The big news for Thursday is that on the live TV show, Jordan won the POV and decided not to use it, Lydia was evicted, and Jeff won HOH. Russ and Michele are the Have Nots for this coming week.

A lot of the evening was devoted to celebrating being in the final 6 and rehashing the HOH comp, because Jeff wanted to celebrate, and not talk game.

But, particularly late at night, there was a lot of game talk. There seem to be three basic teams--Jeff/Jordan, Nat/Kevin, Russ/Michele, with the three basic teams intertwining with the other teams in deals, real or fake.

Jeff didn't really want to talk game, but finally admitted that he expects to nominate Nat/Kevin, with the possibility of backdooring Russ, depending on how the veto turns out. But, as we know, in BB, things can change on a dime.


BB wakes up the HGs a little after 9:00 am BBT….There is the usual puttering around the house, taking showers, having breakfast etc….As usual, the feeds go in and out a lot for short periods (which goes on all day)…BB yells at Russ to wake up at about 9:30.. About 9:40, BB calls the HGs into the HOH room for the usual Thursday morning lockdown….Mostly chit chat….Then, about 9:50, the HGs are surprised when Jordan is called to the DR and the feeds change to the control room…Through the control room monitors, some eagle-eyed updaters can see that the HGs are picking names for the POV….The HOH lockdown continues.

11:00 am…The feeds come back about 11:35…..As it turns out, Russ is the only HG not playing for the veto, so he is the host….The HOH room lockdown is over soon after that…Jordan/Jeff head for the bed in the SS room, as does Michele...Kevin/Nat/Lydia are in the bathroom, talking about cleaning, etc.

Then Nat comes into the SS and asks Jordan/Jeff/Michele if she is straight with them today. They all nod, “Yes.”….Nat asks if she is still okay if Lydia takes herself off the block, and they once again say, “Yes.” Jordan tells Nat she has their back….Just before noon, Jeff/Michele/Jordan talk game…Jeff says that if Kevin or Lydia win the POV, we send Russell home. Jordan isn’t so sure. Then Jeff says, If Lydia wins, we put up Kevin and Kevin goes home. Jordan is all right with that at first. But then Jordan says she hates sending Kevin home. She says she might just put Russell up and make everyone else decide. Jeff says that now they stay with the final four (Jeff/Jor/Mich/Nat) because all of them want Russell out, and it takes the target off them.


As noon arrives, Jeff/Jordan/Michele are still in the SS. After going around in circles, Jeff tells Jordan that the plan is to get rid of Lydia and they should stick with it. Jordan says okay because they’re worried that Lydia will go after them and they think they can trust Nat…There is a little Jeff/Jordan spat for a minute, because Jeff says that if he goes home and Jordan “skates by” because she’s playing the nice girl he’s going to be p*ssed, because he is having to do the dirty work for her.

As of 12:15, Jordan/Michele/Jeff are in the kitchen, Russ is playing solitaire at the table, Nat/Lydia are in the WC. No game talk…Russ says that production does not let him wear his glasses in the DR ….Michele is called to the DR, and when she gets out about 12:15, she tells Jordan that she wants Russell to stay. Jordan says that Russell has already won $10,000, but Michele feels that Russell is ultimately on their side…..Through the noon hour and into the 1:00 pm hour, there is a lot of puttering going on in the house, but not much game talk….Lydia rebraids Nat’s hair, but with bigger braids this time.

About 1:35, the production goes on over the intercom. Although it is cut off by FISH, we learn that it is production telling the HGs to wear athletic clothes for the show this evening…The HGs talk about the fact that the HOH is probably endurance…The feeds go back to the production room, and when they return, Natalie is packing, Kevin is napping in the RR, and Michelle/Russell/Jeff are getting ready for tonight’s show.

2:00 As we move into the 2:00 pm hour, more of the HGs are napping, although for awhile, Jeff/Jordan played a little game where she had to guess what Jeff was drawing on his back….By 2:35 pm all the HGs we can see are napping, with Russ joining Jeff/Jordan/Michele in the SS room and the other HGs in the Red Room….A little after 2:30 the feeds go to trivia…..They return for a short time at 4:30 BB time, just before the show, but it is HG chit chat, and getting ready for the show.


