easier target than Jordan because of the lies told about her…The messages left by the other HGs are “mixed.”

The HOH comp is based on the skee ball practice last night, but is titled “buzz-worthy.” The technique is the same as in the practice, but there are lots of buckets in a beehive shape, with each bucket having a score. The lowest scores are on the outside, the highest score is a single 10 on the inside bucket. Each HG gets one chance. (Ed note: I bet the HG’s wish they practiced more last night—the technique for the HOH is exactly the same as the practice.)….After all the HG’s take their turns, Jessie and Jeff are tied with a score of 6…Jessie and Jeff each get to try again. Jessie again scores a 6, Jeff only scores a three….Jessie is the new HOH.


The live feeds come back about 6:20 pm BB time….The HGs are mostly hanging around in the kitchen/dining area….There is talk about who gave the single vote to Laura. Natalie says that she just gave the message that the house was united, and then the single vote happened. (Ed,.note: LOL)…Chima keeps probing and the HGs do a show of hands as to who voted to evict Laura…Michele says it’s not her, although people probably expect it is….Russell says “This is stupid, we should just let it go.”….Jessie says that in his good-bye message to Laura, he made fun of her for saying he was going home in week 2 and then flexed his bicep.

Casey/Nat/Others? Talking about “letting it out” (masturbating) in the show. Nat thinks they can do it in the shower because there are no cameras in there….Casey starts to tell Nat there are cameras in the shower, then we get FISH. (Note: We frequently get short trivia/FISH all through these conversations, but it’s not worth reporting each one.)

7 pm BBT….Upstairs, at the chessboard, Jessie and Natalie talk about who Jessie should put up….Nat tells him that she wants Casey gone. She says the fact that Casey wanted to put the athletes on slop is reason enough—thinks Casey is after the athletes….Jessie doesn’t think that Lydia tried in the comp, but she is in good with everybody….Jessie/Nat go over lots of scenarios very quickly….At this point Jessie is leaning toward putting up Michelle and Jordan, that they are obvious choices because they are not in the NBK alliance…Jessie says that they have to play as if Ronnie is going home….Jessie feels he is under a lot of pressure, because if he doesn’t nominate Ronnie he’ll have a huge target….Nat says they might want to be honest and say that they want to keep Ronnie.

Downstairs, Lydia and Chima are talking about the nominations….They want it to be Casey and Michelle…Lydia says that if it’s the final 5 and four of them are athletes, she is going to be p*ssed, and Chima agrees….Jordan and Jeff are in the recycle room…Jeff is frustrated that he didn’t win HOH…Jeff tells Jordan she needs to “knuckle up” in the comps…Jordan says she tries but is just not good and Jeff is making her feel bad…..Jeff whispers to Jordan that it’s probably good he didn’t win HOH. Jeff tells Jordan she is safe this week since Ronnie is going to be back doored.

Elsewhere, Michelle whispers to Chima something about hearing the guys, and thinks they are scheming for Ronnie to stay….Chima is upset, “I don’t want him to stay!”…Chima says that after what she pulled in her nomination speech last Thursday, Jordan/Laura had to tell production ahead of time what they were going to say.

Now, Lydia and Kevin are at the chessboard and Lydia says she’s depressed…She’s disappointed that she didn’t do well in the comp tonight after doing so well last night in practice and is worried about being on slop…Kevin says it’s better to be on slop now than later when it’s more important.

In the Red Room, Natalie is saying that she doesn’t want Ronnie to sleep in the Red room…Jeff replies that Ronnie won’t try to sleep in the red room because he doesn’t have balls….Jeff tells Nat, Jordan, and Russell that Ronnie looked really happy when Jessie won HOH, and Ronnie said “Thank god” to the camera….Russell brings up the one vote for Laura and the consensus is that it was Michelle…Russell leaves, and later Nat says to Chima that at least we know we’re not pawns this week…Chima says Jessie better not put her up as a pawn and Nat assures Chima that Jessie won’t.

Jordan and Michelle are somewhere else (doom room?) talking…Jordan is still upset that she did so badly in the comp, and tells Michelle that Kevin saw Ronnie say “Thank god” when Jessie won HOH…Michelle agrees and says that Ronnie doesn’t seem so upset anymore and has started talking… Michelle assures Jordan that she voted for her to stay…Jordan changes the subject and they talk about how they feel bad for Laura.

