9:30 AM
Houseguests get the wake up call from Big Brother and begin their day to find they are under an inside lockdown.

Kalia tells Shelly she doesn’t want a tie vote to “keep it off me.” At one point she thinks Rachel will be evicted. Then she’s not even sure who she would evict if it is a tie. She’s worried about the Twist and if someone besides Lawon or Rachel come back. Shelly leaves to go get Rachel for Kalia.

Elsewhere Rachel has been stressing to Jordon because it got back to Kalia about Rachel saying they (Kalia and Dani) threatened her to work with them. She thinks Shelly is the culprit. Shelly appears to tell Rachel that Kalia wants to talk to her. Rachel says, “Last time I checked Kalia doesn’t control my life” and does not go to meet Kalia.

11:00 AM
Kalia comes down to see where everyone is and what’s going on. She looks pretty stressed.

11:30 AM - HOH lockdown.

Most everyone sleeps and there is not much talking at all. The BB Theme music can be heard playing over the speakers outside the HOH room during most of the lockdown.

Shelly demonstrates her fish whisperer skills.

1:30 PM – Lockdown is over.
Porsche tells Adam she will vote however Adam votes. He later says they can get Rachel out next week.

Kalia finds Lawon and basically lets him know his denials that he volunteered to go on the block have hurt his chances of staying in the house. She is not optimistic about him returning either.

4:45 PM
Jordon assures Rachel she is safe and says that Dani is freaking out now. Porsche confirms that Daniele is trying to get people to flip their votes to get Rachel out.

5:00 PM
Lawon and Rachel hug it out in the Storage Room and agree they will hang out after the game.

Lawon gave his afro wig to Adam.

Dani does try to get Porsche to vote out Rachel but she can’t get to Shelly because she is hanging out in the Have Not room with the others.

6::00 PM – Live Show
There was a “Rachel’s Enemies” segment with Regan and Matt from last season. They are all friends now. Lawon was evicted by a 6-0 vote. Brendon was voted in as the previous evictee to battle Lawon. They had to be the first to collect a set of balls with each Houseguest’s name on them into a collection tube by rolling them into a Skeeball style setup. Brendon beat Lawon decisively and came back into the house.

It wasn’t on the show, but Lawon’s eviction interview with Julie including Goodbye messages is on the website: http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/2090140779/big-brother-eviction-interview-lawon

7:00 PM
Feeds return with lots of merriment with the obvious exception of Dani and Kalia (and Porsche to some extent). They are not having a good day.

The others duck into the Purple room for some celebration.

Everyone tries to bring Brendon up to speed and also get info on what his life was like in sequester.

Dani using a snarky tone reminds Adam that they wanted him out and she saved him…twice. Adam is careful not to engage her at that point.

Adam and Shelly whisper if they may have made a bad game move [by keeping Rachel].

Daniele tells Kalia she might make a deal with Brendon and Rachel if she wins HOH and also complains that Brendon got to see their good bye videos.

Brendon’s picture on the memory wall is back to color. Jordon notes the middle row is solid again!

We learn that the evictees were staying in Palm Springs until they brought them to a hotel closer to the house yesterday.

Dani and Kalia commiserate about Brendon’s return. Elsewhere Jeff and Brendon laugh about how they just destroyed the last two HOH's.

Later Jeff tells Jordon, "Well that takes the target off us for a couple of weeks”. Jordan agrees

9:00 PM
Kalia comes out of the Diary Room and announces “Who wants to play some HOH!” Everyone heads to the backyard and the feeds go to Trivia.

10:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
As part of the Big Brother twist, Americas’ Choice: Brendon battled Lawon for a second chance to play the Big Brother game. Brendon won the Battle. Lawon was the 5th person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, and “Brenchel” has been reunited. Tune in Sunday for the Head of Household Competition and nomination ceremony.

ShowToo went live to the house but the Feeds were blocked a while longer. We saw there was a major shift in the mood of the house. Kalia, Porsche and Dani were very happy while everyone else seemed to be stressing.
It didn’t take long to figure out that Dani won the HoH competition.

Adam seeks out Dani to say, “You hate me now?” Dani says “No. It would have been nice to get [Rachel] out”. Adam says he did what he thought was best for him.

There is lots of chatter about the competition. Sounds like they were guessing the number of things and then deciding whether to stay or fold with their guess.

Kalia and Porsche did a little dance in kitchen.

We got to hear production letting the Have Nots know they can eat at midnight, take hot showers but must still sleep in the HN room.

Porsche notes to Dani she heard the audience gasp when she voted to evict Lawon. She wanted to say, “Wait, I take it back!” They think a Daniele/Porsche/Kalia alliance will work well. But, Shelly is out from here on!

While Rachel is telling Brendon she might have a deal with Dani, Dani is telling Porsche that Brendon has to go this week. Has to!

Adam is heard singing, "If I Can Turn Back Time" in the Kitchen while Jeff cooks.

Shelly tells Jordon she is upset about losing the HOH. When Jordon left the room, it looked like Shelly started crying.

Rachel tells Brendon they get to spend the summer together and “maybe they can get married in the Jury House”. They say thank you America.

Kalia tells Dani she went in the DR and had a total meltdown when Brendon came back. They talked her down so she could go host the HOH competition. She apologizes for her stupid plan and Dani forgives, stating “Congratulations Marcellas, Lawon is the stupidest person ever on BB!”

Dani gets her HoH room.

There is a picture of Eric Stein from Season 8, one of Dad as well as several other pictures. Her basket is full of lotions and goodies. She got a CD but was not sure of the title. She read a letter from her roommate out loud to everyone.

Rachel lingers and asks to meet with Dani. Dani nicely declines until tomorrow but makes a disgusted look when Rachel leaves.

1:00 AM
Daniele, Porsche, and Kalia start a pajama jam that lasts well into the night. They agree not to tell Shelly anything anymore.

Jordan tells Adam if she ends up on the block with Jeff, to vote her out. If Brendon and Rachel are on the block, vote out Rachel, “This was the longest week ever!”

Meanwhile Brendon told Rachel he won't use the POV on her again if they're both on the block.

3:00 AM
Kalia explains to Daniele how Shelly manipulated her into screwing up the replacement nominee. She planted ideas in her head and made her believe that it was her own idea to nominate one of her own alliance. And Shelly kept saying that she needed to get out of Daniele's shadow and be her own person. “I'm so embarrassed by my HoH.”

With Porsche there they are still going with the ‘evict Brendon’ plan. They continue to chat until just after 4:30 AM when the house goes quiet.

Congratulations to the remaining Houseguests for making Jury! What kind of torture do you think Dani has in store for the others before nominations? Will the ‘Evict Brendon’ plan work? And if the Houseguests weren’t instructed to wear comfortable clothes for the live show, what do think Lawon’s outfit would have been?

Thank an Updater today! Also thanks to the Mods for keeping it all cleaned up ;-)