The Thursday show includes the POV competition, the POV ceremony, the vote to evict, and the competition for a new HOH.

The POV comp is called Before or After, and has the HGs standing in booths. Julie names two events, and the HGs have to step up a step or down a step, depending on whether the second event happened before or after the first. Jordan wins the competition, and thus, the POV….In the POV ceremony, Jordan decides not to use the POV, and Lydia and Nat remain on the block.

In the eviction ceremony, Lydia is evicted by a vote of 3-1. Kevin is the sole vote to evict Nat.

For the HOH competition, the HG are standing on a roof, behind a metal fence. They must throw cans into tubes below them on the ground. After awhile, a new twist is introduced—a small platform comes out at regular intervals that blocks the HGs from throwing the cans in their tubes. The winner of the contest is the first HG who can get 24 cans into the tubes or when a time limit is reached. As the show goes off the air, the HGs are still competing.


The feeds don’t come back after the show until about 6:30 pm BBT….The six remaining HGs are standing in the kitchen or sitting at the kitchen counter discussing the comp and eating snacks….After awhile it becomes apparent that Jeff won the comp and is the new HOH…Apparently there were also gold cans as part of the comp, but it is not clear at this point what purpose they had.There is talk about Lydia. Nat says she honestly believes Lydia wanted to be in the jury house alone with Jessie for a week…Jordan said that Lydia told her early on she only wanted to make it to the jury…Jordan talks about her period and says she still needs to teach Nat how to use a tampon.

7:00 pm…..A little after 7:00, Jeff is called to the DR….The HGs remain in the kitchen. They wonder who Jessie is expecting in the jury house, and Nat says, “Probably me.” Kevin was hoping he wouldn’t be the next to go to the jury and have to be alone with Jessie for a week…They discuss Chima. Nat says the DR was trying to get Nat to say “she threw the mike.” But, she said that since she didn’t actually see Chima do it, she wouldn’t say it….Nat says she needs to ask the DR for nail clippers…Michele would like some hair color. Michele says you have to break a table if you want some….Kevin tells them he was the vote for Lydia, because she was his friend. Nat replies, “Thanks Kev, I’ll remember that.”…Russell is sitting alone at the table playing cards….Jordan says that Kevin lost to Jeff by one can….Kevin says that the show is very stingy with prizes etc. considering the money they make….The feeds go to trivia (no surprise).

When the feeds return, Nat/Kev are in the RR coming up with a new plan/lie. They want to tell Jeff/Jor that they want to make an F4 deal because Russ/Michele aren’t trustworthy.

The feeds then switch to the SS room with Jordan/Michele/Russ. It turns out that Michele and Russ are the Have Nots for the week…Back in the Red Room, Nat says they need to tell Jeff that nobody in the house is targeting Russell right now….Kevin tells Nat that he thinks Russell will tell Jeff to come after Kevin…

8:00 pm….The strategy talk between Nat/Kev continues after Nat decides she won’t unpack until tomorrow….Both Kevin and Nat say that Lydia dug her own grave this week, and if she hadn’t gotten out of control, Nat would have gone home….They discuss past evictions…Kevin tells Nat that if he had won the POV, he would have taken Nat off…They are surprised that Jordan and Michele got every question right in the POV comp….Nat says if it was up to her, it would be herself, Kevin, Jordan in F3….Kevin is then called to the DR….Jeff is out of the DR, but no HOH yet. When Jeff walks through the RR, he farts, Nat says, “Is that what we say now instead of saying ‘Who wants to see my HOH room?’” Everyone laughts…Then Nat settles down for a nap in the Red Room…..Jordan/Russ/Michele are all in the SS room, possibly sleeping.

