Given the events of last week as seen on the show and Friday’s mega-meltdown, Let’s have a conversation about Big Brother and LOOSE LIPS.

So from my perspective the good ship Britney seems to hit the proverbial iceberg and is taking on water at a rapid rate. Honestly, she can look in the mirror at the cause of the problem. Yes, I’m blaming Britney for this. When I returned from my conference in Las Vegas and finally had the opportunity to watch the feeds as well as Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday’s shows I noted that Britney went running to Willie with her theory that he coaches would go into the game. Well I had also heard on my limited viewing of the feeds multiple house guests discuss that Willie was paranoid, touchy, overly sensitive and so on. If this is true, WHY does a COACH go running to Mr. Paranoia with that sort of theory? Short answer - you don’t. Not if you really know your team. Not if you want to make it to the end. Now either Britney wanted Willie to blow, which is not the impression I got from her reaction to such incidents as Willie calling a ‘no coaches allowed’ house meeting (never a good sign re calling of house meetings, never a good idea either); OR She’s an idiot. You can guess what direction I’m leaning.

Add to Britney running to Willie with this idea our good buddy Joe. Joe - What the frak are you doing? Dude, I have dumped you into my Ronnie the Rat category because, well, your behavior of learning something and running around the house to share what you’ve heard and stirring stuff up is straight out of his playbook. Joe, you might want to note that Ronnie the Rat was not a winner. It blew up on him. Eventually they will figure you out as the source of all rumors and they will bounce you out th door. So, Joe - SHUT UP! Besides, the ‘yelling’ tone in your Diary Room’s make me crazy. You aren’t trying to shout over the din in a restaurant kitchen.

This brings me to Ian - Ian I have moved you out of Ronnie the Rat and into a unique category of Cowboy mixed with Zach. Considering how far both made it, yes Cowboy riding the coat tails of winner Drew to F2, we might be seeing Ian for a while. And Boogie, being an intelligent coach (yes I really did just type that) realizes that you need serious help in your social game and has spent an appropriate amount and type of coaching to help you.

Speaking of Boogie, I know a lot of folks are up in arms over Boogie’s manipulation of things regarding Willie’s blow up. Bottom line for this viewer, welcome to Big Brother! It is a psychological/mental game. If you cannot take the machinations of others in this game, you don’t belong on the show. And this particular manipulation (from what I’ve heard/read) came right from the season 2 playbook. Let’s see, we had Sharon taunting Autumn who spent days in bed crying only to end up… out of the house. We had Sharon and Hardy’s toothbrush. We had Will lying to EVERYONE. We had Boogie playing Krista in a showmance. People you are dealing wit the mayor of Chilltown (I would say King - but we all know that is Dr. Will Kirby).

Willie also did himself in with the showdown with Frank. Dude, I don’t know what you were thinking with that, but blow ups and confrontations only turn people off - especially this early. And who is eating Fruit Loops now? Well, you might be but you also pulled an exit from the house after causing quite the fracas in the process. One of my ‘Big Brother Rules of Thumb” is he/she who talks smack best have the guts to back it up when push comes to shove. (Lordy - my apologies for the mass of cliches in this). From the descriptions of your meltdown - not only can you not back up your own talk, you also can’t take being a have not (maybe he really really wanted those Fruit Loops) or handle the chance of being on the block.

Frank, despite the fight with Willie is coming out of this looking well because he won HOH. Frank has another week of safety. And, like it or not, he listened to his coach, wound up Willie and set him off. Add to that he’s got two members of team Britney on the block and Britney, unless one of her two players can pull off an Veto win, is set to be even with Dan in the number of players scheme.

And this is where I’m back to thinking that Brtiney (and Dan) may be able to save their game. Since it is slightly obvious that we do not have enough players to make it to the announced end of he game I have little doubt that at some point the coaches go into the game. The question will be when, how, and how is this group of house guests going to handle their coaches being players? Smart money says to boot any coach going into the game toot sweet. But look at last season. With the virtual immediate exit of ED the newbies had a numerical advantage. And they blew it by not playing a game of evict the returning players. Which way this group falls only time will tell. And a lot depends on this group getting beyond the forced teaming that the producers set up (something I despise by the way) and their internal alliances, and in some cases (Ian for instance) their awe and alliance to their coach and doing th job that needs to be done.