Forgive my delay in getting something posted recently. Month End Closing hits and, well, I have a job to do. Plus I took a weekend trip to visit my eighty year old mother. A trip to my mother’s is a bit like a trip back to pre-internet days (she can’t spell VCR folks) so aside from my smart phone I’m usually tech-less. Actually the fact that I took said trip should tell you something about my attention level to this year’s Big Brother and my boredom about it. Big Shocking Twist! And all.

Boogie in a diary room shot on Sunday night’s show - I didn’t think they’d do this to me I was here to win $100k. DUDE? Really? Seriously? You thought what? Yeah, not buying it. Period. You were hoping that the producers had brought you in to have a $100k paid to you vacation. You hoped wrong. This is Big Brother and you are an idiot.

I love that Wil has already figured out that Dan is playing the SAME game he did before. Dan - buddy - you are doomed. If Frank stays in that house, you are gone. If Wil stays in that house - you are gone. Hope you enjoy the trip. And what the heck is Danielle thinking? WHY are you still listening to a coach that left you swinging in the wind? I actually understand your alliance to Britney & Shane. That may benefit you. Listening to Dan’s advice? Sweetiepie - you’re on a path out the front door.

Shane, poor poor pitiful Shane. My heart bleeds (not!) for you - your whole HOH was a waste. Yup. And this is Big Brother and you have to “Expect the Unexpected.” Suck it up and remember, never put anyone up that you will regret putting up if they don’t walk out that door. Putting Frank up seemed like a wise move at the time, but you burned that bridge when you put Frank up and BB burned you with the twist. Hmmm perhaps you shouldn’t have been in a deal with Boogie in the first place. I mean seriously? The Mayor of Chilltown? And you expect him not to used you?

Jenn, now is the time to dump the team you were on and build a new alliance. You are acutely aware that Boogie is tight with Frank and that he has Ian on a string and is controlling him. Dump and run!

Ian this twist may benefit you. You’re off the radar since Frank & Joe both stayed and we have a power struggle going on. So long as you continue the humble routine and stay out of the way you’re good.

Joe you best be praying you don’t wind up on the block thanks to a POV issue. The Boogie/Frank/Shane/Danielle/Britney/Dan/Wil mess will save you a week or two. I expect th blood to flow for a week or so before things settle back into a routine. In that way I rather like the twist because it is almost like watching from the entry into the house. But with the added benefit of knowing the players better.

Janelle you are sitting pretty at the moment but if you get in the midst of the present power struggle, kiss it goodbye. Of course if you don’t get Wil out of the house and save Frank’s backside, you’re gone the moment he gets power anyway. Without you as a coach, he has no alliance to you. I can easily see him (or a few others) dumping out the front door to sit next to Julie.

Britney is in a fairly good position although she is up to her neck in our nice little power struggle.

Ashley, wait? Who are you? Oh yeah the one playing Ian as a puppy-dog while staring at Shane. Keep it up you’ll go far. However that alliance with Janelle should be used with caution.

I will say I’m disappointed that the House Guests seemed to stay more or less in alliance with their former coach and that we do not have two coaches on the block. Honestly, I want all 4 coaches gone. Quickly. And I’ll keep saying it until we get to the end or they are gone. I loathe returning players in the game unless we are in a true ‘all-star’ situation.

Remember - all comments have been said with no recent feed viewing or update reading beyond what was aired tonight. And I’ve got another weekend trip planned for this coming weekend so I may be a bit quiet (or not -who knows, the next trip doesn’t involve a visit to a cave-dweller’s residence).