Outside, Casey, Jeff, Russ are talking….Casey says sorry Jeff, I know that’s your girl, but Jordan is an easy choice…Jeff says we’ll worry about it when it comes..Casey agrees….Casey keeps saying that Jessie better stick with the plan….Russell says that it’s out of his hands now, and that he really wanted to win HOH….Russell says that Jessie has a tight alliance, and the one person who might save Ronnie won HOH…Casey says that Jessie might want Ronnie around so he will have his back and Russ says for the numbers….Jeff says surely Jessie wouldn’t be that stupid…But, they agree that Jessie would let Ronnie in to talk…Casey says that if he were HOH, he would not let Ronnie in the HOH room, and intends to tell Ronnie not to talk to him.

Jordan has gone upstairs to join Lydia, Nat, and Kevin at the chessboard. Nat once again brings up the one vote for Laura. They blame it on Michelle, but Jordan says she doesn’t care…However, Nat and Lydia say that if Michelle lies about small things, what else is she lying about?.

8:00 pm BBT…..Jessie/Jeff are talking in the BY…Jessie says that if the athletes hadn’t won there would have been two of the athletes going up…Jeff starts to bad-mouth Ronnie…Jessie says he understands what Jeff is saying, but (Ronnie’s lies) are part of the game…Jeff is still upset about Ronnie making up stuff about Jeff and telling Kevin….Ronnie IS alive, he was spotted earlier on the hammock outside, and he briefly talked to Jeff.

BB calls Ronnie to the DR…Chima wonders why they are calling in Ronnie since he isn’t HOH…Chima says that Ronnie is America’s Player.

Russell tells Kevin that Jessie is running the show. They agree that the target on Jessie’s back is getting bigger, but agree that Jessie will stick to the plan or the target will get even bigger…Russell repeats that Jessie is the one person Ronnie wanted to win…Kevin brings up the one vote for Jordan, saying it was totally Michelle. Russell agrees.

In a conversation with Jordan, Kevin asks her if she is shy about public displays of affection…Jeff comes back and asks if there is a like a “male” and “female” in his relationship…Kevin asks, “You mean like top and bottom?”…Jeff says he doesn’t want to get that detailed….(Ed. Note: LOL)

Jeff is now cooking, making tuna (Ed: LOL)...Ronnie is wandering around and goes to the fridge for a soda. No one talks to him…Jordan comes out of the DR and says she can eat!....Idle chit chat while people eat..Casey says he weighed 225, but went on South Beach Diet…Jessie asks Jordan if her eyelashes are false….Jordan says, “No!” and pulls on them to prove it. Someone says Jordan has nice eyelashes and she says “Thanks.”

9:00 pm BBT—HG talk about how they would prefer to die-drowning, burning, hanging…Ronnie finally can’t stand it anymore and tells a story about a woman who tried to hang herself. No one responds…Ronnie is smiling at everyone’s stories and a joke Jeff made….Jessie washes dishes, Ronnie comes over to dry.

Big news at about 9:30 BBT—Russell shaves off his mustache!

Soon after, the HGs get alcohol…Wine is poured into glasses, and everyone cheers another week…Ronnie sits at the table alone…..Ronnie asks Michele about a class she took, and makes short small chit chat and then silence….Michelle, Jordan clean up kitchen….Ronnie goes to get his bible, then sits alone in the recycle room.

The rest of the HGs are outside, idle chit chat…Lydia asks Jordan if she will turn lesbian for one night. Jordan won’t kiss on TV…..Jordan asks, “Why?”…Jessie wants Lydia and Jordan to kiss, but Jordan says, “Not on TV.”

Ronnie asks out loud to no one if the vote for Jordan was some kind of America’s choice…..Nat comes in and tells Ronnie to go outside and sit down…Ronnie says he will, and asks Nat, “So I am good no matter what?”….Nat says, “Yes, no back door, no nothing.”….Ronnie goes outside and puts his feet in the hot tub, but there is no one else near him.

10:00 pm BBT—Nat is the first to speak to Ronnie. She asks him who won the most HOH’s in BB…Apparently Natalie fell in the hot tub earlier, but Rich (production) said no cameras were on her…They finally get Natalie to talk about her bf. She says he is white with blonde spikey hair..Jessie is called to the DR about 10:20 and Nat changes the subject from her bf….The HGs STILL talking about who was the one vote for Jordan…Chima thinks it was Casey. (Casey isn’t with the big group right now.)