About 8:10 Michele is up in the kitchen fixing something….Michele wants to give Jeff a hug. Jeff kids, “You wanna hug it out?”…Michele points out that one of the perks of Russ being a Have Not is that Jeff gets all the alcohol for the week. Jeff thinks that’s awesome…They rehash the comp, and Michele asks Jeff if he will cry when he reads his letter. Jeff says he might cry if his mom says she is proud of him or something…Michele points out that no one will be sleeping in the SS room this week. Michele and Russ will be in the Have Not room, so Jeff/Jordan will have HOH to themselves…The thing Jeff wants most in his HOH is Bob Marley….A little after 8:30, Russ joins them and they talk about being on slop..Russ says he has no idea how to cook slop…Michele says she will sleep all the time because she is on slop….Jeff kids Russ that he will snap on slop…Russ starts singing, “Just the Two of Us” (on slop)..Feeds go to FISH.

The inside lockdown ends about 8:50….Russ and Jeff remark on how fast production is able to work…Jeff goes to get cigarettes, Russ heads outside, Michele makes slop in the kitchen….Russ tells production that they left the door open in the back left side of the yard

9:00 pm….After an interval of FISH, we see that Jeff has join Russ in the BY complaining about ants in the SS room…Michele talks to herself in the storage room, all the food she can’t eat, but she stocks the fridge anyway….Kevin joins Michele in the kitchen…Michele talks about how nice it is to have it quiet in the house…Kevin hopes it will be a drama-free, stress-free week…Kevin tells Michele that he doesn’t know what her clique is saying, but Russell did tell Jeff he is going to stab Jeff in the back, and has been gunning for Jeff from the beginning. So, it’s up to Jeff….Kevin thinks it’s fair that Russ is on slop because he hasn’t been on slop before…They hope that slop ends soon…Michele doesn’t think Russ will be upset that he is on slop…Michele tells Kevin that she likes being in the SS room by herself….Kevin says he hates that room…Jordan has been called to the DR, Russ/Jeff are playing pool in the BY

Kevin and Michelle join Jeff/Russ outside and they continue to rehash the comp. Apparently Russ was shaking the platform as he ran, so he was put on a one-minute pause….Kevin tells Jeff, “So I helped you win.” Russ (only half-jokingly) tells Kevin to shut up….Jeff tells Kevin he won it for him because Jeff threw in a lot of cans in that one minute….They kid about Russ being like a bull in a china shop and being out of control as he went to get his cans….Jeff hilariously reenacts Russ in the comp.

Michele and Kevin go back to the kitchen…Kevin is cooking something….Nat is asleep, and Jordan is either asleep or still in the DR…..Apparently Nat and Jordan are still asleep…Russ/Jeff are still outside playing pool, but Jeff says he needs to get his stuff together….Michele (who has been buzzing around the house) joins the guys, and now is playing pool with Jeff, asking for tips on how to play…Russ has gone inside, and it looks like Michele may have accidentally thrown away the plastic part that holds the coffee filters…Michele comes inside to dig through the trash. Russ wants to do it, but Michele says it was her mistake.

Russ and Kevin get into a conversation, still talking about the comp….Kevin says to Russ, “I’m not your favorite right now, am I?” Russ grins. After a lot more rehashing, Russ tells Kevin he did good….Russ/Kevin/Michele/Jeff are in the kitchen, once gain joking about the fact that Jeff gets to drink and Russ doesn’t….Jeff kids that the reason his HOH is taking so long is that he asked BB to build him a spinning wheel so he can tie people to it and throw knives at them….The HGs all laugh….Nat joins the kitchen group…Kevin gets told not to talk about the DR…The HGs complain that “God” has gotten louder.

10:00 pm….At about 10:00 pm, all the HGs are in the kitchen except Jordan (who apparently is still in the DR)….Jeff says he IS getting the HOH tonight….The HGs once again rehash Russ stomping on the platform during the HOH comp….Jordan now joins the others….Then Jeff is called to the DR…Kevin says he has effed up the easy mac and cheese, because he put the cheese in when he microwaved it, which he was not supposed to do...Jordan wishes they would get koolaid, because koolaid “rocks” (LOL—If she only knew the “koolaid jokes we’ve been making in BB discussion.)…Jeff says he wants Tang…The HGs give Nat grief for napping at 8 pm, but she says that she didn’t sleep all last night….Jordan wants to see Jeff’s pics of his friends. Jeff corrects her, “My boys, not my boyfriends.”

