It is live show day, so most of the morning has everyone taking extra time getting ready for the day. They are on inside lockdown.

8:00 AM
Shelly gets an hour by herself before the others get the wake up call and Houseguests begin to move about.

The Veterans assemble in the HOH to go over things they have counted in the house.
Later, Dani and Jeff discuss Rachel trying to give them false numbers and wonder what she is up to.

Dani and Brandon note that Adam is not handling being on Slop very well.

Cassi tries some last ditch efforts to gather the votes to stay. She works on Dominic and later with Jeff and Jordon too.
Afterwards, Jeff and Jordon don’t think Cassi has the votes she thinks she has. Jeff says that Cassi has to go to separate her and Dominic, noting the hair washing episode in the back yard last night.

Cassi starts cutting Dominic's hair and he says, "I'm scared."

Shelly takes on vacuuming duties and goes through the house as others continue getting ready.

11:30 AM
The regular Thursday lockdown in the HOH begins. Nothing but general chit chat and napping.

1:00 PM
HOH lockdown ends. Jeff and Jordan take their stuff back to the “Ghetto”.

Cassi resumes cutting Dominic’s hair (ed. What is it with these two grooming each other?)

Shelly noticed Rachel and Porsche combing out their hair extensions. She says she didn't get the memo to bring extra hair. Porsche offers her some of hers.

3:00 PM
Jordan passes time drawing animals on Jeff's back for him to guess.

Feeds are blocked off and on until after the show while everyone finishes getting ready. Everyone, especially the girls, are getting pretty decked out for this one.

Lawon, on the other hand, doesn't look too concerned.

We do hear Porsche and Rachel discussing possible votes. Rachel says at worst it could be 4-4 with Porsche breaking the tie and that is probably why they are having Porsche vote last.

We also see Cassi confess to Shelly that she's a full time model.

5:30 PM
Feeds go out for good until after the show.

During the show, Adam and Dominic were showcased.
Cassi was evicted by a 9-0 vote.
Rachel’s mic was live when she went to pee just before HOH comp.
The HOH came down to Brendon and Rachel with Rachel eventually winning.

7:00 PM
The feeds return and the posturing begins!

Someone has hidden all the bacon and Adam is not happy. We later see him unpacking. He mentions he never unpacked from last week.

Dani begins a ‘save Dominic’ campaign. She works on Kalia.

Rachel later worries to Dani about leaving Dominic in the house. Jordan comes in and Rachel tells her they plan on putting up Dominic and Adam again. Jordan suggests putting up Kalia and Lawon with Dominic and Adam as a back door if needed. Rachel points out the risk, if one of those couples pulls the other off with Veto, the only choice left would be to put up Jeff and Jordon.

Dani continues her ‘save Dominic’ campaign. Adam is smart. Adam is sketchy.
She also advises Rachel to keep it cool and not over react. She doesn’t want her to fracture the veteran’s alliance yet.

9:00 PM
Kalia assures Dominic that she and Dani and working to keep him.
Kalia said she threw HoH today.

Dani once again continues her ‘save Dominic’ campaign. This time with both Rachel and Brendon out in the Hammock. Brendon is resistant. Rachel says, "I don't trust Lawon in jury. I don't trust Adam in jury."

10:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
With a unanimous vote, Cassi is the second Houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. Shelly receives the golden key and will remain safe from eviction until only 10 Houseguests remain. Veteran player Rachel won the “Big Brother On-line” competition and is the current HOH. The veterans control the house for the 3rd straight week. The next nomination ceremony airs this Sunday.

The Houseguests receive alcohol. Brendon is desperately trying to divide it up equally, even suggesting body weight as a determining factor.

Rachel and Shelly have a long chat in the padded room. Shelly gives her some really good advice on how to change her image from last season. It includes being gracious, being humble, and not showing her butt on the live show (ed. Apparently this happened when she won HOH and Brendon picked her up. Several Houseguests mentioned it this evening.)

Shelly also gives input that Dominic should be the one to go this week.

Rachel relays the conversation to Brendon and he says, "I think Shelly is very wise and that you should listen to her."

11:30 PM
Dani gets Brendon alone and continues to push for Dominic.

While Rachel is in the DR to get her HOH key, The Houseguests plot to throw pillows at her when she comes out.

Loading up..

Getting into position...

"Who wants to see my HOH room?"

Rachel has to run a gauntlet of pillows...

Rachel got pictures of a best friend from college, her sister, and her mom. Her basket included lean cuisine, monsters, wine, granola minifins, shower gel, lotion, teas, an animal purse, and Hand sanitizer. Her CD was In Search of Sunrise.

She reads everyone a letter from her sister.

After the crowd dispurses, Brendon whined that he wasn't mentioned in the letter. He puts on a pouty big baby show.

Later Dani is there trying to convince Brendon that Dominic is WITH them.

Rachel notices she is HOH but everyone is outside talking to Jeff and Jordan.

Next, Kalia pushes Rachel to get Lawon out, that Dominic and Adam can be sent packing next week or the following week.

1:00 AM
Adam gets a turn with Brendon & Rachel in the HOH room. They present a series of "what if" scenarios trying to find out where his head is.

Outside Dani and Kalia comment they think Kalia is safe no matter who's on the block.

Brendon tells Rachel that Adam will side with Jeff and Jordon. But he also thinks Dominic will turn on them the first chance he gets.

Elsewhere, Dani coached Dominic to talk to Brendon and Rachel tomorrow.

Lawon joins them and Dani advises Lawon not to go crazy right away if he is nominated, "Stay calm until after the veto."

4:00 AM
Dani, Dominic and Lawon are still going strong. They move out to the hammock and chat about various personal things. They mention Adam said that if he stays in the house until his 40th birthday he would shave his beard off.

They finally wrap it up about 5:30 AM and the house goes quiet.

Who will Rachel Nominate? Who will actually walk out the door? And will the campaign to keep Dominic be Dani’s undoing?

Thanks to the Updaters for a job well done!