Jessie calls the HG to see his HOH room….Jessie gets a Lil Wayne CD…Apparently he also gets some new pics of his roommate’s dog, his bike, his dad and mom. Jessie gets a new letter….Jessie says his roommate is female…Jessie also gets protein powder, wine (but not the kind he asked for), and toothbrush…Natalie holds up a Warriors t-shirt from Jessie’s high school and Lydia says, “A new shirt for Natalie to wear.”…Everyone laughs and Nat thanks BB.

Jordan and Lydia come downstairs saying it’s awkward sitting in the HOH. Jordan says no one is talking tonight. Lydia says it’s weird that Ronnie gets to eat with them and people are talking to him…Lydia asks Jordan if she is sharing a bed with Jeff tonight…..Jessie/Nat are called to the DR together….Jeff (who’s outside with Jordan) quips, “A combo pack!”….Jeff tells Jordan he’s glad he didn’t win HOH because he’d have two more people against him…Jordan wanted him to have HOH so she could sleep up there…Jeff promises to bring Jordan at least to the jury…..Both agree they want to get rid of Ronnie…Casey comes out and once again repeats that he hopes Jessie will stick with the plan (to get out Ronnie)..Casey lists all the people who will be mad if Jessie doesn’t, including Russ and Lydia..Jeff says he plans to lay low, and Casey agrees he plans to, as well….Jordan says she can tell that Russell is bothered about Jessie…Casey says that Russell is tired of playing second fiddle….Jordan remarks again that Ronnie was excited to have Jessie as HOH….Casey says Jessie is the least of the evils for Ronnie.

11 pm..Casey says he doesn’t want to talk to Ronnie…Jeff says Ronnie will talk to Jessie, but Jeff won’t give him the time of day…Jordan says all Ronnie cares about is that it’s a game and she’s not talking to him.

Jeff and Jordan continue to talk…Jrdan says she hopes Jeff doesn’t feel like he has to carry her…Jeff says he wants Jordan there, she helps him more than she knows and makes him smile every day. (Ed note: Ahhhh.)

In the HOH room, Jessie and Lydia are talking. Lydia talks in a baby voice, and Jess tells her he won’t listen until she stops…Lydia tries to sell the idea of Casey going on the block because he is rude and going against them…Jessie tells Lydia that he knows what she’s doing and doesn’t have him fooled…Jessie turns to the camera and says, “America, just because she is rubbing my hand doesn’t mean I’m falling for this…Lydia planned on sleeping with Jessie, but Jessie isn’t impressed…Lydia says it is so Jordan can have a bed…Jessie says something along the line that Lydia isn’t going to sleep in HOH….They go downstairs.


Natalie is making tuna sandwiches, adding tomatoes, and wants to add an egg….Everyone is watching and questioning the tomatoes…Jess doesn’t want an egg so Nat doesn’t add it…Jeff quips, “Jessie, can you ask for no tomatoes?” (LOL)…Everyone waits patiently for Natalie to finish, but then Nat gets called into the DR…Nat doesn’t want HGs to eat it until it is officially done, so she takes the tuna into the DR. (LOL!)…The HGs talk about having a food fight, but Chima doesn’t want slop in her hair.

Off the feeds, you can hear Jeff scaring Jordan who is in the shower…Chima (to the kitchen crew) says that Jordan and Jeff, and Jessie and Natalie are cute
Lydia and Nat get in a fight over beds, because Lydia wants Nat to share a bed with Michele…Lydia doesn’t want to share with Michele because Michele has night terrors and because Lydia always has to share a bed. (Funny, a minute ago Lydia WANTED to share—as long as it was Jessie in HOH)…In the background Ronnie says, “I’ll share a bed.” (LOL!!!)…Nat tells Lydia to just sleep in the HOH room….Lydia storms outside and complains to Casey.

Lydia and Casey vent about Natalie….Lydia is mad because of the remark Chima made about Nat and Jessie being so cute together…Lydia says that Nat never has to sacrifice. …Lydia wants confront Nat….Casey suggests that Lydia bite her tongue until after noms are done.

1:00 am…..Russ comes out and says the bed situation has been solved….Jeff and Jordan are going to share and Russ is going to sleep in the have not room….Lydia doesn’t want that and says she’ll stay up all night….Russ says we are trying to accommodate you (Lydia) and he doesn’t mind the “have not” room because he sleeps like a tank…Lydia says no, I’m not your team mate and she (Nat?) can stick it where the sun don’t shine….Jordan offers to sleep on the floor…..They make more suggestions, but Russ says Lydia is just being picky, and let’s not worry about it.

