Home again and watching the second episode. I have yet to turn on the feeds.

WHAT did I tell you about Ian and the Ronnie the Rat comparison. icky, weirdo, ew! I found the roaming the house when he thought everyone was asleep (it is Big Brother, someone is always awake) amusing and creepy all at the same time. And downright hysterical that Janelle, Brittany, & Willie were watching on HOH cam. Ian and the creepy has to go. And I'm saying that just from the ick factor and the streaking through the house and weirding the girls out.

LOVE that Janelle & Brittany are working together against Dan & Boogie. Yeah they're worried about Boogie but Dan is the coach in danger with one down and another on the block (for now). Even more I love that the two teams have agreed to work together. Because you know what, working the theoretical concept/rumor mill that coaches eventually could be unleashed in the house as players - I'd be wanting Boogie out ASAP too.

Decent twist (wait did I just give Alison Grodner props for a decent twist? I did, didn't I?) on the coach competition - safety for one player for the winning coach and each coach picks a have not.

Dear Lord thank you - Brittney still gives great Diary Room!

Dan is admitting he threw a competition? His team may just kick his tail after their out and find out.

Boogie saving Ian is the only reason Ian did not get nominated. Smart move on Boogie's part but Ian is not long for this game unless Boogie keeps Ian week after week.

Cue cooking with Frank! Uhoh - Frank is shooting himself in the foot with overuse of food. And the coaches are not happy about it. And Boogie's throwing him right on under the Big Brother Bus! What was that Janelle said earlier in the episode? Oh yeah! DON'T TRUST BOOGIE! (Good Motto all things considered).

WHY is Ian sitting at the Nomination table with a duck on his head? Yeah let's just file this under the CREEP category.

The look on Boogie's face when Willie's nominations were revealed was PRICELESS! Poor Frank. But did Boogie really think that someone else's mentee was going to follow HIS advice?

Distraction moment - Jenn's tattoos are cool. Lydia a few seasons ago - had ugly tattoos. Jenn's a keeper for me but then again - I haven't seen the feeds.

Who stays?



Last chance - you've been warned if you are TV only viewer stop now

I've seen that Shane won POV. If he's on 'the team' then he'll keep Willie's nominations. As to who stays - I think it's a mater of which of the pair can work the rest of the house guests and who the Janelle/Brittney coaching team want gone. Honestly - I think Boogie, not Dan is the true target at this point and that like it or not, Frank is gone. And if so it is at a point when Willie doesn't have to worry about making an enemy on the jury. Remeber folks - you can evict folks and make enemies now with a reduced worry of them getting you in the end. It is when they land on the jury and you've managed to fill a jury with folks you've back-stabbed that you get yourself in trouble.

From the Liss perspective of Big Brother - you knock off the potential threats early with an eye on keeping potential allies and who you want on that final jury. The idea is to load the jury with people who will vote for you and not someone else and to pick that target (yes target) of who to take with you to the end that you can actually beat.

Until next time - happy viewing.