About 10:13, Jeff comes out of the DR and asks if people want to see his HOH…All 6 HGs go up to the room and check out his pictures, including a baby picture and a pic of Jeff’s family. They say he looks different in his pictures…Jeff is excited over a crayon pic his niece Marley sent…Jordan says Jeff looked bigger in college. Jeff says that he was..Jeff also gets his fishing hat and something that used to belong to his grandmother…And yes, Jeff DOES get his Bob Marley CD!...Jordan checks the HOH fridge and Jeff got cookie dough for her…Jeff gets choked up over a picture of his “grams” who both died recently in their early 90’s…Jeff reads his letter and says he might cry…They also sent Jeff a cross. He said he hadn’t brought it because he didn’t want to lose it….Jeff also got holy water. (Note: It appears that Jeff’s family is VERY Catholic—as we suspected they probably were.)..Jeff also got the ingredients for s’mores, vodka sauce for pasta, cheese and crackers, and Dolce and Gabana cologne…Jeff says he likes the cologne because it’s a good winter scent and kids, “Hey hello, my name’s Jeff.”…Jeff says that some of the pics don’t look like him because they are of him when he and his friend go out. Jeff’s name is Lincoln and he has a Boston accent. Jeff admits it’s funnier when they are drunk….Jordan asks if Jeff spritzes the holy water on him when he prays. Russ asks if he drinks it. Jeff says you just use it when you pray to bless himself. Jeff thinks that afer this everyone is going to think he is very religious….Jeff kids that Jordan can keep the men’s deodorant they gave him, that it’s not his style—he prefers women’s deodorant…Jeff gets a letter from his mom, but he wonders why it is so short. He thinks maybe she didn’t want to say too much.

At about 10:36, Jeff says that instead of someone leaving first, that the HGs all leave together. He says he hates it when he doesn’t know when to leave the HOH…Back in the kitchen, Nat says she’s going to drink. Kevin says, “No” but Nat says it’s okay because BB didn’t say anything earlier when she drank. (LOL!)…Russ is called to the DR and Jeff tells Russ to be nice in there!..Jeff opens the wine and asks everyone to have some.

Jeff/Michele go out in the BY…Michele tells Jeff he gets cuter with age. (Oh geez!)…Kevin comes out and joins them…Inside, Nat tells Jordan she is nervous about going up again next week…They talk about the competitions today and congratulate each other on doing well…Jordan tells Nat she knows Nat can do well in the future…They talk about the Jesse/Lydia/Nat “love triangle” and Nat says she guarantees that Lydia is happy now…Jordan says she didn’t even know about the “love triangle” until Jeff told her.

11:00 pm…. The Nat/Jordan conversation continues….Nat tells Jordan that she is loyal to J/J and once again says she (Nat) has never lied to anyone in the house. Nat thanks Jordan again for saving her…Nat says that if anyone tells you something else than what she has said, they are lying. Jordan tells Nat she trusts her…Jeff walks in to get a towel for Jordan (who apparently has gone outside)…Nat thanks Jeff again for saving her—that she was really scared last night….Jeff tells her he appreciates it and says they’ll talk more tomorrow. Tonight he just wants to enjoy being in the Final 6.

On the BY couches, the HGs continue to rehash the comps…They all comment on hearing others step up or down, but that they went with their own gut. (Hmmmm.)…BB breaks in once in awhile to remind them that they are not supposed to talk about production….Michele and Kevin say they had a hard time getting off work to come on BB…Jordan is surprised to hear this, because her bosses are big fans of BB…They wonder if Lydia/Jessie will “do it” in the jury house…Most agree they will…They also talk about how Lydia only said good-bye to Kevin….The talk turns a little bawdy, with Michele saying she likes va-jay while Jordan says it’s embarrassing to be naked. Kevin says naked guys are amazing…Kevin half kiddingly asks if Jeff will show them some “puppetry of the penis.” Jeff makes a joke and laughs it off (but doesn’t answer.) Jeff also says that women’s bodies are amazing naked, but men’s bodies are gross. The HGs talk about which HGs have seen each other naked. Lots of talk about who has seen Jordan’s boobs….Jordan asks Kevin about gay s*x and Nat is also interested. The discussion is very open and graphic. (Note: This convo happens about 11:25-11:30 BB time for those who want to check Flashbacks.)