A few minutes later Jessie and Lydia are outside…Lydia tells Jessie she is going to stay outside all night…Jessie said he stayed up all last night by himself…Ronnie comes outside, wanders, then says, “Good night”….Lydia wants to talk about Casey but won’t do it outside in case someone else comes out…They both sit there. General chit chat….Nat peeks out to the BY and says “Good night.”…Lydia sighs and says she feels like breaking stuff…Lydia complains that Jessie rubs Icy Hot on Natalie and Jessie doesn’t talk to her the way he talks to Natalie…Jessie isn’t saying anything….Michele comes out and asks if she did anything wrong so that Lydia doesn’t want to share a bed with her..Lydia tells Michele it’s not her, and she just wants a bed to herself…Michele says “okay, cool” and goes back inside….Lydia walks away from Jessie, and as she goes says, “You shouldn’t keep the child (Nat) waiting.”…Jessie says, it’s not like that….After Lydia leaves, Jessie lets out a sigh.

The feeds switch to Russ and Nat in the WC. They say Michele and Jordan are going up, but if Jess wins veto they don’t think he will backdoor Casey….Russell tells Nat that she didn’t do anything wrong (about the beds, I assume), that Lydia is just being a drama queen.

Then Lydia and Casey talk on the couches outside….Lydia badmouths Nat, saying Nat wanted to see Casey on slop to see how he’d react…Lydia says she has tried to talk to Nat and get to know her, but Nat doesn’t want to….They talk about the game and how sometimes you don’t want to listen to people, but if you walk away you get judged…..Lydia keeps badmouthing Nat and Casey repeats to keep all this to herself until after nominations…Casey said he’s going to go inside and try to sleep…Lydia stays outside.

2:00 am BBT--Up in the HOH room, Nat and Jessie are talking….Nat says that Lydia needs to be called out because she’s a liar….Jessie tells Nat not to. Lydia is playing the game too, and won’t stop lying. It’s like telling Ronnie to stop lying…Jessie comments that Nat told him she was going to vote out Jordan. (Yes, Jess! You figured it out! I think. LOL)… Nat thinks they should align themselves with Jeff and Jordan…Jess says that Jordan can’t win anything for him… Nat says you can’t put up Jordan as a pawn because Jeff won’t trust you…Jessie says that Jeff doesn’t trust him anyway…Nat doesn’t think Jeff would put up Jessie, even when cliques break.

Jessie says Nat is the only one he trusts and not to show their cards…Nat says Jess has to start damage control if he isn’t going to send Ronnie home…Jess says he’s going to nom 2 people who are just pawns…Nat says that Russell is pushing hard for Casey to go…Jess says Russ knows Casey is after him….Both would rather keep Ronnie because he won’t put them up…Nat says that if Casey wins HOH and Ronnie doesn’t go home, they will both be nominated next week….Nat thinks Casey is going to start winning because he is good with numbers…Strategy talk continues, and Nat keeps ranting on Lydia saying she brings nothing to the table and Ronnie going home is not good for Jessie…..Jessie tells Nat she has to tone it down…Nat says that’s her personality…Jessie says, “It’s mine, too, and look how far I got last time.”…Nat admits that as much as she wants Lydia gone, Lydia is good to have around because she tells you stuff….Jessie really wants to talk to Ronnie. Says Ronnie was walking around looking dazed and confused…. Nat says Lydia is sitting pretty with no enemies and Kevin has no enemies…Jessie asks, “How pissed would Chima be if I put up Kevin and Lydia?”.

Outside, Kevin and Lydia are talking strategy….Lydia is still ranting on Nat…Lydia tells Kevin to go to bed and she is going to stay up all night and clean the WC and kitchen… Lydia said that Nat started the trouble…Kevin said that Russ said Lydia was having a diva moment…..Lydia says she doesn’t want Diva tattooed on her stomach for no reason, so she’s going inside, but she has to clean to get the frustration out…Lydia thanks Kevin for talking to her.

Inside the kitchen Lydia starts to put dishes away while Kevin wanders toward the bedroom….Michele is in kitchen too, and Lydia says she is so sick of a girl not winning. Tells Michele that everyone is scared of her because they don’t know what she will do….Michele says she tries to talk to people, but for awhile she could not trust anyone….Wonder whether Jordan goes onto one of their teams..Lydia starts her rant on Nat again….Also says that Jessie is intimidated by Michele because he doesn’t know where she stands in the game. Michele says she will talk to Jessie.

