So here goes. Without seeing the promos, without seeing videos, going only on profiles and pictures here is my take on the announced houseguests. In no particular order…

Jodi: Hot diggity, someone over 40! YAY! (word to the wise, I AM over 40 & knocking on 50’s door – and at the moment not enjoying it very much). Based on her activities (outdoorsy stuff, hiking, laughing) she’d be great friends with my sister. Singing? Sign her up for the warnings about singing in the house and sending us off feeds. Fears: snakes and roller coasters, has she seen the balancing endurance challenges the last few years? Because hello roller coaster. As for snakes, who remembers season 3 with the initially frozen eels and the big tank/tub that they had to sit in when Amy came back in the house? Yeah. I’d like to see a return to that based on the snake fear.

Wil: He’s got a bit of a Fabio Junior/Lite thing going on (minus the over-tanning, bulging muscles and wrinkles). Oh and can we get Tabitha Coffey to do something with the obvious split ends? Wait? You have trouble living with other people and are on WHAT show? Dude! Voting most likely to whine about everyone in the house. Another with a fear of snakes. See above – seriously I want that tub of frozen eels back. Fear of banana’s? Time to roll out Casey’s banana costume again.

Jenn: This year’s alternative girl. The tattoos (brief glimpse that the photo gives) seem to be better than Lydia’s (sorry Lydia but you’ve got some ugly tats). Another that could send us off feeds for singing. Seems cool (which typically translates for me to ends up driving me crazy). Fear of roller coasters AND heights! Yeah that endurance challenge is going to kick her tush with the balancing, moving walls.

Frank: THE HAIR! My first thought is best male hair since Dr. Will. We can only hope for the same amount of growth and jokes as Dr. Will during season 2. Unemployed – good he’s not going want to go anywhere. Bad if he tries to use the pity card to stay in the house. Third contestant with a fear of snakes – really really really wanting that tub of frozen eels – really!

Ian: <b>WHERE'S WALDO????</b> Tell me you didn’t take one look at that photo and think it? I pray he doesn’t have a nerd voice to go with the face. Engineer, hmmm I could insert an accounting/engineering joke her but most of you wouldn’t get the humor (translation accountants and engineers in the workplace don’t usually understand each other, that being said, I’m an accountant and related to engineers). If he has the social skills the engineering brain could get him far. But it is going to take the ability to socialize without annoying folks. And please don’t turn out to be Ronnie the Rat or Cowboy. And finally – yup #4 with a snake fear – bring it on Allison Grodner, bring it on! I want snakes or eels or worms. Bring it!

Willie: Have to start with the obvious here – Survivor Russell Hanz’s brother. Given the last few seasons we can only hope he brings a portion of the splash Russell brought to Survivor. Only he needs to have figured out that he brother lost every season he was on because he couldn’t play the social game. And we Big Brother fans know that Big Brother is mostly social game!

JoJo: Is it me or does she look like she got lost on the way to Real Housewives New Jersey? Strategy – low profile? I read that as I’m attaching myself to the biggest alliance in the house and trying not to (and I hate this phrase) ‘get blood on my hands.’

Joe: WOOT! Another over 40! Chef – I predict he’s going to camp in the kitchen. Make himself indispensable to those who can’t cook and try to get creative with slop. By the way, the kitchen is a good spot in the house; you can see a lot (including the back yard) and hear a lot. Or his fellow houseguests are going to follow the Marcellas Reynolds school of thought and bounce the cook as soon as possible.

Kara: She reminds me visually of Jordan. I’m in the minority – I didn’t necessary ‘love’ Jordan. Model (translation – they recruited her). Afraid of heights – count her as another that will fall fast on those endurance challenges. She does seem to understand that this game is social.

Ashley: Paging Tabitha Coffey with the scissors for dried, crispy, split ends and to do something with the overly bleached hair. Stat! Dream boards? What in the world is a dream board? Wait – I don’t actually want to know. Oh yay (not) play the ditzy blonde. Oish.

Danielle: Nurse - yeah the house typically could use in the house medical staff. Another oh yay (not) she too is going to play dumb. And she’s another that is going to try to latch onto the biggest alliance she can find and ride her way to the end on them. AND, we have the FIFTH person who mentions a fear of snakes. Did I mention that I really really really really REALLY want to see something involving snakes, eels, worms or the like this season?? Because this cast is screaming for it!

That’s it, the initial impression of the announced houseguests. I’m actually looking forward to the show starting and the feeds coming on. I will be traveling Thursday-Sunday next week and will be ‘out of pocket’ so expect a delay in the next column (unless I manage to sneak one in on Mentors and such once they are officially announced).