While the sex talk continues, Michele and Jeff go to the washroom…Russ is out of the DR and joins the BY crew….Nat is called to the DR about 11:39….The sex conversation and other general chit chat continues.


The HGs are still in the BY talking….General chit chat that turns a little political…Jordan asks Kevin if Schwarzenegger is a good governor and we get FISH….The chit chat continues and Michele is sent to the DR about 12:30….FISH go in and out on the feeds.

1:00 am…The general chit chat continues….Jor and Nat agree that you should only have sex if you are in a committed relationship. Jeff chimes in with, “Or if you go to Hawaii.” (LOL)…It appears that Jeff/Jordan/Kev/Nat are in the BY right now. (Not clear where the other HGs are.)…The HGs comment that the DR sessions are very long tonight….Jeff/Jor are sitting by themselves for awhile, and Jeff asks Jordan if she is going to move her stuff into the HOH room. Jordan says no. Jeff says “How about just you and your hair stuff?” They both chuckle.

The general conversation continues…More discussion of pictures in the HOH room….Jeff is called to the DR about 1:35 am…The group moves to the kitchen, and makes small talk about food….Michelle and Russ then get the Have Not room ready to sleep in tonight…Mich/Jor say there is an ant infestation in the SS room and that there are ants all over their clothes….Just before 2:00 am, Jeff is out of the DR and Kevin is called in.

2:00 am…..Nat tells everyone goodnight….Jeff goes outside for a smoke, Russ plays pool by himself, and Jordan joins Jeff on the couch outside…Jordan says she moved all her stuff into the HOH, they continue to chat playfully…Jeff goes inside to take a shower and tells Jordan to come up to HOH and take a bath…Mich/Russ playing pool….Russ talks to Michele about Nat cozying up to Jeff tonight. He is also bothered by Nat’s comments about Chima. (Sorry, I don’t know what Nat said.)

In HOH, Jordan starts going through scenarios for the next weeks…Jordan wants to guess Jeff’s plan, and says that Jeff will put up Nat/Kev and then backdoor Russ…Jeff agrees that that is his plan. If Russ stays this weeks (by winning POV) then Jeff says he needs to get out either Nat or Kev….Jordan continues to go through various scenarios, and Jeff tells her to relax, this week just started 3 hours ago…Jeff takes a shower and Jordan says she will take a bath later….About 2:13 Jordan is called to the DR.

Outside, Michele/Russ continue to talk game…Russ goes on about Nat trying to get in good with J/J and about Nat’s sob story about her gambling debts. Russ talks more about Nat being 18 and playing poker and says maybe that’s how she became an “athlete.”….Meanwhile, in the Red Room, Kevin/Nat are scheming about how to get Russ nominated….Nat said she hates Michele more, but Jeff is stronger so he should go first. Kevin agrees. They talk about how the votes would go if she nominated J/J….Kevin says they have to assure Jeff they are not coming after him next week. He says they might have to agree not to put him up, but they agree they would go back on any deal they make. Nat says they can parse their words and make promises, but go back on them with good reasons later. Nat says she and Kev just have to stay in the game this week….They agree that with Jeff they have to find the fine line between being friendly and not being up Jeff’s butt to much…Kev says they need to push on Jeff that Russ is a threat and assure Jeff he has the numbers to evict Russ…Kevin fears that Jeff might use one of them this week to get out Russ next week….All the feeds switch to Russ/Mich hoping that Jeff sticks to the plan.