In the HOH room Jessie is still talking strategy with Nat…Still hasn’t made final decisions…..Once again mentions putting up Jordan…Nat says Jess won’t mend fences with Jeff if he puts up Jordan…Jessie says Jeff is going to be pissed if Ronnie doesn’t go home, so he puts up Jordan, Jeff will be pissed anyway….Nat says you can fix that if you put up Ronnie, there is no turning back with Jordan…..Jessie says his plan was Michele/Jordan, with Michele going home….Nat says you should put up Lydia and Michele and backdoor Casey…Jessie is looking at spycam at Lydia and Michele in kitchen and says “If they (Lydia/Michele) want to stand in the kitchen wheeling and dealing then I will put them (up for nomination) side by side.

Back in the kitchen Lydia says her house is a mess at home….Michelle says her husband does most of the cleaning…Lydia repeats that people are so scared of Michele…Lydia wants to see the athletes in the have not room, that they need to stop winning….Then Lydia says Ronnie brought it on himself and now he’s acting like a wounded puppy, and she knows it sucks for Michele and Chima…Lydia says she has to go to the bathroom because she feels sick and wishes Michele good-night.

In the HOH with Jessie and Nat, Nat wants to put up Michele and Lydia…Nat says that when Lydia comes upstairs, see if she talks about Lydia and Michele talking in the kitchen….If Lydia comes up, Nat will leave and then see if Lydia talks about her convo with Michele…Next Nat/Jess do a rundown…Who hates Casey? Everyone except Jeff and Jordan, Nobody hates Michele or Jordan, Say Chima is easily influenced by Russell and her targets are Jeff and Casey….Nat says to put up two people that you want gone and then backdoor Casey.

3:00 am…..After a brief FISH, we come back to Lydia cleaning the sinks in the WC, and Natalie in the Green Room clipping her nails….Lydia is cleaning a cup she found in the WC dishes and Jessie walks past her. Lydia says, “I didn’t hear you,” and Jess continues on his way…Then, back in the WC, Jessie asks Lydia if she wants to come to HOH….Lydia says she is cleaning at the moment and she wants to be able to talk to Jessie alone without Nat…Jessie said he came downstairs because he was called to the DR….Nat is upstairs in the HOH checking the spy screen….Jessie says that because Lydia is up, he thought they could talk…Nat is now outside the HOH room leaning over the railing eating something….Jessie leaves the WC and heads back upstairs….Lydia continues to clean as Jessie and Nat head into HOH room.

In HOH room, Jessie asks Nat if she can promise that Chima is solid…Nat says yes for not putting Jessie up, but not for telling Chima things and her not telling anyone else. She would put up Casey and Jeff…Nat says, “We don’t have anyone but Ronnie—the person everyone wants out.” (Ed. Note: There is a lot more of the Jessie/Nat convo—they are going round and round with who to put up).
Casey comes into the WC for a minute and changes the letters around on the wall….Lydia is in the WC cleaning and smiles and says she is cleaning, doing laundry…Casey heads outside and Jeff is there on the couch.

Upstairs in the HOH room, Nat/Jessie are still going…Nat asks if Lydia asked if she could sleep in the HOH room….Jess says Lydia asked in a roundabout way, but he told her “No”.

Lydia comes outside and Casey says at least we will wake up to a clean house tomorrow…Lydia says when she gets in a funk she cleans…Jeff goes inside to have a bowl of cereal….Lydia spots a little dead bee. She calls the bee Honey and gives it a service.

In the HOH, Nat sees Jeff on the spycam, and tells Jessie to ask him to come up….Jessie asks Jeff to bring him some milk…Jeff leaves his cereal downstairs and brings a bowl of milk up for Jessie…Jessie says he thought Jeff was going to come upstairs….Jeff says he left his bowl downstairs and wants to eat outside so he can cool off….After Jeff leaves, Jessie tells Nat that that is the second time he tried to talk to Jeff…So Nat says, Jeff had his chance, maybe you should put Jordan up…..Nat is surprised Ronnie hasn’t come up. (Earlier Jessie was surprised Chima hadn’t come up, but Nat said Chima was sleeping.)

