Britney – what game are you playing? Honestly a blubbering fit over lying to Janelle and feeling like a horrible person for it and blubbering to your ‘alliance’ over it. I call BS. She lied to you (no, two wrongs don’t make a right), she swung her team over to team Boogie and left you hanging. WHY were you being loyal to that? Oh, wait, could it be you’re afraid that you’re a bigger target now? This is BB, you’re a veteran. DEAL!

Boogie – LOVED when you invaded the storage room while Dan and Janelle were having a tete a tete. Awesome move. Nice job in getting rid of Janelle. Now – who are you really in an alliance with (Frank) and who are you lying to (Dan, Britney, Shane, Danielle, the entire rest of the house although I do think you have a soft spot for Ian.

Frank – Hell hath no fury that an HOH who is teamed with Boogie. The House Guests better buckle up. It could be a wild ride and I truly hope the Grusome Twosome pull a big ole upheaval in the house and backstab a few people. This one big dysfunctional family thing is getting boring.

Shane – Yeah, you THINK you have a deal with Boogie & Frank. Got news for you – so does the rest of the house. Boogie is a master at this. You put Frank up. Your snuggle buddy, Danielle put Frank up. Someone’s going on the block and you are a big threat.

Danielle – Boogie spent some quality time working you this week. Your stay in the house will depend entirely on Boogie & Frank’s assessment of your malleability once Shane (and Dan and Britney) are gone.

Ian – You’ve given a clue that you are more powerful than they think you are with the HOH comp. Nice job. Just keep on making Boogie think you are his puppet and you’re safe for a while. I’m rather MEH on the showmance with Ashley.

Ashley – still under the radar and with Janelle gone and her proof that she’s willing to vote ‘with the house’ (gah I hate that) should keep her safe.

Wil – I enjoy Wil. Do not ask me why because I cannot explain it. He may not be safe this week. Not sure how he stands with Frank & Boogie.
Jenn – you are another who will be safe for a week or two. So long as the HOH of the week has bigger targets you’re good.

Joe – Dear Frank, please oh please nominate him. Of course you’ll hear his voice long after he’s left the house. From the little I’ve seen on the feeds, most of the house is annoyed by him and his only good point is family dinners, but even then the other house guests complain about wasted food. The last time I had the feeds on it was whining about big globs of butter on fish.

It should prove to be an interesting week. So long as Frank (and Boogie) have the guts to make the big moves – and I have little doubt that they don’t – I see a power player to date going out the door. Remember folks, Boogie knows you have to think about Jury. That’s why he instigated operation buh-bye Janelle when he did. The next targets will again be someone they don’t want on the jury.

Will it be another veteran? Or, a rookie (with a big mouth or talent at winning comps?) We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.