I have been going to your website from the beginning. I remember when Joker started his page five years ago. It has been a long time. With all the other TV shows you discuss now, itís fun because I have a lot to do when I go to your page. I like reading Jokeretteís comments on the message boards. Sometimes, I go into chat as a JGuest and read what all your regulars have to say. Especially when you ďlive feedĒ whatís going on a TV show as it is happening like Big Brother or 24. If Iím at work still and canít get to a TV, that is great because I donít have to miss my show as it is happening.

I read the story about Rock Star:INXS describing why Marty Casey would win. I donít agree.

Iím sorry, Marty Casey? The guy who looks like heís wearing white makeup who always sings like Kurt Cobain? Heís not Kurt Cobain, which is good because Kurt is dead and when he wasnít, he had to deal with Courtney Love. But seriously, I liked INXS because Michael Hutchence had a lot of versatility. Marty canít seem to get past Nirvana.

And about half way through any song, Martyís head looks like it is about to explode. I think on a one performance per week show, Marty is great. But if he had to sing two, three, or more songs in a row just the same, everyone would see that he pretty much only has one style. I hope the finale is a mini-concert sing off of three very different INXS songs so we can really see what these folks would be like in concert.

Who could entertain me for a concert? For sure Ty or JD. They change it up a lot so Iím not always watching the same thing. And Mig. The highlight of the entire TV series for me, so far, was when Mig sang Baby I Love Your Way and accompanied himself on the piano. One day he is a wild jumping guy singing Queen and the next he is softly crooning on the piano. I would go to see him but I donít know if he fits in with INXS.

JD is the best guy out there, hands down. He can compose, arrange, has a wide voice range, and can be Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, and maybe Michael Hutchence. He can fill the shoes. But boy is he young. Is his temperament something they can fix on the road? If they can, then I hope he wins.

But saying that, I can say most of the same for Ty. INXS tried out Terence Trent DíArby for their lead singer and I just loved that one album he did solo with Wishing Well. So a person of African ancestry will fit with the band and Ty is more versatile than Terence Trent DíArby. He can be bold like Queen and then take it down for a soft ballad, commanding the stage all the way. Heís a real performer, and when I go to a concert, I want both someone with a great voice and someone who can dominate the stage. So I would be really happy if Ty won as well.

I feel really sexist to be leaving out the women. After all, that is my gender. I agree that this isnít a band to be fronted by a woman. Truly, the two women left are the best of the bunch. Susie keeps getting better and better. She gets on stage, takes over, and her voice lessons that one day on the show really made a difference. Her time onstage is always one of my favorite moments, unlike Marty whose performance is always predictable and just about the same. Start Me Up was very exciting. Sheís fun to watch and sings very well. Plus from what they show on TV it would be fun to have lunch with her.

Jordis seems to me to be the sensitive artist. I didnít like the way she treated JD when they were writing songs together. That sucked. When her voice is on, itís wonderful. But she has had two bad weeks so far. Is her gentle stage style right for INXS? I donít know. But she definitely belongs in the top 5.

And I know Deanna is gone but her voice just kept getting better too and I hope she puts out a soul/power ballads album. It would be fun to play that and sing along on the way to work in the morning.

So here is my bottom line: INXS should take the top 5 on tour. That would make one exciting concert. Susie, Jordis, Ty, JD and Mig would do it for me. I hope thatís the outcome.

Best regards,

Louisa Fellini
Mandeville, Louisiana

P.S. If my letter doesn't convince you, check this out
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