4:00 am—Jeff and Casey are outside…. Casey asks Jeff if he went upstairs and Jeff said he only brought Jessie a bowl of milk…Casey asked if they were still up in HOH and Jeff replies, Jessie was…..Lydia goes up to HOH and opens door, and says, “Oh, I wondered if you were still up.” Jessie tells Lydia, “Come here.” Lydia says “No” she is doing something and goes back downstairs….Lydia comes back outside and says “Lovebirds, summer love”…Jeff hums “Summer lovin’”….Casey gets up and says he is going to lie down….Jeff lies down on the couch and says it is soooo hot inside….Lydia tells Jeff he was so close on the HOH comp.

Back in HOH, Nat jokes that she will try to get Jessie a split vote….she was nervous that others were going to vote for Jordan, too…Jessie tells Nat to sit Jeff down and ask him what is going on, joke about who he is closest to
It’s 4:30 am and Nat and Jessie are STILL waffling about who to nominate. (Ed note to Jessie and Nat: PLEASE make up your minds and go to sleep, so I can stop writing! LOL)….The latest is Jordan and Michele with Casey as the back door…(Ed note: at least for this moment.)….Nat and Jessie go downstairs. Jeff and Lydia are still outside.

FINALLY Jess and Lydia are alone in HOH….Jess asks what Jeff said outside. Lydia said Jeff said it was awesome to win the veto on himself, but that he did crappy on the HOH….Jess asks where Kevin is at…Lydia asks “Mentally or physically?”….Jessie says he’s going to make a shake really quick and Lydia says “Okay” in a baby voice.

5:00 am—Back in HOH, Jess tells Lydia she looks tired…Lydia says not really…Jessie invites Lydia to lie down and Jess gets in bed with Lydia….Jess says they are going to stick to the original plan…Lydia—You mean to backdoor Ronnie…Jessie—Well no one has come and talked to me… (Ed. Note: Poor Jessie is very disappointed about this.)…Lyida says Michelle feels like no one wants her so she will come talk to you tomorrow….Jessie asks Lydia to rub his butt….Lydia asks what she gets?…They banter about butt rubbing and how cute Jessie is. (yeah right)…Lydia in her baby voice says that just because she talks to other HGs doesn’t mean she likes them.

Lydia says that everyone in the house is irked that the athletes have been privileged. Everyone knows that you (Jesse) are anxious that you are not safe, but not everyone else on your team like Nat and Russ…Jessie says that the others are reaping all the benefits while he is taking the risks, except for Jeff….Jessie says that as far as he is concerned it is still NBK, and now everyone wants Ronnie out….Lydia tells Jessie that Casey said if you don’t stick with the plan of getting Ronnie out you will have a hornet’s nest on your hands, and that kind of makes me want him (Ronnie? Casey?) out….Jessie says that he doesn’t want to go against everyone, and he and Nat thought about it but they’ve got to stick to the (NBK?) plan.

Lydia goes off on Nat again, saying that Nat popped off on Lydia and is not even sorry about it…. Lydia says that Nat talks down to her and she wants to kick Nat’s soap box down…Now they talk about Laura vote and Jess asks who is the dork who voted for Jordan (as if Nat hasn’t told Jessie it was Nat).
The same kind of talk continues…Lydia wants to know why Jess is going to save Ron and put her (Lydia) up…Lydia says put up Casey and Michelle and if one wins POV then Ronnie goes home…Jessie says if he makes an alliance with the people in NBK it is only for the week they made it…Lydia is mad and accuses Jessie of talking to her like she’s an idiot.

Lydia says if Jessie keeps Ronnie, as time passes Ronnie will talk to people. Send Ronnie home and the house is happy. The NBK members don’t trust Ronnie because he screwed all of them…Jessie says that by someone going home such as Jordan, Casey, Michelle I would have 5 people that wouldn’t put me up….Lydia says Jessie is burning Kevin, Chima, and herself if he keeps Ronnie…Lydia tells Jessie he listens too much to Nat….More convo on the pros and cons of keeping Ronnie.

Jessie is upset that no one came to talk to him—only Lydia and Nat, and they want to go against the original plan and instead get Ron out. Jessie says he doesn’t know how Russell will take it…Lydia says Jessie doesn’t want Russell screaming at him….Lydia suggests asking Russell if he wants Ron or Casey to go….Jess goes back to being upset that no one came to talk to him.

By 6:30 am all the HGs are in bed (although it’s not clear where).

Whew! What a LONG night! A special thanks to all the updaters! I know it was VERY hard to keep up with all those conversations.

Friday should be an interesting day, to put it mildly!