1) How different is your life in LA than 2 years ago?

Oh God it's like apples and oranges! I can't go a day w/o someone sliding up to me or honking a horn or yelling my name. I still sometimes think when someone says, "Hi", do I know this person. There is truly a before and after where "reality stardom" is concerned. You completely give up your anonymity. Someone always reminds you of what you did. I always wanted to perform, to be in the public eye. I did that. As far as my career, it certainly helped. I got noticed. I've had some extreme highs ("Yes, Dear", my deal w/ Universal, fashion week in New York) and some lows (the finals for Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and Girl) but when the day is done BB was the smartest move I ever made while making the dumbest move I ever made!

Do you drive in LA?

No, I don't but I have the most glamorous chauffeur in the world! Lisa Donahue, winner BB3. She has become my closest friend.

2) What advice might you give to a) the current houseguests, b) the recent evictees, and c) people interested in auditioning?

A) Good luck and try to take everything w/ a grain of salt. B) Hold on and remember that "this too shall pass". Make as money as you can, take every meeting and be smart. C) Don't do it. It's the hardest thing you'll ever do. No one should have their every thought, gesture, nuance recorded. There is always someone out there who wants to hold it against you.

3) Who approached you about doing HC?

David Katz the Senior VP of Alternative Media created House Calls w/ me in mind. It was a great idea. CBS has been very good to me over the past 2 years.

4) If you could handpick your HG's would you do All-Star BB? b) If so, who would they be?

I wouldn't go back and do All-Star BB. There was a wonderful naiveté about the first time. Now I know too much. My list would be: Josh and Eddie season 1. Will, Monica, Hardy and Shannon season 2. Amy, Roddy, Lori and Lisa season 3. Justin, Dana, Jun and Alison season 4. Will, Nakomis, Diane and Scott season 5.

5) You have been going out with Lori and Holly. Did you go out with Scott and will you go out with Jase?

I love Lori! She is my fave. She fits right in w/ Lisa and I and our crew. I adore her fiancé. Holly is way too much fun! I've talked a lot w/ Scott. I really like him. He made some mistakes but who hasn't? And you know what? He's a really nice guy. I haven't hung w/ Jase yet. Since he lives here I'm sure I will. He seems wild.

6) Who is playing the worst game that is still in the house right now?

I hate how A is using the bible and her faith to justify everything she does. I was the victim of a similar game during BB3. It's not nice. Let me make this clear. I may say I hate someone on House Calls and go on rants but I don't hate any of these people. I exalt them for their bravery. I may not like them but I love them. And I also realize I don't know them.

7) Which HG would you have liked to have in your season?

Lori. Mike. Will. Scott. A. Diane. I could have gotten along w/ several of them.

8) Were you recruited for BB or did you apply?

Recruited. I had a friend who worked @ the company. She suggested I do it. I had to send in a tape like everyone else but they were looking for it.

9) Which twist would you have liked more in your season DNA or the X-factor?

The X-factor. I get along with all my exes! There would have been some boy on boy action.

10) If BB had a reunion show (like Real World does by bringing everyone back in the same room and rehashing things) would you do that?

I hope I would be asked to host it!!!! I loved my experience on BB. I love my life after it. Sometimes things I read on the net that sting or emails I get from fans who try to get too close weird me out but for the most part I love this crazy frat I'm part of!

11) Do the producers of the BB TV show have anything to do with their show (HC)?

Not really. They ask us to avoid spoilers where we can.

12) Do they know if there are any more twists?

No way! No comment! Mums my word!

13) Have they ever watched a foreign BB?

NO but I read the coverage of BBUK on the net. Those House Guests are like rock stars over there! I would do BBUK. That's hot!

14) Now that the 4H are defunct, and the girl's alliance is falling apart, who do you REALLY think has a shot for the win and why?

I think Diane has a real shot @ winning. She is part of every alliance that happens. I also think she deserves it. She has worked hard, never backed down from a fight and done what needed to be done. I just hope she doesn't get shived in the back by A and Nat.

15) What's the one alliance you'd like to see in the house, that will never happen?

Marvin and Will. Will needs to ditch Karen and take Marvin to the end. Alas that won't fly.

16) Who has been your favorite guest on the show so far?

No one person. I've sorta consistently been a Diane fan. She works hard. I hate however that she turned on Will. I adore Will cause he's cute.

17) Who do they want to see win?

I want Will or Marvin to win. It would be epic for a homosexual man to win BB. Same for an African American male.

18) What alliance will hold true the longest?

The new "Multiples" alliance of A, Diane, Drew and Nat. That's a strong group w/ only one weak link, Drew, who they don't intend to take far anyway!

19) Did you think that House Calls would be as popular as it's become?

I knew House Calls was a good idea the moment I heard it. David (Katz) barely got it out of his mouth before I yelled YES!

20) What is the best thing about working with each other?

I love Gretchen. She is wonderfully astute. She's kind and she doesn't let stuff bother her. Small, insignificant stuff has a tendency to unnerve me but not G. She knows what she wants, what battles to fight and what to let roll off her back. And she's loyal. And funny. And I love watching her become a BB fan.

21) Do you guys see each other outside of HC?

NO! She lives in the Valley and I live in Beverly Hills. Plus the producers try and keep us apart so our shtick is fresh. We sneak emails and phone calls though!

22) What's next for the both of you?

I shot six pilots last season. I just got offered another deal by a production company for a relationship/advice show. I've been offered a chance to develop a show of my own. I'm staring @ a pile of scripts right now for 2 movies and 3 tv shows. Small stuff. Unfortunately gay things. I'd like to be able to everything, different parts. And honestly I don't really wanna act! I'm so lazy now. I was a theatre major in college and took classes for 5 years while a model but I don't want to live someone else's life right now. Or tell someone else's story. I'm liking my own. I'd do House Calls w/ Gretchen next season in a second. I'd drop everything!

23) Gut instinct: Who's gonna win BB5?

Drew. He's got the legs (and face) for it!

24) Do they watch the feeds at home? b) Do you ever find yourself talking or yelling at the TV at the HG?

I watch the feeds all the time. I'm watching now as I do this interview! And I yell @ these poor souls and cry when they cry and well... I feel where they are.

25) What kind of future guest will you have on HC?

More ex-house guests from past seasons. More of the evicted House Guests. Right now I'm working on getting Debra Messing who loves BB to call in! It amazes me who watches the show. I mean George Clooney did a walk thru behind the scenes my season. I hope I had my clothes on! LOL

26) Which HG has surprised you the most?

Diane w/ her tenacity. That is a strong, strong girl.

27) How many mandannas do you own?

You're kidding right!?! Nun uhn! No way! Zip! Zero. Not a trend I wanna be a part of!

28) Which HG interview has surprised you the most?

I loved Scott. I found him to be really sorry for things he said. He surprised me w/ his candor. And I loved Jase! Cannot wait to have him back on! So much energy! I also love how Alison (one of my fave people on the planet) handled her detractors.

29) Which HG interview do you look forward to the most?

I wanna meet A. Gosh, Marvin. I think Will is going to be a great interview also. Diane seems like Chiara from season 3 (one of my closest friends). I think I'll like her.

30) What would they change about Big Brother if they were the producers?

The show would be more difficult. Really the haves and have-nots. This cast is really spoiled. A bunch of brats. And take it from the biggest brat on Earth, I know from spoiled!

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