Big Brother Recap September 4, 2009
Lies, Lies and more Lies by NataLIE

Big Brother woke the houseguests up at 10:00 am. Michelle modeled her new bikini and went outside to get some rays. Nat got up, and actually changed her shirt into her new black top. She said she went to sleep at 5:30 and enjoyed sleeping in the HOH room by herself.
After a lockdown outside the houseguests come in and notice the smaller table.
Michelle and Jordan talk and confirm that they donít trust Kevin and that they are sticking with their F2 deal to bring each other to the final two.

Nat and Jordan have a nice chat out at the pool. Nat told her that she never lies(lie), and that she has been only honest with her.(lie) She told her that she hinted to Michelle and Kevin that they were going up (lie) and that she wanted Michelle to go but she really didnít care which one actually went (another lie). She told Jordan that Dan won because of his game play not because he had friends, and that her game play and strategic moves will win her the money. (lie)

Nat and Kevin practice Natís nomination speech. Check this out (I canít believe this chick)
This is what she said: What America doesn't know is that Michele was the cause of Chima throwing her microphones. Michele you say you dedicated your life to Christian Actions; you threw all of those away. I'm a Christian and I know you don't make a deal with the devil and if I made a deal with you it would be me making a deal with Satan itself. If I lose the game my soul is still in tact. Michele although I've nominated K for strategic reasons, you are personal reasons. I feel your are a back stabbing, liar who has played this game in a despicable manner, what you did to Chima was despicable. You betrayed Chima, you betrayed me. You have thrown your Christian values away. I declined your deal because if I had made a deal with you it would be like making a deal with Satan himself. You don't need to sell your soul to win this game, and if the only way to win this game is to sell your soul to the devil, then I'm not going to win this game. My dad said 500,000 is not worth the cost and turns out I made a good decisions, I didn't sell my soul to you, and I still solidified my spot in F3 with my loyalty, integrity in place.(I canít count how many lies are in this little speech of her!) Nat should take her Dadís advice. She then told Kevin that during nominations she will be wearing a crown, a robe, and sunglasses and carrying a staff. (This girl is too much, maybe she could wear that in the wrestling ring and people would cheer her on, but it will not go over well here, another proud Dad moment I imagine).

At about 4:15 we get trivia on the feeds for 90 minutes. We guessed it was nomination ceremony, but when the feeds return we hear that Nat has some kind of power. The power has something to do with the Pandora box. She is heard telling the others not to ask her about it. Nat then said she canít play in the Veto competition due to her accepting this power. She said her Pandoraís Box was bad and Kevinís was good that is why money didnít fall from the sky. She seems to be hiding something from the houseguests.

The competition had visitors in the house, there were three visitors, a crybaby, a copycat and a roachlady. The baby was a little person and really freaked Kevin out. Kevin then tells Nat that she has to make up a story about the Pandoraís box thing because the others think she has a power. Nat then said she got proposed to by her boyfriend in the DR. That it was the first one in BB history. (guess she missed season 2 with Boogie and what was her name Krista or something, then again it could be another lie). She said she asked her BF is it was a good move for her to get rid of Jeff (I thought Kevin was HOH last week and cast that last vote to evict). She said he said it was a good move then BB told them they could not talk game. She said he BF saw everything on the feed including Jessie professing his love for her(gag). She said she got 20 minutes and it was the best 20 minutes ever. She retold the same story to Jordan and at the end she said I hoped you enjoyed my story because I didnít have to tell it to you.
After fees cut out again for over 50 minutes, once they return we find out that Kevin and Michelle are nominated. (Why it took her so long to put one key into a box is unreal, even Jessie who had to put 10 keys did it quicker.) Kevin is playing up the nomination (so people donít think that those two are working together, (come on there are four people in the house I am sure that even Jordan knows they are working together. ). Nat tells Michelle that she put her up for personal reasons and her fate is her destiny (this girl is so far on a power trip that the space shuttle canít even see her ).