There is more Russ/Mich game talk….Russ/Mi agree that they need to meet with J/J to see what they are thinking and if the final four plan is still on…Russ says he will talk to Jeff tomorrow and suggests Michele going up tonight if she wants….Michele goes inside and then comes out and says, “From now on all our convos are sealed. I won’t say anything about what we talk about.”…Michele apologizes about throwing Russ under the bus yesterday. Russ says it’s cool and to come out later and talk.

3:00 am….Just before the 3:00 hour, Michele goes up to ask Jeff if the Final 4 plan is a “go” and Jeff agrees it is and to tell Russ that it is. Michele acts as if Russ is the one who is worried, and wants to know what to say to Russ since they are in the same room….But Michele says that Russ is worried about Nat, “not about you guys this time.”…Michele says Russ is talking smack about everyone, but not about Jeff/Jordan…Jeff tells Michele that they are going to bed and to tell Russ to come talk tomorrow.

Michele then goes to the BY to tell Russ what Jeff/Jordan said…She tells him that J/J are just chilling and the plan is still on, and that Jeff said they will all hang out tomorrow…Russ isn’t sure about this, but Michele says that Jeff knows he can’t be HOH next week, so he has to be friendly….Mich tells Russ she told J/J that she is just hanging out with Russ for tonight….Russ said he wasn’t trying to screw Michele. Michele thinks that J/J just got paranoid and wondered if Mich/Russ would be going after them…Mich said she never considered backdooring Russ, and never tried to get the votes to do that when Chima was HOH and thought about getting Russ out….Michele says if she had won POV she would have taken Nat off, to take Nat’s target off her. Mich says that Jor promised she would put up Kev if POV was used. She says she knew Lydia was the one targeted. Russ doesn’t agree that taking off Nat would have helped in any way since Nat would still go after Michele.

In the HOH, J/J talk about the advantages/disadvantages of keeping Russ…Jeff tells Jordan he plans to put up Kevin and Nat, but if an opportunity to backdoor Russ arises, then they’ll think about it then.

Mich/Russ are still talking game…Once again Russ goes through the various scenarios….Michelle says she is glad she is in the HN room with Russ instead of Nat. Russ asks Michele to help calm him down…Michele says if he is up on the block she will fight for POV for him..They talk about votes in the jury house and how they might go…Jordan is in the kitchen and sees them talking, then goes back to HOH…A little later, Russ tells Michele that you could hear when someone stepped won during the veto comp, kind of insinuating that Jordan may have listened to Michele’s steps during the comp

In the HOH room, Jordan says that if the veto is a riddle, she’ll quit because she wouldn’t get it….Jeff gets mad and tells Jordan never to say she’ll quit..Jordan tells Jeff that she doesn’t like him when he is short-tempered. She says she would give up a veto, but never an HOH…Jeff tells her that only losers say they will quit. (He’s upset.)…Jordan is quiet. Jeff takes off his glasses and mic and Jordan finally takes off her mic and says she is going to sleep.

4:00 am…..J/J start talking again and Jeff tells Jor that she did awesome in the veto. He says he just doesn’t like hearing that she would quit at something…..Jor says that Michele is going with Russ so she can be safe all around. But Jor doesn’t trust Russ with an HOH this late in the game, and Jeff agrees…Jor said she thought about backdooring Russ today, but didn’t see any benefit in keeping Lydia…Finally, they say good-night and drift off to sleep.

Russ/Michele are still talking…They talk about the week when Jeff had the wizard power and talk a lot about how Chima acted after that, basically both of them bad mouthing Chima…Russ says he hopes that Jeff realizes how far Russ stuck his neck out for Jeff in the HOH comp, to keep Kevin from winning…Note: We finally learn that landing a gold beer can apparently gave them the option to put a one-minute “hold” on another HG. Russ apparently used his one-minute hold on Kevin….More talk about memorizing dates for comps, the show tonight, past BB seasons, etc…..Russ/Michele finally go to bed about 4:30 am BBT time….By 4:45 am, it appears that all the HGs are asleep. (Finally!)