Michelle and Jordan discuss how they think Nat is lying about being proposed to. (I believe that too).
Nat told Jordan and Michelle that her boyfriend told her a lot of people online didnít like her. Nat said it is because America didnít like Jessie and she was associated with him. (It is not because every word out of your mouth is a lie Nat, no America would never not like you for that). Nat continues to brag that she has had more contact than anyone else with the outside world because she got to talk to her Dad now her BF. Nat said it would have been great if BB had hooked them up with a ring on BB dime (now she wants to be the Bachelorette). Nat then said that she could have played in the POV and possibly earned prizes but she chose not to and to chat with her BF.

Kevin and Michelle have a little chat and Kevin expressed his concern about Natís engagement. He said something was up that Nat was not telling them. That she isnít telling them something. Michelle said that they would see tomorrow if she plays VETO and Kevin said that she probably gave up VETO but the engagement story was fishy. He said none of them were asked about the proposal in the DR and they would have wanted their reaction if it was true. Nat meanwhile joins them and still spews the lies saying she requested a BB wedding. (This is really getting out of control). Jordan said she heard Nat scream at one point, and Nat said she went into Pandoraís Box (the room off the HOH) and there was a table with two chairs, two plates and no TV like there was for Kevin. Kevin said if he wins BB he will propose to his partner on finale night.

Meanwhile, Michelle went to the DR with her devil horns. She said that Nat called her a devil so now she is going to act like a devil. While she was in there, Nat asked Kevin if Michelle was upset over noms and he said ya. That she was in the DR with her horns, Nat then said she was a liar (OMG) and canít be believed.

Kevin at one point in the night was sitting alone on the couches out in the yard thinking. All of a sudden he said to himself, I am so screwed. He had just figured out that he alone had to win VETO or he would be evicted. That Nat took a deal and canít help him. Jordan came out of DR and the DR asked her if she believed Natís engagement story. She said ya at first then she said she got paranoid because they were asking her. Nat asked her if they told her any different in there, Jordan said no. Nat said it is the truth. (Another lie).

Kevin and Nat talk. Kevin tells her that he is screwed. She told him that he can win VETO and if Jordan wins that she can convince her to get rid of Michelle. That he needs to study his dates. Kevin said he can only win if it is physical, that Michelle is a brain. He said it is now 2 to 1. Nat said Jordan is really only a Ĺ that she does not count. Nat then asked if he was mad because she opened Pandoraís box, Kevin said no because it was her boyfriend but that he is mad because she keeps lying to him even after Michelle and Jordan left. Nat said that she wants to continue to mess with Michelle all night, to freak her out. Nat then said it is all on you tomorrow, if you donít win then I canít win because I canít win without you(that is right puppet boy).

Michelle was called in DR and Nat sets in on Jordan. She asked her if she won VETO who would she evict. She said she did not know, that she really doesnít trust Kevin but he is better now. Nat then said look Jordan, Michelle voted to evict Jeff so you know she is a back stabbing liar (the alternative was to vote to evict Jordan herself). Jordan said she really does not know what she would do. Nat again said, listen I have never lied to you (OMG again she said it) Nat then said I want to keep Kevin over Michelle because we can beat Kevin not Michelle. She then said that Micelle and Kevin will both win if they are F2. Nat then said she was inviting everyone from this season to her wedding. Nat said she wants to get married in April and Jordan said wonít you be stressed with college finals, Nat replied maybe we will just do it a month after I get out of here. The girls agree that POV will be simple because they were not on lockdown and so it wonít be some elaborate thing.

Kevin talks to Jordan and Michelle and said that it would be a guarantee loss if any of them took Nat to F2. That she played the game with no blood on her hands and everyone did her work. He then sees Nat out of DR and follows her to bathroom where he tells her that he made up some crap so that the others donít know they are together.

At 1:13 am the girls were talking up in HOH room (after giving Nat instructions on how to insert a tampon which she was successful with) and Nat slipped and said the only guaranteed vote I have is Jessie, I was even telling him today, and then said I was telling my boyfriend today. Once that party broke up Michelle and Jordan review dates again for POV competition and head to bed. All were quiet at 3:00 am.

Did Nat take money from Pandoraís box? Did Nat talk to Jessie because of Pandoraís box and gave up playing for VETO do it (screwing Kevin)? DO you actually think Nat got proposed to? Only tomorrow will tell.